Best Running Pants for Men 2018

In running, choosing the right bottoms is essential because it plays an important part to help you move flexibly and comfortably during movements.

Two common types of running bottoms are shorts and pants which are orderly used for summer and winter. While in tropical countries, winter is still bearable, in temperate climate, it’s freakily cold. From that point, I highly recommend you to think about a good pair of running pants when the cold days are upcoming.

When it comes to running pants, there are two popular materials: polyester and mixed material. They are all good wicking moisture away to keep your body breathability and dry. The best running pants should be soft, comfortable and breathable in material, stretchy for optimal mobility and also stylish.

And this collection today I’m going to share you will be based on such elements. Besides, I also consider some more, like zipper, elastic waistband with drawcord, warranty, brand and durability. Picking any of these best running pants, it’s sure to bang for your bucks. So, don’t miss out!

I. Polyester pants

Now, I will go firstly with polyester pants!

This type of material emphasizes its fast in wicking moisture away to perfect be your best friend in cold days.

Besides, it is the best bet for those who are in a tight budget because compared to the cotton clothes, it’s much more affordable to go to. Polyester is really light, elastic and strong fibers to resist shrinking and wrinkles.

Sound too good to be true, right? But, not quite!

The Achilles’ heel of this material is not breathable and tends to stick to perspiring skin, which is the main reason why I only advise it for winter. Besides, when machine washing, keep in mind to wash it separately from the fabric dye due to its dye migration characteristics.

For the best quality polyester pants, my picks for you are Baleaf, Adidas, Vertical Sport and DRSKIN. They are all well-known brands specialized in sporty clothes in general saying and running pants in particularly. Besides, they are all in mid-tier range to fit almost budgets, I think.

However, if you are looking for some more affordable models, Hemoon and Hanes are two golden candidates to try.

1. Baleaf Men’s Tapered Athletic Running Pants

View here

First up is a pair of Baleaf Running Pants.

This is also one of my favorite bottoms to couple with when I’m going to run or take part in other activities in cold days. Its style is quite basic with elastic band and drawcord. Three colorways to choose from: black, dark grey and light grey.

With it, you can style with a basic or simple tee or an elongated shirt. Moreover, a wide range of sizes to go for. Take a look at there sizing chart to ensure you’re going to pick the best one. Aside from its simplicity style, there are two functional pockets on both sides which are spacious enough to accommodate an iPhone 6S Plus.

However, while running, I vote to put such valuable stuff inside a small pack, might be a cool fanny bag. It’s my loyal companion recently because of its trendy design and functionality.

If you are a short guy, I also highly recommend these pants because of its slim fit design to make your legs look longer to the eyes. Just one thing to bear in mind – machine wash it inside out.

2. adidas Tiro 17 Athletic Soccer Training Pant – Mens

View here

Next, Adidas!

I guess I don’t need to talk much about this too well-known sporty brand, right?

With so many years of experience in producing and distributing sporty clothes, Adidas nails up their distinction and uniqueness by superbly exquisite designs, top-rated material and application.

Here, compared it to the Baleaf above, you can see a clearly difference. This model comes in more elegant and stylish look though at a quick glance, it’s just a pair of running pants in black. Provide myriad sizes for customers, it fits nicely to the wearer’s body while still offer a moderate comfort for strong maneuvering.

Highlight with ventilated climacool, not only wicking moisture pretty fast, this model also keeps you dry and comfortable all day long.

But I appreciate its zippered pockets more for its optimal closure and security. Thanks to these zippers, you can feel ease in mind to put up some small changes, earphones and so on. Besides, its inner lining is pretty good, thick and strong to not fall apart easily.

Depend on particular design, its price range will be different. But it’s also a good feature because you can find out some affordable pants (though they are not as stylish as the expensive ones) that bang for your buck.

3. Vertical Sport Mesh Side Pockets Running Men’s Track Pants

View here

Take a look at these pants, somehow, I automatically remember to my father who had spent his youth sticking to this item. Haha. Personally, it brings a little of old feeling because of its too traditional and original design.

However, can’t deny how realistic and convenient this model brings up. Its loose shape provides a moderate comfort while moving. So, if functionality is just what you are all about, highly recommend these pants.

The vertical sport mesh side pockets running men’s track pants are available in many colors such as gray basic, black, navy, white basic, black basic and so on. This pant is decorated with two lines on each side to make it look sportier.

There are two side pockets for keeping wallet, cash, phone, or watch. But again, it’s only secure under light movement. During a run, it’s better to be stored in a small bag.

