How to Enhance Your Casual Style with Boots

When it comes to informal and casual footwear, people often think about sneakers. Sneakers are favorable for many reasons. For example, they can match easily with all types of clothes and make us feel really comfortable, especially in the long run.

However, for some informal occasions and specific weathers, wearing sneaker is inappropriate- such as when it is very cold or rainy. This is when a pair of boots comes in handy.

A pair of boots will instantly upgrade your style without making you feel heavy with a lot of accessorize and clothing item. Sometimes simple is the best with just your shirts, Jeans and a pair of boots. When you wear them wear, you will surely stand out from the crowd.


So how many types of boots do we have?

There is a wide selection of types of boots for you to choose from. Among them, the most popular and easiest to wear include Chelsea Boots, Ankle Boots and Wing Tip Boots. Before reading on about how top upgrade your style with a pair of boots, let’s find out what they are.


Just like Oxford shoes, no other footwear for men could define the English style of boots better than these boots. The first design of Chelsea boots was made by J. Sparkers – Hall sometimes in the 19th century.

  • A typical design of Chelsea boot:

They are closed fitting with the height of up to 3 inches above your ankle. They also come with elastic side panel- which in most of the time has the color in contrast to the color of the shoes. In addition, there is a tab made from fabric on the back of the boots.

A Chelsea boots can be worn with all kinds of clothes namely jeans and trousers. They can be worn with suits as well. Make sure when you wear them, the bottom of the pants is narrower than the top to create a slim fit looking effect.


You can find this type of boots both in leather and suede. Designed to be used by British soldier in the World War II, these shoes have opening lace and rounded toes.

Ankle boots are more causal than Chelsea boots and Wing tip boots. They can be paired well with denim and corduroy.


This is a variation of the Oxford shoes. With the same base but now the top line and the tongue of the wing tip are slightly higher than the ankle. With Wingtip dress boots, you can pair them withal type of casual and semi-formal looks. They are also one of the most common and versatile dress footwear for men.


General Rules When You Wear Boots

No matter what kind of boots you are wearing, you should follow these tips to prevent making serious fashion faux pas.

  • Wear a pair of pants to cover the top of your boots. Not so much though. They should cover of the maximum 1 inch over your boots.
  • A good fit is very important when you choose a pair of boots. When you first buy a pair of shoes, however, you should buy them a little bit tight to allow for extra space when they break in.
  • You should wear socks made specifically for boots instead of athletic socks, which are normally thicker, which the exception when you wear Wing tip boots.
  • Boots are a kind of accessories so make sure they pair well with other important accessories that you intend to wear such as watches and belts.
  • Make sure that you can avoid further mistake such as overdress and wearing some boots that are not fit. (You can read more about timeless tips for your fashion style here

Upgrade Your Look with Boots

Now you have some general information about different types of boots, you should know that boots are so versatile that they can go with all type of trousers to create different outlook for various occasions. Let’s explore more about how to enhance your normal outfit with a simple pair of boots.

  • If you don’t often wear boots, you might simply think that these are only for semi-formal and formal events. However, there are some types of boots which are really casual such as the ankle boots.

In fact, you can replace your trainers/sneakers with your boots.

As I mention before, there are some certain weathers such as when it is rainy or snowy, you cannot wear a pair of sneakers without feeling wet or cold. In this situation, a pair of ankle or wing tip boots can help to protect you from the rain and the cold. Furthermore, they can be paired nicely with Jeans and polo just like a pair of sneakers does.

  • You can also wear a pair of boot with your suit. Besides pairing a pair of shoes with your suits, you can pair boots with it as well. You need to remember that different types of suits will be compatible with different types of boots. If you are not sure, you can opt for a safe option of wearing wing tip boots. These types are suitable for all kinds of suits and will make you look classy and sophisticated.
  • Make sure the color of the boots and the color of the suit you intend to wear is a good match.
  • Dress Your Boots With Leather Jacket. With this combination, you can create a very stylish and unique casual look. For example, traditional motorcycle boots with jackets can create a young and rebellious image. And if you want to give a softer and more fashionable and elegant outlook, pair your jacket with a pair of Chelsea boots.
  • Wear Them To Create A Business Casual Look. A pair of boots is perfect if you want to create a semi-professional look. They will add a stronger and bolder effect to your normal semi-formal look since this look lacks some shinny details form the pocket square and cuff links already.

As you can see, a pair of boots is very versatile as it can create a sophisticated look for your business events or a young and stylish look for your casual outing events.

Whichever way you intend to wear your boots, you should remember to select the appropriate style and colors so that you can leave a good impression on other people’s mind.

Overall, a pair of high quality boots will be very durable and fashionable for a long time. Not to mention that they are so versatile and easy to match. Buy one of these boots; they are definitely worth your investment and you will never regret your decision.


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