5 Fashion Tips for Big Guys To Improve Their Fashion

Even though I’m a skinny guy, but I have my whole life to understand the struggle as well as the difficulty in putting together an outfit for you big guys out there.

In this article, I will be showing you 5 fashion hacks to help big guys out there improve your style immediately. This is a topic that I have received a lot of request from you after I writing an article to help skinny guys to improve their style.

If you’d like to listen to book knowledge terms, you can google and there will be tons of results such as you must wear dark colors, vertical line shirts, you must lose weight, avoid this and that. I will not give you those advice because I think you probably already know them. Things that I will be giving you are based on street style that will be completely different from traditionally and even the opposite and break everything that you might have known before.

Of course, the negative side of this is you need to take risks and willing to experiment. But, the pros of this is it will help you break any boundaries or limitations that you might have in your whole life. This will help you understand yourself more and find out your own style. Without further ado, I will start my very first hack right away.

Something important I want to tell you

Don’t be too conceited on your oversized body, let’s focus on your strengths. Endomorph people gain mass and muscle very quickly when the skinny guys have to train twice as hard as and eat triple as much to gain the same result. You should know that endomorph has a very slow metabolism and absorb nutrition better than anybody type.

Even though gaining weight is a con to endomorphs, to gain a body with such thickness and mass like endomorphs, people who are ectomorphs needs to a lot of time, work and money to feed the body when endomorphs have no problem with this.

Also, endomorphs have other features such as wide bone structure, very thick thighs, calves, shoulders, chest and butts. Another trait that has been given to fat guys is that they are really charming. As you can see, there’s no one or no body type that’s perfect. So, stop wasting time living in a fantasy wishing you’re someone else.

Fitted clothes

The biggest problem that I’ve seen big guys doing is wearing too baggy clothes! After researching and finding out the reason why, all of the big guys around me said that because of the excess fat so they had to wear bigger shirts to cover up the fat belly and extra skin.

It seems like there’s a tale that big guys tell to each other “Ay, if you are already fat and bulky, just wear a bulkier shirt to cover the fat”. This is an extremely big mistake.

Imagine you have a dinner table in your house and everyday you walk around it. Suddenly, it has a super big table cloth on, isn’t that intimidating? You may even step on a couple of steps back from it afraid that you might hit it.

You guys should start buying fitted clothes.

Not slim fit, not skinny but clothes that are fitting to the body. I know you big guys have problems finding your right size. For example, if you are buying a Medium, it will fit your belly but short on the back. Meanwhile, buying Large will have the length but looks very baggy.

My advice is to buy clothes that fit your lengths first and bring your clothes to a tailor and ask them to taper them to better fit your body. Because you cannot add more fabric but, it is definitely possible to make it hug to body more. This also applies to pants.

Crotch and rise of pants

And before mentioning at the cut of the pants, I want to mention the crotch and rise of them. Crotch has a high, regular and drop, I suggest you to go with the regular and drop crotch because pants that has a high crotch and rise will divide your upper and lower body all of the sudden instead of blending the upper and lower body together.

Cut of the jeans

Next up is cut of the jeans.

I think most of you fat guys have never tried the slim fit cut but, has always been loyal to the relax, normal and regular cut because they are afraid when wearing a too fit and tight, it will look very weird and chubby.

But guys, trust me, you need to try out the slim fit pants once that are very comfy at the thigh and taper down the bottom. I think you guys will be very surprise at the result.


There might be another legendary tale with shoes that if you are already a big guy, then you also “have” to wear big shoes. I have no idea it seems like the big guys really like wearing big bulky shoes. This will always limit your shoes to Oxford, Bucks, combat and high-top.

This is the same as fortress putting on an extra armor. You guys should try out shoes like achilles low, Vans, slip-on, runners that look very sleek and light.

This will make yourself feel a lot more light and other people will feel more comfortable around you instead of just keep sticking with New Balances, Raf Simmons, Timerland, Jordan 1s and Jordan 3s.


I get a lot of question from you guys asking me that if fat guys could layer or short guys could layer, the answer is absolutely possible.

Big guys avoid wearing layers because they think that when stacking more layers will make your body wider and look even fatter.

But it’s actually the opposite.

Layers is the best ways to hide your imperfections even when you are fat, skinny, tall or short. Of course, you need to try experimenting with different style of layer.

Layering with flannel, hoodie, cardigan and jacket. Just play around and see what you really like.

And since we are on layer, we cannot skip the long-line tees

Long-line and accessories

Long-line tees can we use for layering and be worn by itself. Long-line tees will create an optical illusion, making your body lengthier and draw their attention vertically from top to bottom instead of looking from right to left.

And the last thing you want is their attention looking at your sides.

You can also use accessories such as hats and scarves to draw attention to the highest point of your head, making it seems like you look taller.

In winter, you can use scarves. First is to cover up the excess fat in your neck area. Second is to wear big scarves to hide your belly. Third is hang a very long scarf matching with a coat. It will look really dope and making your body look taller and lengthier.

Colors and patterns

Lastly is color and patterns.

If you are not too much in love with patterns and prints, the best thing is to stick with solid colors or plain colors.

In case you like patterns, buy the ones that have regular size patterns, not too big or not too small.

If you are not confident on how to mix and match colors, then it’s best to stick with neutral colors. Don’t think that it’s boring because when matching right, your outfit will look very subtle yet very dope.

You can really wear any pants color like white, beige, cream, light wash denim. Pants will be the background of your outfit, which is why wearing contrast color pants will make your top and shoes look very pop out, making your outfit look a lot more focused

Bonus hack

Another last hack even though it’s not fashion related yet making big guys stand out the crowd is scent. Or smell.

Actually, this is important to anybody, but especially big guys because you are being stereotype as sweating so much and have a bad odor. You guys should find a cologne that you can spray every day.

I’m not talking about very heavy scent like Tom Ford, Dior, Chanel and One Million, but scents that are fresh, manly such as Mont Blanc, Abercrombie and Aventus.

Other than cologne, there are also scents like wax, pomade and deodorant or fresh breath will create a very strong impression immediately.

So, I have concluded 5 useful hacks (well, actually 6 hacks) for big guys improve your style right away. Use these hacks as your fundamental to find out what matches you, what doesn’t. Gradually, you will gain more confident as well as breaking all the limitations that kept you lock up before. More importantly, own your style. American has a saying that “Look good. Feel good. Do good.” And I completely agree with it.

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