Essential Clothing For YOUR Body Type

Wondering why even dressing the same suits as Kingsman or putting on the same shirts and pants as Justin Bieber, you could not look as cool as them? Okay, the key here is the best clothing is not what looks good on other individuals, but YOU. From that point, you need to understand what kind of your body shape to pick the most suitable kind of clothing.

If such information is still new to you, and you have no idea about your body type and choosing clothing, then check out this article.

The large men

You know who you are.

You are packing a little bit of extra weight here. In any case, you want to walk into a room and you want to look good. You want to look large and in charge. You know that there is no piece of clothing out there that is going to make you look like a thin guy.

And, you are confident in who you are and so, you want to wear clothing that’s going to accentuate that.


The first thing, guys, it is the jacket. Why do I have the jacket? Well, look at your shape, the oval shape. We want to accentuate the shoulders. Men who are a little bit larger especially in the mid-section, what happens is it starts to round out their shoulders, in many cases, if you are carrying weight up high.

If you are clothing just like a shirt, what this does is it basically accentuates that oval. We don’t want to do that. We would rather create a rectangle type shape. We will do that by basically squaring up your shoulders with a jacket.

Now, because you are a bigger guy, you don’t need to go with a whole lot of padding in those jackets. There is a wide variety of different types of sports jackets made from different materials. I usually choose those ones made from cotton, but you can choose another kind of material based on your preference.

You can bring in leather jackets, jean jackets or sweaters that actually have maybe a little bit of patch right here on the shoulders.

What we will do is to build up and again, square out the shoulders.

Now, there are jackets that are going to look great on you and other ones aren’t. I know it’s kind of goes against what I said, but be careful of jackets that are too short or those ones that basically come in on the mid waist area and tighten up there.

From that point, bomber leather jacket, you need to be careful of those.

The same with tank style jackets, it’s a no-no. Why? Because it’s too short. It’s going to come together in about a trouser waist area and that’s not what you need. You need jackets that go a bit lower.

One last thing you should bear on mind when choosing a jacket is that just because you are a big guy doesn’t mean you don’t need to tailor your clothing. And just because it’s casual clothing doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be tailored.

Guy, you take a normal jacket and have a little bit of a stomach out there. But you mind find that you get it tailored in on the sides to look better. It will still fit you in the midsection, but from the distance you will look more clean-cut. It will just look good on you.

You can maybe even bring the arms a bit. So, always get your clothing tailored. If you are a big man, know the name of your tailor.


Make sure as a big guy, you have got trousers that fit you properly. Well, big guys are more likely to gain and lose weight. In addition, your midsection is oftentimes larger than your hips. What this leads to is basically your pants could be falling down. And basically, you have sizing issues.

Thus, one thing you should look for basically on the side of your trouser, it’s elastic band. Now, this is really neat because when you get a pair of jeans or trousers that has this built up, it gives you 1-2 sometimes 3 inches of play depending on if you intend to gain/lose weight a bit.

And this is just something happens when you are a bigger guy. Another thing is if you wear them a little bit tighter then they will have the elastic helps to hold up and for them to fit a little bit closer on your body. Hence, they don’t slide down.

Another option for getting proper trousers fit in the waist area for the large men is to go with jeans, trousers, chinos that have a higher rise.

What you need to find in a lot of clothing that’s made for the larger man actually slightly has a higher rise.

Now, the great thing about this is it will lengthen your leg line. It may sound odd, you know the trouser is going higher up closer to your belly button. But believe it or not, this is where the trousers used to be and I think looks really good.

And this looks great on any large men especially for those who have bigger belly. As it will be kind of going over, in this case, you may need to go see a tailor.


These are a big mindset shift for a lot of guys. And it’s something that if you start to wear suspenders, I advise you to try with clip-ons. Hence, the way it works is you would put buttons right on the inside of your trousers.

There is a wide range from casual to actually more formal suspenders. With a pair of chinos, you need to wear casual suspenders. The similar to a pair of jeans.

With dress slacks, you would wear more formal suspenders. But what suspenders do is they put the weight up here. And remember, getting back to the point of you having that larger midsection and a smaller hip as well as buttons, just eliminate the error of the trousers going down.

Now, suspenders are great accessory in themselves and I think a lot of men can pull them off, but you have got the build up the courage to wear them.

It’s something that you are going to stand out just a tad. But it’s something people will get used to and it looks so much better than you are just going around pulling up all your pants.

Another thing that you should bear on mind when choosing suspenders are that they have pleats. With pleats, make sure that when you buy them, they have got one or two pleats if you are a bigger man.

For those guys who don’t like pleats, go for a little more room in the midsection, maybe step up one on to go little wider.

You want that room, so that you can go up and down and you simply have room.

