10 Best Bucket Hats for Men That Are on Trend 2019

Whenever talking about the topic: “Which are the most basic items in a men’s closet?”, there are conflicted opinions. However, nobody denies of having a bucket hat. It’s a timepiece item that will come back and come back forever due to the circulation of fashion stream.

However, for the faint of heart, wearing a bucket hat isn’t a style move. There are just two results: Either you’re the coolest guy in the town or looking like a somebody’s weird uncle. No middle ground at all!

That’s why you should take time thinking which bucket hat is suitable the most for your style, face shape, demand, and preference. Out of an overwhelmed bunch of designs and colors on the market, here is my rounded-up list for the best bucket hats for men.

This article will go through:

  • My recommendations of the best bucket hats
  • How to choose a good bucket hat for men
  • How to style it

Read on!

I. 15 Best Bucket Hats for Men in 2019

Product Name Brand Material Size
THE HAT DEPOT 300N Unisex Bucket Hat THE HAT DEPOT 65% Cotton, 35% Polyester S: 22″-22 3/4″

L/XL: 23 1/8″-23 7/8”

KBETHOS Unisex Bucket Hat KBETHOS 100% Washed Cotton One Size Fits Most
EINSKEY Wide Brim Bucket Hat EINSKEY Polyester material One Size Fits Most
Kangol Men’s Classic Bucket Hat Kangol 100% Cotton S to XL
Kangol Men’s Bermuda Casual Bucket Hat Kangol 85% Acrylic, 15% Nylon; Headband: 100% Nylon S to XXL
Fashion Packable Reversible Black Printed Fisherman Bucket Sun Hat Be Your Own Style 100% Cotton One size fits most
Camo Coll Outdoor Sun Cap Camouflage Bucket Camo Coll Cotton + Polyester One Size
DealStock 100% Cotton Boonie Fishing Bucket DealStock 100% Cotton S/M and L/XL
MIRMARU Bucket Sun Hat MIRMARU 100% stone-washed cotton S/M and L/XL
ChoKoLids Trump 2020 Keep America Great Campaign Embroidered USA Hat ChoKoLids 100% Cotton One size fits most
Under Armour Men’s Tactical Bucket Hat Under Armour 100% Polyester One Size Fits All
Under Armour Men’s ArmourVent Warrior Bucket Hat Under Armour 100% Other Fabric One Size Fits All
Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Bucket Hat Polo Ralph Lauren 100% Cotton S/M and L
Hatphile City Trendy Bucket Hat Hatphile 100% Polyester One size fits most
Stetson Men’s Fairway Bucket Hat Stetson 75% Cotton, 25% Polyester L to XXL
Cameo Pigment Dyed Bucket Hat-Yellow Cameo 100 % Cotton. One size (59 CM)


1. THE HAT DEPOT 300N Unisex 100% Cotton Packable Summer Travel Bucket Hat

View here

Out of 35 color options, this woodland camouflage is my choice since I need to disguise myself for a hunting trip. And due to my research, only this one comes in different material from other counterparts, which is a combination of 65% cotton and 35% polyester.

It’s not water resistant, though. Hence, I recommend the hat if you’re living in dry environment. In turns, the quality is great! It’s thick, durable, and absorb moisture excellently. I just sweated a little bit after many runs, walks, and even crawling on the ground. Its sweatband is unbeatable.

Reasonably wide brim so it covers my face under sunlight but not too interrupting my vision. Good!

The Hat Depot is also a good brand to choose. It’s specialized in sport gear and fashion accessories. For such that high-quality hat, the price is amazing. You can beat it!


  • Super many colors to choose from
  • Very affordable price
  • Thick, durable, moisture-absorbent, breathable material
  • Reasonably wide brim
  • Some eyelets for ventilation
  • Two sizes: S/M and L/XL


  • No string for the chin – a little bit inconvenient when you are at fast speed. It’s prone to fall out.

2. KBETHOS Unisex 100% Washed Cotton Bucket Hat Summer Outdoor Cap

View here

I find that a lot of people prefer to opt for a white bucket hat as a versatile option to style different outfits. Genius! And here’s my recommendation – the KBETHOS’s.

It’s crafted from 100% washed cotton to deliver a nicely rough texture. At the same time, the high-quality material is durable enough to ably machine-wash with minimal wears and tears.

