Top Good Brands For Running Shoes

Shoes are one of the most important things for every workout and running is not an exception. A good pair of shoes can make you more interested in doing exercise and it can help protect your feet from being hurt.

To meet these needs, there remains a huge number of different running shoes brands in the market. But, this makes buyers confused because not all brands are dependable. With the purpose of providing more choices for you, today, I will give you a closer look at top good brands for running shoes.

1. Reebok Men’s Yourflex Train 9.0 MT Running Shoe

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For many years, reebok running shoes are considered as one of the most reputable brands in the world. The products of this brand satisfy the buyers at both quality and fashionable look. I can take the Reebook men’s yourflex train 9.0 MT running shoes as an example.

Firstly, I want to mention its fashionable look first. Although they are not designed for fashion, they still keep up with the latest fashion trend. This pair of shoes is the combination between black and gray mixed some pieces of red color in the soles which are never out of date. To fit your feet, there are some adjustable straps near the ankles. It will be awesome, if you mix this shoe with jeans or shorts and T-shirt to create a sporty style or street style. Many different colors are available for you to choose.

Secondly, the quality is great. To be used as running shoes, there are many requirements that it has to meet. This Reebok shoes are made from Neoprene and mesh to provide the soft feeling for the wearers. The rubber soles bring the lightweight, so you will not feel heavy or hot when running or walking long.

This shoe is awesome for all kinds of outdoor activities and sports. You can wear them for a morning run or taking part in some activities such as camping, hiking, walking, etc.

2. Saucony Men’s Cohesion 11 Running Shoe

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Next is saucony running shoes. If you just look at the outside of these shoes, you may think that they are so normal. However, when you try it on, it is completely different. To me, at the first sight, I was not attracted by its look, but its quality.

Their design is not very special, but not old fashioned. These Saucony’s have one main color, then they are decorated with some different colored motifs to make them more stylish. Like mine, its main color is gray with blue soles.

The straps are black. I like this pair of shoe much because it is not only multifunctional and durable. They are made from synthetic and the sole is rubber. There is a mesh layer upper the shoe to make these shoes more suitable for workout. The Saucony shoes are very light to support you.

You can wear these shoes for many activities such as running, going for a walk, cycling, etc. I enjoy my morning running more thanks to this shoe.

3. Mizuno Men’s Wave Rider 20 running shoe

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Mizuno is one of my favorite shoe brands. I like it because of its top-notch quality for the best durability. I have used a pair of Muzino Men’s Wave Rider 20 running shoes and now, it still works well.

As this product is designed to serve sport lovers, therefore, its design will be optimized to bring the comfort when workout.

These mizuno running shoes are made from mesh which is good for being airy and avoiding smelly. One of the most important criteria when I make a choice of running shoes is the lightweight. I have to use them every day, so they should be as light and comfortable as possible. With the rubber sole and mesh materials, this pair totally meets my needs.

In terms of fashion, they have some different colors and all of them are trendy and easy to mix with clothes. If you want to vary your style, the Mizuno shoe is a good choice.

Although their main function is for running, I think, you can wear them to take many activities, not only running such as climbing, dancing, or playing some sports.

4. New balance Men’s Fresh Foam Cruz Running Shoe

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In the summer, you may be not interested in buying sneakers; however, the next ones can be suitable for the hottest days in the summer and I’m in love with it due to its great support during my workout.

It is quite soft and light. These new balances running shoes do not combine many colors, but only one. Have a gray pair of balance shoes and I’m quite satisfied with them.

This pair is made from synthetic and mesh upper. The sole is from synthetic, too. There is a minimal midfoot saddle which supports the wearers a lot. And the fresh foam engineered precision cushioning help us run freely without sacrificing a soft landing. They have many special features such as gum rubber outsole, suede sandals, and knit forefoot, so they are easily wearable.

The Men’s Fresh Foam cuz running shoes upgrade our run with a stretch heel with loop for easy slip – on style and comfortable bootie construction. These shoes fit all outdoor activities.

5. Brooks Men’s Andrenaline GTS 17

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Another sporty and fashionable running shoe belongs to Brooks brand’s products. This pair of brooks running shoes looks gorgeous with the silver sparkling. They will help you stay on top of your stride with the perfect balance of cushioning and stability.

