Top Benefits of Having a Watch

This important accessorize tends to be underestimated for a simple reason that people already have phone to tell time. However, it is not because of this purpose that you should have a watch. In fact, having a watch can bring you a lot of benefits besides helping you to tell time.

Read on and you will see that actually having a watch can bring you a lot of benefits such as being a wonderful item to finish your good look or showing your class to the people you meet.


Here are the top reasons why you should wear a watch:

1. It Is Very Functional


The first thing that comes to everyone mind when people think about a watch is that it helps to tell time. But not so many people know that it helps to tell time in various unique and extreme situations.

This device was invented by the military and was first used during the war in the 19th. Later on, scientists have been developing and enhancing the function of a watch so it could be used deep down under the water or high up in the sky.

People might think that they can use their phone instead of a watch, which is true in normal circumstances. But in some extreme situations like I mention above, you need to reply on your watch only.

Furthermore, a smartphone will be no doubt run out of batteries quicker than a watch. If you need to go anywhere longer than 9 hours without your charger, you will need a watch to tell time as your phone may have died.

In addition, a watch not just tells the time in a normal way. You can have options to tell various times from various locations in a single watch. You can also use the chronograph and moon phase complication to function your watch as a stopwatch and for moon phase display respectively.

2. It Is More Convenient


Another thing that is worth mentioning when you compare about telling time from your phone and your watch is that a watch makes it easier to look for time. Whenever you need to know that the time is now, just a quick look at your wrist will answer your question.

However, if you need to tell time on the phone, you need to search for it first and pull it out of your pocket or your wallet before you can do so.

In addition, it might be rude if you search for the phone and check the time from it during a conversation. Using a watch will be more polite and subtle way for you to know the time without making any one who you are having a talk with think you want to leave.

Lastly, when you check the time from your watch, you save more time than checking on your phone occasionally. For example, when I myself look at the time on the phone, I just simply don’t stop there. I often check the messages, email, Facebook and other pages of social media, which means that I waste a lot of time on doing nothing.

3. It Can Enhance Your Personal Style


A watch is a fashion item which can really show your class. For example, everyone will look at a man who wears a Rolex watch as a successful and classy person. There are many other accessories you could wear to enhance your style, which you can read more here

It is true that a high-end watch is a classic timeless fashion item what will never go out of trend. The simplicity yet elegance of a classic watch will enhance your personal style a great deal as it brings a hint of classy and manly style to your look.

Furthermore, with a wide choice of beautifully crafted details, different types and colors, you can find a watch for all occasions to make with the proper outfits of these occasions.

Normally, you have 3 types of watches which are dress watches, watches for special conditions and informal watches. You can easily find one for all kinds of situations you will get yourself in.

You can have a more insightful look about what watch to wear for different occasions here

4. A Watch Make A Perfect Gift

It is very suitable as a gift for all boys and men as well. Imagine that you want to give something meaningful for your boy when he goes to college or when he first goes to work, you will see that a watch would be one of the most helpful recommendation of a gift.

Nothing can match a milestone of a man better than a watch. You have a casual watch when you first move away from home and you also have a dress watch for your first day at work. You will remember these events later when you look at the watch collection which marks your timeline really well.

Another benefit of watches that smartphones and other clothing items cannot be compared is that a collection of watches is a meaningful heirloom which passes down for generations.

It will be really touching if a young man receives the collection of watches from his father. It means that his father is passing down on him all of the traditions as well as value of the family, which will then be passed down to his very own son.


As you can see from this article, having a watch is not merely for telling time with convenience and efficiency. It is also one of a ways that you would do to enhance your style and create a variety of looks for all occasions. Lastly, a watch is a great gift for all boys and men of different ages and a very meaningful heirloom which represent the tradition of a family.

If I can convince you well, it is time you should go shopping for your best watch, which will follow you for many years to come.


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