Top Must-Try New Balance Walking Shoes 2018

After Brooks, New Balance walking shoes are my next choice for a comfortable pain-free walk. Many people have a tendency to take the use of the running shoes for walking; however, these two kinds are totally different and each of them will bring different effectiveness.

Walking is one of the best activities to keep fit and stay healthy. It can help us reduce the body fat, strengthen our muscles, and improve the circulation. Although walking is very beneficial for our body and healthy, many people are impatient and they give up quickly because they feel tired and their feet are hurtled.

I myself really love walking rather than running because during the walk, I can enjoy everything along the path. It’s kind of enjoyable while strengthening your health. Score!

One of my secret to maintain walking at least 30 minutes per day is aside from spirit, it’s all about a good pair of walking shoes. And in this article today, I’m going to suggest you some new balance walking shoes to help you enjoy the walk more.

1. New Balance Men’s MW877 Walking Shoe

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These new balance men’s walking shoes are dedicated to helping athletes to achieve their goals; however, it’s fine, even though you are not an athlete. This pair of shoes were released to meet the love of walking of the buyers.

I go for a walk daily and usually, 4 miles per day. To avoid falling, I went after my friends’ advice to give those New Balance walking shoes a try (even though I didn’t like their outer performance).

It’s because I used to keep walking on my favorite running shoes and as the result, after a period of time, my soles started getting pain and some small injury. After searching, I have known that this’s because the walking shoe is lower in the heel than the running shoes. When running, you tend to lean forward slightly rather than walking.

And after trying these bad boys, still get no remorse.

It is made from suede and mesh. The suede material is used for fashionable and durable purposes, while the mesh layer is used to keep our feel breathable when walking. They come in grey color, so you can use it every day without worry about being dirty easily. I quite like this pair of shoe because it looks awesome and its quality is top notch. Besides, I felt soft inside and it does not hurt my ankles even when I wear for a day long.

2. New Balance Men’s MW577 Hook and Loop Walking Shoe

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The next pair is the New balance men’s MW577 Hook and Loop walking shoe. Honestly, I was attracted by its impressive design. It’s not exaggerating to admit that they are a perfect compromise between the traditional and modern vibe. Although its colors are not clear, it still looks great.

I always give my priority to those shoes that have hook and loop straps because of their easier manipulation to put on and take off.

If you have a habit of walking in the early morning, you are probably too familiar with the dew on the grasses that can make your shoes wet. Therefore, all what you need is a pair of water resistant shoes, and it should be easy to wipe, if dirty. You cannot wash it every day, (it’s obviously!) so to have more free time on your hands, you need to choose shoes carefully. Fortunately, this pair has all these features because of its leather material.

If you want to walk for a long distance, it is very necessary to opt for a pair of shoe with the lightweight. And, this new balance meets that demand due to the cushioned collar to fit your feet well. Besides, they are very soft, so you will not feel hurt at all while walking.

3. New Balance Men’s 928v3 Walking Shoe Walking Shoe

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The next balance walking shoe that I want to recommend to you is the New balance men’s 928v3. If you just look at this pair of shoes, you may think that it might be as heavy as a stone and it can make your feet hurt; however, the truth is totally on the opposite. It’s truly better than what you think.

Firstly, let’s look at the material. This pair is not made from leather, but if you look it from a certain distance, it looks similar to leather shoes. Indeed, they are made from mesh and rubber soles; therefore, the shoes are lighter and more breathable.

Secondly, let’s take the design into the consideration. To be honest, I don’t think that this pair of shoes is the most fashionable ones, compared to others. It has a simple design with some colors such as white, brown, black or grey. I think the manufacturer focused more on the features rather than the fashion trend. So, if a pair of walking shoes that’s not heavy on design, but the function is what you are after, go for it. They try to release a product that can make wearers as much satisfied as possible and now, they did. I highly appreciate that! At least, I felt so comfortable and satisfied with my purchase.

4. New Balance Men’s MW577 Walking Shoe

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The next pair of shoes is also considered as the best new balance walking shoes and it has become the bestselling product in some recent years. This version has two different colors, including black and white.

