Best Water Shoes For Men

How you guys are planning to treasure your summer time?

The very first thing comes into my mind is that spending my summer days on water and beach activities. They are so cool and relaxing for any summer vacation. Thus, making an investment in aqua shoes can be a wise decision.

Water shoes are specially made for water or beach activities such as swimming, snorkeling, paddle boarding and so on. Of course, you need to get a high-quality pair that is built to last, drain quick and dry fast for your adventures.

We’ve included a list of the best water shoes for men 2018 in details so that you can freely choose to wear. Let’s take a look!

1. Adidas Outdoor Jawpaw 2 Water Shoe – Men’s

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These aqua shoes for men are absolutely perfect for almost all kind of water activities. The upper offers incredible ventilation for the whole foot. It provides pull tabs which help your feet easily get in the shoes, and a great fit to your foot.

Besides, the midsole and outsole are perforated, which make the shoes drain very quickly. I highly appreciate the draining device of these adidas water shoes. They are really excellent. Additionally, the outsole is made with stealth rubber that offers an invincible grip.

Though slip-on style is good for delivering comfort and easy to put on or take off, the air mesh collar is not too large. Therefore, my recommendation would be to go up a half or one size than your actual one to make to easier when putting your feet into the shoes.

2. Merrell Women’s All Out-Blaze Aero Sport Hiking Water Shoe

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These kicks are perfectly suitable for those who dig hiking.

The first point to talk about is the lacing system what they call Merell Omni-Fit. The quick-pull bungee lacing system offers an amazingly exact fit that wraps the foot tightly inner.

These water hiking shoes will hold up very well like a glove. With the heel counter, they support every stride a lot and the stability of these kicks is improved as well.

More than that, the Vibram sole is designed to make these ones able to work well on almost all terrain surfaces. One more plus point for these kicks is that they are good at keeping debris out of your foot thanks to the bellows tongue.

Therefore, they protect your foot incredibly. And they do have a cool look also. Hiking for long distances yet still looking stylish, these are why these kicks are supposed to be one of the best water shoes for men.

For hot summer days, these Merrell water shoes are favored by the hikers though they look like a typical water shoes or sandals rather than hiking shoes. Their upper is mesh and ventilated. These features are best for hot weather.

By the way, because of the ventilated mesh upper, these kicks are not suggested for rainy season.

Don’t use hard brushes to clean them and don’t forget to get all soap out of the shoes because they tend to absorb liquid like water a lot.

I recommend you to make the footwear wide-opened, take the insole out of the shoes and dry at around 25 degrees Celsius to make them dry fast. Don’t put them nearby too hot places.

3. UA Kilchis Water Shoes

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These under armour water shoes look like running shoes.

Actually, they can work as the kicks for running. The outstanding appearance makes them a top-picked item for the youth. With their thick sole and chunky look, how stylish they are! They definitely keep up with the hottest trend this year.

These kicks offer a lot of natural ventilation due to the mesh upper that keeps the shoes breathable. Your foot will keep cool all day long walking or running for long distances. I have to add one more star for the design of the footbed and midsole. They make a handful of grooves at these areas to provide quick drainage. This assumes the shoes dry rapidly.

These UA Kilchis feature a welded overlay that protects the kicks from being abraded. This is so important thing that the runners are concerned about a pair of running shoes.

Besides, the rubber outsole provides best grip on the boat and dock as well as other skid and wet terrain surfaces.

They are lightweight, too. It can’t be better for a boating trips with these water kicks.

4. ALEADER Men’s Slip-on Athletic Water Shoes

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For the price, I assume these athletic water shoes are the best of the best. The neutral design suits with both men and women. They are a great choice for couples.

The shoes work very well to stabilize your foot when you perform in water or not. Because a shoe that is saturated with water can make your move heavier and harder to make any movement. The new drainage method allows water to go completely out of the shoes through the sole. This helps them dry very quickly and makes your foot comfortable.

In addition, their outsole supports their fit so much. With wave construction, these waters absorb shocks very well and give amazing grip. Their sole gives excellent traction. For those who dig water sports, these shoes are perfectly for you.

In particular, the bottom is designed to make water come out of the shoes so you can wear them underwater and relax with water activities.

They are so lightweight that they all float if they slip off in water and they are comfortable too.

However, keep in mind their soles are flexible and designed to allow water drainage. It’s OK for easy walk on leafy terrain but won’t offer protection against any items that could pierce the sole. Great beach and pool shoe!

5. Pooluly Men’s Outdoor Quick Drying Water Shoes

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Lightweight sole and great fit are basic features of Pooluly products, especially water shoes and casual sneakers.

