Common Mistakes Of Man Hair Care

Everyone wants to look good and the hair is one of many features to attract plenty of attention. Yes, we all have been there, just sitting down and dreaming about a beautiful and healthy hair. However, man hair care is a bit different from women. Women want silky sleek hair, when men go for healthy one. When trying to bring the best look to the hair, sometimes men do exactly the opposite. Here are some common mistakes that men can commit when trying to care for their hair. Let’s find out and learn how to overcome them.


Use shampoo + conditioner 2-in-1:

The product “2-in-1 shampoo” has been proved that it’s ineffective. To clean the hair, the hair follicles to open up to shampoo wash dirt inside. Meanwhile, the effective discharge of oil is moisturizing and “close” the hair follicles. Shampoo 2-in-1 hair looks clean, but in fact it makes hair flat and dirtier way faster.

Do not care about the scalp:

For a comprehensive healthy hair, men should not ignore the first step: skin care. Men should choose a shampoo specially formulated to remove all the styling products, dandruff and dirt. They must include the necessary nutrients to the hair and scalp.

Changing hairstyles constantly and having wrong hairstyle:

Please avoid chasing trends and choose the style that does not suit the face. You should bring a picture of your favorite hairstyle picture so the barber can give advice before actually cutting your hair.

Using too many hair products:

Hair which is covered by hair styling products looks very heavy. You should pay attention to rubbing the hair before stroking up front to avoid lumps and always remember, always start from the front hairline.

Self-dyed hair:

Although dyeing hair at home is common now, it is not as easy as you think. Common mistakes while dyeing hair at home are the color is too bright or too dark for your skin tone, let the chemicals touch your roots…

Scratching the scalp when shampooing heavily

This is one of the most susceptible to mistake when shampooing of men. Many men have a habit of shampooing every day with strong scratching. This is easy to cause hair loss and irritate the scalp. You should gently massage the scalp when shampooing. This helps hair grow more quickly, blood flow more easily and create a feeling of comfort.

Use hair products when hair is too wet

Don’t style your hair when it’s too wet or too dry. Most of the time men style their hair right after shower. The best moment to style the hair is when it has moderate humidity. You can style your hair in comfort without fear of damaging the hair.

Overused spray

Again use moderate amounts while using hair spray, men! Men with excessive amounts of hairspray look very unattractive. Also, with the right amount of styling products, your hair will be healthy and on point at the same time. Moreover you need to wash the gel in the hair before going to bed so your hair has a chance to “breathe” and not to be abused by hair styling products.


The frequency of shampooing more

Most men have the habit of washing hair every day. Especially in summer there are men bathing 3 to 4 times per day, and they wash their hair that many times. This would not be good for the hair and scalp. Men should choose the appropriate shampoo for each hair type and scalp. Currently on the market there is quite a variety of men’s shampoo which is suitable for a certain hair type, so things are much easier!

Don’t use conditioner

Not using conditioner is such a huge mistake. Conditioner is necessary for smooth and healthy hair. Remember when using conditioner, you should apply conditioner at the ends, avoiding the scalp and hair roots.

Did you find yourself doing many of these mistakes that we mention above? I hope not, but it’s never too late to change bad habits for a good hair. Having a good hair is awesome, but it’s a challenge to keep it that way. Make sure you spend enough time on your hair because you can express so much of your personality with it!

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