They have a traditional design, but not make you look like an old country man. Mine is the mono black because I feel more comfortable and don’t need so much effort to keep it clean.

Speaking of material, this pair is made from leather which is durable, and light with the rubber soles. Inside, there is a cushion for extra comfort.

These shoes are not only suitable for walking, but also other activities. I often wear them to take part in some kind of outdoor activities such as camping or festivals. With the best satisfaction in comfort and breathability, even if I have to move all day.

5. New Balance Men’s MW411v2 Walking Shoe

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Talking about the best New Balance walking shoes, you should not miss this pair. It is known as a savior for your feet. The New Balance Men’s MW411v2 has many useful features for the wearers.

Look at the outside, the style of this shoe is not too special than the other shoes. It is also mono color with eye catching design. But, it has some small holes upper. These small holes will be responsible for keeping your feet airy. When wearing the shoes, I’m afraid of the uncomfortable smell. Therefore, this pair of shoes is the best for me.

I recommend them for walking only because while it may help you reduce the heel pain when you walk and support you a lot, the shoes can’t do the same thing if being used for standing all day.

I myself used to feel uncomfortable when I stand for a about 3 hours on this pair of shoes or even hurt a little bit.

6. New Balance Men’s MW769BR Walking Shoe

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If the other pairs are made from leather totally, this model is the combination between suede and leather. Their style is fashionable and strong to make you look trendier and more masculine.

Mine is a mix between gray and black. In addition, there are some pieces of red added into the soles of the shoes. It has some straps to adjust them to fit your feet as well. To be honest, this pair of high-top shoe supports me a lot when walking. I achieved my goals, thanks a lot to them.

The shoes are soft and light. Around the ankle is padded to keep them safe. Furthermore, New Balance Men’s MW769BR has a mesh layer to keep your feet breathable, which is great from everyone. And it suits all kinds of weather from the hot to the cold.

7. New Balance Men’s 1165v1 Fresh Foam Walking Shoe

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This is not a leather pair of shoe, but synthetic with a mesh layer upper to make you feel incredibly soft. It’s truth to say that many people like this pair of New Balance because of its impressive design. However, there’re still some other don’t like them because they look so big, like swallowing your feet.

To me, this pair of shoes is relatively awesome. Their soles are firmly bonded to not be removed easily. The different colors between the body and the soles create a sense of harmony. Although it looks quite big, it doesn’t cause you the discomfort. I wore it many times for walking in the morning, and felt very comfortable, soft and light.

This pair is extremely durable. I used this pair of shoes for walking daily and sometimes, I wear it for running for 1 year and now, it still works well.

8. New Balance Men’s MX623v3 Training Shoe

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Another sporty pair of shoes is the New balance Men’s MX623V3. I myself was strongly attracted by its sporty and active look.

This shoe is also made from leather, so it is water resistant and durable. In spite of the leather material, it does make you hot thanks to some small holes. Thumb up for this!

This brand also has released several different colors to vary your choice, like white, black, gray, navy and charcoal. Of course, black is my best friend.

Besides, the New Balance men’s MX623v3 training shoe is multifunctional. You can take the advantage of this pair for many different purposes, like walking, running, doing workout, cycling or camping. It will be awesome, if you mix with street style outfits.

9. New Balance Men’s 847V3 Walking Shoe

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Another version of new balance walking shoe is men’s 847v3. This pair is the same as any other new balance shoes; however, it is made from textile and synthetic to take advantage of all good features from these materials.

The first thing that you can feel is the softness. This shoe will bring you a soft feeling to feel free to walk to anywhere you want. On the other hand, they are applied the roll bar technology to provide the wearers the best comfort.

Moreover, this shoe features durability, softness, and flexibility to ensure the best comfort for you to participate in any activities. You need a light weight walking shoe for its better performance to move around easily on all kind of surfaces. Particularly, they are breathable and well-fitted.

10. New Balance Men’s MW669BR Walking Shoe

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These walking shoes are considered as one of the lightest walking shoes that you can find out in the market easily. If you choose the new balance’s product, you do not need to worry about the quality because it is the world’s leading brands.

