Best Men’s Wallets With Chain 2018

Bikers and truckers, they need a special type of wallet to keep not only their valuable EDCs, but also their wallet stay in play without falling out accidentally and getting lost.

You know it, they drive or ride a lot, which means putting a bifold/trifold wallet in their back pocket is risky. From that point, choosing the best men’s wallet with chain is a must. Besides, you can take advantage of this additional feature as a cool accessory to soup up your cool biker fashion.

Go cool and go quality, in this article, I’m going to show you 10 best men’s wallets with chain that bang for your buck in both design and quality. Don’t miss out!

1. Men’s Genuine Leather Long Wallet With Zipper Pocket Vintage Bifold Chain Checkbook

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Nothing says beautiful as this imported Men’s Genuine Leather Long Wallet. If you are a fan of full-grain cowhide leather, it is the one! Even, Luufan invested on the Italian genuine high-quality vegetable tanned leather to take advantage of its unique texture, superb durability and great longevity to bring us this masterpiece.

It’s smooth in feeling touch, firm and also has distinctive smell of real leather. Not just stop at that, the wallet is also attached with a 11-cm chain with a hook on one edge and a belt loop on the other.

Apart from leather, hardware is another feature that I concern the most when speaking of men’s wallet with chain. I don’t like those lightweight steel because it really feels flimsy, weak and kind of cheap. I prefer something heavy and strong. And here is it!

Not only the chain, but also the snap button, the rings and the zipper – everything is well-made, sturdy and powerful to give a clear feeling of something durable and long-lasting. Needn’t scared about the zip or hook that they were going to break down someday. I have been using it for 6 months up to now and there’s nothing bad happened.

Durable, cool and now is functional! Measured by L7.5*H4.1*W0.8inch, it’s perfect to accommodate an iPhone 7Plus, a passport and straight bills as easily as a piece of cake. In more detail, there are 14 card slots, 2 full-length cash pockets, 1 main cash compartment, 1 zippered pouch and 1 detachable metal chain.

After fulfilled, just snap the button, place it in your back pocket and hook the chain to your belt. Ready for ride now!

2. Itslife Men’s RFID BLOCKING Chain Wallet Crazy Horse Leather Handmade Credit Card Holder

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If you are living in European countries or going to travel/on business/on a holiday there, let this Itslife men’s wallet with chain be with you. Why? – you may ask. Because in such countries, hi-tech thieves or 21st-century thieves or modern thieves are like an avalanche.

If you still have no defines for such stuff, hi-tech thieves are another variation of pickpocket but instead of approaching your wallet and steal your money, they will utilize a handheld RFID scanner to have illegally your bank registration or other important information within a couple of seconds. By this way, no need approaching, no need much effort, but just within the distance of 10 meters.

It also means that the risk of losing a huger amount of money is more. And I bet that there was going to be a ton of annoying and complicated stuff happened afterward to help you get back what you’d lost.

But here, this Itslife Men’s Chain Wallet, it doesn’t be the one thanks to the advanced RFID Blocking Technology to prevent any 13.56 MHz Frequency Signals, keeping your inner content safe physically and technically.

Speaking of the rest, like size, construction, materials, outlook and even the price, everything is just similar to the Men’s genuine Leather above. So, one design, two options for you, RFID Blocking or non RFID Blocking, it’s up to you!

3. Men’s Bifold Vintage Long Style Cow Top Grain Leather Steel Chain Wallet,Made In USA,Snap closure

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If you want a smaller-sized bifold wallet with longer chain, here’s the best deal. It comes up with 21-inch heavy stainless steel chain and 7 ¼ X 3 ½ X ½ inch size wallet, featuring 9 card slots, 3 large full-length bill compartments, 1 ID window, and a zippered pocket.

Obviously, its capacity is smaller than two above designs, which is perfect for those who want to bring just regular stuff alongside like checkbook, bills, cards and sometimes, might it be your smart phone as well.

Unlike those short bifold wallets, their zippered pocket is really tight to fit really less coins. If your country use coins quite popularly, this is your best bet. In there, you can put up a lot of coins, game coins, sky strain coins, keys or other stuff like that.

And next, two good news for you: these men’s wallets with chain are USA made and importantly, it’s handmade entirely. So, if you are always afraid of wasting your money on junk stuff, then don’t when considering this one. What you will get is a product with high quality, beautiful and unique.

With that on-point vintage look and cool design, this Men’s Leather Bike Wallet is perfect for motorcyclists, truckers and bikers to enjoy your freedom while riding your vehicle but in the best safety.

