Best Tactical Belt For Men 2018

Having some tactical gear alongside means you have to equip yourself a specialized belt.

The very first feature you need to consider is its strength and sturdiness.

A weak belt is surely unable to bear a heavy holster and mag pouch. Then, as the result, it’s going to fall apart sooner or later. Besides, that belt shouldn’t be stretchable, bend or sag down.

Out of an avalanche of tactical belts, there’re just a few models that can guarantee high-quality and functionality. That’s why I usually advise you to be a smart customer, don’t just go for a belt that soothes your eyes, but also consider its brands, warranty and other reviews about it.

I understand that not everyone will have enough time to search and analyze them, which is why I’m here giving you a hand to find out the most suitable one. Don’t miss out these 10 best tactical belts for men.

1. Relentless Tactical The Ultimate Concealed Carry CCW Gun Belt | Made in USA | 14 oz Leather

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Like any genuine red blooded American, you need a large hunk of thick real leather to attach your metal firearm, this is the best bet for you. Based on two features that I’ve just mentioned – thick and real leather, this belt brings you more than two benefits.

First up, its thickness is a big thumb up to keep your heavy firearm stay in place without stretching, sagging or bending your belt, no matter it’s an OWB or an IWB holster. Besides, feel free to attach other tactical gear such as flashlights, pouches and so on.

I can’t say anything more than just rest assured for its 1.5-inch thick belt.

Secondly, genuine leather is another thing you need to bear in mind as it helps to upend the durability and strength of the belt to many times compared to the flimsy, weak and short-lasting nylon’s.

Though genuine leather is synonymous to more complicated maintenance, you won’t find it’s a waste of time because for such money, time and effort you have been investing, what you are going to receive is a powerful, stylish and timeless piece for your tactical gear attachment.

Along with that, its size chart will be sure to fit your belly the best. Just take a look at their instruction on how to pick the right one for yours, (don’t fret, it’s super easy!), pick it and then click the buy button. Easy peasy!

Importantly, you’re backed by the manufacturer. I mean if there’s any mistakes derived from the producing process, feel free to return it for no excuse. They will either replace or refund to you quickly.

2. Hanks Gunner – Concealed Carry CCW Leather Gun Belt – 100 Year Warranty – 14 Ounce Full Grain Leather Belt

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I love this Hanks tactical leather belt for many reasons.

First thing first (of course), it’s the genuine leather. Like the Relentless, this model is made out of 100% high-quality grain genuine cowhide leather and handmade entirely in the USA. Yep! I know what you’re thinking! This news is going to ease your mind a lot, right?

And there’s more, the manufacturer provides shocking warranty which is up to 100 years for each single piece. Think about it, this is a prove for a premium quality tactical belt that’s ensured proudly and confidently by Hanks Belt for its durability and longevity. Not saying that, what you need to do is investing under $50 for a whole life. That’s a big deal in a long run, isn’t it?

Back to the thick leather, like I said above, this is a big benefit to keep your tactical gear, from light to heavy, to stay in place without ruining your belt from time to time. Besides, full grain leather is the top layer of the animal skin for the toughest texture and characteristics to stay nicely against time.

Another good thing is its construction, particularly the buckle and screws. They are all removable to easily change. Unlike the snap button which is prone to break down from time, these screws won’t a matter at all. Even if, there were any matters, just return it for a whole new one.

One last thing to keep in mind, consider the right size before make a purchase.

3. WOLF TACTICAL Heavy-Duty Rigger’s Belt – Stiffened 2-Ply Emergency Rescue Belt for Concealed Carry EDC Survival Wilderness Hunting CCW Combat Duty

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Unlike the Hanks Belt or the Relentless, the size chart of this Wolf tactical duty belt is much simpler with 4 options: S, M, L, XL to fit a range of belly measurements.

If you eagerly concern about its material, this Wolf Tactical Belt is made out of high-quality nylon. But don’t quickly let yourself down or quit this product right now because there’s no reason for me to add a junk belt here, in this list, right?

Though it seems to start with the bad news first, this belt strikes back with its double layer of material to increase its thickness to 1.75 inches (which is even thicker than the Hanks Belt or the Relentless) to ensure it lasts for a lifetime without fears of easy breakage.

Moreover, it’s reinforced for added rigidity to let the belt itself bear any heft of your tactical gear, whether it’s OWB or IWB holster. The same thing with its metal buckle. No break and no bend.

I highly appreciate the loop Velcro and hook closure to keep the buckle itself stay secure all the time. As a tactical belt, up to now, I still have no remorse on this model. However, if you are just looking for a normal but thick belt for daily use, it’s also comfortable enough to complete that task perfectly.

Again, Wolf Belt is another brand based on the USA, which means its products are all produced here for the highest quality and the best reliability. Moreover, each piece is guaranteed by the manufacturer to keep their customers’ right always on top.

4. 5.11 Tactical Operator 1 3/4-Inch Belt

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Next is another highly-recommended nylon tactical belt for you.

This one is from 5.11, which has been also a famous brand specialized in tactical accessories so far for their both quality and design.

Like the Wolf Tactical, it’s the mesh material with 1.75 inches thick, combining with high-quality stainless steel 6000lb rating buckle with black matte finish for extra durability, strength, comfort and stylishness. Besides, take note that it’s reinforced stitching to challenge time.

In detail, it’s perfect to easily support either an outside or inside waistband holster or simply hold the pants up. Again, consider the size and color before buying. My experience is going one size larger for the best fit.

For example, if your pants’ size is 36, which is synonymous to 38-39 inch waist, an XL belt is perfect for you. It won’t be loose if there’s no inside holster nor tight when you add it in. In fact, the belt does provide a lot of room when you buckle down to some level to loosen it.

