How to Clean and Maintain Your Sneakers

Actually, this isn’t a new topic, with just a little time of searching, you could find hundreds or even thousands of articles and tutorials on this subject. You will also come across many different ways and methods. One of which I have seen is soaking in water, showering your shoes in the bath or even putting your shoes in the washing machine, using toothbrush or shower gel. Even, coating with baking soda and dry in the sun. I’m not saying which method is right or wrong because everyone has their own way of maintaining and cleaning their shoes that is concluded from their experience and real-life situations.

That’s why I want to write this article for you to take a look and to share with you the way I think is best. Without any further ado, I will begin this topic right now.

How to maintain your sneakers

Taking off

I notice that most people when coming home scratch your heels together to take off your shoes, this will damage your shoes lightly. Of course, just a little tiny bit but stacking up so many times and repeat consistently, then it’s very significant.

If you are not too lazy, take a couple more seconds to use your hands to take them off.

Keep safe

Usually, right after taking shoes off, many of you have the habit to leave it right on the ground or wherever you are used to. Such places are very unprotected or very easily to collect dusts. This is a very normal habit of everyone in the world, but a true sneakerhead will never leave their shoes in an unprotected place with so much danger around it.

Dangers such as dog chewing, maybe someone who is in a rush and steps on your shoes or maybe you are carrying something that could spill onto your shoes. That’s why take a little bit more time to put your shoes in a safe place. First is to prevent dust from collection on your sneakers and second is to prevent someone who could accidentally step on your shoes or maybe it could be yourself that would hurt more than anything.

If you are going to place that requires you to take off your shoes, then make sure you take off them and put in somewhere safely and high up to prevent getting your shoes stepped on or other accidents. You know it’s better to be safe, than sorry.

Shoe box

To be honest, I really like investing in shoe boxes because they will keep my shoes independently away from others, making every time to put in, take out not getting contacted with other pairs. Other than that, it is very versatile in expanding your shoes collection.

More sneakers, more boxes.

Keep stacking and build a wall full of shoes. Shoe cabinet is a very nice furniture, however, it’s also very bulky and not versatile at all. If it’s too big, then it takes up too much space. On the contrary, too small cabinet won’t have enough room for storage. Eventually, you will need to buy extra shoe boxes or another cabinet.

Also, if you are buying a clear box, you can take a look at your collection every single day which is a good motivation and hunger to keep expanding your shoe collection better than hiding all of them behind your closet door, right?

Moisture absorbers

Another point that makes me especially like shoe boxes is that inside each of them, I can put in moisture absorbers. Don’t underestimate this, especially when you live in a harsh weather or climate. The sudden too hot and too cold leads to have the air conditioner on all day, then turning it off when going out.

The sudden temperature change will cause your shoes to mold very badly.

These bags will absorb moisture and prevent mold significantly. In case you don’t want to purchase shoe boxes, you may use the original box that the shoes came in. Even though it doesn’t look as nice as having transparent box, letting you show off your sneakers and not as convenient when taking it in and out, this is still my preferred method when storing sneakers.

You can also do a DIY bag to eliminate odor and absorb moisture by using a coffee bag and baking soda, or chedar shoe trees

Shoe trees

I know a lot of people are saying that shoe trees stretch your shoes out, but I have been using them for many years and noticed the stretchiness comes from you wearing the shoes and breaking in them.

Because such a light force like a shoe tree wouldn’t be able to stretch your shoes out, so, my conclusion is that they aren’t the reason.

However, to be safe and sure you don’t need to use a shoe tree at all. I personally use them to revive some of the creases on a few pairs of shoes, to get more air into them and look super dope when displaying.

In case you don’t have shoe tree, you can use a rounded carton piece or papers to put into your shoes to have a similar effect. But, DO NOT use newspaper because the ink will complete stain out your sneakers.

Those are those tips that I want to share with you so you can best maintain your shoes. To be honest, I don’t take care of every pair of sneakers that way. I treat some of my beaters as they are regular shoes to cover my feet, helping me get around.

However, with more expensive pairs, I want to spend a little more time to maintain and take care of sneakers. To first, keeping the shoes always fresh and last a long time. Secondly, to feel more connected and treasure them all.

How to clean your shoes

The urgent and emergency method

This is the method that I usually apply for my daily shoes. Normally, when going out or hanging out so often with a pair of sneakers, obviously they will get dirty, especially on the midsole.

My recommendation to make this part look like new again is to opt for wipes. These are usually coming in a squared special wet tissue that can beat out any stains and dirt with just a wipe.

You can buy single pack of wipes or a full-box based on preference, because usually, you just need a tissue or a wipe pack to clean both midsoles of a pair.

However, this is only the emergency method because even though it looks clean, that’s only on the surface and on the most top layer whereas on the rough and front of the shoes is quite clean, but not squeeky clean.

Besides, this is truly temporary method. When cleaning a whole shoe, imagine how many wipes it will take, which makes it very pricey.

That’s said, below I will show you how to clean your shoes properly, deeply and affordably. But before starting off, I would like to show you what I used to clean my shoes, which is Crep Protect. If you already have this product, you can skip to the next part, but for those who are still confused or don’t know which products are the best.

I highly recommend this as based on my experience that have been tried through many other brands such as Jason Markk, Sneaker Mob, Reshoevn8r and I found that Crep Protect to be the best out of all.

My recommended cleaning products

Crep Protect Shoe Cleaner

View here

This is a must-have product to maintain and clean your shoes – Crep Cure Solution. Due to the manufacturer, it is 98 percent natural made with the main ingredients are coconut extracts, jojoba and aqua. However, I personally think its smell is a little bit harsh so that chances you should bring it and your shoes outdoors to clean.

