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Summer is coming up and it’s time for you to change your fashion. It is no longer cold days of the winter or cool days of the fall, they are the heat of the summer instead. If you don’t want to be hot or wet, you should replace your shoes by sandals immediately.

Wearing shoes can make your feet hot and sweat a lot, or even make you feel smelly. If you are looking for something which is both trendy and comfortable, sandals are the best. There are a lot of sandals kinds and today, I will recommend you some fashionable pairs of sandals. In this article, I will divide them into 2 categories in terms of their materials: leather and other materials.


1. Qiucdzi Men Leather Sports Sandals

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Some of you can be afraid of the closed toe sandals; however, this pair is totally different with the comfortable shoe pad. It is a kind of honey shoes – pad which can provide you a relaxed and breathable space.

Moreover, the Qiucdzi sandals enable to ventilate to keep your feet dry as well as reduce the oppression.

I do love these sandals because of its multifunctional features. I usually wear it for hiking, walking, travelling or even working. This pair of sandals is perfect for those who prefer casual style. Additionally, these sandals have a fashionable design to keep up with the latest trend and you can mix them easily from youthful style to masculine style.

I had a pair of sandals before, but I was so afraid whenever I wore them because they are so slippery and I often fell down. But, for these sandals, I was totally satisfied due to its anti-skid function. There is a rubber outsole, which provides us the maximum protection to avoid slipping.

These sandals made from the genuine leather that is durable and the heel is flat. Besides, their soles are rubber, so they are lightweight and flexible. They fit my feet perfectly and be a good choice for this extremely hot summer.

2. Strappy leather sandals

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The next suggestion comes from Zara, which is a famous brand in the world. Normally, I do not give my priority to this brand; however, this time is an exception. I found this pairs of sandal are stylish.

The strappy leather sandals are completely made from leather; therefore, they are very durable. The flat soles are thin and firm. I never fell when I wear these sandals. The crisscross straps are small that make you feel cooler and airy.

The thin sole can make you feel the uncertainty; however, they are not. I feel the comfort and the lightness. The same as the above sandals, they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities. You will look more fashionable with these sandals.

3. Nunn bush Men’s Rio Grande Closed Toe Fisherman Sandal

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If you like closed toe sandals, but the Qiucdzi sandals do not meet your need in terms of the color, you may think about Nunn bush men’s Rio Grande closed toe fisherman sandals. These sandals are the tan color and their soles are synthetic rubber.

These sandals are different from the first one because they are the classic style which is not only sporty, but also simple with the versatile styling. With the design of athletic mesh and fully padded breathable memory foam sock lining, it is easy to absorb your sweat to bring you all day comfort.

However, the Nunn sandals have an outstanding feature that we cannot find out in Qiucdzi sandals that are the loop Velcro strap closures and adjustable hook to make sure of a secure and personal fit. I chose these sandals for leisure wear activities and they totally impressed me.

4. Camel men’s fisherman sandals leather breathable close-toe sandal non – slip adjustable summer beach wear slippers

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Another closed toe sandals I want to recommend here are Camel’s ones. If you are planning for a beach trip, you should add these sandals to your cart right now. Of course, they will not make you disappointed.

The first thing you can see is its high-quality material. These sandals are made from the cowhide leather which are high toughness function, soft and wear-resistant to help you step comfortably. Like any other sandals, they also have comfortable rubber foam sole shoes – pad to keep your feel breathable and relaxed.

The second thing that you may concern is its anti-skid function. The design of rubber outsole will keep you out of peeling and make you look younger and more dynamic. They are definitely suitable for casual wear such as playing on the beach, indoor working, at home, outdoor exercise, or weekend short trip day.

5. Rockport Men’s rocklake flat sandal

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If you are looking for a pair of durable leather sandals, this pair is right for you. they are made from the leather with the rubber soles. These sandals also have an adjustable hook and loop straps, so you can adjust them to fit your feet.

I bought these sandals to replace for my old ones. They look and feel comfortable with the high-quality material. Although the soles are a little bit thick, I do like them. They do not make me feel uncomfortable or hot. The leather straps are designed carefully and fashionably.

These sandals have a slip resistant feature to protect you from the slippery floors. Furthermore, they are stable with no ankle roll over that will not hurt your feet. Furthermore, if you love the classic design, these sandals will suit your needs. there is a little fabric on the side to size your feet easily.

6. Car shoes

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The last leather sandals are car shoes. This is a kind of buckle strap sandals with a curious name. At first, I did not think that they are sandals, but shoes. However, its style made me surprised a lot. I felt funny and cool when wearing them.

This is another open toe pair of sandals. They have an ankle strap and a side buckle fastening. The strap never hurt my ankles, and I used it to resize. I usually wear these sandals for morning runs and outdoor activities in the fall and summer.

