Best Men Vintage Glasses You Should Try This Year

Glasses are an indispensable accessory for men.

It helps us protect our eyes and refresh our style when we go out. Wearing glasses can make men more fashionable and masculine.

I always change glasses style whenever I want to refresh myself.

For those who are afraid of using vintage glasses will make you look like a country guy, good news, this year is a the relive of this item. You can see that many celebrities do PR for it strongly in this summer, such as Robert Downey Jr or Johnny Depp.

So, why not choose one for yourself? In this article, I would like to suggest some Vintage glasses that I think they are the best.

1. Outray Classic Men’s or Women’s Metal Frame Aviator Sunglasses

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These vintage glasses come to my mind first whenever I want to opt for glasses.

I think about them first because of its price. Compared to others, these retro glasses are really affordable, but its style is very good.

The frame is made from metal with the composite lens. I had one and I found it good. The metal frame doesn’t hurt me. The glasses frames are very fragile and do not curve or bend much.

They are pretty flat. Many people said that I look younger with those glasses.

Besides, these glasses have four different colors, so you can choose whatever you want. You can choose clear color, if you want to look like a student.

Or if you want to catch up with the fashion trend, you can choose blue, gold or silver colors. I believe that these glasses will never disappoint you.

Additionally, they are suitable for both men and women. It’s frankly to say that it is very difficult for us find out glasses that can fit both genders.

If you are looking for glasses to be more fashionable, I totally recommend you to buy them. The durability of these glasses is awesome, you can use it for a long time without worry.

However, if you need sunglasses, you should not get them. They are not sunglasses, so you can see a regular sun glass tint. Before ordering it online, you should read the details carefully because they don’t ship to some places.

2. Joopin-Round Retro polaroid Sunglasses Driving Polarized Glasses Men Steampunk

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The second recommendation is Joopin-Round retro glasses.

The lens color of these glasses is diversity. I bought these glasses to give my brother on his 25th birthday and he really like it. My brother prefers glasses which are neither too showy nor too monotonous. He likes Vintage glasses, especially retro sunglasses.

And the Joopin-Round glasses are so nice. Their glasses frame is also made from metal as the above one and its durability is the same.

Apart from stylish look, they have numerous functions that make me love it at the first sight. The first thing that I have to accept is its protection.

As we know, the sunlight is harmful to our eyes. But with them, you do not need to worry because it can protect your eyes from the sunlight for 100 percent. Specially, these glasses can reduce our eye fatigue symptoms and eliminate glare.

These glasses are nearly sold out on many websites because they still remain the real classic style. Although they are classic, they still meet the fashion demands, today.

You can wear these retro sunglasses to take part in outdoor activities such as fishing, trekking or racing. These glasses are very light that does not make you feel uncomfortable when wearing too long.

From price to their look is wonderful; however, they are round; therefore, they may not fit all of face shapes.

If you want to buy these glasses, you should consider carefully or try them before buying to make sure that you look good on it.

3. FEISEDY Vintage Slender Oval Sunglasses Small Metal Frame Candy Colors B2277

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The next lovable vintage eyeglasses belong to FEISEDY vintage glasses. I’m quite impressive with this brand due to their high-quality products. I love these glasses because they look cute and durable. The price of these is not too expensive, and it is suitable for everyone with different income.

The same as other glasses, its frame is also metal frame, but with plastic lens. Because they have plastic lens, it is really light with the oval design. This is an ideal sunglass for all of you, both men and women. Moreover, they have bright candy colors like yellow, gray, red, or purple lens with silver frame.

In terms of UV protection, these glasses are undeniable because it can protect our eyes from exposure to both UVB and UVA radiation. The lens enables to block 100 percent of sunlight. I wore these glasses when I participated in outdoor activities at my school and I was so surprised at their protection ability.

The look of these glasses is really retro. Wearing these glasses can take you back to the old time. My friend has a collection of these retro glasses with a lot of different colors. They look so fun and perfect size.