However, I still recommend hand washing for the longest durability. Aside from the physical satisfaction spectrum, the material also emphasizes on good breathability and moisture absorption to keep the wearer cool during a day!

However, in the meantime, its drawback is unable to be water repellant.

Take note that it’s a one-size-fits-all hat so if yours is within medium to large size, just grab it with no skeptic.


  • Super cheap price
  • Variations of colorways
  • Minimal design to be versatile in styling, unisex (by the way)
  • Nice feeling-touch
  • Durable, lightweight, breathable, cool material
  • Good ventilation thanks to the extra eyelet
  • Easily pack for travel


  • A little bit limit in head size
  • Not good packaging

3. EINSKEY Sun Hat for Men/Women, Outdoor Sun Protection Wide Brim Bucket Hat Waterproof Breathable Packable Boonie Hat for Safari Fishing Beach Golf

View here

Like the KBETHOS bucket hat, this EINSKEY comes in one size fitting all and it’s unisex as well. However, one advanced feature is its water resistance to withstand different kinds of weather.

Besides, thanks to its extra adjustable drawstring for the chin, you’re now able to wear it and join in many outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, running, trekking, and hunting with no fear of wind. There are 4 colorways to choose from, most of which is neutral tone to match the nature as well as keeping you cool under the sun.

Fabric is moderately thick and plus, the 3.7” wide brim to protect my entire head from sunlight efficiently. The best thing is it stays in place in the wind. Thumb-up!

(There is even a sun hat version with mask but I personally find it’s too bulky and inconvenient to breathe.)

Water resistance on the outside and sweat absorption on the inside. The ventilation ability of this hat is even leveraged thanks to the inner two-side mesh crown. I think for those who are living in hot-temperature area will appreciate this extra detail because your head and hair will be cool all day long.


  • Many colorways to choose from
  • Wide bring to cover your entire head and even your neck from the sun
  • 100% polyester to be lightweight, durable, and water repellent
  • Good breathability and ventilation
  • Extra two-side mesh layer on the inside
  • Have an adjustable drawstring
  • No floppy brim
  • Packable
  • Come in a warranty


  • Not recommend on style and aesthetics
  • Limited head size range

4. Kangol Striped Lahinch Updated Version of the Classic Bucket Hats for Men

View here

If your concern is more about a fashionable bucket hat, Kangol will be a wonderful choice. Their products always bring a perfect compromise between aesthetics and function. The Lahinch Updated Kangol is the typical example.

It highlights with minimal outer performance to never go out of style. Plus, is its decent versatility. With it, you can mix and match with a wide range of clothes for different occasions, from casual to formal events.

It’s not full-plain as the KBETHOS at all, but has one- or two-colored stripes band to bring a nicely sporty look. Thus, if you’re looking for a relaxing outdoorsy vibe, this is the best to go to.

The functionality aspect of the hat is no worry. Feature a moderately wide brim and flat top, it provides superb protection for your face and head from the sun and elements. Besides, the cotton gives no stuffiness or heft like other kinds of material. Instead, is the phenomenal performance in breathability.

A fun fact:

As the shape of this hat was adopted by many well-known golfers like Amold Palmer, it’s the most favorite pick of golfers and also, hip-hop stars.


  • Various colorways to choose from
  • High-quality, thick, durable and moisture-absorbent material
  • Minimal, elegant, stylish design
  • Protective hat from the sun
  • A wide range of size, can fit big heads
  • Lightweight and breathable, you can wear it as a summer hat or sun hat
  • 2” brim and fairly stiff to hold up well in the wind
  • Have green underneath the brim
  • Packable for travel


  • A bit pricey

5. Kangol Bucket Hat Bermuda Casual

View here

Next is another Kangol bucket hat on this collection of a perfect option for either dance floor or rocking the beach. Amongst a wide range of designs in Kangol, this Bermuda is arguably the original timeless classic icon to stick with you in many occasions.

It’s more about fashion and style that brings a true vibe of hip-hop on the early days. However, can’t deny its functionality.

The mixed materials of acrylic and nylon highlight with decent moisture absorption and lightness to stay on your head without noticing all day. But the best thing must be its comfortable bell shape. It’s soft enough to bring comfort but stiff enough to hold up perfectly, especially in the wind.