4. RS Men’s Wallet Leather Bifold Vintage Long Style with Zipper Pockets Casual Card cases with Long Chain

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A little change for a whole different outlook – you can see that just a little bit stylized detail on the snap button as well as the chain, this RS Men’s Wallet looks more attractive, more vintage vibe and on point, which is persuasive enough for you to hit that buy button or stop to take a closure look.

I love the way they have the leather strips weaved together to make an awesome chain attached to the wallet. It contains tons of creativity and though it’s not as long as other wallets, the length is reasonable to be useful. (Note: It’s better to stay in your front pocket!)

This design is also a good idea for those who have skin allergies to metal. I’m not saying that it will eliminate entirely the symptoms or annoyance but, more or less, it will help you feel better.

If taking a closure look into its material, you will see a clear difference from other wallets in this list. It’s because the model is made out of high quality top-grain leather to deliver unique style, vibe as well as storage to your essential stuff.

Besides, it’s a big thank you to the genuine leather that enables to stretch up after a few weeks breaking in to hug perfect your cards, bills and so on.

I highly recommend the RS Men’s Wallet as a daily carrier for its moderately spacious storage and reasonable size to fit just right your EDCs but don’t thicken up your pocket.

Measured roughly 7.17 x 3.74 x 0.79 Inch, including 6 cards, 3 full-length compartments and 1 zipper. You can even put up your smart phone there to cut off one less worry about where to store this important technology device for the best safety.

5. Harley-Davidson Men’s Shot Caller Embossed Biker Leather Wallet HDMWA11048-BLK

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Show me your hands, Harley Davidson fans!

If you already own a Harley Davidson, then why not going on set with this awesome men’s wallet with chain? The reason I say that is firstly, its genuine cowhide leather with nicely embossed Harley Davidson script on the front. Though this brand name embossing is too big to feel exquisite, it delivers something badass, one of a kind and cool.

Secondly, the chain! It’s not the cheap-made stainless steel like we usually find in low-range wallets or the lightweight metal, but the heavy-duty by all means. And by the way, its length is perfect (19 inches) to perfectly hook to your belt no matter which pockets it is in.

And finally, its inner snap button. Not just on above end but now, there is a pair attached to the bottom to keep your wallet closure 100%, particularly when it’s fulfilled.

I’m a little bit in love with its sewn and embossed brand logo on the insides. It totally contrasts to the black background of leather to be outstanding nicely. In terms of capacity, there are 5 card slots and two bill compartments – ideal as a daily Harley Davidson chain wallet.

6. Men’s Genuine Leather Biker Wallet with Chain Zipper Stud Trucker Purse Wallet

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Next up is a chain wallet from Anaheim Leather. It’s a perfect compromise of elegance of clean and curved-edged wallet and coolness of the stainless-steel chain with a bell loop to deliver a unique and attractive outlook.

Its dimensions are large enough to fit up straight US dollars and other currencies and on the other hand, small enough to fit both your front and back pocket. Whichever place you put it in, don’t worry about the chain because it’s long enough to hook your bell loop easily and sturdily.

Not just stop at wise design, its inner construction is really on point with 1 full-length zippered pocket and 2 open compartments.

This might be one of rare chain wallets without any card slots in this collection but you can totally take advantage of the zippered pocket to keep them safely alongside with coins and keys.

Though it might be a little bit messy on the insides, this wallet strikes back with its top-grain leather. It requires less time for breaking in than other wallets so that you nearly enable to use it right away after receiving it. Moreover, the stitching is quite firm and tight to ensure to last for many years.

7. Hot Leathers WLC2005 BROWN, 6″ Classic Brown Bi-Fold Wallet (Brown, 6″)

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Hot Leathers Bifold Wallet gets my heart for its super impressive colorway. It’s unique and outstanding to surely make you become a spotlight while riding or in any crowded place.

There are two styles to choose from: the trifold and the bifold. Along with that, three size options to vary your choices: the 4-inch, the 6-inch and the 8-inch. This is the best thing about Hot Leathers’ products because sometimes, the sizes of trousers’ back pockets are various in different countries. Might a long 6-inch bifold wallet matches perfectly with USA-made jeans, but it’s a no-no with European or Asian trousers.

Not saying that some love carrying their wallet in the front pocket while the others prefer to the back.

So, thanks to these size offers, you are able to have your pocket measurements and choose the best buddy. It’s also due to different dimensions of currencies you’re using. Obviously, an US dollar comes in different size of a Euro.

One feature that’s similar to the chain wallet above is this Hot Leathers doesn’t have individual card slots but in turns, there are some areas where a couple cards can be kept together. If you are a biker who love everything in random and freely, this might suit your taste.