This new balance men’s waling shoe is a perfect choice for waking with the rubber soles and the cushion layer, so you can spend all day on your feet. They are designed for walking purpose with a low drop. In addition, there is no sew design in the upper to reduce the seams as well as prevent your feet from blisters.

Particularly, their lightness in weight delivers a faster walking. You can walk every day without any discomfort. It comes with various widths to fit all sizes. Furthermore, this shoe has soft padding to save your feet, even when you walk on rocky surfaces.

11. New Balance Men’s M1300v1 Walking Shoe

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Another of best new balance walking sneakers is these M1300v1. I got many compliments when wearing them on and I think you will, too.

The fit of this shoe is perfect. It is extremely breathable as well as fit your feet well without being loose. For the fit, I do believe that no one can complain. Apart from the fit, they are durable due to the premium leather and mesh material with the rubber sole. If you prefer taking long walks or hikes, this pair of shoe is right for you.

Furthermore, they have a roll bar support system and water-resistant membrane. It is light weight as well. Come in brown and black color options, so it will not get dirty easily after wearing for a long time. In generally, they are suitable for all kinds of activities. Take note that if you use it for running, you should not run for a far distance because it may make your feet hurt.

12. New Balance Men’s 770 Walking Shoe

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This pair of shoe is not as fashionable as other pairs of shoes, but I still want to recommend you due to its design. It looks like slip-on rather than a shoe; however, that is its unique point.

From the look, it is quite comfortable with brown color outside and black color inside. The cushion is added around the ankle to protect it. New Balance Men’s 770 Walking Shoe provides the stability and comfort for the wearers. Additionally, this pair of shoes has extra padding for controlling your sock. It has a complete suede front insole covering.

They are a great suggestion for parties which last so long. If you have to stand too much, your feet may be fatigue and numbness. The shoes have an elegant look, so it is totally suitable for formal events. Of course, it always completes its job, for walking.

13. New Balance Men’s 779v1 Neutral Cushioning Trail Walking Shoe

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Compared to a huge number of walking shoes on the market, this pair is one of the best. In my collection, I rank them as the top one which is almost perfect with the regard of flexibility and toughness.

The suede upper make these shoes as durable as they are super comfortable. The rubber soles, along with a very special design to support the curve of our feet when walking, make this pair of shoes a delight to wear for a long time on your daily basis.

This new balance shoe keeps up with the latest fashion trend. If you mix it properly, you will have a new style. It can help you improve your look to make it younger and more masculine. This pair of shoe fits all people needs as jogging, hiking or even taking a walk.

14. New Balance Men’s MW813V1 Hook and Loop Walking Shoe

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Hoop and look walking shoe rarely appears in my list; however, this pair is an exception. Although it has three different colors, including black, white and gray, I chose a white pair.

They are made from leather and synthetic, so it can be wiped easily. Besides, this shoe is comfortable fit and wide enough. The MW813V1 has a large wide foot which has a thick upper foot and fit well on width. Under the straps, there are a mesh layer to make you feel cooler. The rubber sole is used for durable walks.

In briefly, this hook and loop walking shoe is a stylish item for all people. It can help you create a new style which is more youthful. And, it is another option for you when taking part in any events. If you want to mix to create your street style, this shoe is an awesome item.

15. New Balance Men’s MW847V2 Walking Shoe

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Last but not least, I want to introduce to you another pair of New Balance shoes which is Men’s MW847V2 walking shoe. In terms of design, they did not impress me a lot. It cannot make you look fashionable, but it’s sporty.

The New balance men’s MW847V2 is a manmade pair, so it is undeniable that they are super durable. This pair of shoes is different from the others because its sole is not from rubber, but from synthetic. It also has the roll bar support system as the other ones. Besides, this shoe has mesh to help your feet avoid sweating.

This is a kind of sporty shoes, so you can wear it to walk or to play many sports such as tennis, volleyball, or badminton. It is soft enough to keep your feet comfortable when you walk much.

If possible, I really want to collect more new balance walking shoes. To men, this brand is one of the most dependable brands in the world. They always bring the best things to their customers. Furthermore, they get both positive and negative comments to become better and better. This thing is proved via their products versions.

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