Best Belt Buckles For Men 2018

What if one day your belt buckle suddenly broke down? Would you throw your favorite belt away?

Or, when you get bored of the same-look belts in your closet, what will you do?

Yeah, I think the option of picking a new buckle seems to be a better idea. It goes cheaper when you just need to find a suitable model fitting your belt, instead of throwing the whole one. And, it also goes wiser when you can change different look, try various fashion style by just replacing the buckle.

Here, in this article, I’m going to share you 11 top-rated belt buckles for men that bang for your buck. Don’t worry, there’re myriad styles to choose from.

1. Hanks 1.5″ Replacement Belt Buckle, Antique Roller Buckle – 100 Year Warranty

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Believe it or not, just spend around 8 bucks to get a perfect cowboy belt buckle for the rest of your life without extra cost. Why? Because this Hanks’s model is guaranteed for its quality up to 100 years.

I bet this is what makes Hanks proud the most of their products. It’s just you getting bored with it to spend some extra bucks for another one. But I think you won’t because this item, it’s not only easy to attach to almost men’s belts but also versatile and cool to keep your cowboy vibe on.

Take a look at it, you can see the sophisticated distressed and rugged feeling from the buckle, perfect to style with leather belt (I highly recommend to opting for a brown one and put on any casual outfits due to its unique retro flare).

Speaking of material, it’s crafted from high-quality nickel-plated steel that has been through an antique brass finish to reach its maximum durability.

I particularly love it for its quick operation to off. It’s perfect in the morning when you’re in a hurry to prepare for school or work. In a pinch, for the price, quality and functional, it’s worth a try!

2. Tandy Leather Napa Buckle 1-1/2″ (38 mm) Antique Nickel Finish 1643-21

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Now is another antique Nickle Buckle for any cowboy guys. And I want to fix some information from the manufacturer that it’s not measured by 1 1/2”, but 1 3/8”. In fact, it can’t fit a 1 1/2” belt but obviously, a 1 3/8” wide one.

Perfectly match with almost casual clothes from a khaki pants and t-shirt or a pair of jeans plus a shirt. It’s perfect to hang out, go to school or just wander around your area like buying some fast foods or walking.

Though I like the gold tone more than the silver, it’s admitted that this Tandy Leather Napa Buckle is perfect to mix and match with different kinds of outfits from the retro to vintage to modern. And if you want it look like more a fashionista, choose other hardware with the similar material and color to this buckle, such as your cufflink, your bracelet or stuff like that.

If you need more than one buckle, there is a set of two to meet that need.

3. Hanks 1.5″ Antique Nickel Buckle – Replacement Belt Buckle – 100-Year Warranty

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The last basic Hanks’ belt buckle that I am really excited to recommend to you is this (again) 1.5” Nickle model. Still bring a unique vibe of vintage and a little bit of retro, but here’s totally a more basic design to fit either your casual or formal outfits.

Truth to say, if you match it with Hanks Everyday Belt, it’s even more than just perfect because every single detail as well as the style is ideally harmonized together. In more details, the rugged, worn outer performance brings it a personality all its own whereas the simplicity and cleanness make it highly appropriated for myriad uses.

Simple but not boring, it’s stylish and sleek when attached to any 1.5” belt, from a rich black to a faded brown, from the retro style to the vintage vibe.

Though I don’t like those lightweight buckles because it doesn’t make a luxurious and high-end feel to me (just my feeling!) but this feature strikes back with its less bulky advantage.

Again, the vintage belt buckle is made out of high-quality Nickle-Plated steel with easy and fast utility and importantly, 100 years of warranty.

4. American Gadsden Don’t Tread on Me Heritage Attitude Buckle – A515C

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“Don’t Tread on Me” – nice saying! So does this belt buckle!

Differ from Hanks and Tandy, this Montana Silversmith is made from solid cast metal alloy base with brass plate. Its front side is flawless, but not too flashy to keep you sophisticatedly stand out from the crowd.

Come in standard 1.5 inches size, it’s perfect for almost average belts and guys. Take a closer look and you will see how well-made it is to the tiniest detail. However, it doesn’t bother you with maintenance because just by a damp cloth and a wipe off, everything looks like new and clean again.

Just take notice that never go with abrasive or chemical cleaners to prevent its surface against oxidation or being damaged.

Speaking of warranty, the manufacturer offers 1-year guarantee to cover any detects from manufacturing process. From that point, once you have got in trouble with this belt buckle, just return it for no excuse. They will either refund to you or replace a new one.

However, I think you won’t get any remorse on it at all.

5. MASOP Square Keltic Celtic Knot Belts Buckle Rectangle Vintage Medieval Gifts

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Two things that make me love this belt buckle the most are firstly, its one of a kind outlooks and secondly, the fit of it. Truth to say, its real measurement is a little bit longer than what I expected but, in the end, it fits all of my 1.5” belts pretty well to work on almost of my every clothes. Just remember to go one size down than your usual use because with the normal size, it will make your belt a bit longer.

For the price, this Masop can’t be beat.

For the quality, it’s solid and nice enough to last long, but I won’t tell that it’s a timeless piece because you know it, you get what you paid for.

In a nutshell, highly recommend this to vary your belt buckle collection. Cheap, moderate quality and good performance. Can’t be happier with it.

6. Montana Silversmiths Men’s Second Amendment Heritage Attitude Belt Buckle – A272

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Good news for those who are allergic to some metals, Montana Silversmiths Men’s Second Amendment Heritage Attitude Belt Buckle might be not that one because I bought one for my friend who is also an allergic guy to lots of metal, but this one has been safe to him so far.