In terms of material, this pant is made from one hundred percent of polyester which is tough and breathable. The vertical sport mesh side pocket running men’s track pants has classical design with an elastic waistband.

Personally, I think it is quite comfortable to fit any activities. If you need a pair of running pants for daily wear in the winter, this model is right for you. Besides, you also can wear this pant for playing sports or taking part in other outdoor activities.

4. DRSKIN Compression Cool Dry Sports Tights Pants Baselayer Running Leggings Yoga Rashguard Men

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Differ from other counterparts in this field, the DR SKIN running pants is more likely a legging for men. But don’t misunderstand that it’s slim or thin in material. On the contrary, the polyester fabric of this model is quite thick yet comfortable to style in winter.

It’s even more stylish to mix and match with a pair of running shorts or basketball shorts, delivering a distinctive and characteristic Streetstyle vibe.

For those who don’t know, this compression cool, dry sports tights pants baselayer running leggings yoga Rashguard men are not totally made from polyester, but they are added a small amount of spandex. Both of them are all non-abrasion fabric material which provides an excellent elasticity and durability. Besides, it can block the UV rays quite efficiently.

Truth to say, I’m a little bit in love with its elastic band with a giant logo printing on the frontside. It’s ideal to mix with shorts and exposed the logo out – pretty cool and masculine.

This pant is multifunctional with two-way air circulation, including heat retention in the winter and cool int eh summer. Furthermore, it has quick and dry transport system to wick sweat away from our body and keep it drier and cooler.

The DR SKIN is designed for all seasons and activities. It can be used for training, baseball, basketball, soccer, squat, weight training, yoga, all weather sports, snowboarding, skiing, and cycle.

5. Hemoon Men’s Running Trousers

View here

I picked these Hemoon running pants right when I saw the camouflage model. I’d been looking for a cool, grungy with military look camo bottom so far and it was like me catching gold. I remembered that I nearly smashed that Buy button right away. Haha

If you are looking for cool trousers like me, you should not ignore this one. Quite sure that these camouflage pants won’t be out of style. In other words, it’s a timeless piece that’s worth considering to add to your closet.

I also like two vertical side pockets as well. Though it’s opened style, these pockets are much more secure than those slashed-style ones like other above models. Besides, they are freakily spacious to accommodate many things like smart phone, earphone, some small changes or simply, tossing your hands into it for a cool Instagram look.

It has all features we need for running pant with many colors. The Hemoon men’s running trousers are sure to make us feel comfortable with moderately strong elastic band.

The hemoon men’s running trousers are suitable for running, yoga, basketball and other outdoor living. Besides, if you want to choose a pair of trouser for walking around, this is also a good choice.

6. Hanes Sport Men’s X-Temp Performance Training Pant with Pockets

View here

If you are a fan of loose pants, don’t miss out this Hanes’s Running Bottoms. The Hanes sport men’s X – temp performance training pant is similar to other polyester counterparts. Truth to say, it does not have a fashionable look, but comes in super comfort.

The Hanes training pant applies the X – temp technology, which can adapt our body temperature and activity. Furthermore, it keeps you cool and dry for all day comfort. Additionally, the cool DRI technology dries the fabric faster for maximizing the comfort.

This pant is a good selection for any activities. You can wear it to play sports, do exercises, and outdoor activities. I often wear this pant to play tennis and I feel so comfortable.

Lastly, the Hanes sport men’s x – temp performance training pants arrive in two colors, including black and stealth. So, in my opinion, it’s much more suitable for those who don’t care much about their look or fashion, but just the functionality.

7. ASICS Men’s Aptitude 2 Run Pant

View here

While choosing the best running pants for men, the ankles are another thing to consider. Almost running pants come in elastic ankles to keep the whole silhouette neat and clean. However, with some big guys with giant ankles, these elastic straps seem to be an annoyance because of its poor elasticity.

So, the best alternation for you is looking for a pair of running pants with zippers in its ankles. Why? Because thanks to this small change, you can take freely adjust it to fit your ankles’ size the most.

I hate being wet during working out or running. And if you have the same feeling as me, these pants will surely save you from such annoying moments, keeping you dry by wicking the moisture away during a run. Furthermore, the ASICS men’s aptitude 2 run pant has a compressive and stretchy fit to provide good blood circulation.

This pant is made from synthetic. It is very thin and soft. In addition, the ASICS pant will protect you against the cold of the winter. It is very comfortable, although it is quite skinny.