Speaking of the chain, though it’s well-made and quite sturdy, I still don’t like its lightweight. So, mine is altered by another extra heavy-duty chain that I’ve bought separately. If you are like me, like heavy hardware to cool down your look, I’ve also rounded up some of my favorite. Take a look!

8. Genuine Leather Mens Bifold vertical chain Wallet / Men leather biker trucker wallet with zipper pocket -BW005C

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I’ve never stopped my interest in handmade leather wallet. It feels like every single piece has its own soul and vibe which is unique and really pops out your personal characteristics.

Besides, I’m not a fan of popular wallet models because you can see it nearly everywhere. I don’t like the feeling of drawing your wallet out in a queue to pay for something, and somebody behind you say that “Hey, your wallet looks the same as mine, did you buy it in blabla”. No!

Unique is my Bible! That’s why I proudly share you this wallet line. Every model is in limited quantity that’s you’re sure to have a unique design.

Besides, the quality, like material, stitching and hardware is perfect. I appreciate D&M Leather Studio effort. Unlike the machine-sewn wallets that when just one loop is broken, the whole wallet is risky to unravel while this handmade isn’t the one. It’s sure to pass the test of time!

And, the leather texture as well as its outlook is truly breath-taking. It’s destressed cowhide leather picked from the highest grade to deliver the softness, smoothness yet durability and coolness.

The interior, is another thumb-up. It’s clear, streamline and closure. There are 6 card slots, 4 full-sized pockets, one of which is zippered while other three are open. Featured as a trifold wallet, but don’t fret, it’s slim and closure thanks to the dual snap buttons attached to both ends of its inner side.

The wallet includes a hook without a chain. Some people find it inconvenient because they have to buy an extra chain separately but I myself somehow think it’s a big plus point because I can freely choose the one I love to attach to it.

As sometimes, the chain color doesn’t match with the hardware’s of a wallet which is weird. I have some individual chains so, it’s perfect to alter whichever I like as well as vary my style flexibly.

9. Dickies Men’s Slimfold Wallet

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Nobody can’t deny that having your wallet attached to your trousers has saved you from losing it. Even you’re not a biker, choosing a leather chain wallet isn’t impossible because most of the time, men we prefer to carry our world in the back pocket.

If you want an affordable wallet with chain that bangs for your buck, here is my recommendation. Cost under $18, but can you imagine how many benefits you’ll receive from this investment?

An imported wallet made out of 100% genuine leather that’s entirely manmade lining enclosed with a detachable chain and a nice gift box. I’m not saying that that its leather material texture is outstanding or unique or distinctive but for the price, its quality is on point to ensure great durability. Not saying that there are 7 colorways to choose from.

But if your concern is mostly about the chain and its interior, this is even worth your investment. The chain works pretty well with strong clasp, sturdy and closure metal.

Going inside, there’re 3 card slots, 1 ID window, 2 functional pocket and 1 full-sized compartment. Measured by 3.5” x 4.5”, which fits nicely to my front pocket but I only wish it could be a bit larger for some extra space. The interior is a little bit tight with my EDCs. But overall, it’s a great purchase.

10. Men’s Cow Leather (Snake Texture) 112- Black R.F.I.D Safe Identity Theft Protection Trifold Steel Chain Wallet Biker Motorcycle Wallet

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Last but not least is a short trifold wallet with chain that I’m pretty sure you will love it. Why?

Because, first up, despite its trifold silhouette, the wallet is quite slim and stays neatly in my back pocket without bulk. Secondly, it offers extra space for more EDCs like more cards (up to 11 card slots), not saying that there are two separate full-sized compartments for bills and receipts.

I’m pleased with its interior, look neat, clean and streamline. Besides, if taking a closer look at its stitching, you will see that it’s pretty tight, firm and durable to surely serve you for years.

The chain is another good thing – featuring 15” length, a bit longer than standard chain to ensure it’s able to hook to your belt loop without difficulty no matter you place the wallet in your back or front pocket. On the other hand, the hardware and the hook are sturdy and strong to ensure no breakage if somebody grabs and steals it away.

And there are dual snap buttons to keep your inner stuff closure and safe if not in use. Not only save you from traditional thieves, this wallet also helps you prevent the modern ones thanks to its RFID Blocking Material attached within the material.

And one last thing, the additional card slot on the outside to allow you to easy access your regular cards conveniently and quickly.

In generally, the best thing about these men’s wallets with chain is its detachable chain which means you can remove it when not in need to use as a normal wallet. Besides, some models are perfect for daily use so that if you’re not a biker or trucker, but just want a more secure wallet to keep your precious cards and cash safe, this mission is still possible.

Now, it’s your turn to pick up the most suitable one. Which is your favorite one of a bunch?

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