Best Winter Boots For Men 2017

Yeah, it’s already winter and I know that this article is a little bit too late. I’m sorry! However, the wear can get pretty unpredictable during this time so having boots well equipped to keep you warm and dry are essential.

Today, we are going to go over the top 10 best winter boots for men in the winter season. Y’all ready? Let’s get into it!

How to choose the right winter boots


Remember when I bought my very first winter boots, it was really overwhelming as there were tons of models, styles, brands and colors. I also searched for types of winter boots for help but it’s useless because there are, again, other tons of categories. But after year-to-year buying and experiencing, I finally can break them into three main types:

  • Pac boots
  • Hunting Boots
  • Work boots

Pac boots

Now, when hearing the term “winter boot”, you probably think of Pac boots just because its unparalleled warmth. This type is going to be great for activities like snowshoeing or just heading out to shovel the driveway. They are even great for motionless activities such as ice fishing where you are going to be sitting still for a long period of time.

Hunting boots

Next in this series is the hunting boot. Now, hunting boots offer great traction fit and they tend to be little lighter than Pac boots. They are also usually waterproof which will keep your foot dry and warm.

Work boots

Last to come is the work boots. They are really similar to the hunting boots except where it’s almost always constructed out of a thick leather for durability. These also offer a steel toe most of the time but, if you are going to be using these, you don’t need the steel toe. It’s best to go without it just because the steel toe can end up causing your toes to become colder more quickly

Sizing and fit

Before getting into choose the right size for the winter boots, you need to know which purpose you are going to use them. If you intend to wear them to take part in some outdoor activities like snowshoeing, skiing, hunting, or hiking, you should pick a pair of tight boots. They might cause your feet cold at first when you are on the move, it’ll get warmer.

On the contrary, if you are going to walk around with them or just sit still for long time like fishing, loose boots are perfect as they offer good warmth as well as comfort to your feet.

When sizing your boots, you should wear a usual pair of socks on to ensure that you will have enough room in the toe box to wiggle them around comfortably.

Remember that in such cold days, warm feet are happy feet so, choose the best winter boots with great fit.

Styles or boot height

Due to specific intended use, the amount of coverage will be changed. There are two major styles: clip-on boots and mid-calf boots. Each style will come up with particular pros and cons so that you, again, should know the purpose of use when buying a pair of winter boots.

Clip-on boots

With clip-on boots, they are quite easy to get in and out, but the amount of coverage will be less than the mid-calf, of course. It means the level of warmth of clip-on boots is lower. If you just want some to trouncing around the woods, they are perfect to go for. But, in case the deep snow, it’s “no”.

Mid-calf boots

Apart from offering better warmth, mid-calf boots also give better protection under the wet and cold weather. In terms of boot’s insolation, it will usually move on the length of upper of the boots, giving a huge bump in warmth. Besides, because of the extra height, these boots might cause discomfort when getting in and out.


Talking about insulation, there are many elements effect on it like the boot styles and material. There are two kinds of material: neoprene and synthetic fiber insulation.

Synthetic fiber insulation is usually integrated into the lining of winter boots. It is made of spun plasticized fibers to effectively strap heat. Another advantage is this material is softer and more comfortable than the neoprene. On the contrary, the disadvantage is that the winter boots will get loose in fit.

Not only be used in producing winter boots, neoprene is also in gloves, wetsuits thanks to its great warmth and durability. Besides, it won’t ever lose its insolation or pack out over time like the synthetic fiber. However, when in tight fit, this kind of material can’t breathe well anymore.

I advise you to choose it if you are living in wet weather or moderate climates.


This element is important as water conducts temperature more quickly than air so, if your winter boots aren’t waterproof, water will cause your feet cold fast. To have this feature, you should look for water resistant material like rubber or treated leather. You should also consider such that kind of material will require much care like periodical treat or not.


Last but not least, weight. The truth is winter boots are all heavier than common shoes because of extra layers and material to keep your feet warm. We know that but here, what I want to say is that you should choose a pair of winter shoes with moderate heaviness.

Might couple of pounds won’t do a matter if you wear them to shovel for about 30 minutes, but just imagine that how it feels after a long day, very terrible. Thus, when it comes to choosing winter boots, bear on mind the weight.

My picks

ARCTIV8 Men’s Insulated Waterproof Construction Rubber Sole Winter Snow Skii Boots

View here

This Arctiv8 comes in four color choices with two styles: over-the-ankle boots and mid-calf ones.


  • Heel Height: 1 inch
  • Circumference: 13 inches
  • Platform 0.75 inches
  • Shaft: 6 inches
  • Weight: 1.5lbs

As you can see, these winter boots are lightweight. In fact, at the end of the day, I still feel comfortable thanks to the cushioned EVA footbed. Rubber outsole and water proof upper, they are good at water resistance. I used to get them soaked and wet but the result is no drop inside.

