How to Choose the Right Sunglasses for Your Face’s Shape

Sunglasses could be considered one of the most basic and staple accessories that every man should have in his wardrobe. (For a full list of what accessories you cannot live without, you can look over here

Just like having shoes or a winter coat, you don’t need so many pieces of sunglasses but only a few basic but versatile ones.  However, in order to choose a simple yet elegant and sophisticated pair of sunglasses which suits your face and your fashion style will take a long time. There are a lot of options to look for such as the shape of the frame, its material as well as types and colors of lenses.


The first and most important thing that you need to consider when you purchase your sunglasses is to make sure the shape of the sunglasses suits the shape of your face. It needs to balance all of the features on your face and highlighting the best features.

So why do you need to wear a pair of sunglasses at first?

  • Firstly, you need to wear sunglasses to provide protection against the UV rays, which can be damage to your sensitive eyes during the day.
  • They are also very helpful if you have to ride a bike or a cycle, especially when it is windy as they can protect your eyes again the wind, dirt and debris on the way.
  • With some special kind of lenses such as the polarized one, the sunglasses can help you to see better in the board day light. They hence reduce eye strain as well as the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Finally, a pair of sunglasses is a true fashion statement if you can find a suitable pair that matches your face’s shape as well as other features like your skin tone, your hair and your clothing.

Let’s read on to see some recommendations on sunglasses for different face’s shapes namely the Oval face, the round face and the heart face as well as the square and diamond face.


The oval face is the most versatile face with very asymmetric details. It can be paired well with any kind of sunglasses with all kind of frames and colors. You can invest your money on some classic and sleek sunglasses such as the RAY BAN club master or the frame styles such as Aviators, Wayfarer and brow line. Some specific shapes like the geometric, wrap and rectangle also match the oval shape really well.

However, you should avoid wearing round or oval frame styles as they will make your face looks unnecessary rounder and chubbier.


A man who has round face tends to have round contours. Therefore, in order to look sharper, you need to redefine your face’s shape and reduce the obviousness of the round corners.

The best kind of sunglasses you could go for is the classy Wayfarers and Aviator. You can also go for the frame styles whose shape are everything but round including Wrap, rectangle and square pair of glasses.

And as I mention, avoid all kinds of sunglasses whose frames have round corners such as the brow line, the round, the oval and the geometric frame styles.



A heart shaped face is also known as a rectangular shaped face. When you have this kind of face’s shape, you often have a wide forehead and a narrow jawline.

The classic aviators frame style is suitable for this face’s shape as well. Furthermore, you can go for a geometric and rectangular frame style which can help to balance the width of the forehead with the width of the jawline.

You can consult more on how to choose the best sunglasses for the diamond/ heart shaped face here.


Square face is just the opposite of a round face so basically, what pair of sunglasses which is suitable for a round face is not suitable for a square face, except for the versatile Aviators and wrap frame style.

Therefore, you should avoid the rectangle and square frame and go for the round, oval and browline frame instead. Choosing a pair of sunglasses with a round corner will help to soften the toughness of a square shaped face.


Having a diamond face means that you have a pointed chine as well as wide cheekbones while the forehead is of a normal size. If you have a diamond face, you can choose a pair of Aviators, Oval and wrap.

Unfortunately, you should not wear the wayfarer and the brow line.

In all of the shapes of face below, besides choosing the right frame style, it is also very important that you can pick up the pair that fits your perfectly. No style of frame can go well with your face as long as it is oversized.

Lastly, let’s have a look at the frame design as well. In general, there are 3 main types of frame including the full frame, half frame and frame less.


A full frame means that the lenses of the sunglasses are covered fully by a frame made from either plastic or a kind of material. This style of frame is very classical and can be worn in all shaped of the face.


Like the name suggest, there is half of the lenses which are covered by a frame. A half frame is very useful when you want to focus the attention on either your forehead or your chin to make it feels like they are balance.


This type of design has no frame, which is often called rimless. It can be used to compliment all of the best features in your face. One possible con of this product is that it takes patience and delicacy to carefully take it off and handle it.

I hope with my general guide here, you would be able to identify that your face shape is and what is the most suitable type of sunglasses for your face.

In general, you should invest some money and time on purchasing your best sunglasses. You will use them so often and can create a really stylish and unique statement with your sunglasses. So be sure to try on all of the sunglasses that you want to buy to see if they are a good it before taking them home.


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