Top Hacks for Skinny Guys to Improve Their Fashion

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It’s been a long time I didn’t write any article about fashion hacks and tips, right? Lately, I received a lot of requests on helping skinny guys to dress better. So now, here it is.

But before getting started, I want to mention that I have a special connection with this topic. I grew up playing video games. Those who are playing games might know that it’s almost impossible to live a healthy lifestyle. Even though I really cared about working out and ate healthily at the very young age.

However, a gaming lifestyle has consumed a lot of time for me to take care of my body. Secondly, I’m an Ectomorph body type that is extremely hard to gain weight and muscle. Some of the traits of an ectomorph are small bones, narrow shoulders, long arms, flat chest and narrow hips. Take your middle finger and thumb and try to wrap around your ankle. If your fingers can touch then you’re most likely an Ectomorph.

Now, you guys probably think that being an Ectomorph sucks, you wish that you have a different body type such as Mesomorph or Endomorph. Quit thinking that immediately and stop wasting your time wish you’re someone else because you were blessed with a body with many gifts such as fast metabolism, you shed very fast and a very defined muscle structure. You also age like fine wine.

The reason is that your metabolism begins to slow down and fat storage tends to increase. This is a disaster with others but a blessing to Ectomorphs. More muscle will be added to your frame without a fat look. You will look very cool and manly. This is also an ideal body type in catwalk for both men and women. Famous Ectomorphs are Brad Pitt, Bradley Cooper, Novak Djokovic and both Spider-Man movie actors – Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield. I want to talk a little bit about body type to let you know that you’re not alone.

There are even a lot of people just like you and me.

But, this is not an inspirational article, but where I will give guys 4 hacks to help improve your style immediately.

Horizontal stripe

If you are still wondering whether to get a vertical or horizontal stripe shirt then the quick an easy answer will be horizontal.

A vertical or an indefinite line will make you look taller but, that also makes your body very lengthy. Thus, it will cause your body slimmer and make your body which already looks like a stick now looks like a tooth pick.

Contrary, when wearing a horizontal shirt, you will create an optical illusion not knowing where the shirts starts and ends. Particularly, a horizontal stripe will make your eyes look to the sides, thus, making your body a little wider.


Another biggest advantage with a slim body is that you can stack, layer clothes on top of each other without having to worry about hiding your belly, thighs and calves.

The simplest and formal way to layer is with a sweater or a collar shirt. Or you can layer with street style that I guided you in my previous article with items such as elongated tees, hoodies and flannels.

I also already have another article about how to layer in Spring and Summer to give you guys some more inspiration.

Slim-fit pants

Personally, tops were never my problem in my outfits but during my schooldays, I used to wear baggy pants a lot. Honestly, looking back, I was really swimming in those pants.

Growing older, I grew into skinny jeans line. Again, it’s almost like a skeleton wrapped around in fabric.

Only later on, I found a perfect bottom fit for my body and they are slim-fit pants with a taper towards my ankle. Not skinny, slim-fit is different from skinny.

Pants like joggers, track pants, twill pants and slim-fit denims have a very fit look. However, from knees to the bottom will stick to your body a little bit. In case you really like a certain pair of pants or if you’re wearing a school uniform, bring your pants to a tailor and taper their bottom to fit better to your body.

Taper pants are extremely nice with sneakers and also compliments your shoes a lot.

Fitted shoes

While we’re mentioning shoes, if you own some bulky or chunky pairs of shoes, try experimenting with more fitted shoes. Examples are runners, trainers and achilles low.

You guys can look into “5 Types of Shoes every Guy Should Own” article on my blog.

Bulky and chunky shoes will contrast with your legs, making them even more visible on how skinny they are. If you’re not only skinny but also a bit short then you should stay away from Timberland, Boots, Dunks and Jordans or high ankle shoes in general.

I know that this is a booming year of Vintage Runners, Chunky but, if you have a stick figure body, it will be very difficult for you to catch up with this trend.

Bonus tip

A bonus tip I want to mention is to wear high ankle socks to hide your ankle bones. I’m not saying your socks need to be knee high, just above your ankle is fine.

And that’s my 4 tips to help you skinny guys improve your style right away. However, I still want to advise you on something that you might already know is to start lifting weights and eat properly. I have personally spent a lot of time to try and improve my body. And it does a good job! Let’s try it!

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