On the other hand, its outer performance is really cool to nail up your style. With it, you can attach to any 1 ½” leather belt and match with your favorite casual outfits, might that be a cowboy t-shirt or a pair of retro jeans and so on.

What I love the most about this product is its heavy weight. I don’t know about you but for me, a heavy buckle brings a high-end, luxurious and well-made feeling.

And, another great thing is this belt buckle doesn’t come from China, it’s Mexico made to keep you rest assured about what you will receive, at least for its quality.

7. The United State of American Flag Belt Buckle Patriotic Eagle for 4th of July Party

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The United State of American Flag Belt Buckle is indeed one of my favorite fashion items for both quality and outlook. Though made out zinc alloy which is a little bit lightweight than my desire, the buckle strikes back with its high-quality material and nice stamping of the American flags of America and USA and a spread eagle on a dark green background, which is really outstanding and emphasis.

Every single detail is clean and crisp to surely satisfy your requirement. For those who are wondering about its dimensions, they are 1.5 x 3.5 x 2.6 inches to fit perfectly any 1.5” belts.

8. Scheppend Silver-plated Western Cowboy Style Skull Belt Buckle

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So far, cowboy style has its own stand in the fashion world that is also favorited by a lot of guys, not just the old men. They are cool, kind of retro, freedom and badass. Such this masculine belt buckle. It’s stamped with an exquisite skull wearing a cowboy hat, a calf, two guns and a snake.

I don’t know about you but it reminds me to a saying like Cowboy is forever a Legend. Figured as silver belt buckle, this bad boy is harmonized to mix and match with a retro t-shirt, a pair of old distressed jeans and a cowboy hat.

It’s also perfect as a gift for dad, husband, or friends on a special occasion like Christmas Eve, Birthday, Halloween or New Year’s Eve. Back to its dimension, the Schppend Silver-plated Buckle comes in 90 x 70 mm to fit any 38 to 40 mm belts.

(Made from zinc alloy and silver-plated by the way)

In a pinch, this is the best accessory to add-in your closet to emphasize your hobbies and personality.

9. NPET USA Flag Belt Buckle for Men and Women (Fit 1.5″ belt) – American Independence Day

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The best thing about this NPET buckle is its various options in color and design. Choose from two designs: the American flag and the western belt buckle figuring a cowboy skull.

In terms of the American flag, there are three colorways for you: the black, the Bronze and the red, ideal gift for the Father’s Day, the Flag day or the American Independence Day (4th July). Besides, it doesn’t ask for the wearers’ age. No matter it’s a boy, a man or a child, rest assured that this buckle is going to match your style perfectly.

Be aware that all models are nickel free with metal base to provide the ultimate sturdiness, firmness and strength, unlike those cheap-made flimsy and easy-to-break buckles.

Comes in 3.7″ x 2.4″, this buster fits any 1.5-inch belts. In a nutshell, if you are finding a good quality buckle to show up your patriotism to the fullest extent while emphasizing your classic retro outlook, this is the best to go to.

On the other hand, feel free to give it a try due to their 30-day warranty that covers any detects from manufacturing process.

10. Q&Q Fashion Men Retro Silver Western Cowboy Prayer Cross Horse Oval Concho Scroll Belt Buckle

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Never have any buckles on that receive as many compliments from other people as this one. It’s awesome though its feeling touch is a little bit cheap and bigger than what I expected. But, after all, still highly recommend!

Truth to say, compared to other big belt buckles, this one is a little bit complicated to make because of it’s a lot of details. However, when hands on the Q&Q buckle, you won’t regret for how well it’s made. To the tiniest detail like the floral pattern, you can see that it’s sharp and clean incredibly.

Compared to its price, I can’t ask for more. Take notice that it comes in 4.3×3.4×1.5 inches size, perfect to go with leather belt and other silver-tone hardware accessories like bracelet, earing, chain on your wallet or things like that.

Speaking of its function, you will find it amazingly beautiful and bold when matching with outfits for Prom, Fashion Show, Party, or Wedding.

Along with that, there’s a 100% guarantee from the manufacturer for this rodeo belt buckle as well.

11. MASOP Mechanic Tool Belt Buckle Western Cowboy Accessories for 1.5-inch Belt

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Mechanics, you want to show off some love to your career? Don’t hesitate to pick up this model!

Unlike other cool belt buckles that are mostly biased for men, this one is unisex, which means it’s perfect for both men and women to shine up your western flare. The buckle arrives in 1.5 inches wide with 78 grams weight to deliver a firm and sturdy feeling while carrying it around on your belt.

I would like to suggest it as a meaningful present for somebody your love, might be your dad, mom, friend or lover to show up your respect to their career as well as to remind them to always remember to you when wearing it.

In terms of material, good news is it’s made from Zinc alloy without nickel to not only provide a strength but also make it a timeless piece.

Personally, I feel like after entering the world of belt buckles, my fashion style is upended to a higher level. I can go more versatile by attach different designs of buckle, just make sure it’s suitable for the belt’s sizes, styles and colors. However, I usually pick a basic color belt such as red buckle, black buckle and brown buckle and keep replacing various buckle to refresh my outlook.

Trust me, this method saves you a significant amount of money to give you chances trying different style before picking the most suitable for your taste. I know there’re still many cool belt buckles out there on the market so, I’ll keep updating this list. Don’t forget to follow my blog usually to get more interesting information. Thanks!

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