Slim Wallet RFID Blocking With ID Window by Lethnic

When you are going about on your day to day business, having an aesthetically pleasing and secure wallet is crucial. And with the advancement and our dependant on technologies today, not only you have to worry about your physical security: You also have to worry about your cyber security.

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The Lethnic Slim Wallet is a small and practical for your everyday use. Since it is quite small, it allows for hassle-free carry and usage. The wallet itself is a minimalistic design with 5 slots for your cards, 2 pockets for your cash and a single window for your ID.

The Lethnic RFID Blocking Wallet can also provide you with a cyber shield. Hackers can easily steal your personal and banking information if you carry with you bank cards by exploiting the contactless strips on them. The wallet is designed with cutting-edge RFID jamming technology to protect your information from even the best street hackers out there.

Although it falls very far into the utilitarian side, it is no less stylish. Made from genuine leather with a classy construct, you will both have fashion and security on your side.

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