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Trucker hat is simply a type of baseball cap. Unfortunately, it was not seen as a chic item because this hat was invented during the 1960s and mainly worn by farmers and truckers with a normal design of a little curved bill and a button on top for typically sun protection. That’s why people call it ‘trucker hat’.

Nowadays, however, this hat has been brought back from the “death” by some popular brands with many amazing patterns sewed on. Besides, there is a wider range of colors than in the past, simply black and grown so that you can diversify your choice for many occasions.

Let’s take a look at the review below for some best truckers caps that you can easily find on the market and you can learn a lot about these hats before choosing the most suitable one.

1. Patagonia P6 Lopro Trucker Hat

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For those who love sports, a hat has been the must-have accessory for the main function of protecting from sunshine, but it is now on the requirement of being up to dated. And, this hassle can be easily solved with the Patagonia hat.

Patagonia brand has a great reputation in sports area. Being founded by the one who loves conquering so many high mountains, this company has an insightful knowledge about what sport players really need. Therefore, every product or accessory of this brand can reach the required demand.

This hat is made from 100% of cotton and venting mesh combined with two embroidered eyelets on the crown, so the absorbing and ventilating ability is absolutely over the top. Besides, there are more than 10 mixtures of solid colors so that you will possibly diversify your choice.

On the top of that, it can fit most of normal head sizes because of an adjustable plastic closure on back. Plus, this type of hat is available in the tan color with camouflage design on front and a colorful logo of the brand sewed dexterously on the crown, which can leave you with an outstanding look.

2. The North Face Mudder Trucker Hat

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North Face is considered highly reputable company of making essential item for those who really love adventure and journey. Besides, this brand has recently become more and more popular when it comes back to the concept of street style, the world of no rules. Particularly, the collaboration with Supreme brand has driven the streetwear communication crazy and its fame is reaffirmed in the public insight.

The North Face trucker hat is entirely cotton for the front and mesh for the rest, so this hat will always help you stay cool and dry during playing outdoor activities in the hot weather. Besides, it is launched to the market with a wide selection of color for you to choose from. For some streetwear players, they usually layer a basic tee with flannel outside along with mid grey/shady blue camo or vintage olive green possibly swags you up.

Another strong point of this breath-taking hat is that it can fit mostly to normal head sizes due to a changeable closure on back. And some good news for the “big-headed” , there are some designs can be fitted up to 2XL and 3XL such as dune beige with olive camo. Hesitate for what? Just a click and you can get this high-end cap!!!!

3. GADIEMKENSD Sport Hat Breathable Outdoor Run Cap camouflage Baseball cap Shadow Structured hat

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This hat is quite lightweight, but so durable due to the material of cotton. Plus, there are six eyelets and a sweatband so that this hat can control the moisture and ventilation rate with no difficulties, which possibly yield a feeling of comfort for a long day wearing

A spotlight of this collection super vivid embroidered patterns on the crown with crazy detail. There are two flows of inspiration of these trucker hats for men. If your style is courteous, simple but elegant, you’d better choose some plain design like black color or camo. By contrast, you want something naughtier, wilders and stronger, these patterned hats can fit you perfectly such as fist or skull man on the crown, which make you stand out from the crown.

On the top of that, instead of having a strap or a buckle on back, this hat itself is a cooper faster and it most suitable with head sizes around 20-23in. Thus, this is a bad news for others with size smaller or larger than the given information.

4. Koloa Surf Classic Mesh Back Trucker Hats in 12 Colors

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Snapbacks have been the symbol for hip-hop for a long time. For most of performers of this type of music, these hats are an essential accessory or a “partner” that surely comes along with them till the end of the hip-hop road. And, these hats have reaffirmed their fashionable attractiveness when being worn by like Ryan Guzman, the main actor in 5 well-received versions of a musical film “Step Up”.

The Koloa brand has a great fame for making these trendy hats. And its products are in high quality when they are launched to the market. The material mainly used for these hats is cotton with mesh, which makes these ones become more lightweight, yet so durable.

You will experience the breathable and relaxed feeling when wearing these hats during a race-rat day because the ventilation rate and moisture maintenance is extremely great due to the benefit of the material and two embroidered eyelets on the crown.