About how well it works, I pleasantly give 10/10. Compared to other solution from different brands, this one come in easier way to clean, more efficiently and don’t ask much steps or tools using altogether. Just this solution bottle, a brush and a towel. Done!

The Art of Crep Protect Spray

View here

For those who want your shoe maintenance much easier, you can add this Spray Nano Crep Protect. Its main purpose is to protect your shoes, including the material of Suede, Canvas, and Nubuck, from getting dirty or stains.

And don’t worry, its barrier is invisible. Besides, it’s quite easy to use. Firstly, you must keep your shoes clean, I mean you should use a normal tissue to wipe out all small rocks, dirt and things like out of your shoes to make the maintenance easier.

Then, shake the bottle gently and keep about 8 inches of distance away from shoes, spray a light coat around the shoe, let it sit for about 10 minutes and repeat spraying another coat on. Again, let it sit for more 10 minutes and now you can test how it works. Actually, I have done it already with ketchup, sauce, soda and water, rather well.

However, just keep in mind that this liquid just helps you to add more protect to your shoes. You still need to clean it regularly to keep it last as long as possible.

CREP PROTECT Gift Set Mens Solution Black

View here

This is an ultimate care pack for your sneakers that I truly highly recommend you should have at home. First, we have a Nano spray container, the main function of which is to keep your shoes from getting wet and also acts like a protection barrier to your sneakers from danger that can happen such as dripping fish sauce, soup, spaghetti sauce, whipped cream, ashes or even some of the light stains.

Besides, this set also has 6 counts of wipes which are a must-have essential to emergency clean your sneakers. I will review it more details later.

Next, we have a bottle of Crep Protect Cure enclosed with a premium brush and a Microfiber Cleaning Cloth for ultimate caring and cleaning. Why I call this brush is premium? Because it contains over 17,000 hog hair bristles which come in reasonable length to deliver better cleanse. Besides, if you have a pair of graphics sneaker or painted sneakers, don’t fret as it’s very soft.

In terms of the Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, it is used to wipe stains and dirt on your shoes. What makes it stand out from the crowd is the high-quality microfiber material which helps to eliminate abrasion by its ultra-softness and high absorbance.

The Art of Crep Protect Cure Travel

View here

However, if you just want to have the most essential products for shoe cleaning, or those who usually travel, consider this mini kit including 1 Crep Protect Cure, 1 premium brush and 1 Microfiber Cleaning Cloth.

With this kit, you can use it to clean for about more than 50 pairs of shoes so I think it’s a big deal to invest.

Crep Protect Ultimate Shoe Cleaning Wipes, 12 Count

View here

What if you are out of wipes?

Don’t worry, Crep Protect also provides separate box of wipes including 12 counts so that you can use gradually. Inside each count, there are two packs including two special wet tissues. It has two sides, one polka dot side, which is the rough side and the other is the soft and smooth side. Based on how stubborn of the stains that you will choose the right side to clean. Remember that the more stubborn, the rougher.

To be honest, this is my inseparable thing every time I go out. Actually, compared to the wipes from other brands such as Jason Markk, Sneaker Mob and Reshoevn8r, their prices are about the same. However, I personally feel that wipes from Crep Protection is much more efficient and I think most of sneakerheads will agree with me.

CREP PROTECT Pill Mens Solution Natural

View here

One last solution from Crep Protect that I want to show you is this Pill. It is basically a pill that helps to eliminate odor and absorb moistures. It works every efficiently and easily. All you need to do is just to pill it out, twist and then put inside the shoe. Let it sit through the night and when you are done using it, just twist it back and put it inside the box.

This Crep Protect Pills come in a pack including two pills. Each of them can be used for a very long time.

However, this is a little bit pricey so that if your budget is on the table, I highly recommend you should try it. Work better than those moisture absorbers or papers. On the contrary, with those who don’t want to spend much on taking care your shoes, it’s okay. You can use other alternative methods that I have just mentioned above.

Deeper clean, more effective


  • Wet tissue
  • A towel
  • Two bowls of warm water
  • Specialized solution to clean shoes

If your shoes have been beaten up so many times, first thing first, let’s use a wet tissue to wipe it clean. You should take a towel to put underneath so water won’t be dripping all over your table.

Now, let’s take the laces off. Get two bowls of warm water, remember just warm water, not too hot or too cold. If you don’t have a bowl or don’t want to use it, you can use a plastic container or anything that can fill up such amount of water.

Now, pour a small amount of liquid into the bowl, then taking the shoe you just took off, dip and sink them in. keep dipping them carefully then put it on the side.

Before brushing the shoes, remember to take out the insoles first, then putting it in a shoe tree. Now, take some Crep Cure Solution and pour a little on the bowl, deep the brush into it. Pour more solution onto the brush, dip again. Now, you can start brushing the shoes.

I always start by cleaning the upper, then coming down to the midsole and outsole because the upper is the cleanest part and you don’t have to brush to hard because as I mentioned above, it is made out of hog’s hairs so that you just need to apply gentle force while brushing, even with the midsole.

After brushing, use the microfiber cloth to wipe the shoe and let it dry. Done! Also, don’t forget to take the laces that you dipped earlier, draining all the water and dry along with your shoes.

There is just one last tip that you should bear on mind. Never dry in directly under sunlight as it will puff up the material, fade the color and destroy your shoes so much quicker. Besides, when air drying, let your shoes sit at an angle.

And that’s everything that I want to share with you on how to maintain and clean your shoes properly. Trust me that I have used a lot of solutions from a lot of different brands and Crep Protect makes the best products. Jason Markk is also good but it does require you to have their full collection of brushes including one regular brush and one premium. Other than that, there are a couple of more brushes to fully activate its full potential. Hopefully, this article helps you no matter more or less.

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