These water shoes feature the lightest EVA cushioning device that is non-skid, offering best grip. They are capable of completely draining thanks to the mesh upper and the perforated sole. This allows you guys to perform well in water.

Moreover, the soft cushion supports a lot in absorbing shocks, which makes your foot always comfortable without cause any pressure.

These kicks are good for gym as well. You can also wear it when walking but I don’t recommend this a lot because sand or tiny objects may get in and bother you.

If you are seeking for a water shoes with low expense yet good features and great aesthetics, you should consider this one.

6. CIOR Men and Women Barefoot Skin Aqua Shoes Anti-Slip Multifunctional Water Shoes for Beach Pool Surf Yoga Exercise

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CIOR multifunctional kick is listed in top best water shoes for men for its outstanding features and functions.

CIOR Water Shoes are popular in water sports and feverishly loved by entertainment lovers. When you wear water shoes sliding on the water, just like walking on land, smooth and flexible.

Featuring high quality rubber sole which is slip resistant, these aqua shoes offer great protection for your feet. They are super lightweight, making it easy on and off. What’s more, the sock-like structure is really versatile and delivers great comfort. While taking part in any other activities, They help to relax your feet muscle when doing any other activities. Smooth neck design prevents chafing when wearing these water shoes.

CIOR provides users with wide range of size to meet almost all people at the different ages. Sizes for kids, male and female adults are all available. So many options for you guys to choose!

These water resistant shoes do help when you want to swim or perform underwater but your foot (the bottom of your foot) get torn. They wrap your foot very well. As a result, they protect your torn foot against the water.

If you dig doing yoga or going to the pool to do water aerobics, these shoes will be what you need.

7. Mens Womens Water Shoes Quick Dry Barefoot for Swim Diving Surf Aqua Sports Pool Beach Walking Yoga

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Another sock-like shoes by Putu are offered to you. I have heard a lot of compliments on their stylish look so far.

They feature a nice grip to prevent slips, helping you move more easily and safer. Besides, the upper is soft and stretchy. It is made with lightweight ventilated material that provides rapid drainage, excellent flexibility and great comfort.

The bottom of the sole is provided holes for draining, which helps the shoes dry quickly. This offers the wearers a cool shoe environment when using.

Putu’s shoes are truly good for use on rivers or lakes thanks to the superb protection provided in the bottom no matter you step on either edged small or medium rocks. Meanwhile, the top section is made out of high-quality soft spandex material to deliver the best comfort and snug fit to your feet. Another plus point for its rubbery bottom as well – they are flexible!

It’s a kind of foldable shoes. Therefore, it’s so convenient to use. You can easily put these Putu water shoes in your handbag to anywhere you want, for instances, to a pool or lake, to a river or stream when you go for a picnic. I mean you can take it to almost every single place.

8. GUBARUN Mens Water Shoes Swim Shoes for Women Quick-Dry Beach Barefoot Surf Yoga Boat Sneakers

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GUBARUN aqua shoes are widely used in water activities, especially sports that require participants to perform in water.

They feature an upper made with stretchy material. It means that they offer great drainage and ventilates so well, which brings users a lot of comfort and flexibility. Besides, they have a mesh upper and a sole that is perforated, making the shoes super breathable and extremely rapid to dry.

The collar is so closed, wrapping your ankle very well but I’ve never got any trouble with putting on and taking off the shoes. The non-slip outsole work so incredibly, prevent your foot against pains when moving and burning hot sand on the beach.

I usually wear these shoes when surfing and I do love them. Personally, these are the best water shoes for men I’ve tried.

Other than being thin and lightweight, they do have a very nice layer of cushion that surprises me a lot for an aqua kick. I am especially impressed by their colorway and pattern as well. They make me look extremely stylish.

The manufacturer recommended measuring our foot length and check the size before purchasing. However, I think you don’t need to worry about this issue. They go with true size. Even when you have a little bit smaller or bigger foot, they fit well thanks to stretchable fabric material.

9. Speedo Men’s Surfwalker 3.0 Water Shoe

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Speedo water shoes for men are specially designed for water sports.

They feature a stretchable mesh upper that is designed for the wearers to easily put on and take off without the need to undo any fastenings. The upper provides a snug fit. Of course, they are so breathable and don’t take time to dry.

Speedo applies a special technology called S-TRAC to manufacture the outsole. It drives water away these kicks and increases the contacting area between the shoes and the terrain surfaces. This outsole is a kind of non-slip so it works really well on smooth wet surfaces

I wore them all day long on my vacation and they gave me maximum comfort till the end of every single day. The footbed support a lot. I also wore them during pouring rain and walked on the boardwalk. The shoes did a really good job of sloshing through the huge puddles on the pavement.

