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Needless to say, we all know that the primary purpose of a belt is to keep our pants up and tight. But beside this use, it also has an important role in making a man impression toward the public. A good combination between your belt and your outfit will surely generate positive feelings from others. And one of the most common and versatile type of men belt is the black belt. This kind of belt will be suitable for any type of occasion and meeting, from friendly and casual to serious and business. Still, you also need to have some considerations about it. If you happen to be looking for a man black belt then today in this article, we will provide you with a short and effective guide on purchasing a good men black belt.

As with any other product, it’s not wise to randomly pick out a belt and put it on. You yourself need to set out criteria to help you choose a really satisfied one. Wasting money on anything unsuitable for you is ill – advised. So let’s go closer and talk about black belt variants together with their recommended uses.

01. Buckle styles.

While black belt usually a multi – purpose product, many brands have released products more suitable for certain occasions than others. There are also classic styles that will go well with any type of clothes. And the most defying feature of a belt that have a big impact on belt image is its buckle.

  • Side release

This style is not very common nowadays. It’s mainly employed on rucksack and backpack. Still, this set up still has its advantage when using as a belt. You can easily adjust the belt length on one end with little effort and don’t have to take out the entire belt to do this. As the name suggest, you have to squeeze both side of the buckle to release it but you only need to gently thrust one end to the other of the belt when you want to connect them.

This design is quite uncommon now but still can be used on a long trip, hiking or outdoor camping, when you want to adjust the belt so often to catch your breath or try to make yourself comfortable. The tension on this type of buckle is very good and flexible so it’s mostly suitable for continuous exercise.


  • Tang

This is a very simple and common design. It consists of a frame and a metal stick, which is often referred to as a tang that pierces through a hole on one end and keeps them together. This kind of buckle is in high demand because it can reliably keep the belt secured tightly. Men black belts using this buckle are often the best choice for people who want to have a simple all –around belt.

Once it is not too flashy decorated, this style will do just fine on any type of clothes combination. And it is quite appropriate for both business meeting and a simple get – together with friends and close ones.


  • Box Frame

This uses a box frame buckle to lock your belt hence the name. There are many mechanisms for this type of buckle. This ranges from a normal holes and stick just like the tang or the squeeze – tension set up. This set up is also quite common and a convenient way for famous brands to put their logos on the frame.

Well this is the style that is held in high regard by people attending business meeting. The buckle combines with the formal suit will emit a stylish yet straight forward attitude toward others. It’s not really a good idea to bring this to casual occasion if you don’t want to look like a too serious person.


Above are main stream buckle styles that you may encounter on the market. You can sometimes see some buckles based on a certain type but combine with features of another type. This hybrid design is generally have the most versatile way of use. Still, you should think of your surrounding and people opinion when trying this style

02. Material

The material quality is the deciding factor on the belt lifespan and durability. But for some people who prefer a material due to preferences or moral reason then it is fine, there are several types of material to choose from.

  • Leather

The most popular material involved in the making of a belt. Many consider this to be the best material available to produce a belt. While expensive than synthetic or any other material, leather belt is still a stylish design that is widely recognized. The high price can be explained by a long production procedure and intensive labor just to finish a product. Still, leather is very flexible and with proper use will last a fairly long time. Still, careful examinations and inspections should be taken when purchasing these in order to avoid fake or cheap knock – off copy.

→ How to use leather belt correctly plus tips and tricks

  • Canvas

If you don’t like idea of using an animal – related product then this will be a perfect replacement. Using hemp or cotton, these belt are also very common due to it ability to withstand heavy use. The price is also far cheaper than leather because of simpler production methods and comparably cheap material.

  • Synthetic or recycled rubber

This is the most durable of all material around. These types of material will fit most people pockets and very friendly to the nature. Many people prefer this type of material due to supporting the idea of not straining the eco – system. Also, it’s suitable for people who are living or working in harsh conditions or climates.

03.Purchasing rule

Now you almost know all about the buckle styles and the material, then it’s a good idea to check out some more important things to do when purchasing a belt at a store.

  • Leave an extra length:

Make sure that after your buckle the belt, the remaining length is enough to pull through the first pant loop. You don’t want your belt to wobbling every time you move.

  • Belt size:

You should never purchase a belt size based on your pant. This will result in a tight or uncomfortable feeling. Put on a tape measure, make yourself comfortable then check the measure to see what kind of belt length and size you are looking for.

  • Matching outfit:

Your belt color should match your shoes. This is a general rules that you should follow.

Belt is more than just a normal accessory. It’s the place that you incorporate your styles and tastes. And with a men black belt, you can do all of that nicely and easily. It’s not very difficult to combine a black belt to your outfit for a variety of purposes. And with the information provided in the guide above, you can pick out the preferred style and secure for yourself a nice suitable men black belt.

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