Best Long Wallets For Men [Updated 2019]


Have your ever feel frustrated when the wallet you are using keeps wrinkling and folding your cash and documents or sometimes even scratch your credit cards? This is because normal wallets usually have an insufficient length to fit and keep straight all of your items properly. Are you still able to put them in? Yes, but you usually have to fold them up which leads to the above result. The most simple and sensible solution to this problem is to get a longer wallet. And if you now do need to secure such a kind of product, this article is just for you with the introduction of 10 most famous long wallets for man available now on the market.

As the name suggests, a long wallet is considerably longer in length compared to a normal one. This is why it’s able to neatly keep all of your contents in a straight position without crossing the folding section. It also provides a much better way to identify and take out your desired items within a few seconds. So do check out some wonderful long wallets below and quite possibly you will find for yourself a nice product.

01. Lethnic Long Wallet for Men features Credit Card Bifold Style, Made from Genuine Leather with RFID Blocking, Extra Zipper, Super Thin and Slim

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Can’t help with this breath-taking Lethnic Long Wallet because of its extremely beautiful Saffiano genuine leather that is well-made by professional artisans as well as the finest craftmanship.

Combine with strong and tight stitching, surely this amazing piece will serve you for years. But here is where the real fun begins – its storage and organization. Come in 4 inches wide and 7.6 inches long, include 18 card slots, 1 zippered pocket and 6 full-length bill compartments.

Apart from credit cards, member cards, coins, keys, different kinds of currencies, this wallet can fit up passport and a smartphone as well. On top of that, this wallet is guaranteed to keep your stuff stay safe against hi-tech thieves. And if you don’t find these features as good as advertised, just return them for no excuse as Lethnic offers 30-day risk free warranty.

02. Kattee Men’s Vintage – Genuine – Leather – Bifold Long Wallet


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Kattee is a US registered trademark and Kattee Store is well known for a reliable wholesale brand. You can buy high-quality products at its online retail shop. Katee men’s vintage leather bifold long wallet for man is a classy product. Its material is imported top layer genuine cow leather so that you can be sure of the quality. The wallet’s thickness is about 1cm (approximately 0.393inch), and its net weight is 0.3lb. It has three pouches to offer convenient spaces to users

Many rooms for credit cards will make you feel satisfied with this convenience. Besides, your things inside can be taken out quite easily that free you from worry about stretching the wallet. Perhaps its thickness may bother you a bit, but you are quite compensated for the problem, lots of cards and things can be brought out with you just in this wallet.

03. Shvigel leather rodeo billfold wallet


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If you have ever bought any products of Shvigel, you are free from worry about their quality. Shvigel is the brand of top quality products. They are professional in working with leather, and their products are made of 100% genuine one. The wallets have vintage nature colors which never bring you any sense of being disappointed. Its dimensions are 3.5 X 0.4 X 7inches. Although it has 14 slots for credit and ID cards, it is still thin enough and doesn’t take much space.

A Shvigel’s classic product has a classic design, uses vintage leather, and is well – handmade. The classic design gives it the coolness to go with any clothes and personal styles. You can use it as a secretary wallet or a checkbook wallet. The price of this wallet is a little higher than that of others, but it is worth your money and offers you a long time usage. Another good point of this product is its one year warranty. If you’re not satisfied with the colors or the wallet itself, you can return it back and can get 100% refund.

04. Simpac Canvas Wallets


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If you wish to look for a wallet that looks cool and slim, take a look at this Simpac canvas wallet. Although the wallet is not a leather product, it is also preferred by people who love the simplicity of something basic. Like any other men’s long wallets, the Simpac canvas also has many card slots, one big slot for cash or mobile. Its dimensions are 5.7 X 3.8 X 0.5 inches. The material, canvas, is the most different characteristic that makes the wallet distinguished from other leather ones.

