Tips on Buying Sunglasses for Men with Heart Shaped Face



Sunglasses are now considered the fashion items, which could identify your fashion style. Because the first things you look at other people are their eyes and sunglasses are the statement you want to make. If you are able to buy a perfect pair of sunglasses, all of your best features in your face will be complimented more than when you wear no sunglasses. For example, with suitable men’s sunglasses heart shaped face will balance the wider forehead and narrower chin and they make you look more fashionable and attractive at everyone’s first glance.

When you decide to buy a pair of sunglasses, do not rush it. Remember that a pair of sunglasses should not just be another accessorize but rather an item that is a trademark of your personal fashion style. There are many things to consider: styles, colors, materials and prices. Here are some details you should know when you start going shopping for a perfect pair of sunglasses.Tips-on-Buying-Sunglasses-for-Men-with-Heart-Shaped-Face

Know The Shape of Your Face

Not all the types of face’s shape are the same and not all the types of sunglasses are the same also. Finding a suitable pair of sunglasses will enhance and emphasize the natural best traits in your face. There are different types of sunglasses for different face’s shape. The utmost importance is you know about your face’s features. Here I will go into details about men with heart shaped face.

  • A heart shaped face or a rectangular shaped face has features a wide forehead and a narrow jawline and chin.
  • A heart shaped face could be either long or round.
  • Some of the most popular celebrities who have a heart-shaped face include Johnny Depp and Justin Timberlake


Pay Attention To Fit, Proportion And Contrast

It is important that you buy a pair of sunglasses that are proportional to your face’s size. For example, if you have a small face, do not choose a large frame. However, sometimes the greater the size of a pair is; the greater coverage it provides so you should always try to put them on to see how they go with your face’s size.

Buy a good fit as well; or else you look like you borrow some random sunglasses from your friends.

Pay attention to contrast: the shape of a frame should contrast the shape of your face: for example a round shaped frame can offset pointy narrow chin or a subtle light color can high line your chin. The contrast in shape, frame and even color will give you a stronger and bolder statement.


Some Styles Of Frames That Could Go Well With Heart Shaped Faces:

Overall, because a heart shaped face is broadest at the forehead and narrowest at the chin so choose a frame that can give a balance to your face by broadening the lower part or drawing attention to the upper part. Here are some frames that could do wonderful jobs on your heart shaped face:

  • Bottom-heavy frames:

Because you have a narrower chin that makes you face not so proportional, bottom heavy frames could add a little bit of width to your chin and make it appear to be wider, hence a more balance, proportional face.

  • Frame with low-set temples:

These kinds of frame help to draw attention away from a wider forehead to your eyes and therefore, soften the feel of a narrow chin.

  • Oval-shaped frames:

These frames also do not focus on your pointed chin but draw attention up towards your eyes.

Light-colored or rimless frames:They reduce the impact of a pair of sunglasses on your face, put it another way: they make your face look less top-heavy.

Other Features To Consider:

  • Colors of Your Sunglasses

You can opt for base metallic colors (gold and silver tones) or fine black if you are one kind of classical men or you want your sunglasses to fit your formal dress code. If you need something fun and more dynamic to suit your casual looking style, go for plastic-looking or brightly-colored sunglasses.


Thinner frames are also better if you want your glass to be colorful, thick frames with brighter colors could make you look like you are wearing a costume gear.

Color of your sunglasses should also match and compliment other features in your face such as you skin tone, your eye’s color as well as your hair’s color. You can go for contrast color for a more outstanding and strong effect.

  • Frame Materials

There are plenty types of material from different chemicals and alloys that use to make frame. You should pay attention to frame material if you want to buy a lightweight pair of glasses. Material such as Zylonite, nylon, Titanium and titanium alloys are light weight. If you want to buy sunglasses for sport, look for nylon materials because they are quite lightweight as well as flexible.

Some people with sensitive skin need to be careful with nickel, which is included in most of glasses’ frame.

Some materials are not so durable such as Aluminum.

  • Price:

Sunglasses are sure worth your investment as a perfect pair will compliment your face and can be wearable to any occasions: work, picnic or dating. They are rarely out of fashion (if you buy classic ones) so you should buy a pair that is as durable as possible.

A worth for money pair of sunglasses is also better for your eyes.

Do not opt for cheap alternative. You are only wasting your money.

Here are some basic guidelines about how to choose the best men’s glasses for a heart shaped face. You should be aware of your face’s shape as well as its features to be able to pick the correct frames as well as sizes, styles and colors. I hope that the guide could help you choose the most suitable glasses.Finding your perfect pair of glasses takes a long time.You will see yourself searching and trying a few dozens of sunglasses on you face before you could find the one.

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