Thinking of this as couple stuff is not a bad idea at all because of its nice unisex silhouette. Just one thing to keep in mind is choosing the right size. My wife’s head size is roughly 7” and she fits nicely in the Small. So, I would say this hat goes true size.


  • A wide range of color options
  • Feature an iconic, stylish, and unisex silhouette
  • Multi-purpose
  • Good at moisture absorption, lightness, comfort, and breathability
  • Size chart is true
  • 100% authentic
  • Packable for travel


  • A bit expensive

6. Camo Coll Outdoor Sun Cap Camo Bucket Hat

View here

Many survivors love this Camo Coll bucket hat for some reasons:

  • First off, is their wide brim. Though the hat might be soaked through in a real downpour, it can protect your neck and head against a gentler rain.
  • Another reason is its easily adjustable drawstring that can fix a wide range of head sizes as well as keep it in place in windy days.
  • The additional mesh layer on the inside is the best part since it keeps you dry and cool all the time.
  • Aside from durable material, its stitching appears to be good as well.

However, take note that its diameter is 7.5” inner to fit a head size of maximumly 23” (Good choice for small to medium head).

Speaking of the outer performance, though this hat doesn’t focus on fashion and styles, it comes in a minimal design that you can freely stitch or iron a logo or patch on to have a custom version.


  • Wide brim to protect your face and neck against the sun but stiff enough to stay intact in windy days
  • Long drawstring that can be adjustable to fit your face shape
  • Extra mesh layer on the inside to leverage its breathability
  • Tight stitching
  • Various colorways
  • Affordable price
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Packable


  • Not fit in a person with thick hairstyle

7. DealStock 100% Cotton Fishing Bucket Hat with String

View here

If you’re looking for a bucket hat mixing with the boonie style for fishing, this is your go-to selection. Why?

The very first benefit is its dual snap buttons on both sides to flip the brim up. It does stay tightly snapped to expand your vision further. The next practical feature lies in the adjustable drawstring. Take note that it’s not removeable but sewn in place sturdily.

But don’t make it wrong of a flimsy, soft brim. It’s wide, but you can’t shape it like a baseball cap so, there’s no point of flopping down to cover your eyes. If you snap it during a fishing trip, at the end of the day, the brim might be curved a little bit after undone. However, soaking it in warm water or just leaving it aside, a night is enough for it to back to the original shape.

For different face shape and to stay against the wind, aside from a chin chord, the brim of this hat is a little bit higher as well (which is 4” roughly). Don’t worry about the snaps, it’s not rustic if getting wet though I’m not sure about its material.

One last bonus is its high SPF protection to worry free of sun burnt.


  • Different color options
  • Affordable price
  • Two sizes to opt for: S/M and L/XL
  • Soft, durable, protective and breathable material
  • Good at moisture absorption
  • Lightweight
  • Easily adjustable drawstring
  • Can snap on the sides to look less dorky
  • Two attached mesh holes
  • Strong brim


  • Smaller green hat

8. MIRMARU Summer Outdoor Boonie Hunting Fishing Safari Bucket Sun Hat Adjustable Strap

View here

Another camo buck hat in this collection and like THE HAT DEPOT above, the camouflage pattern comes in different material from the rest. Detailly, it’s 35% polyester mixed with 65% cotton.

I don’t know the reason for such that change, but it does bring many extra benefits in accordance with the situations in which I use it. The biggest is its lightness to stay comfortably on my head during a fishing trip or a hunting trip without a headache.

Another mentionable thing is its leveraged moisture wicking ability as well as quicker time to dry out.

The material is soft and skin-friendly, but its brim is stiff enough to stay in place in windy days. But for better vision, you can snap it up on the sides. It’s a preference issue but a big thank you for the additional snap buttons.

The brim width, on the other hand, is roughly 2.5” to cover the entire face and neck. It also avoids sun burnt pretty well.

On particular detail that only appears on the camo version is the self-band. It plays the role of providing spots for tiny outdoor tools, such as fishing lure, hunting arrows, and stuff like that. Lastly, is a chinstrap with toggle.


