Is She Flirting With Me Or Just Being Friendly?

Met her for the very first time, into her. You felt that you two were born for each other and of course, you thought that she’s into as well. So, on one beautiful day, you decided to make a move and she told you that she just wanted to be friends.


– Okay, I know that there’re a lot of you guys being in such terrible case as well as hearing such worst line in your life, don’t you?

And I bet that you have been spending hours, even days to think about the reason – how could you have gotten this wrong?

My buddy, it’s not your blindsided or things like that. It’s just you misreading her signs. Or sometimes, it’s even not your faults at all.

To help you keep those vulnerable stuff at bay, in this article, I’ll guide you the most common signs to know whether she’s flirting with you or just being friend.

Some shock facts you might not know about women

Like men us, some women out there can flirt with you though they don’t get any interest in you. And of course, they don’t want to make a move! Just prefer flirting you, for some reasons (I don’t know!)

And, contrast to men, most women keep thinking that a man and a woman can be “good friends” someday. It means that she wants to get your attention and care to her like a “special friend”, but nothing goes further.

For example, she wants you to be in this kind of relationship: a person who goes out shoe shopping with her or hanging out with possibly braiding her hair and stuff like that.

She likes you! BUT, it’s not synonymous to she being attracted you.

In general, women they call this “friends”, but men we call this “flirting”. It’s all about how we define it. But if a girl is truly flirting with you, there are some “extras” signals coming from her eyes, the way she touches you or she talks to you.

It’s just you, have to pay closer attention to such common signs!

If a girl doesn’t like you, there’s a clear sign – the way she texts you. Usually, a girl, without getting interested in you, will respond to your text call with just one-word, like “aha” or “lol”.

On the contrary, if she likes you, it’s probably a prompt response to your call, and pretend to elongate the conversation with you. That’s an implied signal to show you her effort.

On the other hand, if she just wants to be friendly, obviously, there’s NO extras, but just the basis. Like, no spending long hours on the phone with you and not being shy or timid.

Even if she knows or feel that you kind of like her, chances are that you will receive less than basis – which is another clear sign to give you her answer: NO!

Now, how to know if she likes you are just want to be friends?

Well, actually there cannot be an exact answer to this question because every woman has their own way to try to attract you (if she likes you). However, there are some common signs that you should not ignore to “read” her attitude.

By learning the signs that women gave you, getting out of your tunnel vision and being aware of her baseline, you will have an upper hand in avoiding these sticky situations.

Clear signs she’s flirting with you

First approach

You should know that girls don’t usually walk up to a guy to spark a conversation. But if she does, that’s amazing like she’s probably talked to her best friend, her mom’s co-workers, her principle, anyone to get advice whether or not. In summary, she should make that first approach so, great news and very important.


There are no personal bubbles, guys!

If girls are flirting with you, they will do anything they can just to touch you, like your knee, your shoulders, your face, or even your fingers.

Girls are touchy. They kind of take it easy with the touching but won’t touch anyone they meet. If they are feeling you, they will touch you.

Flirty lips

If a girl is messing with her lips in a semi seductive way, she’s FOR SURE flirting!

Sensual flirting which is also the most common that nearly every girl do is she tries to show you’re her neck, plays with her hair, tilts her head, touches her lips.

Eye contact

Guys, pay attention to this sign!

Girls will make a lot of eye contact, like staring at the man she’s feeling to make him come up to her or even she herself will do that. There aren’t any certain rules for that but the eye contact is crucial.

Another additional sign is cute smiley giggle way. That means she wants to talk to you.

Cry for help

Okay, this sign is 50/50.

When a girl wants you (the guy that’s she is interested in) to help her with something and she talks it to you in “a little too much” cute way. This is kind of a psychological need to feel like a hero.

They don’t do that with the guy they don’t like because in fact, it’s for sure a weird situation. (Sure!) But as I said, it’s a 50/50 chance. Either she’s flirting you or she just want to get help literally. But don’t ignore it!

Awing (listening/sympathizing)

This kind of behavior shows that she’s pretty much thinking you are cute. She will pay a lot of attention to your story, laugh at whatever jokes you tell her or sympathize with what you are talking about.

This sign is really important because girls will surely turn out if they don’t find you interesting. Thus, forgiving is really good response.

For example: “Guy, you are so sweet” and “Aw, I like that. That’s very nice of you”.

So, just make your own assessment.

Corner you

If she corners you, talks to you in private, a blog setting or whatever, that just means she wants to know more about you, wants to be close to you and something like that.

It’s a clear sign that she wants to make a close, private conversation with ONLY you and no one else.

Okay, my last advice for you is to STOP wasting time on a girl who does not like you. Be a genius savvy sign reader and I assure you finding out someone who’s really interested in you – just you! If you want to learn more signs to know if a girl is interested in you, don’t miss out my article about “How to know if a girl likes you or not”, there’re a lot of useful, realistic and good information to “read” her.

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