In fact, this is one of the bestselling products on the market up to now.

They come with synthetic material and fabric sole to bring the best durability and lightest in weight. There is a covered mesh layer upper to keep airy and comfortable and avoid being smelly. The logo of this brand is printed upper with a different color to decorate while the color of the soles differs from the body to create an interesting look.

The same as other running shoes in this list, it is perfect for workouts, and other activities. You can wear to join in countless activities such as: festivals, camping, traveling and so on.

6. Adidas Originals Men’s Energy Cloud WTC m Running Shoe

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The next reputable and famous brand is Adidas. Each year, this brand has released a huge number of different models and most of them gain the popularity in all over the world. Adidas running shoes is no exception. It brings to the buyers many benefits.

Last year, I bought a pair of Adidas Originals Men’s energy Cloud WTC m Running shoe. I usually wear them when I go for a walk with my friends or go shopping. I found comfortable, although I jog or walk during hours. I like morning run more with the great support from these shoes.

They are made from mesh and the soles are from rubber to supports the ankles a lot and protect them from being hurt while moving. Apart from this, you can find a synthetic and textile upper which is used for lightweight and durability. Besides, this pair consists of a supportive cage wraps around the midfoot for a locked down fit.

7. ASIS Men’s GEL Venture 5 Running shoe

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At first, the Asics running shoes look quite heavy and I think that if I wear them all day long, they can hurt my feet; however, when trying them on, they amaze me by their superb light in weight without noticed.

The edges of these shoes are stitched quite firmly, so you do not have to worry that their soles can be sloughed off when you are running. There is a removable sock liner which accommodates the medical orthotics.

With the regard of the style, they can contribute to bring to you an awesome outfit. You can create your own style with this pair of shoes.

Apart from fashion, this ASIS’s is a great sporty item. I think they are good for athletes because it supports runners to achieve the fastest speed.

If you are not a professional athlete, they are a stylish accessory to add into your collection to serve your own purposes, such as running, playing basketball or volleyball, and cycling.

8. Adidas Men’s Alphabounce Em M running shoe

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Another excellent version from Adidas is these Men’s Alphabounce Em M running shoes. They are extremely eye – catching. If you are looking for multifunctional shoes, here they are.

At the first sight, they look quite simple with monotonic design. Both the body and the sole have the same color. Choose from 10+ color options, such as black, white, blue, red, etc., to meet the buyers’ needs.

Particularly, the engineered mesh upper makes this pair more lightweight, and breathable, while the second skin provides comfortable and supportive fit.

The Bounce can provide the energized comfort for all sports, all day. This version is supportive and comfortable. The rubber outsole provides the excellent grip. With its support, you can feel free to enjoy your life with full of activities such as walking, running, camping and playing sports.

9. Brooks Men’s Launch 4

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I have been buying the products of Brooks shoes for a couple years until now. I owned a pair of Launch 3 and now, a pair of Launch 4 shoes. Both of them are extremely comfortable and trendy above most running shoes that I have ever used.

I quite like this brooks shoe because it fits my foot well. They are a perfect combination between black and red. The materials of this shoe are both mesh and textile to deliver a soft, breathable feeling.

Similar to other versions of Brooks, this Launch 4 shoe is suitable for outdoor activities. You will look cool and masculine, if wearing the Brooks launch 4 shoes with jeans or shorts.

10. ONEMIX Men’s Lightweight Air Cushion Sport Running shoes

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ONEMIX men’s lightweight air cushion sport running shoes is considered as the best running shoe with many features. This pair of shoes has a strange design with alternating lines that look like snake skin. They are in harmony with the combination of dark and light colors.

Their materials are the same as the above pairs. They are lightweight and super comfortable with 360 air cushion sole, soft deodorant insole and waffle rubber outsole for a better traction.

For fashion, this ONEMIX pair is really fashionable. I believe that the design of this version will be never out of date. Besides, it can be used in many cases such as running, and other outdoor activities. They are very durable, so you can use them for a long time without changing.

11. Tesla Men’s Knit Pattern Sports Running Shoes L570/X573/X574 (True to Size)

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When choosing a good pair of running shoe, there are some criteria that I take into the consideration such as softness, durability, lightweight and fashion. This pair of shoes meets my requirements perfectly. Besides, it comes from one of the best fashion brands in the world.