  • Soft and lightweight material
  • Various colorways
  • Affordable price
  • Provide two sizes
  • Deep crown and easily adjustable strap to fit a wide range of head sizes and face shapes
  • 100% stone-washed cotton to be durable and long-lasting
  • Breathable, cool and dry out quickly
  • Foldable for traveling
  • Well protect you from the sun


  • The size runs a little bit larger

9. ChoKoLids Trump 2020 Keep America Great Campaign Embroidered USA Hat | Baseball Bucket Trucker Cap Black

View here

It’s been years since Donald Trump was elected president but his famous saying seems not to cool down. “Keep American Great!”.

This hat is a perfect present for a veteran of the US Army or those who aboard the Trump train to show some love to the president. There are many colorways to choose from and besides, only one size fits most. Thus, ain’t no a worry if the wearer’s head size is within small to medium.

I do appreciate how sophisticated this hat is, no matter where it’s made from. Unlike other “embroidered” hats which turns out to be stamped on, this is a real on with stitched message. Every single detail is great and exquisite that doesn’t bring a cheap feeling at all.

Speaking of functionality, I give this an 8 due to the durable, efficiently moisture absorbent cotton. However, it might get some shrinkage if being machine-washed. So, you have to hand-wash it only. A little bit inconvenient. But for the look and practical benefits, this is just a minor drawback.

Featured as a relaxed hat with well-made construction, it stays intact under harsh weather to be with you in different occasions, from outdoor activities, hanging out, to parties.

Overall, this is a worth-considering hat for people.


  • An avalanche of colors to choose from
  • Affordable price
  • Well-made with real stitched, detailed message
  • Durable, protective but breathable and cool


  • Don’t fit larger head
  • Not made in the USA

10. Under Armour Men’s Tactical Bucket Hat

View here

Speaking of Under Armour, people will think right away to the top-quality tactical bucket hats with emphasis on practicality and function.

And one typical example that I really would like to show you is this men’s tactical bucket hat. Oftentimes I wear it on those hunting trips or camping trips in the summer when the temperature is mainly hot and dry. No drain, please. As it can’t be waterproof.

However, the hat strikes back with good sweatband on the inside as well as the high-grade polyester material for decent moisture wicking ability. One strength of polyester that beats against the cotton is its lightness to avoid headache efficiently whilst keeping you cool in the hot summer days.

If you’re a guy who sweat a lot, this one is truly able to save your scalp from sweating like a hooker in a church pew. The hat isn’t a matter of strapping heat like other counterparts. When taking it off, I feel hotter, not cooler as most hats I’ve tried.


  • Lightweight, durable and good moisture wicking ability
  • Don’t strap heat, feel very cool
  • Easily adjustable drawstring
  • Efficiently sweatband
  • Wide brim to cover your face and neck
  • Stiff brim that’s not flop down in the wind


  • Not waterproof

11. Under Armour Men’s ArmourVent Warrior Golf Bucket Hats

View here

This Men’s Armourvent Warrior Bucket Hat is really a good choice for golfers due to its striking breathability and protection. I don’t know exactly which kind of fabric it’s crafted from, but it’s really thick to protect my head, face and neck from sun burnt. Even, it features UPF 50” to save me from the sun’s harmful rays and enjoy my golf course with fun.

However, differ from my initial thought, it’s not stuffy or hot on the inside. Conversely, the hat keeps my hair dry and scalp cool. I do sweat a little bit, but it’s really less and this buddy handle it pretty well.

The material itself is as lightweight as the polyester with slight stretchiness to adjust with your head. Of course, there’s a drawcord to keep it from flying out of your head. To some people, it might be a little bit long. However, I myself consider it’s better to be long rather than short. You can cut the excessive cord part, re-strap, and ready to use. Just take roughly 2 minutes!

Overall, I really like Under Armour hats because they give distinctive feeling touch, especially on the inside. While 80% bucket hats out there come in just one layer of fabric and loose stitching, this highlights with dual fabric layer, tight stitching, and addictive texture. Besides, is the amazing function.

That’s why even though they cost a few extra bucks more than other counterparts, I still readily pay for that. It’s really well-worth!


  • Well-made construction with dual-layer fabric and stiff brim
  • Nice silhouette and wider brim for more coverage area
  • Can protect your skin from sun burnt and UV rays
  • A little bit stretchy to fit nicely to your hat
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Have a special mesh layer inside for extra breathability
  • Don’t strap heat, very cool
  • Many colorways


  • A bit expensive

12. Polo Bucket Hat Ralph Lauren

View here

Polo Ralph Lauren is another mid-tier brand where you can get really high-quality products.

