Reasons Girls Don’t Like You and How to Be More Interesting

Alright guys, is it hard for you to date a woman?

You really like a girl, try to approach her and finally, get a very first date. However, after that, she found tons of reason to deny meeting you again. Why? Might she not like you or not find you interesting! So, now, you can you improve this?

As this topic today might be a little bit longer than usual with a lot of useful information, guide, tips and tricks that will help you refresh yourself to be more interesting. Also, we will talk about top things from guys make girls don’t like them as you know, prevention is better than cure. Now, without further ado, let’s get straight into this.

Reasons girls don’t like you

No confidence

Picture it!

You are a lion. Chilling in the Sahara and all of a sudden, a lioness walks by your life. BUT, instead of letting out a mighty roar, strolling up to her, showing her your power and letting her know that you are the king of that jungle, you avoid eye contact, become dilly-dally and unready to all the sudden. Like, just sitting there being awkward.

No, my friend!!!

I know but it boils down to confidence. Without it, you’re doomed!

If you are a shy guy or don’t have lots of confidence, especially when you’re facing with girls, my sincere advice for you is to find some good books and read.

You can’t image how useful this new hobby will be, 100% more or less bringing you benefits (I swear!).

I was once a very shy boy that even couldn’t express my thoughts in front of just a small group of people to the talk in front of a crowd, but now, it’s over. And books are my best friends.

They give me a lot of great skills and guides to help me more open minded, change my attitude, my behaviors and become the present me. So, I think you should!

I don’t highly recommend you to look for those books guiding you on how to get more girls or something like that, the ones helping you in self-improvement will do that better. They will improve your whole life, not just flirting skills.


Same conversation.

You do the same thing everyday without anything new, refresh or excited. Might you not feel it’s boring, but your girl MIGHT! It’s the same thing as you eating just one dish day by day. Boring, right?

So, guys, I’m trying to advise you to break your old routine.

Remember that making your life more exciting and interesting will automatically lead to your conversation.

I don’t say that you have to try to be a hero, saving the world or something marvelous and decent like that. Just add some new and good routines!

For example, if you like guitar, learn how to play it. Attend a dance class if you love dancing. Or take part in volunteer campaigns.

Now why should you do that?

Great question! These brand-new hobbies will help refresh your life, soup up your daily routines and on top of that, you will have many new, interesting things to share with her. Like, telling her about how interesting it is when you learn to play guitar, or impress your girl by playing some of her favorite songs, or sharing with her other wonderful people you have met from the last campaign.

This will not only improve the conversations between both of you, but also help your life more meaningful or exciting.

Okay guys, I know that a lot of you are arguably “boring”, but don’t be down too much because there are ways to change. It’s just up to you! And if YOU want to make a revolution to improve yourself and improve your dating, in the next part, I will share some of my best tips and secrets to be more interesting. Read on!

Next, you don’t take care of yourself

I’m not talking about those girls who are too over to the outer look, BUT, most women will more or less care about your appearance. They don’t ask much, just whether or not your hair is clean and neat, or your clothes are wrinkle free.

Though they are small things and men us might don’t think much about that because it’s just hair or it’s just clothes. Why so serious, right?

But trust me, not only women, but also when working or meeting your partners, such small stuff will say a lot about you. So, because they don’t take much time of us and even they will bring you a lot of good changes in health and outlook, let’s spend some to take care of yourself.

This really can be broken down into three areas.

First up is fitness!

What kind of shape are you? Now, I’m not saying that you need to be a dinosaur with 6-pack abs or anything like that. I’m just talking about if you exercise, if you take care of yourself or you’re a hot mess.

Next up is style.

Do you put effort and dress with purpose? Are you wearing horrible clothes that don’t fit you right? I’m not advising you to spend a ton of cash, but just make sure the clothes you wear are wrinkle free, clean, coordinated and fit you well.

Another thing I want to make clear with you is to talk about the difference between aged and dirty. If you’ve got a pair of boots that are worn in and they are like aged, that’s perfectly fine and cool.

But, if there’s mud, dirt and grass stains on there, that’s a totally different story.

HOLD ON!!! Here might also be what you are concerning (don’t miss out):

Last up is your grooming.

Are you hygienic? Do you stink? Do you smell good?

