The smartest office styles every man should know ( Updated 2017 )

Nobody wants to look as an old boring man at his office when he’s only 25 or two something. But, at many particular working environments, there are certain rules in worker’s outfit that you must follow. So, how to dress professional but also not too business-y at workplace? This is almost the concern of many young men, especially those who are working in law, consultancy and business.

Actually, if you spend time paying attention a little bit, a personal unique style that is suitable for work is impossible. Here are some tips to get the smartest office style.

Fit is king

At home or hanging out, you can dress whatever you want, oversized shirts, baggy jeans shorts, etc. But once you are at your office, remember to nail the fit. If your work requires meeting customers a lot, it’s essential. First impression is more important. A book will be judged by its cover.

To choose a well-fitted outfit to work, the very first thing you need to know is your personal traits.

Remember that one piece of clothing which looks good on other people might not look good on you. Sit back and think about how you are built, what your hair color is as well as what the skin tone is of yours will help you choose a more appropriate smart wear.

Fit is the very first element in style pyramid, before fabric and style. Thus, the rule of thumb is that if that item doesn’t completely your size, don’t spend any penny on it.

When it comes to office suits, there are two choices to dress smartly. One, find a skilled tailor because he/she can even make a ten-dollar suit into a staple of your wardrobe just by making a small change in your outfit.

Two, know clearly your own size to choose a suit that fits you the most. If you choose to buy it online, acknowledge some tips is ideal to find a well-fitted suit.

Watch this video to know more:

Start from the basic

Now, when you’ve focused on the fit, let’s build up your wardrobe!

But, you need to identify which style is your favorite.

Think carefully before shopping because when you have no idea which style you want to be in, it’s riskier that you will buy unwanted items. From that point, not only you waste your money, but also make your wardrobe become oversaturated.

Start your own office style from the basic with pieces that are easy to mix and match, versatile outfits are the best. For examples, shirt with different ties or interchanging jackets with diverse style pants to make you look new every day.

Once you have a solid wardrobe with many staples, move to color, texture and pattern to create more. But keep in mind to always choose high quality outfit or at least a suit with good fabric and suitable colors for the occasions.


  • Shoes, trousers, jackets with reasonable textures and colors
  • A plus with blue and white shirts
  • Simple ties come with dark shades of green, red, blue, etc.

Now, read on for items you need for business casual

Business casual items you should have

Less is more. Concentrate on the minimum levels of effort with the maximum levels of versatility will save tones of your time in every morning. Let’s talk about the major things first.

1. Blazer

Throw away those blazers off with fit. Instead, choose the ones that sits snug and square on your shoulders and finish below your buttons. To make the shirt cuff be seen, pick blazers with sleeves finish a few centimeters above your thumb join.

As I said, less is more. Drop your money on versatile blazers that you can wear in many seasons or occasions. From my experience, there are three to consider: grey tweed blazer in grey for cool mornings, classic navy blazer and beige linen-blend or pure cotton blazer for summer.

2. Shirts

We are not all models, which means most of us don’t have proportion ratio from our neck to waist. Thus, ill-fitting shirts are usual choice.

When choosing a perfect shirt, remember these things:

  • Nail the fit in your shoulders
  • The space between your neck and the collar should fit 2 fingers
  • The shirt cuff should be seen and meet at your thumb join.

To choose a well-fitted dress shirt, have a look at this video:

When it comes to the shirt’s colors, standards are always a good choice. Nail the light blue, white and pale pink. It not only makes you look business-y but also creates modern and young look. Sometimes, refresh your style with stripes, gingham or checks versions.

Remember that those shirts should be more formal than casual, thus, pick the collar that can stand up even without wearing tie.

3. Trousers

Recently, there is a decrease in suit jackets, which leads to the result of the higher influence of trouser than ever. From that point, it’s time for you to begin an invest now. If you would like to have a semi-formal look, go for a pair mid-weight cotton trousers. To have a slim look, pick classic colors like camel or navy – they are your go-to-choice.

When it comes to appearance, your boss or customers will not only judge on your suit, face or hair but also your accessories like bag, shoes, etc. Besides, if you want to create your own office style but also want to follow rules, a smart choice is mix a solid suit with different accessories.

4. Shoes

People think shoes are a way to assume your social status or career. Thus, if you are still wearing a pair of worn-out shoes, throw them away and level up your footwear.

Classic shoes are safest for the mission: not too casual but not too business-y. Consider monk traps, brogues, oxfords, loafers or derbies to create a smart and professional look at the office.

Minimalist is trend now. Choose some clean-cut dress shoes to wear for work. But to make sure it doesn’t break the rule, check with your boss first.

If you want a cool and luxury look, leather is a good choice. Stick to dark colors like oxblood, black, brown and grey when you choose a color. In these summer days, you can try suede to be both trendy and professional.

If you are looking for some trendy dress shoes to wear for work, this article may be in your concern:


A suitcase or bag is also important to accentuate your office casual. Two things you should keep in mind when choosing a bag/suitcase. One, it must be durable as well as have enough space to carry all your stuff like laptop, books, notes, etc. Two, it must look good, either it’s trendy or has a timeless design.

If you are newbie

You can look for a style mentor to shape your style and help you find suitable items to have a perfect. By the way, they can give you some golden tips, tricks and hacks that with some small changes, you can get a perfect look at your office.

You can ask your friends, family members or even your colleagues who have a good taste in fashion to go along with you for shopping.

Moreover, get some inspiration from famous public figures as well as the way they choose formal clothes to work. Some of you might think that they only wear very luxurious clothes which you cannot afford. Don’t fret, there are plenty kinds of styles with a more reasonable price that match their styles very well.

First impression is important because the way people think about you at that time will nail it in their mind for long times. Having a good look right from the very first day you meet your boss or customer will give you many precious chances in your career. So, don’t ignore the way you dress. It is crucial to take time and effort to search for your best styles, best clothes and best accessories to dress smart and stylish.

I hope that with all of tips I provide above, you could be able to create the best image for your look and successfully leave a smart and classy impression on anyone’s mind, hence being more successful in your future career.

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