The Tesla men’s knit pattern sport running shoes has a groove design to provide the excellent traction as well as grip for running and other workouts. The PU upper on each side is for security. Furthermore, you can feel airy during doing activities with the circular air breathable design.

I wore this pair of shoe many times and its support are really awesome. I ran and took part in many other activities in a day, but there was no uncomfortable smell at all. Their inner side is very soft, so if you intend to go camping or hike, they are the ideal option.

12. Keezmz Men’s Running Shoes Fashion Breathable Sneakers Mesh Soft Sole Casual Athletic Lightweight

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The Keezmz men’s running shoe is famous for its design and quality for decades. I got a pair of Keezmz sneakers and I was totally satisfied with it. Although this pair is not made from synthetic as others, it is still light and durable.

They attracted me at the first sight due to their design that is not as complicated as the other running shoes nor colorful, but just a simple yet elegant look.

They have some adjustable straps upper to fit our feet well. I don’t know exactly how many colors they have, but at the store I bought, there are 4 main colors: black, gray, full black and blue. I paid for the blue one.

The outside look of these shoes is trendy. It catches up with the trend in the world. When wearing it, I feel soft and light. Especially, the Keezmz running shoe is slippery resistant to manage any area easily. They are perfect for party, indoor, outdoor, sports, or any occasion, which is the best choice for both casual and trends.

13. Nike Men’s Revolution 3 running shoe

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The next shoes come from Nike brand. I bought many pairs of shoes from this brand up to now. I always give the Nike a priority because of their high-quality product and masculine design. This pair is my next choice!

Its materials are not very special with some high-quality materials such as mesh and phylon foam. But they have a mesh layer to be responsible for making your shoes airier. You know it, if wearing shoes all day, your feet will be hot and smelly. This layer is used to stop smelly feet and keep them breathable.

Nobody wants to wear heavy shoe when workouts, jogs or hikes because such shoes will cause our feet to become red or swollen. However, this Nike pair will not be the one. Their sole is made of rubber, so for sure, they are lightweight. The sneakers has various colors from light to dark colors to feel free to choose your favorite color. I think this version is worthy to invest.

14. DREAM PAIRS Men’s Athletic Running shoe sneakers

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This lightweight pair of running shoe is one of the best that I found recently. It is a kind of man-made materials with a mesh upper with soft lining, laces for good fit, and padded collar.

The Dream pair men’s athletic running shoe sneakers have a great and comfortable design. It is light, flexible and easy to move in addition to many different colors. I myself find that each pair is the perfect combination of some colors.

I like the style of those shoes because of their stylish and comfortable look. Besides, they have the latest street style to fit any sport games or running. The sole is flexible, and the cushioned insole is added for extra comfort.

Highly recommend it!

15. PUMA Men’s Tazon 6 FM Running Shoe

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If you love the strong look, don’t ignore this pair of shoe. I can feel the powerful energy inside them. The puma running shoes have the same design as their last versions, but they have some new features.

In terms of fashion, of course, they are trendy. These shoes are suitable for those who want to change their style into an energetic man. The Puma shoe is not as colorful as the others; however, they look harmonious and quite eye-catching.

Its main color is white mixed with a black stripe to connect from the sole to the ankle. Particularly, it is highlighted with a red piece in the sole. There are some small holes in the body of the shoes with the T-toe construction and lace closure for a snug fit as well as an airy feeling.

Many people think that leather material can make us hot when wearing; however, for this pair of running shoes, it will never happen. They suit all seasons in the year, so you can feel free to wear whenever you want. The midfoot saddle is added to provide an optimum fit and comfort.

Besides, the breathable EcoOrtholite, and sock liner are used to make the wearers feel more comfortable. They are so light with the rubber soles and the same as any other sport shoes, Puma shoes are also a good choice for work out and playing sports as well.

Shoes are the most important accessories which can affect your interest in workout. If your feet are uncomfortable when workout, then you may feel bored with doing exercise. Therefore, a good shoe can bring you a new feeling and provide you chances to enjoy your workout more. Here are the top good brands for running shoes that I experienced. Hope this information is useful for you.

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