Remember, over powering perfume can be just an offensive and off-putting as horrible halitosis. What about your complexion as well as your skin? Is it radiating? Is it ruggedly handsome and sexy soft?

Consider these issues and start changing if they aren’t good yet. For example, are you choosing the right body spray? Is your razor perfect for your face shape?

Or, if you have a beard, make sure to groom, trim and take care of it. For those who don’t have time, you can straight out to the barbershop nearby and have your beard neat and fit. If you want to save money or just love trimming it yourself, just buy some good beard tools and beard caring products. Easy peasy!

Might you be boring or not interesting, but at least, don’t make your appearance be the first reason she has to talk to.

Other reasons

Drink too much

Now, either you pick up that girl at the bar, maybe you’ve already drinking and are too drunk, she’s not going to even give you the time of day.

Or, on your very first date, both of you go out for dinner and you order beer after beer or whisky after whisky, that’s a major turnoff. She might think you are a drunker or have a problem.

Just do it, guys! Be a gentleman!

You can take one, two or three glasses but take a little bit care about how she’s drinking. Remember that you are trying your best to court her over to win her over.

This is my mother of the saying: if you drink, take the first one, step the second one, sip the third one and the forth one is the last for the night. That’s a big deal!

However, this is flexible. Make sure that she is a drinker, too. The amount of alcohol glass will depend on how much she can drink. If she’s not a drinker, take one or two shots for maximum.

The four-glass rule can’t be used at the same place.

Terrible manner

Act like a gentleman! Something that court your lady like open the doors, buy her dinner, give her flowers, please and thank you. I mean anything possible to show that you like her.

Don’t have a job or can’t hold a job

Now, if you are in high school, this likes a hit or miss but, you should be at least doing some sort of work. I mean something that gives you a little of money so you can take your lady out to a movie.

And if you are adult now, it’s a very must-have – you should have a job.

Because even if you are the funniest dude, people love you and want to hang out with you, but if you can’t own your finance, hardly someone wants to date you.

Don’t make any effort

Or in other words, you don’t talk to them!

You need to make the initiative and put yourself out there a little bit. Sometimes, people want to talk to you, but you never get out there, no one is never going to talk back to you. That’s simple!

Picture it, a girl’s walking across you and your mind is blown up, you really like and want to date her. But all of what you have been doing is just sitting at the corner and seeing her walking by. That behavior will silently let everyone understand that you don’t feel her or date her.

And if you still keep staring at her without saying or presenting anything, chances either she might think you’re creepy or you’re too arrogant to go up to her.

Never wait for girls to come up to you. No! No! No!

Secrets to be more interesting (MUST KNOW)

Now, as promised, I will tell you top secrets that not only me, but also a lot of guys out there has tried and got succeed – top secrets to be an interesting guy!

Not over sharing

Don’t share TOO MUCH every aspect of your life on social media. Nothing kills your mystery then right you show all parts of your life in front of many people.

There are a lot of guys like this, posting countless things on Facebook, Instagram or other social media. You want to be more interesting? Stop, dudes!

Expanding your knowledge base

I told this to you before. This may include reading books, listening to podcast, audio box, YouTube videos. More educate yourself about random stuff, the more you are going to contribute the conversation. The more you know, the more interesting you’ll be.

Develop new hobbies

Often time, developing new hobbies is the great not only to push yourself, but also expose to new and exciting people.

Being around new different people is an amazing way for you to develop new friendship between people with different background stories. Getting outside of your bubble and you will be more interesting.

Improve your personality

Now, I know that you’re like “What?”

Personality is more specifically your charisma, something can be developed. It’s like the skills!

The more you practice, the better you’ll get.

Expand your style

Get outside of your style comfort zone. What I mean is by going shopping, buy different things, try new styles. It might be something that you see on other dudes which are cool. This is the great way to be you more stylish, but also more interesting.

Also, pay close attention to your grooming. This includes your facial hair and haircut. Switching up, guys. Try something new! That might also be new hair products. Let’s looking for good ones!

So, now that’s all what I want to message to you, understand your girl, know what she likes and doesn’t. Get out of your comfort zone, don’t be afraid to try something new, like new food, travel to new places, buy new different style of clothes or develop yourself.

Also, don’t forget to take care of yourself as you know only when you enable to take care of YOURSELF, you can do that to your lady. Thanks a lot for reading and remember to read other of my articles about men’s lifestyle and relationships.

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