These glasses can adapt to all occasions. They can change your style from being elegant to dynamic and unique. I got these glasses last week, and I liked the added case and packaging with a little towel.

These glasses look very cute and cool colors, but in some occasions, you have to attempt much to bend them into shape. By any way, these ones are worthy enough to buy.

4. SA 106 Retro Art Nouveau Vintage Style Small Oval Metal Frame Sunglasses

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Another amazing sunglasses that you should add into your collection is SA 106 Retro Art Nouveau Vintage Style glasses.

I want to recommend these glasses because their look is what I was looking for. I wanted to find out sunglasses which have a reasonable price and light weight plastic. For the quality, I gave it 5 stars.

I always change the color of my glasses because I believe that new colors can bring me a new feeling.

With this kind of glasses, the color diversity is the most outstanding feature that we want to buy. If you love new things, these glasses are exactly for you. It has 13 wonderful colors that you can feel more comfortable to choose the most suitable one for yourself.

The same as other sunglasses, these glasses are able to protect us from UVA and UVB. Their frames are made from metal too, and frame color is bright and neat. The tint is not too dark, but it’s enough to prevent the sunlight. I wore it to go to a nightclub once, and it was so amazing.

I highly recommend these glasses because it is super nice. My face is oval shape and these glasses fit my face nicely and give me a vintage look. They look so stylish and exceed my expectation.

The only problem that I find in these glasses is the nose pad. Sometimes, I do not feel comfortable with those nose pads. If I wear for a long time, I feel uncomfortable a little bit. But, it’s nothing, compared to their nice look and price. I still want to buy some, but other colors.

5. Ronsou Steampunk Style Round Vintage Polarized Sunglasses Retro Eyewear UV400 Protection Matel Frame

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They have different colors, for both frame and lens. Each of them has their own beauty. For example, I see black frame and gray lens make us more elegant, while silver frame and blue lens look more trendy and cool.

Honestly, I hate brittle glasses frame that is why I always care about the material for frame at first. And these glasses can meet my demands. Because it is made from metal, it is quite light as well as comfortable to wear.

Moreover, if you are afraid of being slid off easily, they can help you much. You can wear it to take part in all kinds of activities without worry about sliding off.

Additionally, I found an interesting thing in these glasses is that they have springs on the hinges, so you can adjust it to fit yourself and make it more durable.

Besides, these glasses have many unique features that I cannot find out in other products such as steam punk and polarized lenses. Polarized lenses are extremely powerful to prevent us from sunlight and glare.

Aside with the positive things, I saw another negative thing. Due to the design of these glasses, it is quite difficult for us to see our sides. However, it is just a small minus point. I’m really pleased with them and they are a good choice for those who are looking for an original look.

6. V.W.E – Classic Square Frame Plastic Flat Top Aviator Glasses /w Metal Trimming and Clear Lens

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Another cheap fashionable glasses that you should refer is V.W.E classic square Frame Plastic Flat Top Aviator glasses.

I think this brand is good enough and its quality equals to what you pay. Both frame and lens of these glasses are made from plastic; therefore, it has a light weight.

After getting it from one of my friends, I wore it regularly. These glasses are nice and can fit to all face shapes. I want to wear glasses whenever I go out to protect my eyes from harmful sun rays such as UVA and UVB.

Although the sun protection ability of these glasses is the same as other kind of sunglasses, I appreciate it because it does not hurt my nose.

These glasses have a double-bridge construction which comes with a solid nose support. This thing can completely eliminate the uncomfortable feeling when I wear it.

I love the old fashion, so I chose it as retro sunglasses. These vintage glasses can bring me a retro look.

Although they the old fashion, they are not bulky. The mixture of frame color and lens color make it more stylish to keep up with the present fashion trend.

Even though these glasses are not expensive, its look and quality are definitely unique with a cute bag.