But the real fun is 200g Thermolite insulation to prevent your feet from getting cold. Besides, Arctiv8 Winter Boots also features slipper resistance as well.

At the very first sight, I thought I would use them only for hiking but then, I realized that they also worked well when walking in the city streets on rainy days.

Kamik Men’s Greenbay 4 Cold-Weather Boot

View here

Move into these Kamik winter shoes, though they don’t have as many color options as the Arctiv8, the smart design is a plus. We needn’t spend time on lacing like common shoes or worrying about they getting lose. Just get in, adjust the strap and draw the string, done! Ready to go!


  • 12 x 8 x 4 inches
  • 1 pounds
  • Around 20 inches when opening

In comparison of weight, Kamik wins with only 1lbs totally. Besides, they are good at keeping warmth as well as waterproof thanks to the thick synthetic sole. I really like the drawstring as it helps much on getting in and out more easily and I don’t worry about snow stuck inside my boots.

On the other hand, there is nothing to complaint on their durability, it’s great. My very first pair lasted for about 5 years, amazing!

In a word, if you are seeking for winter shoes for outdoor activities, these are great for value.

Columbia Men’s Bugaboot Plus III Omni Cold-Weather Boot

View here

The very first leather mid-calf winter boots in this collection, Columbia. Like Kamik, these winter boots come in 3 colors to choose. The measurement of shaft is about 7 inches from arch, weigh 2 pounds, a little bit heavy. But don’t fret, thanks to the Techlite lightweight midsole and superior cushion, your feet will be comfort after a long day walking, though.

However, in terms of warmth, Columbia is king thanks to thick cold-weather material plus with 200g insulation for both extra soft and warm.

If you doubt at their ability to water resistant, then don’t. I used them to walk in the rain or snow, both are still fine without any problems.

However, there’s just one thing annoying me a little bit is the shoe laces. Based on their construction, I can’t get in and out quickly like two above.

Mens Muck Lace Up Short Nylon Winter Snow Rain Lace Up Casual Duck Boots

View here

Polar products always meet my taste with sleek and fashionable design. They provide 4 basic colors including black, grey, navy and brown, very suitable for winter season.

The shaft is measured with about 10 from arch. Lace up design, rubber sole, waterproof construction and fully lined interior. In comparison with easiness to get in and out, these Polar are much easier than the Columbia, but still not equivalent to Kamik.

There are lots of fur lining so feel ease of mind that your feet will be kept warm all day long. They also feature waterproof very well.

Just one thing you should take notice that because of the extra cloth material in the toe of the boots, you will need about 1-2 days to have them broken in.

L-RUN Mens Winter Snow Boots Ankle Outdoor Warm Fur Lining Booties Lightweight

View here

Apart from three basic colors, L-run winter boots also provide yellow if you want something outstanding. Right off the bat, the ability to anti-moisture is really good because of rubber soles and water-resistant material.

Also, it’s quite easy to clean by just using a cloth and wiping off dust or snow. Good breathability, durability and anti-slip outsole, L-Run winter boots are suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities like party and snowshoeing.

Plus, the design is fashionable and trendy to suit many occasions like daily walking, schooling, hanging out, etc.

CIOR Men and Women Snow Boots Fur Lined Winter Outdoor Slip On Shoes Ankle boots

View here

Measurements: 12.6 x 5.9 x 3.1 inches, they fit moderately to your feet. These no-shoe-lace boots have elastic fabric and the pull tap at the heel to help you easily get in and out when you are in a hurry. Besides, it also prevents you from falling or dripping off, as well.

The fabric is soft, high quality with an outer water-resistant layer for great water repellent ability. From that point, I think you can wear them in both rain and snow weather, whether indoor activities or the outdoors like skiing, snowboarding or hiking.

If you are concerning about the warmth level, don’t worry, the inner line of these boots are made of faux fur to not only offer extra warmth, but also provide comfort.

Northside Men’s Dawson Winter Shoe

View here

For those who want some winter boots with fashionable look for schooling or city walking, I highly recommend Northside suede ones. Their design is very beautiful, attractive and catchy. Besides, the rubber soles are very thick with horns to optimize the ability to keep your feet warm and prevent you from slipping, as well.

As they are loose wear style so the breathability and softness are nice. If you want to wear tightly, I think you should choose a half size down or wear thick socks.

Everything is great, except for one thing which you might realize already, they aren’t waterproof. Thus, I don’t advise you to wear them to take part in outdoor activities.

So, this is my ultimate guide on how to choose the best winter boots for men. Hopefully you will get some more interesting knowledge as well as pick the right pair for this cold weather.

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