When it comes to jeans, again, most jeans will be cut low, which means they won’t work well with suspenders.

But, if you find a pair of jeans made for the bigger guys or the taller ones, then oftentimes they do like having a little bit higher of a rise.

The thin man

If you have rectangular body shape, you are the kind of guy similar to me that you have got to run around in the shower to get wet.


To dress with it, you need to add some details onto your jacket.

When it comes to a jacket, you need to pay attention to the texture and the details. You could go with leather jackets, which is always a great texture, especially with a rougher heavier leather. You shouldn’t go with a thin jacket.

Contrast to the large men, the thin ones should go with something heavy like genuine cowhide thick leather. Even if you intend to buy a waterproof jacket, pay attention to its texture and its pockets. Now, these are the details that you should look for.

On the market, there are many jackets with four pockets on them. You can also go with patterns across the chest. We are looking to build up the chest area.


Sweaters are going to be your friend and not just any type of sweater. You should go for thin lightweight sweaters that basically you can layer.

Layering as a thin man will add a bit bulk to make you look stronger and larger, especially in and around the torso area.

Also looking for those sweaters with shoulder padding to make you look a larger.

Now, the big man, he can’t pull this off of the way you can’t because he will have stretch in the midsection area.

For you, make sure when you put this on, it’s got a nice tapered. But, there are diverse options out there for cotton sweaters.

And a cool thing about that is you can layer them and they won’t as hot as their luxury fabric brethren, cashmeres, wools.

Long sleeve casual button downs

You can always roll your sleeves up and go to about midsection in the forearm area. That will look better, especially if you have thin arms, then going with a short-sleeve button-down shirt.

Again, to make your chest look bigger, go for those with double pockets.

Talking about the texture, consider corduroys for fall to winter wearing or rough texture or other heavy fabrics to make you look larger. Another interesting fabric is flannel with napped surface to offer a really soft hand-feel.

Though I always advice you to choose anything that can make you look bigger and stronger, I don’t recommend to pick an oversize shirt. Instead, choose the one that fits you properly. Don’t have so much excess material that as if a wind came in, it would actually take you and blow you away.

Textured trousers

You don’t need to wear loose fitted trousers. So, if they have a little bit too much material in on the legs, you can take this to your tailor or your seamstress to let her go through as well as open up the leg. And finally, she can bring it in.

You can go in and get the stuff adjusted.

Now, move onto the back-end area. If you bring in a pair of trousers more than 2 inches, it will offset the pockets and it never looks good.

Thus, understand there are limitations, but you’d be surprised what they can do.

The muscular man

Next body type is the inverted triangle.

You are a muscular man, you spend a lot of on the gym. You look good. You have got the guns going, but all of the sudden you realize the clothing industry is like working against you as nothing seems to fit you properly.

Well, there are certain items for the muscular men to work really well.

Now, jeans and a t-shirt are the best choice ever for this kind of body shape. However, you can’t always wear them in the winter and it’s not going to be appropriate for all situations.

Hence, why not consider bringing in a vest?


So, I think a vest for the muscular men that you can wear a t-shirt underneath, especially the well-fitted shirt and all of the sudden, you will definitely look great.

Because you might not be a suit or a sport jacket kind of guy, and if you get a wrong sport jacket, it could over build your up that you can look like a linebacker, which you should avoid.

If you do go for a jacket, always utilize something that’s unstructured.

But, look at the vest, it’s something that of all body types, the muscular men can pull off better than any other.


Very similar to the large men, you have got to get the right fit in your trousers. Thus, you have got to go out there, searching for brands because here is the deal, if you love to squat and have got those thighs that are bigger comparing to your waist area.

And that’s the problem. You will find many trousers out there that fit you fine in the thigh, but they are 2-3 inches too big in the waist area.

Hence, what you need to do is taking that clothing to a tailor and get them adjusted. They will bring them in on the waist area, which could solve a lot of problems.

The best thing to do is to find and go out there searching for a brand that works on your body type whenever you have a more muscular build.


You should look for breathable fabrics as a man that spends a lot of time in the gym, you sweat a lot and this carries over to other parts of your life. You have got a lot of muscles on your body and you want to basically be able to wick that moisture away.

You should wear an undershirt. Another thing you should pay attention is elastane or spandex in the clothing. And what you’ve got from them is a little bit more of stretch.

This is a big deal on your trouser and shirts because simply when you move, it helps to avoid ripping or much of caring.

Signature footwear

We are talking about western boots, dress boots and casual boots, you should own it with your footwear because as a larger man, oftentimes the attention is immediately on your chest in on your build.

But, when people see the feet they are like, ah, this guy has got style. Hence, own a signature pair of shoes.

Now, it’s your turn. If you have anything to add to these tips, please let me know in the comment section below. Hope this article is useful for you guys.

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