Today there are many products elaborately designed, but maybe sometimes you may feel like something simple and basic but still looks cool and easy to use. Solid is the feeling you will have when choosing this wallet because of its canvas material. There is one thing able to convince you is its RFID blocking. You have no need to take your ID out to let someone see, so it is quite safe. This is a perfect protection you must have whenever going out.

05. Lethnic Leather Long Wallet With Snap Button

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This is another version of the bifold long wallet for men; however, this one comes with a secured snap closure. The Lethnic Mens Long Wallets With Snap Button embraces the casual business style; however, it still stays fashionable over time. Made of premium Saffiano genuine cowhide leather, cool checkbook wallet speaks out the elegant appearance and durability. In term of sizing, wallet measures 7.7 x 4, allows you to put inside bags or small purses.

Take a closer look, there are 17 card slots, 5 long compartments for cards and 1 full-length zipper pocket. Besides the money and cards, you can put inside your smartphone (measures 5.5 inches or smaller, checkbook, coins and important receipts. No need to worry about belongings falling over around since they are secured by a strong snap closure. This bifold long wallet for men also equips to the strong RFID blocking system which secures your item at the safest level.

There are different colors to combine perfectly with your outfits including the black and navy colors. Tight line, cool edged cutting, exact measurement and elegant smell of real leather. If you are seeking for new color to replace the traditional old wallet, why don’t give this one a try!

06. Fantastic Zone RFID Blocking Leather Wallet for Men


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With Fantastic Zone RFID blocking leather wallet for men, you will find here a new type of long men’s wallets. It can be claimed that this wallet has a perfect size with stylish design. The product is made of premium cowhide leather, quite able to bring in a noble and elegant look to users. Furthermore leather material is soft and durable so that it can guarantee the high quality of the product. The special feature of this Fantastic Zone wallet is its design. It has a handmade leather woven rope which can be detachable if you don’t like. Besides, there is a metal snap on the leather hasp to protect your money and the RFID blocking.

Like the Simpac canvas wallet, Fantastic Zone leather wallet also concerns about RFID blocking. To protect your secret and important information away from identity theft, these wallets are designed to protect your ID card as well as credit cards, so there is no need to worry much about your personal information. Especially, while it’s quite inexpensive, you will see it’s worth your every penny. The only problem of this wallet is its thickness, although just a bit thicker than other ones. Therefore, think about this before decide to buy one for you.

07. Kattee Real Leather Business Credit ID Cards Case Long Wallet


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Another product from Kattee brand is the Business Credit ID cards case long wallet. This type of this long men’s wallet is completely different from all other products you’ve seen. Of course, it is made of a high quality material, the vintage genuine crazy-horse cow leather. It is 100% leather material, so there is no worry about the quality here. Besides, it has a snap button closure to protect your assets. An advantage of this design is that you can fold up the wallet when closing the snap button. But its most amazing feature is having many slots for storing cards. It has 22 card slots and pockets, one zipper pocket, and one bill compartment pocket. Is it enough to make you feel amazed with them?

This Kattee long wallet just has one color, the vintage color, so quite possibly you will like this because it makes you think of genuine leather color. Compared with other men’s long wallets, this product has a good design along with its usefulness. However, when you choose a Kattee real leather business credit ID cards case long wallet, you have to put your personal information into the zipper pocket because it doesn’t have an ID window.

08. DEEZOMO Multi-function Credit ID Cards Case Long Wallet with Zipper


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The wallet of this brand also has the design that is useful for users because it has lots of credit card pockets, 1 ID window, and two zipper pockets. You can put your mobile into one of these two pockets and don’t have to worry about the safety. The material is synthetic leather, so it looks more modern and can be used for quite a long time. If you are looking for a slim wallet, maybe that is the one for you. The wallet is very light, and its dimensions are 7.8 X 4.2 X 1inches. This product has many colors for you to choose and its style is quite modern.

This DEEZOMO wallet is an imported one so it can make you feel up-to-date. The problem is, its card pockets are a bit small compared to most of the long wallets for men. So perhaps you should have some more thoughts before buying this.