By the way, Speedo brands tend to run smaller than their advertised size, you’d better go up a half size for better fit.

You guys should update as one wears them throughout the coming summer months.

10. L-RUN Unisex Water Shoes Barefoot Skin Shoes for Run Dive Surf Swim Beach Yoga

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These L-RUN water shoes provide amazing softness and flexibility. Thus, I do enjoy the barefoot feeling they deliver. They offer a stand-out outsole which is improved to prevent the shoes from abrasion.

I highly recommend them for yoga and days by the pool. The shoes are anti-slip well. Moreover, they are firm enough on the bottom so they provide good protection form almost anything that could harm your feet, even walking on rocks doesn’t hurt at all.

These waterproof shoes offer great breathability and absorb sweat fairly well. The fabric is stretchy so they fit like a glove. These water socks are best for those who have skinny feet.

About their functions, these water shoes are suitable with a wide range of water activities, especially water sports. They are great for kayaking and snorkeling. They work well for water aerobics class as well as somewhat on rocky surfaces.

11. Dreamcity Men’s Water Shoes Athletic Sport Lightweight Walking Shoes

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These shoes are made like normal sneaker with holes in the sole that allow water to pass through it. These beat any water shoes from Target, Walmart, etc. They look like with laces but actually they are slip-on.

Dreamcity’s shoes are highly appreciated for its light in weight and striking flexibility to wear, especially their squishy insoles!

And I’m here to prove that fact. I wore these shoes to go to the beach (once) and to the nearby pool (many times). No matter it was freshwater or salted water ocean, they were comfortable enough to use from a couple of hours to all day long without any complaints.

I really appreciated their ability to dry pretty fast (highly recommend leaving them directly under the sunlight to dry faster to use or store).

The bottom sole offers good traction. I even utilized them for a few small hiking, horseback riding and jet-ski. These shoes protected my feet so well.

Anyway, the outer mesh is made of a thin cloth-like material. Therefore, your feet will remain wet or moist as long as the shoe is on. It takes hours for the shoes to dry if you just air them out. They will be a little bit heavy when they get wet. I suggest you removing the insole before swimming. No need to wear socks.

12. JOINFREE Women’s Men’s Kid Summer Water Shoes Barefoot Shoe Quick Dry Aqua Socks Yoga

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These are not one of the best water shoes for men anymore. They are made for everyone including men, of course, women, and kids as well.

The neutral design and colorway make them suit with a wide range of users regardless of ages or genders. I feel like I’m walking in the galaxy when walking with these. It sounds funny!

The sock-like construction with stretchy fabric make these water shoes easy on and off. Thanks to the material, it’s so easy to drain water out of these shoes so it doesn’t take a lot of time to dry them.

They seem to run a little small but if you have flat feet, it doesn’t matter at all. And the fabric is stretchable so they will fit you after several times using or you can go up a half size.

I suggest you guys wearing them to yoga class or to the pool. They work best in these cases. Besides, they work well for small hiking and walking too. For the beach, sand may get in these water shoes but it’s so easy to clean them. Thus, you don’t need to worry about this issue.

I’ve never regretted purchasing this item. Every time I wear them, I feel so cool like I am totally mingled with the surrounding environment. Give it a try!

13. Zhuanglin Men’s Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes

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The first impression that these shoes have made on me is that they are super fashionable. With the design like a running shoe, this item is not only suitable with water activities but it also suits well with certain activities like river walking, jogging, horseback riding, water aerobics or small mountain hiking.

They offer a mesh sole with holes, making it so much easy for drainage. In addition, the upper is so breathable. The sole is thick enough to provide you good protection from debris or rocks. The soft rubber sole provides really excellent traction comparable to my Vibram-soled Merrill trail runners. It’s worth your investment.

Besides, the upper of these water shoes are mesh t let air in and out easily. This helps your feet to breathe, giving great comfort when you wear.

The midsole is lightweight and durable. And the sock liner supports a lot in making the shoes cushioned well. You will find them very comfy on every movement.

With other shoes, you guys may get trouble with sand. But with these ones, it will not happen. Additionally, the cuff around the ankle fits snugly and keeps things like sand and small rocks out. There is totally no squishing or squeakiness when getting out of the water. It’s so amazing for an aqua shoe, isn’t it? That’s why I consider these Zhuanglin kicks as one of the best water shoes for men.

It’s your turn now!

Above are my personal suggestions on the top-picked water shoes after searching, hearing people say about them and experiencing them on my own. Summer holiday is coming soon. I did have excellent aqua shoes for myself.

Hope you guys find this article useful and pick out ones for yourself. How exciting it will be when you wear these wonderful water shoes and enjoy loads of water activities to cool your summer down.

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