Best Walking Sandals In 2018

Most of walkers choose walking sandals as their best friend, no matter their walk is long or short distance. Take a look at them and you’ll find out easily the reason – the airier.

Yeah, though walking sneakers provide better protection, closure and kind of “professional” feeling, sandals score with their superb airy, comfortable and breathable design.

Also, you don’t need to worry if it’s unfortunately raining and yours get wet. Because they can be quickly dried afterward, unlike sneakers. In other words, they are better in maintenance and cleaning.

There are a lot of other benefits coming from a pair of walking sandals but above are the major. So, have you changed your mind in picking a comfortable “cool feet” sandal for your walk? Then consult my collection below.

I. Open – toed sandals

1. Teva Men’s Katavi Outdoor Sandal, Walnut, 9 US

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My first walking sandal is the Teva men’s Katavi outdoor sandals, walnut, 9US. At first, I didn’t like sandals much because I thought that it is not formal and out of fashion. However, it was misleading.

This sandal has an eye-catching open-toed design, which is also a kind of traditional, but trendy. You do not need to worry about looking like an old country man because they have a very distinctive design that is not overshadowed by other designs.

I always feel comfortable when wearing. Tested it at a short distance before purchasing and I was totally convinced. With a 1.25 inches heel, you will not feel hurt when walking for a long distance.

The Teva men’s Katavi outdoor sandal features three adjustable hook and loop straps to let you wear more easily. They are the mixed material with the rubber soles to fit all the terrains. Furthermore, they have a nylon shank for the stability to eliminate the risk of falling.

2. ECCO Men’s Yucatan Sandal

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If you are looking for a pair of multifunctional sandals, this model is your best bet. The ECCO men’s Yucatan sandal is perfect for those who want their toes to be breathable and free due to its no-toe cover.

They are a perfect compromise between textile and leather with the sole rubber. These materials make lightweight and durable. Another reason that I want to recommend this pair to you is its various colors to choose from.

To me, the design of this sandal is not too special, but it has stretched underlay and three adjustable hook and loop straps. These features made it more outstanding and attracted buyers’ attention.

In terms of fashion aspect, they can meet your requirements. It looks formal for important events and casual for daily wear. It means that you can wear it for most of the occasions.

I always wear it to walk every day. It helped me enjoy my walking more. And you know, walking is good for our health, so if there is something that can make you walk more and enjoy walking more, we should invest immediately.

3. Dockers Men’s Newpage Sporty Outdoor Sandal Shoe

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Although the Dockers brand is not a popular brand on the market, I still find their products are good. I will take the New page sporty outdoor sandal shoe as an example. No doubt, they will attract you at the first sight.

Both the sole and the footbed are made to give your feet the traction, support and protection as well.

I wore this pair and totally felt good to the claim that they were the best one that I’ve ever worn. It has a good arch support and cushioning. The straps of this sandal are padded completely to have less risk of blisters.

And, I highly appreciate this pair because it is manmade.

Although this sandal cannot protect your feet from rocky trails, it will give your feet lots of air. If you love hiking, this sandal will support you and walk on either pavement or asphalt.

4. Northside Men’s Riverside Sport Strap Sandal

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The last open-toed sandal in this list is the Northside Men’s riverside sport strap sandal. Wearing walking shoe too often, you may feel tired, so you need something more breathable and airy. And, the sandal can be the best solution for you.

The Northside men’s riverside sport shoes come up with a fashionable style. It is available with a man-made version and synthetic sole. Besides, this outdoor sandal features two adjustable hook and loop straps and rear pull loop which allow you to get a good fit and keep your heels in place for walking stride.

They work well on the beach, on the gentler natural paths and trails. You also enable to wear them in the city. As it is a kind of open toed sandals, the sandals own all features such as keeping your feet airy.

II. Close – toed sandals

1. KEEN Men’s Newport Hydro-M Sandal

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As my expectation, this pair of sandals did not disappoint me thanks to its awesome design with many beneficial features. The first thing that impressed me strongly was its stylish and modern look. It is suitable for outdoor activities as well as create an active style for men.

Both open and close toed designs have its own benefits. For close toed design, it can protect your feet from the rocks or roots, so you can feel safer. I also feel so comfortable and breathable even when hiking or walking all day for my city tour. The best thing that I found in them is the waterproof leather straps. With this feature, you can feel free to wear in many conditions.

I highly recommend this pair of sandal for those who love walking and hiking. If you are planning for a picnic, and you are confusing about footwear, they are right for you. Your feet will not hurt or blister after walking for a long distance with the support of this pair of sandals.

2. Qiucdzi Men Leather Sports Sandals Summer Outdoor Closed Toe Breathable Walking Beach Sandals/Fisherman Sandals

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The next close toed sandals I want to introduce to you is the Qiucdzi men leather sports sandals summer outdoor walking beach sandals. Truth to say, they look like fisherman sandals with three different colors, including khaki, black and brown.