And this cool trucker hat is the best seller of this brand because it gathers all such outstanding features of the high-end hats but is sold at a fraction of the price.

5. Adjustable Snapback Classic Trucker Hat by FlexFit #6006

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This hat has a collection of more than 10 different mixtures of color for you to select. Its material is a mixture of cotton, polyester and nylon, simply as a type of running trucker hat, instead of full cotton like other counterparts. Thus, this hat not only absorbs the sweat well but also dries quickly so that it will not leave you a feeling of damp and helps you participate in many outdoor activities without annoyance.

It has a plain design with no patterns on front or back and it is suitable for those who would like to be in simple vibe.

If you would like some designs with bright colors, this hat will meet your preference immediately. However, you have to be more careful because it can easily get dirty.

6. Carhartt Men’s Buffalo Sandstone Meshback Cap

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You want to change your taste a little bit? Want to be in a vintage look? So the product of Carhartt can help you solve the problem. This hat is launched to market with the typical design of old-school style including the combination of courteous and dark colors like black and khaki with a thin layer of vintage wash on the pre-curved brim .

The hat is made from 100% of cotton and mesh so that it is not only lightweight but also durable. Plus, being washed by hand is not beyond its ability. And it can easily absorb the sweat thanks to the moisture-wicking sweatband inside.

From my viewpoint, having used this cap for a fortnight, I am still not bothered by any its drawbacks. Thus, this one may be a great choice that truly bangs for your buck.

7. Rapid Dominance Soft Fit American Flag Embroidered Cotton Trucker Mesh Back Cap

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This hat is made from the classic material of trucker hat, cotton and mesh so that it is not easy to be damaged when being worn so many times and your head won’t suffer a heavy feeling.

Having a plastic snap closure, it can be suitable with most of people. Fortunately, this one can possibly fit many out of standard head sizes because the hat’ size is up to 2XL and 3XL.

This product may be inspired by the USA because all the patterns of this type of hat are USA flag and some phases related to this nation.

8. DECKY Cotton Flat Bill Trucker Cap

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Your friends must be surprised when seeing you with this cool trucker hat!!!! Even though the hat is only available in camo design, you can doubtlessly make a strong impression on them.

It is totally made from cotton and mesh and there are six embroidered eyelets, which can help you most satisfied when wearing this for a long hot-weather day. Plus, due to an adjustable plastic closure, this hat can well suit with most of normal sizes.

Why don’t you try this groovy hat? The hat will never fail your expectation and it can enhance your clothes because many celebrities like Kayne West or Justin Bieber usually wears this type of hat along with his chic outfits.

9. Goorin Bros. Men’s Animal Farm Snap Back Trucker Hat

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Goorin Bros brand is more concerned by the public due to its signature design. This product is made from polyester for the mesh of the back and cotton for the front, so this hat is both lightweight and durable. Besides, the rate of ventilating and absorbing is really high, which can surely help your head dry and prevent your hair sticky.

Main inspiration of this collection is from farming animals, which are sewed on the top of the hat. And, there is a wide range of animals for you to freely choose. From the point of spirituality, each animal can symbolize for one characteristic of human. Let’s take the wolf as an example!! The wolf represents for strength, patience and determination. Why don’t you give this hat a chance to partly express your personality? It won’t be a bad idea, right?

10. Megashirtz- Don’t Be a Richard – Retro Vintage Style Trucker Hat

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This product is one of the most popular vintage trucker hats with the design of foam front and mesh back so that you can wear this hat for all day with least pain and utterly relaxed due to the air-flow maintenance and high evaporation rate.

This hat can fit most of normal head sizes thanks to a plastic on back, so you don’t need to worry about that. However, you have to be more careful when wearing this hat, because the foam front is mostly white.

This type of product is the essential thing, so there is a huge selection of this to please your taste. Because the choice depends on you and it is not affected by anyone else. Thus, the important thing is to know what you really want; then, it will not take you much time to find the hat you need.

I hope that after reading the review of some best trucker hats of many years, you can imagine a little about your ideal hat, and you can get the most suitable one as soon as possible before it is in others’ collection.

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