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A bucket hat, also known as fisherman’s hat or Irish hat is a hat with a wide and downward brim. The hat is usually made from cotton which allows it to be light in weight, compact, durable. There are usually some metal eyelets on the side of the hat for extra ventilation.

Not until 1960s did the hat was recognized as a fashion item which has been used in street fashion and on the catwalk. The hat was originally made in 1900 from wool felt. They were first worn by Irish farmer with the purpose to shade their face from the sun and keeping their head dry when it’s rainy. The hat was adopted by many other countries since they are convenient and can be folded. The hat can be cleaned easily with a sponged or washing machine when it’s muddy or dirty.

Men’s bucket hats are worn in informal occasions, mostly when working out door rather than for fashion purposes. However, there are still some cool bucket hats for men that take a role of a stylish accessory. Here, we present you some models which we think that they will not only be a barrier for your head, but will also look nicely on it.

01. Deal Stock Men’s 100% Cotton Fishing Hunting Summer Bucket Cap Hat


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This is a perfect bucket hat for fishing and hunting. It is a low price hat but it does its job as a hat really well. There are more than 30 colors for you to choose from. All of them are soft, made from cotton and will look great on your head. This is a traditional bucket hat with two eyelets on the side to stimulate air circulation.

The hat can be used by both men and women. It fits for all outdoor activity. It solves the problem of a hot and heavy hat on your head. Turning the brim upward will give you a jaunty look.

This hat is great for casual occasions. However, you may want something stronger when it’s raining because this hat is absorbent and will make your head even colder when it’s rainy.

02. Quiksilver Men’s Bushmaster – Bush Hat


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The hat is also made of cotton. It’s the hat that the Vietnamese military has been using in the fight against America back then. The wide brim allows the hat to fully cover your face and reduce the heat when the sun is high in the middle of the day. The camouflage color is great if you’re a fan of paint balls. If you just want a normal hat, there’s also black color for you.

The hat is compact due to its light weight. The fabric can be squished and folded and put in a bag which makes it great for combats. Still, this hat will leave an impression for others if you wear it outside when fishing or hiking. A great hat for lazy summer days.

This hat is not waterproof so you might not want to wear it when it’s rainy. Also. The brim can sometimes be too soft if it’s wet.

03. Nike Golf Sun Protect Bucket Hat


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If you’re obsessed about brands like Nike, there’s this hat for you. With the logo of Nike on the crown of the hat, it’s made specially for golfers. The hat is made of polyester with a portion of spandex plain woven which allows the hat to be flexible and durable. The crown is adjustable and it will fit snugly in your head.

When on a golf field, the wide brim helps to cover your face from the sun while the interior sweatband helps you to absorb sweat and turn down the heat. Keeping your head clear is the best way to play golf. This is over all a cool bucket hat for men.

Well, buying items with that kind of logo mean that you have to pay extra for it. So, if you’re only looking for a men’s bucket hat to cover your head, I would recommend some cheaper hats.

04. Bucket Hat Camo With String For Men’s-Fishing Boonie Hats – UV-Resistant And Cool


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Another great camouflage hat for your days outside, this camouflage hat will keep you cool and stylish. That hat has an adjustable string so that it can sit nicely on your head regardless of the size of your head. The hat is soft and windproof. The camouflage is nice and soft which helps you to attract attention from others.

The hat is unisex, it’s made from cotton which can dry quickly. This hat is durable which can stand against the harsh weather. The mesh on both sides of the hat can keep you cool and stylish. It’s a fabulous bucket hat overall.

The brim of this hat can be a little too wide and soft. If it’s wet, it will bend downward and block your vision.

05. Camo Coll Outdoor Sun Cap Camouflage Bucket Mesh Boonie Hat


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A one-size-fits-all bucket hat with more than 10 colors. This is a low price hat but it does well what it’s supposed to do. The hat is light and comfortable to wear. The mesh on the side of the hat will keep it cool and dry when you’re hot and sweating.

The hat is fairly large. The elastic band around the hat allows it to fit snugly around your head. There’s also a cord lock on the hat which allows you to pull the elastic tighter. The brim is wide and stiff so it won’t fall in your eyes.

You should never toss this hat in a washing machine if you don’t want to ruin the hat. The washing machine will wreck the hat easily. You should only use a wet piece of cloth to clear off the dust and stains on it.

06. Sloggers 4471DB Classic Cotton Hat with Wind Lanyard Rated UPF 50+ Maximum Sun Protection – Dark Brown – Adjustable Medium to Large


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A great men’s bucket hat of high quality. This hat is built for comfort and design at the same time. There are 8 colors for you to choose from. The hat is adjustable to fit in many sizes. The interior band does very well in absorbing the sweat in hot days. The eyelets are far from each other which will send cool air into your head in different directions.

This hat is attractive and practical for both men and women. It’s made and handled with care. If you’re looking for a bucket hat that will stay with you years after years while making you feel comfortable every time you put your head in it, this is the one.

The hat only comes in one size and it has been reviewed to not fit in people with large heads. So, make sure that you fit the hat before buying it.

07. ISEYMI Outdoor cowboy hat Wide Brim Caps Sun Block Fishing Hat


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Not until you put this hat on will you feel the comfort wearing it. It’s made of quick-dry material of Full-dull 70D Taslan. It’s also elastic so it can fit in many people. The brim is pretty wide compared to other bucket hat. You can use this as your safari hat also. No matter which occasion it is, swimming, hiking, going on a trip, this hat can be folded and will sit tightly in your luggage until you use it.

The inside of this hat is comprised of a lightweight mesh for extra ventilation. The material is not water proof but it will dry quickly when it gets wet. The chinstrap does a nice job in holding the hat in place. A breathable and comfortable hat in general.

To some people, his hat might me too small. The brim of this hat is also too wide and big which can block your vision too much sometimes.

08. MG Men’s Washed Cotton Twill Chin Cord Outdoor Hunting Hat


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A hat of quality and convenience. This hat makes you look manly for the camouflage cover. If you don’t like that kind of theme, there are still 10 more colors for you to choose from. Made of 100% cotton, the hat will not only sit tightly on your head, it keeps you warm and breathable. The chip strap can be adjusted which helps the hat sit nicely on your head.

If you need something to keep the sun from frying your hair, this is a great bucket hat that you might want. The hat is very well-made. Different from other hats, you just need to toss this hat into the washing machine. It can recover its shape easily after it has been dried.

The hat can be a little to floppy. It’s may require more space in your luggage compared to other hats.

Not only will they protect your head, bucket hats can give you a looks of a serious hip-hoper. The classic street look that this hat give you is great for informal occasions. Bucket hats are something that you can wear every day without worrying about being out-fashioned.

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