How to clean eyeglasses?

Today, we will provide you the instructions for cleaning the eyeglasses, in terms of the steps to clean the eyeglasses and frames. Some people usually wonder how to clean eyeglasses and whether they are the same or different.

How many of you are big fans of the eyeglasses? Many people wear the eyeglasses because they are shortsighted; however, other people may have a deep passion on wearing this accessory because it can make an improvement in their appearance. They may look more attractive after wearing eyeglasses. Although the eyeglasses can bring you countless benefits, you should pay more attention to clean it frequently.


1.   What should you use to clean the eyeglasses?

Whenever we talk about cleaning the eyeglasses, many people usually wonder what they should take the use of to cleanse eyeglasses and what they are not allowed to use to avoid some unexpected situations. Normally, there remains a wide range of different things that you can take the advantage to cleanse the eyeglasses.

Firstly, you can take the use of the dish soap. Many people misunderstand that they cannot use the dish soap to clean this item because of its side effects. However, this viewpoint is not really true. The dish soap is considered as the best one that you can find out at your home.

It is the safest and best ways of cleaning the eyeglasses. If you make a choice of the dish soap, you should not use the detergent because it can damage your glasses. You had better use the basic kitchen sink soap and remember that the hot water is not allowed. If you use the hot water, it can reduce the lifespan of the lenses(6). You just use the warm water and use several drops of the dish soap.


Secondly, besides the dish soap, you also can take the use of the alcohol. This is a perfect solution of the homemakers. Some people may doubt its efficiency, but, it is examined by many people. You can combine both the dish soap and the alcohol to make the perfect mixture. This combination can make a great contribution to remove all dirt and bacteria’s out of your glasses.

Thirdly, if possible, you can use the cleaning tissues which are an excellent recommendation for the eyeglasses wearers. Some people usually worry that the cleaning tissues can make their glasses wet and have negative effects on their vision; however, the wipes can put an end to their unnecessary worry because it dries quickly. And, it does not waste much time. You just need to swipe the wet layer on the lenses on all sides.

Finally, apart from the above ways, the vinegar, window cleaner and toothpaste are the best ways for cleaning the glasses. Many people think that the vinegar is just beneficial to be the ingredient in cooking meals. This viewpoint is completely true because it can damage your glasses.


However, the window cleaner is not recommended for using because it consists of strong chemicals which can damage your lenses. It can break your glass and destroy eventually. On the other hand, the toothpaste is very useful for you to clean it. For a very long time, the toothpaste is known as the multifunction item that can help you eliminate any scratches on the surface of other items, so, if you use toothpaste to clean, it can remove the scratches on the glasses.

2.   How to clean the eyeglass frames

As normal, people usually lose their direction while starting cleaning the glasses. They do not what they have to do next. It is frank to say that cleaning the eyeglass frames is not a challenge and all people can complete it perfectly.

After using the glasses for a time, your glasses will collect a large amount of the dirt and oil, so sometimes; it can limit your vision. It is time for you to clean it immediately if you do not want any accident happened. When cleaning, you need to be more patient and careful to avoid breaking it.


It is better for you to clean each small part. You can use the toothbrush to wash. But, you should make for sure that you will not brush the lenses to avoid the scratches. Whenever you make a decision of cleaning the eyeglass, you should focus on the frames. The frames of the eyeglasses can be made from countless types of materials; however, metal and plastic are the most popular ones.

For the plastic frames, it is very easy for you to clean. This material is harder than any type of other materials. You can take the use of the mild hand or dish soap to brush the frames of the eyeglasses. But, you should remember that the brush should be soft enough to keep it away from creating scratches.

In terms of the metal frames, it is lighter and unique. You cannot wear dirty metal frames, so you can use the jewelry polish to immerse in the lukewarm water and the dish soap. You can stand it overnight to remove oil and dirt completely. In the next morning, you just need to take it off and dry with a soft and clean cloth.

Apart from the metal and plastic frames, you also can see the wood frames on the market, but it is rare. The wood frame is more difficult for people to clean, compared to both metal and plastic materials. It can be broken easily if you do not store it in the right way. After wearing the eyeglasses, you should put it in a safe location or at least a hard case.

To keep the eyeglasses clean, you should maintain it more regularly after a short time of using to ensure that it is not dirty. You can use the dish soap, toothpaste or other thing to clean it. But you should be aware of each type of the frame while cleaning.

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