5. OHENNY Military Tactical Belt

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Another reason why you should consider a good nylon belt as a tactical accessory in your closet is its breathability. Unlike leather, especially the thick and massive design, they are stiff sometimes to cause you feel uncomfortable in hot days, the nylon belts are the best option to ensure to hook your tactical gear in place and keep you dry, comfortable, and breathable all day (I’m talking about the high-quality).

And is it possible to have a well-made nylon belt in affordable price?

Well, this is a difficult mission, but it doesn’t mean you can’t because here, is my recommendation for you – the OHENNY military tactical belt.

It arrives in a set of a belt, a packaging and a nice gift box to keep it as a nice décor item in your house or present to someone in their special occasion.

Come in various sizes with equal 1.5 inches thick, this design is quite a heavy-duty model to bring you’re the strongest load bearing, the safest in the world and the most finely crafted product to last forever.

I’m not just talking about the 1000D environmental friendly nylon, but also its buckle as well. By the way, a special thing about this buckle is that it’s super easy and fast to attach or detach. Perfect as the best tactical belt or a casual accessory.

And their warranty is good: 30-day risk free return policy and 2-year guarantee.

6. Blue Alpha Gear 1.5″ Low Profile EDC Belt

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Now, Blue Alpha is my next choice for this list.

It’s a low-profile EDC belt which is quite slim and small, I mean the buckle to mix and match perfectly almost styles. Out of three color options, I pick the gray to refresh my belt collection which are mostly in black.

Gray is a good choice if you want a neutral, modern look, styling nicely with shirts, t-shirts, jeans or pants without being out of fashion. On the other hand, black is the safest and the most functional choice to vary the number of outfits you’re going to style with while brown is a thumb-up for any men who stick to the vintage or cowboy vibe.

Slim and small buckle, but its nylon webbing isn’t the same thing – very strong and sturdy with double layers and 1.5 inches thick yet ensure the most comfort to carry a day long.

Like the Relentless, Hanks Belt and Wolf, this is a USA brand, which makes sure its quality and design, along with that is its super-fast shipping for any urgent order.

On top of that, there’s a lifetime warranty for this product!

7. Uncle Mike’s Law Enforcement Kodra Nylon Web Ultra Duty Belt with Hook and Loop Lining

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Super thick! It’s 2 inches double layer nylon belt with edged padding to provide you the best comfort while carrying. I bet that at the very first time getting acquainted to its mechanic, you will be confused a little bit but after that, you will surely love it because thanks to such construction and operation, the belt is truly secure and closure to not pop out easily like the cheap ones.

If you are often tasked to carry many tactical gears which don’t make it through a metal detector, take it and you will find how super convenient it is as you can unclip and attach it easily while walking.

If you prefer to wear it as a heavy-duty belt, purchase an extra inner belt and a belt keeper to fasten two models together. And take note that it might not fit all jeans loops because the width and the thickness of this product are 2 inches. It means that it won’t fit through the loops of any Levis or Wranglers.

But with pants or other trousers, it works pretty well.

8. Uncle Mike’s Tactical Off-Duty and Concealment 2 Layer Nylon Reinforced Instructor’s Belt

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If you want a more versatile tactical belt that not only fits your pants, uniforms but also jeans and BDUs, this model is the best bet for you. It’s designed inspirationally from the traditional riggers/rescue belts with many advances and improvement to fit modern and daily life.

Come in only one solid color, which is Ranger green to easily mix and match with different styles, accessories and clothes to deliver something military look, something freedom and powerful.

If you are wondering about the material, it’s high-quality polymer reinforcement with double layer to support even heavy pistol and gun. The texture is stiffened, rigid and strong to ensure this is a timeless piece. Or, at least you are fed up with its look.

You can use it for rare day off, the range of the squad room based on personal need, requirement and preference. By the way, it’s a 1.5 inches thick belt.

9. Spec.-Ops. Brand Better BDU Belt 1.5-Inch

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If you are looking for a good tactical belt with concealed carrying that you don’t have to turn it off with the sticker shock of all the attached gear, here is the best bet for you. Compared to the Blackhawk, truth to say, for inner the waistband carry, it works perfectly. On the other hand, for outside the waistband carry, this model is a little bit flexible to not a perfect gun belt forever.

However, it strikes back with battle buckle hardware to withstand the most rigorous battle conditions thanks to its moderate toughness, strength and durability.

While the magnetic tactical belts are too insecure for EOD use, this one won’t be that matter at all because it doesn’t set off any metal detector.

Besides, the micro-adjustable buckle delivers great comfort with nice fit to your waist size without bulk, inconvenience or stuff like that. By the way, the mechanic of its buckle is quite easy and quick to adjust and size when in need. Compared to other nylon belts with similar buckle and material, this one stands out from the crowd because it still stays put even after you adjust it.

The only downside of this model is it might fall down vertically if you attach something too heavy on the belt, which is understandable.


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While other tactical belts usually come in basic colors like black, brown, gray and olive, this Super Ghost gives you more colorways to nail up your style. They are red and blue. I’m a little bit in love with such difference.

Besides, for those who don’t know, this model for IPSC/USPSA competitions with the highlight is its Velcro strap to attach to the inside of the belt so that it will fit through the belt loop of your trousers.

Like the manufacturer, I highly recommend you to go one size bigger before hitting that buy button. Ensure to get your waist measurement to pick the right one. In case, yours is in between, choose the larger size.

For example, if your waist measurement is 41 inches, pick the 44-inch belt for the best fit.

Now, it’s your turn to considering which is the best tactical belt for your requirement. And if you are looking for other tactical gear, kindly take a look at these articles where I also make reviews on top-rated models that bang for your buck. Read it, you won’t regret!

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