This hat is also the very first model in this collection that you can machine-wash with ease in mind. It’s super durable, which is shown clearly through the stitching and fabric material.

This hat is crafted from 100% cotton, but it’s the high-end cotton to not only bring nice feeling touch but also withstand abuse with minimal wear. The more you wash, the softer. And after 6 to 12 months of beating and abusing, it will give you a good vintage look with some beautifully distressed areas.

Two color options of this Polo are also very easy to mix and match as well. That’s why I don’t agree with those who consider this is an ugly hat with lack of aesthetics. It’s a sophisticated, fashionable item that I love styling every day. The only pity thing is their color options are too less. Wish for more!

Take note: Air dry the hat and avoid the sunlight.


  • Durable enough to machine wash
  • High-quality cotton material with nice texture, good moisture absorption and durability
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Wide brim to cover your face and some neck areas
  • Minimal outlook with easy-to-style colorways
  • Can match with different outfits
  • Tight stitching, strong seams


  • A bit less color options

13. Hatphile City Trendy Bucket Hat

View here

Highlight with tropical pattern, you can mislead a Hatphile hat to other brands due to their unique outlook. Whether it’s the Pineapple Hawaii Aloha or the Tropical Atl Multicolored, they all bring a fresh energy to me. Very suitable for summer outfits!

Perfect to go to the beach, on a vacation or daily wear. It’s lightweight, comfortable, and breathable that you hardly notice it’s on your head sometimes.

However, this is a one-size-fits-all hat and plus, no drawstring so, ensure that its measurements fit your head size. If yours is around 22 5/8 inches then go ahead. Once fitting nicely into this hat, wind can’t fly it off. Trust me!

Though they recommend hand-washing only, I still try cleaning it by machine. Thanks to the soft and durable fabric texture, it keeps shape nicely and leave no shrinkage. Just remember to choose the gentle cycle setting and air dry only.


  • Interesting colorways to nail up your style
  • Affordable price
  • Wick moisture efficiently
  • Breathable, cool, and comfortable


  • One size fit all so, it’s not suitable for too big or too small heads

14. Stetson Men’s Fairway Bucket Hat

View here

I guess what makes this Stetson bucket hat different from other outdoor models is its outlook. While there are many brands just overweight the function aspect of their hats and ignore the aesthetics, I appreciate the designers of Stetson for how hard of work.

Each Men’s Fairway Bucket Hat is not only well-made, durable, and functional but also outstanding in outer performance. You can easily jump from an outdoor explorer to a stylish guy without looking like you’ve just from a hike.

Material is another mentionable thing. It’s a mix between cotton and polyester to achieve the lightest weight whilst still making sure of your breathability and coolness. Besides, is the striking durability to serve you for years.

Like other bucket hats in this collection, it’s sturdy enough to stay intact in the wind without flopping down to your face. I mean, the brim! It’s sturdy and wide enough to cover your face as well.

But on top of that, is the waterproof ability that you won’t be bogged down whenever the weather turns bad as usually. Just go out with confidence.


  • Mixed combination for exceptional comfort and durability
  • Breathable, lightweight, and cool
  • A wide range of size
  • Waterproof
  • Versatile for different occasions: outdoor activities to daily wear or parties


  • A little bit expensive

15. Cameo Pigment Dyed Bucket Hat-Yellow

View here

Last but not least, is a must-have item for those who are a fan of yellow. Cameo highlights with its durable and comfortable cotton. It’s soft but the brim still keeps its sturdiness to avoid flopping down on your face.

Besides, it’s 2” wide – enough to protect your face and some neck area out of sun burnt and UV rays. Contrast to my initial guess, it features thick fabric but not strap heat to make me feel stuffy at all. Conversely, the hat handles moisture with ease whilst giving nice breathability. My hair didn’t get damp during a fishing trip in Florida, which is amazing.

It’s also easy to fold and roll so that you can pack it for a trip with less space taken. Very convenient!


  • Stylish but functional bucket hat
  • Made from cotton, featuring soft, comfortable texture and decent moisture absorption
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Cool and breathable
  • Packable and take less space in your luggage
  • Moderately wide brim to protect your eyes from the sun, skin from sun burnt and UV rays but not block your vision
  • Perfect choice to wear in yellow convertible


  • Only deliver one size

II. How to Choose the Best Bucket Hats for Men

1. Material

Two most common kinds of material to make a bucket hat are polyester and cotton. Oftentimes, you can find a couple of combinations between these and other rarely-used fibers, like spandex and acrylic.

