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Throughout the years, a hat may be the last accessory for the men’s outfit. However, with many breakthrough innovations catching up the trend in of 2018, these hats have recently made a dramatic return. Especially, dad caps, a type of baseball caps, drives many celebrities crazy like David Beckham, Justin Bieber, etc. And these hats promptly appear with their chic outfits before being launched to the market.

A high-end dad cap worth three digits is a common sense. But, the men don’t need to break your bank for this item because you have to bear in mind that great style is inexpensive.

Fortunately, after searching thoughtfully, I’ve picked some of the best dad hats and figured out some worthy information included in the review below, which somehow can help you find the desired hat at a fraction of the price.

1. Decky Distressed Vintage Polo Style Low Profile Baseball Cap

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Want to be in vintage vibe? This hat can help you tackle this problem easily. The Decky hat is completely made from cotton, a material commonly used for hat because of its high absorption and ventilation rate.

Besides, the mainstream of this collection is courteous colors and a little distress on the grim, which is well-suited with minimalism. For instance, you can choose the black dad hat, best seller of these picks, along with basic tee and jeans, which leaves you in a simple look, yet a chic outfit.

One plus point is that there is an adjustable brass buckle on back so that this hat can fit to all normal head sizes. However, for a piece of advice, this hat may not be a good choice for those whose size larger than the American standard.

2. Classic Cotton Dad Hat Adjustable Plain Cap. Polo Style Low Profile.

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There is nothing more to complain about the products of KBETHOS. This brand is well-received by the public due to its great reputation since 2001. Most of its designs are inspired by the simplicity and subtlety so that its hats primarily have plain colors. However, it is the high craftsmanship that contributes to the success of this collection.

Another good point of these best dad hats is the material. Being made from 100% cotton, these hats become more lightweight, but so durable. And, the cotton combined with six embroidered eyelets help you stay cool and dry so that you can comfortably wear it when playing some outdoor activities.

On the top of that, there are some special deals for this product that you can buy a pack of 4/6/12 pieces for your family because this design is for unisex. Thus, spending not much money for these hats can get priceless connection of your family in return. A good value for the money, right?

3. Nike Men Golf Legacy91 Tech Adjustable Hat

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Feeling sporty? Need more energy? This Nike dad hat is a must-have accessory for your wardrobe for some sport occasions. This design is not very complicated, but it is worth for your pockets because the innovative material, Dri-FIT fabrication, can surely increase the evaporation rate by wicking perspiration away from your skin.

Besides, there is a quick-adjusted snagless closure so that it can easily fit to most of customers. Fortunately, some large-head-size people don’t need to worry because this product can be fitted up to 3XL.

4. Adidas Men’s Originals Relaxed Fit Strapback Cap, One Size

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Another highly reputable brand that must not be missed is Adidas. In terms of quality and design, there will be a tie result from the battle between the Adidas dad hat and the Nike counterpart. This hat is made from a mixture of acrylic, cotton and wool, so some functions of absorption and ventilation are much higher than pure cotton like other hats.

Plus, this hat has a strap back closure for fitting all sizes purpose. However, it may not suitable with someone whose head size is out of standard.

In this collection, the black/black hat with a thin wash layer can match with vintage style. And, there are some colors for women like clear pink, yellow, etc.

5. Blessed Supreme Dad Hat Baseball Cap Unstructured New – White

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You will possibly stand out from the crow with this supreme dad hat when you mix it with an all-white or black-white outfit. The material is completely cotton so that the hat is quite light in weight, but it still remains original after many times using.

Moreover, this mostly white hat is highlighted by bright color customized design printed with premium vinyl. However you have to be more careful when wearing because it is easy to get dirty.

6. Praying Hands Rosary Dad Hat Baseball Cap Unconstructed Polo Style Adjustable

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Your friends will possibly jump out of their skin when looking at your groovy style with this cool dad hat. This cap is totally made from premium cotton that surely leaves you a breathable feeling during a long rat-race day. Plus, a spotlight of this hat is the high-quality embroidered pattern of praying hand on the crown.

Another point, this design has a convenient metal closure that can “One Size Fits Most” and it is entirely suitable with both men and women because this one is made for unisex.

This collection also has camouflage model with the vintage black color and little distress on the brim and crown, which can create a sophisticated mixture of dynamic modern life with the old-school time contributing to the utter attractiveness of your style.

7. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Ardin Dad Hat

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Tommy Hilfiger is an American multinational corporation that designs and manufactures upper market, which means that each of products is entirely guaranteed to reach the required standard of their target market.

The design is not very complex, yet so elegant and best suited with men’s style in 2018. The material is 100% of cotton so that it will never leave you damp and help you stay cool for all times. Plus, there are two signature patterns: one on the crown is flag and the other on the after side is the name HILIFIGER, both of which are sewed with high dexterity.

Plus, this hat still fit most of sizes thanks to the metal buckle closure. However, you need to avoid water because water can cause this buckle to rust.

Cons: there are still not drawbacks of this product.

8. HH HOFNEN Unisex Washed Twill Cotton Baseball Cap Vintage Adjustable Dad Hat

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This hat have not received any complaints about quality from the customers since the first time being lauched to the market. It is a little bit lightweitht, yet durable model because of the cotton material.

There is an quickly changeable metal buckle closure so that it can fit the sizes between 21.6” and 23.6”.  Thus, what a pity for someone whose head size is smaller or larger than given standard.

9. Henny Dad Hat Baseball Cap Polo Style Unconstructed

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Another undeniably high-quality hat of the KBETHOS can meet the demand of most of stricted customers with crazy detail. The cotton material is super soft and gives you a smooth touching together with six embroidered eyelets, which makes your head airy and quickly dry.

Due to the ajustable metal closure, this hat easily fits most of sizes. Plus, because of unisex design, this hat can be wore by both men and women.

Just imagine someday in  the near future, you may put on a basic tee or a vintage graphic tee layered with a denim jacket and wear the distressed light denim dad hat of KBETHOS along with a pair of hypebeast sneaker before hanging out with your friends or your love, perhaps. Then, guess what? The style begins to take shape!!!!

10. Polo Ralph Lauren Men Twill Classic Ball Cap

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Polo dad hat is highly famous around the world and its quality can speak the reputation. This hat is entirely made from 100% of cottonm, so it is quite lightweight, but vastly durable and has higher absorption rate.

Besides, this hat can easily fits to most of normal head sizes thanks to an adjustable metal closure. However, in some case, it can not do more because some head size is beyonce its ability!!!

Plus, the same as other utter brand, this dad hat has two exclusive logos on the crown and on the after side for easy looking for on the market. On the top of that, there will be no damage after being washed by machine, outweighing point in comparison with other counterparts.

As you can see, there are many brands of the best dad hats for you to choose. Whatever styles or colors you are looking for, there is always a hat that meets your demand. There is no ending of choices, all you need are time and effort to research before you can make a feasible decision.

I hope with the review aforementioned, you would be able to get some idea of what your dad hat is and quickly make up your mind about what hat you would like to buy among these men’s dad hat and add to your collection.

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