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If a man can wear a red belt he could be leave a strong, stylish and impressive image on the other people’s mind. Choosing the best red belt is quite difficult because there are not many of them available on the market. Here is the review of 6 most popular red belts.

01. Maikun Men’s Letter H Gold Buckle Synthetic Leather Belt


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This stunning looking red belt has a width of 1.5 inches and buckle size of 2.8 x 1.8 inches. This product offers waist line sizes from 29 to 44 inches. This is a Synthetic Leather red Belt with a golden H shaped belt buckle. The length of the belt is adjustable.


This belt goes great for Jeans and sophisticated and bright outlook. It is designed for waist line from 29 to 42 inches so you can choose any size you want. There is a wide range of colors including blue, brown and orange. The buckle is also removable and interchangeable.


The belt buckle can be chipped and marked easily. The size of the belt is slightly smaller than the same size of different brands.

02. Acc Mall Men’s Canvas Military Bandana Pattern Web Belt & Buckle 60 inches


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This stylish bandana pattern belt coming in red color is very attractive and unique with a hint of Indian clothes. Its length is 60 inches and is made in canvas. It can be cut to fit you better if you wear a smaller size than that.


This belt can fit people with very big size of waist line. Also the unique and bright design make the belt stand out.It is also very suitable for anyone who is currently looking for an oriental look. There are also many other colors for you to choose from including navy and royal blue colors.


The material is not really sturdy and durable. The canvas material of the belt makes it harder to slide the buckle for adjustment. The belt’s width is only 1.25 inches, which is relatively small compared to the normal size of belt to go with normal pants is 1.5 inches.

03. Canvas Web Belt Military Style with Antique Brass Buckle and Tip 50″ Long


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This product will surely catch your attention from the first glance with its bright red color and the canvas material. The belt has a military belt with an antique brass buckle. Its dimensions are 6 x 3 x 1 inches and its width is 1.25 inches. This belt offers 1 size and can fit waist line size of up to 50 inches.


This belt is suitable for people who wear plus sizes with extra-large size of up to 50 inches. Very fashionable and eye-catching that will make any person who is wearing it stand out.


The belt’s width is lightly narrower than the normal belt’s. The material of the buckle makes it easy to have cracks and marks.

04. Under Armour Boys Baseball Belt


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The product’s offer 1 size only and can be adjustable.It is made from 100% other fibers. The belt’ strap is made with elastic webbed construction and strengthened by polyurethane. The belt is from Under Armour, a famous company specializing in sports apparels which offers both high quality and fashionable products.


The red color is really bright and shiny. Also the buckle is round so it is easy to slide through belt loop when you adjust to your size.It is suitable to wear with a baseball pair of pants or any other sportswear and it will make you look very active and stylish.


The buckle is a little bit loose so it comes off quite easily. The material is not as sturdy and durable as belts made from real leather.

05. Faddism Simple & Fashion Genuine Leather Belt Model 570


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This stylish and unique red belt comes with 4 categories of sizes small, medium, large and extra-large. It is 33mm in width has the dimension of 3.2 x 1.5 x 1 inches. It is made from Genuine Bonded Leather. Besides red, there are also many bright colors to choose from such as gold, green and yellow.


This product’s design may look quite simple but it is the red color that makes the belt very glamorous and outstanding. Also the material is made from very high quality genuine leather, which makes the wearer look even more sleek and classy. This belt can make a very strong and bold statement for the wearer. This belt is also very true to size. There are many sizes that could fit anyone.


The belt has only 1 loop so it may look a little bit odd if you need to wear it with the last hole. This also has some strange distinct smell when you first buy it.

06. Arcade The Blackwood Belt


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This red belt offers a very unique and decorative look. It offers only one size but can fit waist line size of up to 41 inches. The belt width is 1.5 inches and the belts dimensions are 13 x 3 x 2 inches. It is made with canvas and has a slim polymer buckle. The design comes with a woodsy graphic, which is great to go with hiking pants and snowboard pants.


The belt is waterproof and can be easily washed by machine. It is very suitable to wear for outdoor activities. One of the most outstanding features is that it offers comfort fit elastic feature so it would fit you well and still make you feel comfortable and flexible even if you normally wear plus size.


The material of the buckle can make it have marks and cracks over the test of time. Also it has a very unique and colorful graphic so it is hard to choose the clothes to go with the belt.

Here is the brief review of 6 stunning red belts. After you read, I hope that you can find a colorful and unique red belt to add to your belt collection.

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