Comparison among the prescription sunglasses, clips on and transition lenses

To adapt the users, the manufacturers have given the birth of countless types of the eyeglasses, including the prescription sunglasses, clip on or transition lenses. Today, we will provide you some information about them separately.

Wearing eyeglasses is one of the best ways to protect your eyes in a healthy way. Some people wear this accessory because they are shortsighted; however, other people wear it because they want to keep up with the latest fashion trend in all over the world.

1.   The prescription sunglasses


We should look at the prescription sunglasses at first. These sunglasses are fashionable and powerful. This style is one of the most fashionable styles. Many people have a deep passion on adding this style to their collection for the summer days. The prescription sunglasses have an attractive design. When purchasing the eyeglasses, the majority of people pay more attention to the price.

In fact, the price of the sunglasses is various. Some of them can cost you a great deal of money, but other ones are very cheap that all people can have enough money to buy immediately. If you buy the most expensive sunglasses, you always feel worried about breaking them; therefore, you are not interested in wearing it.

However, nowadays, there remain a huge number of different prescription sunglasses with a reasonable price. With a small amount of money, you can enjoy your summer holidays without worry and the sunlight cannot affect you anymore.

The prescription sunglasses can provide you a huge number of benefits. It is made from the high-quality frames and the single vision polycarbonate lenses. It has the ability to protect your eyes from the negative effects of the UV. You can make a choice of the progressive lenses or the bifocal lenses.

2.   The clip on sunglasses

The next sunglasses that we want to introduce to you are the clip on sunglasses. It is frank to say that these sunglasses are not as stylish as the above one. However, it is the new trend which has gained the popularity in this year.


There remain three main kinds of the clip on sunglasses on the market, including the standard clip on sunglasses, the flip ups, and the magnetic clip on. If you have a tendency to opt for the classic style, these sunglasses are for you. Furthermore, if you intend to purchase the clip on sunglasses, you do not need to spend a large amount of money because they are inexpensive.

In addition, the clip on eyeglasses can be broken easily. Some people think that it is Fragile and easy to get broken when you are not careful; however, it is not true. The real reason is that its material is cheaper. Consequently, it cannot provide you the high quality of protection for your eyes as the other types.

Moreover, it is smaller than the prescription sunglasses, so your eye can contact with the UV ray. Without a care about the disadvantages, the clip-on sunglasses are worthy enough for you to hunt because they are affordable.

If you tend to choose this type, you must invest the new one after a very short time. Both the flip ups and clip on are steady and flimsy. The magnetic sunglasses are at the top of the fashion, but it is a big con. It lacks the fashion advice aside. Although it remains countless shortcomings, it is still the best option for outdoor activities.

3.   Transition photochromatic lenses

The last eyeglasses that we want to take into the consideration are the transition photo chromatic lenses. If you do not find out your interest in the prescription sunglasses or the clip on sunglasses, you can opt for the transition lenses for the sunny days. Although many people who have already complaint about the transition lenses, it is still the most popular one.


As we knew, although there is an array of the sunglasses on the market, its price is too expensive; therefore, people consider the transition lenses are the best one. In addition, to be honest, the transition lens is not durable as other type and it has a tendency to be broken easily. If people take its price into the account, they may notice that people will be not in favor of these sunglasses.

The transition lenses are too dark when you are inside, so it is very dangerous for you to drive the vehicles when you are wearing the transition lenses. Additionally, to make for sure of your safety, you should take the transition lenses before driving. However, for the style perspective, the transition lenses are a great option for the wearer because people can change the frame by themselves. Moreover, it also can protect you from the UV rays as well as leave the damages.

The transition lenses apply the high technology, so the wearer can be hands-free and hassle. These eyeglasses have the ability of exchanging from indoors to outdoors automatically. However, in some situations, this process can be delayed because of several factors. The transition lenses are perfect for people who usually go in and out.

To make a payment for these sunglasses, you can go to any stores in the world to have a direct look before buying. Besides, you also can buy it on the internet. All that you have to do is to look for their information and log into the official websites of the manufacturers. You can pay money after ordering or receiving the goods, depending on your preference.

In short, prescription sunglasses, clip-on or transition lenses have their own advantages and disadvantages. In particular, the prescription is worthiest for people to buy in terms of its price and quality. Wish that you can choose the best one which can meet all your needs. Before purchasing, you should refer the reviews of other people to assess the sunglasses properly. Besides, you should not forget to clean it more frequently to make for sure that there is no factor that can put you in danger.

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