09. Its life Men’s Genuine Leather Wallet Alligator Pattern Multi Pockets ID Cards Holder


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A genuine alligator leather wallet is perhaps the best choice for a man who wishes to have a manly appearance. Made of 100% distressed leather, the product will make you feel satisfied with its highly detailed alligator tail embossing. This material brings in brand-new feeling to users; it looks purer and more vintage than other kinds of leather. With classic materials combined with high-end design and exquisite stitching, this genuine leather wallet is a perfect long wallet for men. It can be bi-folded with 11 card slots, 1 ID window, two interlayer, two bill slots and one zipper pocket. Also, it has a nice shape and the alligator skin pattern, so it’s quite fantastic. You can be convinced that this wallet is designed to serve your purposes perfectly.

It’s like men genuine leather wallet can meet any users’ needs. It has places for lots of cards, ID and also provides protection for your cash. Which wallet is better than a leather wallet with alligator pattern for a stylish and powerful man?

10. Harrm’s Best Men’s Handmade Genuine Leather with Designer, Thin Bifold Wallet Italian 100% Cowhide Style Luxury


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With a luxury style and high-end design, Harrm is always one of the most famous brands of perfect products in the world. The Harrm’s handmade genuine leather wallet is a perfect choice for long men’s wallet. The product is made of 100% Italian cowhide leather, designed in the USA and totally stitched by professional artisans. There are three colors for you to choose now: black, brown and dark brown. With a long style, its dimensions are 7.28 X 3.54 X 0.79 inches. This wallet has ten credit card slots, double bill compartments and especially has a leather-framed ID window.

If you think a wallet is just something to hold your money and your cards, you may be wrong with Harrm’s handmade genuine leather. This wallet is not only a normal accessory, rather, but it’s also an artwork. The wallet design is so nice that it’s able to impress you with its beauty at first sight. The wallet also has convenient card pockets, but perhaps some of them are a bit tighter than normal ones.

11. Sumcoa Men’s Genuine Leather Big Clutch Bags Wristlet Handbag Organizer Wallet


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Sumcoa is well known as one of the most reliable business partners today, and the products of this brand have often been chosen by a lot of consumers in the world. So surely, you will be pleased with this Sumcoa men’s wallet, one of the most popular long wallets for men nowadays. This wallet has fine dimensions for a good long wallet, 7.3 X 3.9 X 0.8 inches. With this size, it can hold cash, key, cigarettes or a mobile, a 7.9-inch iPad…. It has 24 card slots, two bill compartments, and one zipper compartment. It is among some men’s long wallets that have many card slots.

Don’t overlook this wallet if you are looking for one which is convenient as much as possible. This wallet can keep almost everything inside from credit cards to keys or phone, one zipper compartment allows you to take your cash or your mobile safely, but the zipper is not long enough for an easy taking out, it may take you a bit of time and effort.

12. Le’aokuu Men’s Genuine Leather Bifold Wallet Organizer Checkbook Card Case


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Perhaps you’ve heard about Le’aokuu brand and are using some products manufactured under this brand. If not, you should have a look at the Le’aokuu men’s genuine leather bifold wallet, another perfect choice for long men’s wallet. This wallet is also an imported product. Its material is genuine leather so the quality must be high. The wallet just comprises a few card slots and cash slots, one ID window but it is designed as an organizer for checkbook wallet. You must be thinking that with this design, the wallet must be rather big and thick but the fact is not, its dimensions are just 7.5 X 3.9 X 0.4inches.

The real leather is nice, and if you are one of the people who prefer leather smell, this wallet is quite responsive to your liking. With this product, the leather smell is stronger than that of normal ones, and it’s very fantastic for people loving this smell. However, this kind of leather is a bit easy to get scratches so you should know how to preserve the leather.

If you are tired of having a wallet unable to keep your stuff straight, then a long wallet will be just a perfect solution to your problem. You just need to check the information above, and you will quite possibly find out a suitable nice long wallet for yourself.

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