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After a certain time in the city, an outdoor trip may be just what you need to take a break. And whenever you go, you will need something to carry your stuff. A suitcase must be the first thing to come in your mind but it’s rather clumsy to move around. Then, a travel bag is possible a more preferable option to carry your things with you. Yet even then, you also need to know how to use and store it properly or you will simply waste your money. In this article, some useful instructions on this issue are available for you.

It’s quite natural when traveling we all often wish to carry as much luggage as possible. But everything has its limit. So if you have ever worried about the volume of your travel bag or don’t know how to arrange your stuff to utilize the capacity of your travel bag to the maximum, just follow some tips below

How to organize your things

The first things you should fill in the first layer of your travel bag are your shoes, slippers… A useful tip not many people know is to pack as much socks and panties as you can into your shoes. This will save quite a lot of space for other essential items. Then a layer of heavier items like jeans and sweaters should be laid onto the shoes and packed tightly. This will minimize the empty space of the first layer. The center of the bag is used for keeping the fragile items if you need to bring any. These things will be well protected by surrounding stuff. The next layer is where you put lighter items like T-shirt, shorts, towel, and other underwear.

These things should also be rolled tightly to prevent any possible unrolling during transit. Above this layer is where you put your folded items. The reason is these items will be in need shortly after you arrive at the destination so it is necessary to have them on top of your luggage. As for your clothes, they should be put in a plastic bag to avoid getting unwanted wrinkles. In case you do have some more light items you need to bring with you, the travel bag is already manufactured to provide lots of nooks and crannies available so you are able to cram your extra things like undergarments, socks, belts, body lotion etc. into these places. Lastly, put any other small but necessary items above the folded layer and then you can simply close your travel bag.

The above are some ways to efficiently pack things in your travel bag. However, it might be more difficult than it seems to be. Here are some other tips to help you do your packing much better. Most people would believe that to fully utilize the space of the bag, clothes should be folded before putting into the bag. However, this is not the best way to do. In fact, clothes are recommended to be rolled up to avoid getting wrinkles and also to save more spaces for other stuff.

Another way of saving space is using the vacuum compression bag. This helps the rolled up clothes to be held much more tightly and keeps the utilized space to a minimum. Last but not least, when it’s time to prepare the luggage, many people begin packing right away without realizing what they really need to bring with them. This results in none of empty space left while many of the essential things were still left unpacked. Hence, it is really important to make a list of what you really need to bring. This will ensure that everything in your travel bag will be really necessary for you go on the journey.


How to use the security lock

Quite a few people didn’t think a security lock worth their attention until they found out that the travel bag has been breached and some items were taken away. These incidents do happen to people who don’t know how to use the security feature of their travel bag properly. Most travel bags are provided with a lock to help protect the stuff inside from thieves. These locks are usually the three-digit combination lock type. The design of the lock is simple, 3 dials and a button.

Despite the simple design, its function is a kind of complex so people often ignore the lock and uses the default password which is (0-0-0). To change the passcode, you can simply press and hold the button. Then change to your desired password and release the button. Be noticed that there will be no way to set the passcode back to default so try to remember the passcode after you change it.


Put away your bag properly

This tip is for the people who only travel only once in a while. The travel bag is only in use when you want to go on a trip but out of this time, it’s almost ignored. So if you wish to keep your bag always on top shape a careful preservation must be made. Since you won’t be using it for a certain time, it is recommended to cover it with paper and then in a large plastic bag. Also, the bag should be put in a dry place to prevent damage from humidity. These tips help preserving the high-quality material of the travel bag, so whenever you unwrap it to use again, your bag appearance still looks almost brand new

In our modern time, business people are almost always on the move. Others also travel a lot on their vacation. Hence travel bags, as handy things, are becoming more and more popular. This is quite understandable because of their convenience and usefulness. Let alone their cheap prices, the durability and appearance of travel bags can be well compared with expensive suitcases. Just follow these above tips, you can utilize your travel bag to the fullest as well as properly preserve it for a long lifetime.

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