There is only one thing that you need to take into the consideration before buying is shipping. I got my glasses, but there was no protective packaging, so it was broken a little bit. To avoid it, you can ask the seller to add the bubble wrap.

7. SA 106 Art Nouveau Vintage Style Oval Metal Frame Eye Glasses

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Are you looking for vintage glasses with polycarbonate lenses?

These glasses are suitable for you. I love these glasses not only because of its price, but also its look. I have many glasses and they have round frame, but I want an oval one. I spent much time on searching on the internet to find a vintage style oval frame eye glasses.

I do like these glasses because of its transparent lenses. Some people may think that the transparent lenses can make us look very monotonous; however, they are not.

Furthermore, the shapes of lenses are different, so you can choose the most suitable one for your face shapes, including round or rectangular.

In addition, the colors for the frame are also diversity and you can opt for whatever you want.

I chose the gold color because it can make my skin brighter. I used these glasses for nearly one year, and I do not find any uncomfortable thing. They are quite durable. They still look good, even though I wore them for a year.

When ordering these glasses, I did not expect much because their price is sturdy cheap. However, they were not cheaply made. These glasses are perfect for both men and women. I intend to buy them to give my friend on this 23th birthday. I’m sure that he will love them.

Last time, I got these glasses, but I was not satisfied with their package because they had some scratches. Although they did not affect their look, I thought they will look nicer.

8. Shiratori New Vintage Classic Half Frame Semi-Rimless Wayfarer Clear Lens Glasses

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If you want to experience a new kind of vintage glasses, why don’t you try these? Shiratori glasses come with a vintage glasses frame. I think they are a must-have accessory for those who have a passion on fashionable glasses. These glasses are so light that I feel like I’m not wearing glasses. They look so cute.

We have a tendency to wear glasses as an accessory to look more modern or simply that we want to change our style to get ready for a new day. These glasses will bring you a lot of fun with their style. I’m pretty sure that you can rock with them.

I think these glasses are better than what I expect from such a cheap price. Although these glasses are a little bit bigger than for my small face and they usually slide down, if I run or walk too fast. But, I do not mind that. I got many compliments on them.

Next time, I will buy these glasses, but I will buy other colors to mix with different outfits. I want to have one to attend a festival next week at my school and I will give my priority to this.

Although I like these glasses very much, it will be better, if it can be a bit smaller. If you have an extremely small face, then you should consider before buying. It can make your face look smaller.

9. Happy store CN65 Vintage inspired horned Rim metal bridge P3 UV400 clear lens glasses

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I bought these glasses because I really like their waterproof bag and a piece of microfiber cleaning cloth. I thought that company is so good.

They care about the inside and outside of their product. The waterproof bag is really lovely and useful. After using for a short time, I think these glasses are so amazing. They have plastic lens and composite frame.

Apart from being an accessory, these glasses can be used to protect our eyes against UVA and UVB rays effectively.

These glasses come from a reputable brand which is my favorite one. They have many good products that I really want to try in the future, such as sunglasses, party glasses, anti blue screen glasses and reading glasses.

I referred their products on the official website and I found them very interesting. They use the best quality materials, and leading product designs.

It is quite difficult to find out a pair of glasses that can both keep up with the fashion trend and protect from UV. And these glasses can meet all these requirements. I saw their UV protection, visibility and aesthetic features.

Although the design is simple and classic, it is quite easy to mix all kinds of outfit. I love wearing glasses in the spring to enjoy the sunshine, and these glasses make my dream come true. I can enjoy the warmth of spring sunshine without worry about the sun rays.

These glasses are trendy, but they are very difficult to clean up. If you put your fingers into the lens, then, it is very hard to wipe them off. Sometimes, these glasses make me feel weak and easy to bend.

10. GAMT Round Metal Frame Glasses Steampunk Vintage Circle Sunglasses for Men and Women

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If you are looking for vintage glasses to wear with your boyfriend or girlfriend, these vintage round glasses are exactly what you want. I wore them with my boyfriend and I got tons of compliments. All people said that they fit our face and make us look more fashionable.