They are awesome from the design to the materials. I love the design because it is the combination between the classic and modern style. The outer and lining are leather, while the soles are rubber.

The main color is gray mixed with black to make them more masculine. If you want to get out of the hot days, you should invest these sandals.

Other materials

1. Teva Men’s Terra Fi Lite Sandal

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This pair of sandals is different from the above sandals because it is made from the mixture of polyester and nylon.

Both nylon and polyester are synthetic fabrics; however, the nylon seems to be more durable and weather resistant while polyester is more heat-resistant. I think these sandals have all best features of these materials. They are durable and can protect us from the weather changes.

They are perfect for the summer. The sole of these sandals is rubber, so it is light.

Moreover, these sandals are sporty and feature strappy upper with three hook and loop closures which are adjustable to keep you in the comfort. The unique design of the soles may attract you with the thicker heel and thinner tip. The friction of the sole is awesome.

In terms of the fashion, these sandals are very trendy. Although their design is not colorful or has many motifs, they are still fashionable. You look more dynamic when wearing these sandals.

2. VENSHINE Mens Sports Sandals Summer Leather Outdoor Fisherman Beach Athletics Walking Hiking Sandals

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Venshine sandals are not made from nylon and polyester, but leather and fabric instead. These sandals look fun.

Although they are closed to design, they will not make you feel uncomfortable. The round and reinforced toe will protect us safe and sound for outdoor activities. Feel free to wear them when taking part in sport activities.

This pair of sandals comes with a stylish and unique bungee lace capture system. Its materials are hydrophobic mesh lining and premium genuine leather. The soles are soft, and anti-skid.

I chose the blue color and they look stylish. Apart from blue there is a brown color, so you can choose any color you want. It’s up to your hobby. I see the blue color look the best because when I wear it on the rainy days, it does not look so dirty as others.

The highlight of these sandals is the straps. They are designed with small holes to fit the fashion and airy purposes.

3. ASOS Trainers Sandals with Black Straps

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If you want to create the coolest look, you should not ignore ASOS trainer’s sandals.

These sandals are extraordinary with the sophisticated design. They make us feel more confident to express our individuality. Furthermore, they also are the latest models which keep up with the major fashion trends.

They are a kind of slip – on style that can make you comfortable and airy when you wear it all day. The ASOS sandals are the must have items to get ready for a hot summer. I bought these sandals for my last summer vacation and now they are working well.

They have textured tread with a stylish look of trappy design and open toe. These sandals are the perfect combination of the black straps and white soles. The black color of the straps will make you look both masculine and dynamic.

4. Strappy sandals

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I like Zara because of its top-notch quality products. One of them is strappy sandals. The design of the strappy sandals is eye catching. It is black, but it is added a small red and blue piece on the sole to make the highlight.

Apart from that red piece, these sandals are also highlighted by the hook and loop straps. You can adjust these straps to fit your feet and do not need to worry too much about the width. Besides, there also is a strap at back for closure.

With regard of durability, these sandals are the best. They are made from both polyester and polyurethane, while the sole is rubber. These sandals will be ideal for your sporty style. They also delete the heat of the summer to make you feel cool and breathable.

4. Hysteric glamour

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The next sandals are hysteric glamour. They are logo print strapped sandals. The Hysteric Glamour sandals have an open toe which can make you feel better in the summer. The heat of the summer will be no longer a nuisance for your feet.

The design of these sandals is unique that remind us to the style and spirit of America in the 60s and 70s. Although they are classic styles, they are not out of date. They still look good and fashionable. You can mix with shorts and T-shirt to have the best street style.

The soles are made from rubber and the outers are from polyester and polyurethane. These materials make the sandals lighter, so you can feel free to wear all day long.

5. Teva Men’s Original Universal Urban sandal

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Apart from shoes, men should have some pairs of sandals to change their style every day. A pair of sandal has various roles. It not only fit the weather changes, but also renew your style. You will look more active and stronger with a pair of sandals.

Teva men’s original universal urban sandals are one of the most favorite items on the market up to now. People like them because of its simple, but attractive design. The material is synthetic to provide more comfort as well as durability. The rubber soles are not slippery to protect you from all kinds of terrain.

There is a strappy upper that has some hook and loop adjustment points to make you feel better when wearing. Furthermore, there is an EVA cushioned footbed to avoid feeling hurt. In terms of fashionable factor, it’s maybe not the trendiest, but for cool feeling, these sandals are the best.

Footwear is very important; therefore, you should consider carefully before choosing. Apart from the right size, you also need to pay attention to the style. No one wants to wear a bulky pair of sandals to go out. They want to have a fashionable pair instead to enhance their look.

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