Fishing: What gears or equipment do you need?

After a long time of working , you often have a feeling of tiredness or boredom and need to do something else to relax your body and freshen your mind. But what kind of activity can be suitable for you in this case? Well, fishing happens to be a popular activity that can really get you out of working hardship and offer you an interesting experience you rarely get in daily life. Yet, you cannot go fishing with your bare hands. You do need some tools for this activity. If you are also wondering about fishing equipment, this article will be quite beneficial to you.


Fishing does require some stuff that maybe a bit difficult to obtain but will truly make you enjoy the activity. Of course certain experience and knowledge from professionals could also assist well in the process too, so if you know some experienced people in this field, do consult them about the hobby.  Today we just go through a list of common gears or equipment you need to have on a fishing trip in order to really enjoy a successful outdoor activity.

  • Remember not to buy any flashy accessories or give in right away to what a salesman talks. That will cost you lots of money on stuffs you don’t really need or even cannot use them normally . Get advice  from friends or go through online reviews to get a wise purchase.

Fishing gears

Of course when we go fishing, we must have the right equipment for this hobby. Now you need to do some research on your own.


  • First, you need to know what kind of place you are going to go fishing. Saltwater, freshwater or brackish water, these places all have different type of rod and reel only appropriate for each type of water.
  • After that, you move on to the types of fish, tackles, hooks and baits. These are also important in deciding if you are able to successfully catch a fish and reel it back to your place.

You are not mandate to buy the best rod but you should purchase a long lasting one. Focus on the ability to bend and weight aspect of the product. These features will dictate the mobility and the flexibility of your body when casting and reeling. The rod must also be durable enough to sustain the weight of the fish you are intending to catch. And for the other equipment, just make sure they are effective at their intended purposes. A close and careful examination will tell you if these products are good for the task or not.

Besides the above, there are also some useful tools you may want to bring while fishing.

  • Back up gears: As a precaution for breakages. Bring extra rod, line, hook, bait, tackle…
  • Net: For catching the fish when they are close enough. Really help when the fish are big and heavy
  • Ice box or water tank: To keep the fish fresh or alive
  • Knife: To help untangle the fish from the hook.



Depend on the weather, you should bring suitable clothing and accessories for fishing. While warm days have few requirements, cold or rainy days demand something much more than usual to protect your health. And in any type of weather, you should always prevent yourself from getting wet while fishing. So here are some general ideas on what you should have while fishing outdoors.

  • Warm days.

In this case, just wear whatever convenient for you. But always remember to bring a hat, sunscreen and a pair of sunglasses. Sitting under the sun for quite some time without these things will really make you feel hot and uncomfortable, not to mention the possibility of other serious illnesses like heatstroke.  Also prepare some towels and extra sets of clothes to change in case you get wet. And even when water doesn’t get into your clothes, wearing fresh clothes after a fishing trip instead of  sweaty ones will surely make you feel nice.

  • Cold or rainy days.

Now these kinds of weather require plenty stuffs in order to have a fishing trip without any incidents. You will need insulated underwear and waterproof clothes. Also pick a pair of booths that are heavy and have a good grip on the ground so that they won’t slip when you move around. Bringing a pair of goggles to aid in locating the buoy is a good idea too. As on the warm days, towels and a new set of clothes are necessities on cold or rainy days.

In general, you can get all the stuffs above at any hardware store or you probably have some of them at home already. But if you don’t and have to go out to purchase them, make sure to exam and inspect the products carefully. The quality of them must be sufficient to be able to reliably shield you from any natural elements.

The quality of sunglasses


Well as stated above, maybe you already  have a pair of sunglasses at home but it’s necessary now to see whether it’s really appropriate for fishing or not. Fishing may require you to keep sitting at a spot for quite some time and be exposed to strong sunlight. A normal product that is only suitable when riding or driving may not meet the condition of fishing.

In fact, a correct choice of sunglasses may even help you to detect fishes underwater without interference of glaring sunlight as well so why not just to get such a nice gear for yourself.

Fishing sunglasses are often available at any fishing accessories stores. They also come with plenty of colors and rates of thickness to further fit customer preferences and suit different seasonal kinds of sunlight. You’d better choose something that really fit your needs and bring you great comfort to wear rather than selecting shiny or expensive ones.

Additional supplies


Well if you have successfully secured the fishing gears and clothing as above, you are pretty much ready to go fishing now. But you also need to bring some extra equipment to facilitate your fishing, increase your comfort and effectively deal with unexpected situations.

  • First aid kit: This should have disinfectants to treat cuts or grazes plus waterproof gauzes to cover the wounds from exposure.
  • Local Map: To help you navigate the place easily and locate potential fishing site.
  • Insect repellant: To prevent insects such as mosquitoes or fly to circle around you and your fish.
  • Tissue: For cleaning bloods, slimes or anything that fall out from the fish into your clothes or your gears.

Fishing is an activity that can take your mind from busy working days and help you really enjoy the moment of relaxing. And with just a proper preparation, the hobby can offer you exciting feelings you have hardly experienced in daily life. So if you are looking for something to add a new color to your life, taking up fishing is a good idea. Just follow the advices in this article and you are guaranteed to have a great time.

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