10 Of The Best Watch Focused Instagram Accounts

Instagram is a huge social media site where everyone shares their passion and love for particular things such as watches with pictures.

We have previously mentioned about top 10 Instagram accounts famous for wristwatches (You can visit here https://coolmenstyle.com/top-10-instagram-accounts-famous-wristwatches/ ). However, a single article could not be able to cover all of the famous Instagram accounts that are worth following.

01. Rarebirdes.de

Instagram Account: http://instagram.com/rarebirds.de

The man who runs the Instagram account is Andree, who shows a strong and passionate love for old vintage collections of Rolex and Heuer. You can easily see his love for watches as he occasionally posts pictures about his own private collections as well as his friends’ collection.

If you are lucky, you might come upon a post where he posts a watch for sales with a very decent and affordable price.

And finally, I love watching him showing off pictures of precious watches on some nice fair ladies’ wrists, which adds more colors to his collections.

02. Heuverville

Instagram Account: http://instagram.com/heuerville

If you are a watch lover, you should have already known about Heuverville, a famous and reputational Swiss watch brand. And there is no doubt that this Instagram account is made to dedicate its content to this wonderful brand.

The account owner, Stewart, is a man who loves the vintage and unique look of Heuverville dive watches. On this account, you will be able to see some lovely and stunning collections of this brand. You also have a chance to see pictures about hand-crafted leather straps that Stewart makes for Heuver watches.

03. Bridge and barrel

Instagram Account:http://instagram.com/bridgeandbarrel

This account is owned by some Melbourne watch lovers who want to share about the finest things in life including luxury watches. As said, besides watches, you can find them posting many other beautiful things such as clothes, accessories and footwear.

So this account is not only able to show you a plentiful number of watches but also give you some ideas on how to match these watches with other items in your wardrobe.

Their collections of watches are not of high end and luxury brand but in fact, but affordable ones which you can easily buy on various department store. However, they are all of high quality and stunning look which can help you to deliver an expensive look.

04. Julian Desimone 5

Instagram Account:http://instagram.com/juliandesimone5

This Instagram account belongs to a small Italian store, which is located in Rome for more than 30 years and will continue to run for further more years in the future. The name of the shop is Watches is Rome – a very simple but effective name that tells everything about the store.

The owners of the store decided to put up various collections about vintage watches on the Internet and with 30 years in business, you will automatically know that there are many truly pieces of timeless watches you are able to see on their Instagram page.

05. WatchFred

Instagram Account:http://instagram.com/watchfred

There is not so much information about the man who is running this page. All that we know is he has a passion for vintages watches and is really eager to show them to use. He posts pictures as often as 3 to 4 times a day. So be prepared to see a lot of pictures of watches coming on your newsfeed.

You can see a huge range of selection of different types of watches with this account. There will be luxury high end watches to more of middle end affordable watches. There will be also various brands with different years of sales, designs and colors for you to enjoy. You will find definitely find your favorite types of watches when you visit this account.

06. Olemathiesen

Instagram Account:http://instagram.com/olemathiesen

You can easily read from the introduction on its Instagram account that this account is for Danish luxury brands. And that are everything that you can look for when you visits its sites- beautiful visuals of watches from the finest and most elegant Danish brands.

Unlike other well-known international brands, these brands are simple with no extra gadgets or complicated materials. But you cannot stop being overwhelmed by their style and elegancy.

If you prefer to have a look at unique and not so well known models and brands of watches and don’t want to see couple of the most popular watches over and over again then this is your site.

07. European Watch Company

Instagram Account:http://instagram.com/europeanwatchco/

This is an Instagram account dedicated only for watches. I am so amused when I first come upon this account’ page. It was like when I was taking a tour in an art or watch museum without having to walk and stand for a long time.

Each picture, I have to say, is carefully taken so that all of the prominent features of a watch is highlighted. It also has a big archive for you to browse for a long time as well.

08. Watch Smuggler

Instagram Account:http://instagram.com/watchsmuggler

Another watch retailer with a perfectly legal business (Although the name might say it differently) promises to deliver new look on vintage watches with its beautifully crafted images on Instagram.

There is nothing much to say about these timepieces that are shown on their Instagram expect that they are so beautiful, elegant and classy. If you spend so much time browsing this company account, you might end up buying one piece eventually.

09. Watches Of Knights Bridge

Instagram Account:http://instagram.com/watchesofknightsbridge

Watches of Knights Bride is an interesting London company where you can buy a second hand watch or new watches by auctioning.

Based on your luck, and of course your financial capability, you can afford yourself to have some of the finest and stylish watches- both in modern and vintage styles.

In the company’s Instagram account, you can have a look at pictures of these wonderful watches which have been previously auctioned or will be done so in the future. Along with the stunning visuals, you will have a chance to look at the interesting history of each timepiece.

10. Hodinkee

Instagram Account: http://instagram.com/hodinkee

Hodinkee is a leading well known watch magazine which the leader in its field. This means that you can expect images with high quality and endless sources of reviews, critiques and analysis about watches when you visit its Instagram account.

In their page, you can see newly designed and published products, the stories behind them and also their movements which can stunt any watch’s lover.


I hope that these accounts above could give you some ideas of what watches you like to see and to buy. I also hope that they will inspire you strongly enough to start having your own collection of watches as well.

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