The same as other pants, I always like it for the zip pockets to keep my valuable accessories alongside. This Asics pant is designed for the most strenuous of exercises. Besides, it can be used for other activities such as cycle, or skiing.

II. Mixed material pants

Now, we are going to dive more deeply into the mixed material running pants. When to wear them and who are the most suitable for this kind of material?

Well, good question!

Mixed material pants are a versatile option when you are looking for the best pair of running pants for both hot and cold weather. Usually, I see the material of many athletic pants mixing between polyester and cotton or polyester and spandex.

With cotton, it helps to absorb moisture pretty quickly and efficiently to overcome the biggest weakness of polyester – non-breathability. Besides, cotton helps you to stay comfortable all days long without annoyance of the fabric sticking to your skin if it’s sweated.

Speaking of the spandex, this combo is favorited by many professionals for its superbly quick wicking moisture away to suit with strong maneuvering during a match or a game. Besides, it’s super lightweight, dry quickly and anti-shrinking pretty well.

Moreover, it’s good at aerodynamic and conforming on the right body shape. Frequently, I see this material is used as the inner lining of sporty pants.

Speaking of mixed material running pants, I highly recommend four famous brands to consider: FLYFIREFLY, Champion, Athmile and 4ucycling.

1. FLYFIREFLY Men’s Gym Sport Pants Bodybuilding Workout Running Jogger

View here

One of the best benefits of the FLYFIREFLY men’s gym sport pants is the ability to resist the nasty smell. In fact, when you run or walk for a long time, chances are that you will sweat a lot and have uncomfortable smell. That’s the reason why you need to find out a running pant to remove being smelly.

Although this pant does not have various colors as the others, it still becomes the best seller thanks to the high-quality material. This pant is made out of cotton for a superb lightness in weight.

Apart from the fashionable look, the FLYFIREFLY men’s gym sport pants have zipper pockets on both sides to protect your belonging from falling out when doing exercises. In briefly, it is ideal for running, basketball, workout, and fitness – a versatile item that’s worth considering.

2. Champion Men’s Open Bottom Light Weight Jersey pants

View here

The next pants are the Champion men’s open bottom light weight jersey pants. This pair of running pants is different from the Baleaf’s because it is made of the blend between cotton and polyester. Furthermore, it is not as tight as its competitor.

The pant also uses waistband for the adjustable fit. They can help you get ready for winter runs. This model look cool and keep the moisture under the control. Your legs will not feel uncomfortable when you run for a long time. The pockets are large enough to keep your belongings.

These pants are available in four different colors, including black, granite heather, navy and oxford grey, so you can choose depending on your preferences. They can be worn for many occasions such as: casual wear, playing sports or outdoor activities.

3. Athmile Men’s Sports Compression Cool Dry Pants Workout Tights Running Base Layer Leggings Shirts for Hiking, Marathon, Basketball, Exercise and Fitness

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The Athmile men’s sports compression cool dry pants are the most favorite ones on the market up to now. This pant is very impressive with the unique design. They can absorb sweat to remove moisture away from our skin quickly.

Additionally, the quick air circulation can contribute to release the heat and keep the wearers cool and dry in the summer. The elasticity and durability are the best features of this pant which can provide the excellent muscle support for hip, calf, quadriceps and hamstring.

Speaking of material, Athmile Running Pants are made from both polyester and spandex. Importantly, the fabric can prevent UV rays quite well. I once tried it to play basketball under direct sunlight. Surprisingly, the fabric didn’t stick to my wet skin as other polyester pants, I guessed it was because of the additional spandex portion. But importantly, after the match, th area of my skin that was exposed to the sun get darker significantly to the area hidden under cloth.

Last up, the athmile compression legging pants are suitable for all kinds of sports and it can be worn for all seasons.

4. 4ucycling Windproof Athletic Pants for Outdoor and Multi Sports

View here

This 4ucycling windproof athletic pants has double layer synthetic material in front side to give a unique water repellent. This pant attracts buyers because of its fashionable designs.

The mixture between polyester and spandex brings us the breathability and comfort. With this pant, you do not need to worry about sweating during workouts. The 4ucycling windproof athletic pants have built-in zippered pockets on each side coupled coupling with easily adjustable leg openings.

If you like early morning or late afternoon run, you should opt for this pant with the nicely reflective logo on the left. This logo will make an improvement for the visibility under the low lighting conditions.

Now, it’s the end of this article. With such an avalanche of options. I hope at least this article gave you some good ideas to pick the best running pants fitting your taste, preference, climate and demands.

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