We usually wear these glasses to go out or take part in our outdoor activity. Last Sunday, we went picnic for 2 days and 1 night.

We cycled, went fishing, climbed the mountain and raced. We wore them to do all these activities and there was no scratch. They also protect our eyes a lot because now, the weather is sunny and the UVA and UVB rays are harmful to our eyes.

These glasses are durable and nice. I believe that you will fall in love with them like me. They have many different colors, so you can choose as your hobby.

Both glasses lenses and frames are very trendy. Although they are vintage glasses, they will not make you look too classic. They were designed for both men and women; therefore, you shouldn’t ignore.

These glasses are well made and sturdy. Both my boyfriend and me like using these glasses. It will be great to wear these glasses in this coming summer. There is just a small problem that bother me. It is the size of these glasses.

Although they fit my boyfriend, they don’t fit me. They are too big for my face. If I look down or pick up anything off the floor, my glasses will fall down. But I think I can use a good grasp to avoid this.

11. Doober Vintage Men and Women Sunglasses UV400 Outdoor Sports Eyewear Glasses Fashion Shades

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Another good price vintage glasses that I want to introduce to you is Doober sunglasses. These sunglasses are very impressive with a strange style. Their glasses frames are quite big, compared to the glasses lens.

I’m sure that you will have a unique look, if you wear these glasses. They look fun and fashionable. Doober Vintage glasses are a perfect accessory for women or men in many occasions.

Many people said that my glasses are so crazy, but I like it. I had a lot of fun when wearing them. Although they are fashionable glasses, they also have ability to protect my eyes in the glare. This function is beyond my expectation.

I never think that with such a cheap price, they can have so many useful features like that. I had some pairs of sunglasses, but it is impossible to wear it while driving because it can impede the visibility.

However, Doober Vintage glasses are totally different. I can wear them to drive, play outdoor sports, and travelling without any obstruction.

Their lightweight is one of the reasons why I gave it 4 out of 5 stars. I don’t feel uncomfortable when I wear them all day. When going travelling, I usually wear them to take photos. My photos look more beautiful and trendy.

Another reason why I add these glasses into my collection is their price. It is so incredible because their price is super cheap. Particularly, these glasses are suitable for many face shapes such as round, long, square or oval face shape.

I just want to note that you should be careful when wearing these glasses because they are quite fragile. If you hit them somewhere accidentally, they can be broken. Generally, they are worthy enough to buy.

12. Pro Acme Metal Spring Frame Round Steampunk Sunglasses Clear Lens Available

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The next vintage glasses are Pro Acme Metal Spring Frame Round Steampunk Sunglasses. These glasses look very trendy and classy.

After getting them, I was so eager to wear and took a lot of photos continuously. They look so much better than what I think. The glasses frames are not too big or too small, but still feel good. The frame color is also very harmonious with the glasses lens.

I saw my idol wear them once, and I could not take my eyes off that pair of glasses. I wanted to have something that looks like his, so I decided to order ones.

But it is so amazing that I can wear these glasses for both outdoor and indoor events. It looks so luxurious, perfectly suited to attend parties. People called them as a Groovy Lennon style. They really make us look more eye-catching and attractive.

I enjoy them much because sometimes, it is quite difficult to buy the same accessory as the celebrity.

But now, I did it!

I chose a silver frame and silver mirrored lens. I wore them to attend our year end party. My colleague like them and they even asked me to order. With a reasonable price and great look like that, I think each of us should have ones. You can change to look less monotonous and make yourself more attractive.

Although they look pretty, they are just for fashion, mainly and there is no frame available for night vision glasses currently. Therefore, if you are finding a sunglass to stop the harmful sun rays, you should consider carefully.

Here are some vintage glasses that I saw amazing. Hope that my reviews will be helpful for you. I will add more, if I can find some other cute glasses as these.

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