To compete with many best sandals on the market, this brand focusses more on the quality than the style which is reflected in the how high quality of the material they used. The shoes themselves are crafted from two layers of leather which are soft, wear resistant and high toughness to let you walk comfortably. Besides, the honeycomb shoe pad provides you a relaxed and breathable space.

They can be used for many different purposes, such as casual wear for fishermen, or walking, traveling, playing at home, or on the beach, indoor working, short trips, and outdoor exercises. With only one pair of sandals, you can wear in any occasions.

3. KEEN Men’s Newport H2 Sandal

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Close toed sandals always have its own attraction and this pair is no exception. It comes with various colors and washable polyester webbing material. Specially, it is non-marking rubber outsole with razor sniping sole. Furthermore, it has a removable metatomical PU footbed and the water-resistant leather upper.

This sandal is designed in specialization for walking to provide you the right fit. Additionally, it is added some features to benefit the wearers such as the clean sport NXT for natural odor control, a breathable mesh lining and a compression molded EVA midsole.

They can be worn in any condition from wet to dry surfaces while bringing the best shape and comfort for your feet. The same as any sandals, they are suitable for all kinds of outdoor activities.

4. Orlasha Mens Sports Sandals Leather Fisherman Sandals Closed Toe Summer Outdoor Beach Shoes Water Slippers

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Orlasha Mens Sports Sandals are designed for those who are interested in fisherman sandals. In terms of design, they will bring you back to the old time. However, it is not something out of fashion, but the traditional feeling.

The sandals are made out of soft leather upper with the traits of great stiffness, plasticity and elasticity. In my opinion, they are the best for the summer adventures.

The rubber outsole with all round grab texture and closed toe can protect your safety while the mesh lining and the removable insole make the sandals dry quickly and eliminate the smell as well as bacteria.

This pair of sandals is suitable for many outdoor activities, such as running, jogging, hiking, traveling, walking, camping, rafting and biking. Besides, you also can wear it to play summer sports and garden. Or, it is an ideal for going to the beach or pool.

5. KEEN Men’s Uneek Sandal

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The next close-toed model belonged to Keen brand which is one of the most reputable sandal brands on the market up to now. Although this pair of sandals is not water resistant, I still like it because of its unique design.

Compared to others, they are the most fashionable pair. It has knotted wires and the adjustable straps upper. The huarache inspired sandal with woven cord upper features adjustable drawcord lacing and non-marking rubber outsole. Meanwhile, the footbed is anatomical.

In terms of material, this pair of sandals is made from fabric with different color options to choose from. I got a brown pair and it was great with the open-air design. It is breathable and airy. I did not feel wet, even when I wear it all day long. This sandal is not only trendy but also durable to suit all outdoor activities. With them, you can create your own new style perfectly.

6. VENSHINE Mens Sports Sandals Summer Leather Outdoor Fisherman Beach Athletics Walking Hiking Sandals

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Next is a perfect walking sandal from Venshine. It is a top made with leather and fabric. The premium genuine leather and hydrophobic mesh lining keep your feet airy and breathable.

In addition, it has a round and reinforced toe to protect your toes safe as well as comfortable for taking part in outdoor activities. The internal support mechanism is anatomically engineered to provide the excellent arch support and cradle the natural contours of the foot.

The Venshine sandals make a great contribution to keep your outdoor activities and sports safety and comfort. The style of this sandal keeps up with the latest fashion trend in the world to let you have a more masculine look. This sandal can be worn for many terrains, from the beaches, mountains to the city streets.

7. Camel Mens Leather Sandals Fisherman Comfortable Casual Walking Shoes Athletic for Hiking Beach Sport Summer-Close Toe

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For town and trail, I’m pretty sure that you will enjoy the Camel men’s leather sandals fisherman. It has a good design and protect your feet well. The most special thing about this pair is its materials.

This sandal is made from the high quality genuine nubuck cowhide leather with some air holes matching with elastic fabric materials to provide you a fashionable and breathable pair. The extended round rubber closed toe sandals enable to protect your feet from unexpected crash, and anti – collision design to make sure that you are safe when you play sports or join in outdoor activities. The same as the other pair, this sandal is lightweight and has an adjustable strap.

This sandal can meet your needs because it is protective, adjustable, breathable, comfortable, stable, safe and light. it is the best choice for fashionista. This sandal is a suggestion for any occasion, such as hiking, office, fishing, leisure, and walking. It is perfect for the hot summer and muggy stuffy days.

Here are some open and close toe walking sandals that I like. These sandals are affordable and I always feel comfortable when I wear them. I got tons of compliments and my friends also like. If you are a walking lover, you should not ignore these sandals. Each kind of sandals will bring you knew experiences.

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