Each of them delivers different strengths to meet particular demands and preference:

Kind of material Strength Who suits it?
Cotton -Soft, comfortable and durable material


-Absorb moisture efficiently


-Odor free

People who want a versatile hat for daily wear, parties, to events.
Polyester -Dry out quickly

-Durable, lightweight

-Wick moisture pretty fast

-Can be all-day worn

People who usually join in outdoor sports or tactical activities

2. Size

There are two groups of bucket hats:

  • One size fit all
  • A wide range of sizes

With the first group, take note of their diameter and whether it’s elastic or not to determine the head size range it will comfortably fit. Besides, consider those hats with an extra drawcord is very helpful to adjust it whenever you please.

With the second group, consider how many sizes do they provide. Some will offer you the XS to the XXL whilst other bucket hats only give S/M and L/XL. To find out the most suitable hat size, you need to determine your head size firstly.

Are you a small, medium, or big head? Then, consider the measurements of each size they offer. Size charts are different from brand to brand.

But usually, the small heads will choose either XS or S. The medium opts for M or L whilst the big heads are suitable for XL or XXL.

3. Brim & Crown

Brim and crown are two other important elements you need to consider when choosing a bucket hat. The crown should be high enough to fit your head size and the brim should be wide enough to cover your face from the weather.

Usually, a 2.5” wide brim is enough to cover your entire face, but if you want your neck to be protected as well, consider a larger one.

Besides, you need to find a stiff brim to avoid it flopping down to your face and blocking your vision. Some bucket hats with too wide brims will come in some extra snap buttons so that you can flip it up for a wider view.

About the crown, aside from considering whether it fits your head or not, you need to think about its ventilation as well, especially if you intend to wear it for a long time.

Usually, a well-breathable hat will have an extra layer of mesh inside to leverage its ventilation level. Or you can look for a bucket hat with eyelets.

4. Design

People don’t tend to focus more on a bucket hat’s design if it’s just used for head protection only, like the tactical models. However, if it’s copped to serve for styling. Design is a worth-considering factor.

Consider how many color options it provides and its outer performance. There are some bucket hats with cool distinctive textures as a part of the item’s aesthetic beauty whilst the rest are plain or have stripes or logos.

This is a preference issue! So, it’s all up to you!

5. Extra features

Some extra features that you also should keep in mind are:

  • Drawcord
  • UV protection
  • Waterproof ability

Depend on which purpose you are going to use the bucket hat to choose any of them. For example, for tactical activities like hunting, camping, running, trekking, a hat with a drawcord and weather resistance is essential.

But take note that the drawcord should be easy to adjust and come in reasonable length to fit your head size. It shouldn’t be too short. Conversely, too long drawcord is okay because you can cut off the excessive part and re-strap it.

Besides, it should be durable and big enough to avoid leaving uncomfortable skin marks.

About the UV protection, they are usually thick so, consider if it’s good at ventilation or not as well.

And the last element, you need to know exactly what is its waterproof level since some models can only avoid splash, light rain, or water drops while the other hats can even keep you from heavy rain or downpours.

Besides, check out if it’s breathable or not because usually, this kind of hat is very stuffy.

III. How to Wear a Bucket Hat

As bucket hat is a summer item, it’s best to mix and match it with summer clothes.

If you’re a beginner, as always, try the minimal models with plain outer performance, or small brand logo embroidery because you don’t need to think much about which kind of outfit to go to fight with it for attention.

Conversely, if you’re a basic guy who love plain t-shirt and jeans in either black or white, I highly recommend choosing a colorful bucket hat to lighten up your whole look.

The safest option is chino shorts, plain tee, canvas trainers and a minimal bucket hat (with reasonable colorway, of course). This suggestion is the best for casual wear or holidays.

On colder days, you can try addition a jacket or switch to jogger pants.


I know that a bucket hat for men doesn’t cost much, however, if thinking carefully before spending your money on one, not only it compliments your style significantly, but you can also avoid wasting money. I hope that this ultimate buying guide gives you some useful knowledge for a good purchase. Thanks for reading!

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