Top 4 Things to Pack for Your Trip


You need to have some preparation for that trip? And if you are wondering what you should bring with you on a trip then this article seems to be quite useful for you

A vacation trip is only enjoyable if we really feel comfortable on the entire way. And what can assure that better than having a good preparation? Just with a bit of time and efforts, you can readily deal with any possible situations and enjoy yourself to the max. Among the tools and accessories, there are 4 items that prove to be very necessary for any trip. If you want exploit the trip to the full potential then these are what you should pay attention to.

Number One: Travel Wallet


A normal wallet cannot be so safe and comfortable for your trip as a travel wallet. So what are the differences that make travel wallets much more useful than the normal ones? We are talking now about the spaces and slots that a travel wallet has. With more spaces and slots, it can contain all your necessary things such as money, ID card, passport, credit card, smartphone, notebook and other travel documents. Somebody can say: “Why do I need a travel wallet? I can put my travel stuff in my backpacker, my suitcase or my handbag.” They are wrong, just because do not know the virtual benefits of a travel wallet.

Apart from keeping all of travel stuff, there are still lots of reasons to use a wallet. Having a travel wallet we not only have an accessory which can store all your important stuff together, but also have a protection when bad incidents happen. For example, your luggage or your bag may be lost but all of your important documents are still safe in a travel wallet because they are always by your side. Loss of luggage, therefore,  cannot stop you from going on with your trip, the most important things for your travel are still with you.

There is an argument about the size of travel wallet. It may be uncomfortable to put this wallet into our pockets because of its size. In fact, nowadays, travel wallets are well-made and become much slimmer than ever before. This is really a perfect accessory for everyone on vacation.


Number Two: Smartphone


Smartphone is the most useful tool for any tourists at present. A smartphone now can replace maps, cameras, flashlights, guidebooks and many other things else. Just take notice of only one thing, although smartphones are produced these days to work everywhere there are still some just working in your own country. So first of all, you have to make sure that your phone will actually work when you travel to specific cities or countries.

Your trip will be better if your smartphone have a High-quality Battery and Camera. Your smartphone must be an “all-day battery” so that you can use it without any interruptions. In addition, fast or ultra-fast charge batteries are other factors you might consider about. However, if you play intensive games, surf the internet and watch video too much; you should have a reserved cell on your trip. Next, the phone should have an acceptable camera for you to take photos. The better camera the better moments you can capture.

A right smartphone for any trips will be a good partner with you. Let’s choose a strong, durable and multi-function smartphone for your adventure so you can go anywhere with it; water-resistant or waterproof phones are our recommend for everyone.


Number Three: Sunglasses



When you are traveling, you really need sunglasses that will protect your beautiful eyes from sunshine, dust, wind, especially the UV rays. Not only a great fashion accessory but sunglasses are also your eyes’ guardian who protects you from a dangerous enemy – Ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun. We think you know all of damages that UV rays will penetrate into us through our vulnerable eyes and cause “Photokeratitis” or we can call “Ultraviolet keratitis”. This painful eye condition is a result of exposing our eyes to UV rays so long.

If you want your trip will be full of happiness and having no eyes problems, UV rays absorbing sunglasses should be used. Looking for ones which can prevent 99 to 100% of UV rays, you can enjoy sunlight everywhere with no worry. Sunglasses also should have big lenses, large side shields so that they can effectively keep out all dust, wind and allergens.

Never forget to bring sunglasses with you on your journey. Wearing sunglasses when it is sunny outside, you can be sure about your eyes healthiness and, accordingly, your joyful trip.




Number Four: Money Belt


Lots of people never travel without a money belt. This accessory is more secure than a travel wallet. There are many types of money belts for your choice such as waist, shoulder or pocket ones. In this paragraph, we will talk about a waist money belt most popular for travelers, the waist money belt, which is worn around your waist.

With this, you can carry your cash, important documents, room key, emergency contact list and any other vital information. Also with this belt you could store your sunglasses, cameras, hand sanitizers, sun protection creams,…. Waist money belt is actually your protection and your security if you fasten it exactly around your waist. All of things essential for your trip  are always be with you securely with this accessory. Nevertheless, you need to make sure that the belt does fit your waist and you feel comfortable with it. So, remember to try on the belt with your travel clothes before you leave home and start your journey.

To prevent pickpockets, keep your valuables in money belt and wrap it around your waist. Remember that your money belt itself  is a portable safe. If you want a worry free trip, money belts are truly your indispensable accessories, they keep your mind at peace.

  • Extra advice

Information: You should be looking for information about your intended destination in order  to know what situations to expect and proper ways of conducts to follow.

Hazards: Try not to “act” as tourist or a wealthy person. This possibly attracts robbers and thieves.

Health: Always eat and drink in places having good sanitary conditions. Otherwise, you may  spend much time on your trip in a hospital due to food poisoning.

Cultures: Respect local cultures. You are there to relax, not to start arguments or fighting.


Of course, besides these four things you could consider bringing additional stuff that may be  important for your trip such as plastic bags, power plugs or sockets… In this particular article, travel wallets, smartphones, sunglasses and money belt are recommended items everyone needs to have for their own journeys. We hope you could get some useful information in this and actually have wonderful trips.


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