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Nowadays, bag is a type of accessories that is not only for woman. The designers have been spending more and more time and effort to upgrade bags for men.

Bag is not only a container to cart men’s stuff – the primary function, but also an accessory to beautify men’s overall look.

A good bag should be considered in three aspects, contains practicality, functionality and masculinity. Practicality is that the bag is appropriate for clothing and occasion. Functionality is that the bag has capability to store all essentials and it is convenient to carry and use.

And, masculinity is that the bag’s design really belongs to men style, not like woman style with multiple colors and complex design. Also, the bag should be made of rugged and durable materials, such as suede, leather and canvas.

Sometimes, it is hard for men to pick up a suitable bag. Here are 4 fashion-forward bags that are forecasted to be hot trends in 2017. Let have a look!

01. The folio

The folio is one of the hottest trends for businessman

The folio seems suitable for men who need to hold just a few important things. It is very light, so you can feel very easy to carry from one place to another. Absence of handles, it is a solution to simplify my short journey.

Sometimes, having an appointment with my partners or customers, I just want to travel as light as possible. I just hold important contracts, slim laptop, tablet, cardholder, pen and a smart phone.

The folio for men is inspired from clutch bag of women. But, you should pick up a folio that is against from busy prints and bold color. Busy prints can make the folio less simple and less masculine, whereas bold color can make you look older and serious.

I prefer a folio in classic style that can go with everything. The folio has to be sleek and sophisticated. You may choose the folio made of leather or canvas in versatile color, for instant, black, brown or navy.

Besides, there are various styles of fastenings, like zip-top or envelope buckle-fastening systems. I also like a folio with some metal details like zip or button to smarten my appearance.

I usually combine a folio with suit to go to work or take part in formal occasions. I look like a fashionable businessman.

However, the folio is not suitable for many situations that you have to carry a lot of essentials.

Fortunately, there are remaining forecasted trends can meet your needs.

02. The tote


Men still look masculine with a tote – that has been thought to be feminine

The designers import from handbag of women to produce the tote. But they do not forget to add masculine flavor into the tote for men.

At the first time seeing a man with his tote, I just thought that it is wrong. I thought that a bag with big size and soft structure like that is only for women.

But, thanks to skillful designers, the tote still brings men a smart look.

In fact, loads of men like to carry the tote. So I do. It is able to bring numerous of stuff, but it is not as heavy as a briefcase. With large open, I can add or remove or search my belongings quickly.

Furthermore, its big storage adapts me at all to lay up documents, spare shirt, spare trousers, laptop, phone and keys and a couple of notebooks for far moving.

As well, with a tote, I can bring in hand or carry over my shoulder each time my hand is tired.

However, because of large handles, the tote is considered as the most feminine bag. That is why it is underrated and a few men hesitate to carry around.

In order to avoid all embarrassment, I choose masculine and strong design. And, do not attach any excessive add-on like chain, charm or scarf like women.

Women have thousands of ways to decorate their handbag, but men should make the tote straightforward.

03. The holdall/duffle bag

In case, there are a lot of things to lug and the folio or the tote is too small.

But, I still need to be on-form, do not look heavy with a huge baggage.

Which bag is suitable for me?

And, I find it is a duffle bag. It is so-called a holdall – the bag can hold all necessaries.

In particular, the duffle bag is the best choice for gym going, playing sport and traveling. When going for a tennis match, men must bring spare clothing, towel, tennis balls and shoes and so on. The duffle bag always delivers smart and strong look – enough to draw girls’ eyes!

In addition, a durable rectangular duffle bag can adapt rigors of extended trips in a long time.

The duffle bag with its construction is very functional for busy men

Depending on how many possessions, you can choose suitable size. Customarily, I recommend you guys to take a duffle bag in medium size, about 50 cm to 60 cm in width, and lightweight, as well.

Therefore, you will not look too bulky. The duffle bag should have robust construction with strong handle and sturdy material. To be more versatile, leather likes better than canvas.

If your trip is very long, you should select a duffle bag with detachable shoulder traps to ease carrying.

04. The backpack

One of trend is predicted to be preferred by young people is the backpack. It looks less formal than former ones, but very useful for you to go for a walk or ride a bike.

Therefore, the backpack is suggested for street style that you can use daily. To be updated in this trend, you should not ignore these best and stylish leather backpacks for men.

A perfect backpack can assist you a lot in long trip

Nowadays, the younger want to show their characteristic in clothing and accessories.

Whereas, the leather or canvas backpack has more colors to pick out than the former bags. So, young man or teenager can add some hardware with no doubt of thoughts that it looks feminine.

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