Top 11 famous watch brands you need to know

Watches have always been one of the must-have accessories and the gentlemen are interested in and willing to invest the most. Here we share our list of 11 famous brand watches for men who love youthful and modern style.

In the accessories items for men, the world of watches is extremely diverse, colorful looks like and is equally complex. However, that does not mean you must need a big budget to own a good, beautiful and fashionable watch.


We will introduce you 11 famous brand watches with modern design, youthful style that any discerning gentleman would need to know.

1. Seiko

Seiko is one of the famous brand watches that are much loved and well-known throughout the world. Seiko was originated from Japan, one of the producing mechanical watches and quartz samples renowned for reliability, good design and very competitive prices on the global market.


With the experience and reputation last for hundred years, Seiko has invented the watches for both men and women extremely attractive with high-quality standards under the Japanese standard which is the most stringent standards in the world. This is also the first watch company in the world with integrated GPS system powered by solar energy. These watches are very fast and accurate in updating the time zone.

2. Shinola

Shinola is a famous watch brand in the US, is the pioneer brand with the quartz watches, high-end mechanical watches that are designed and manufactured in the US by Swiss components.

Headquartered in the city of Detroit, Shinola has produced famous clocks worldwide. To date, the firm has also expanded to leather goods, bikes with the same motto and quality.


If you want to choose a classic watch bearing slightly industry but the quality is not inferior to modern watches, learn more about Shinola.

3. Triwa

TRIWA is the acronym for Transforming the Industry of Watches. TRIWA watchmaker is known for trying to promote personal characteristics in the traditional world of watches and accessories. Each watch is taken out of Stockholm, where production is always considered as giving the buyers the products reflecting the unique personality of each person.


Strengths and differences of TRIWA come from the leader’s instincts. TRIWA is the gathering place of the true innovators so that TRIWA does not mind being copied the idea, because they believe the value in the name will never be able to copy.

4. Skagen

Skagen Watch Design is a famous brand of watches, fashion and jewelry … A Danish couple founded it in the US in 1992. Skagen is one of the few companies owning fashionable watch brand by producing their own without relying on any other manufacturer. By 1998, the company opened the second headquarters and factory in Denmark to manufacture and distribute watches across Europe. Since then, the brand has developed Skagen watches with dizzying speed.


Skagen products are the main production company based on minimalist-style designs and characteristic elegance of the native population of Denmark in order to have a strong attraction. Genuine Skagen watches completely meet the standards of the most demanding clock of Europe and are typical products of the industry of peaceful and beautiful Denmark.


With a history of survival and development spanning more than 150 years, the famous watch brand – JUNGHANS – has never lost peculiarities of a minimalist style, sophistication, and elegance.


These watches also appeal to young people because the price is very competitive. So you can be confident on this collection watches without worrying that it is too expensive.


This is pronounced “Moment”, which is something special about this watch brand. MVMT was established from “crowdfunding” site named Indiegogo name 2 years ago. Attraction of this watch brand with uniform style is the price. It is thanks to the subtle in minimalist design, selection of suitable materials without losing the quality of each timepiece.


7. Georg Jensen

Georg Jensen brand actually is more well-known as a jewelry line. However, this is the brand you should pay attention to if you are considering and purchasing a watch. Georg Jensen provides automatic Swiss watches with every detail of the watches very delicate from hands to thick and very strong crystal.


8. Komono

Komono is an emerging name in Belgium specialized in manufacturing and supplying the fashion products like sunglasses or watches in classic but extremely elegant style. Komono concentrates on the production of classic-style watches with the highest-quality materials and components. On the strap, the brand attracts followers by eye-catching colors and durability. The hands and crystal are very durable. However, the price for a watch of Komono is still inadequate and very easy to buy.


9. Ogival

In comparison with the above brand, Ogival has more reasonable price, as although it was born in Switzerland, Ogival was expanded and developed in many countries of Asia. Ogival is featured with complex designs like Sketeton or unique materials, such as oil painting, ceramics in the dial design.


Born in 1903, so far, Ogival has launched dozens of collections, come from many different inspirations. Using advanced machine, Swiss designs plus oriental style, it is a masterpiece with the perfect combination of Asian – Europe culture, bringing innovative, unique and classic concept for the customers.

10. Omega

In 1848, Louis Brant launched Omega in La Chaux-de-Font, Switzerland. Before 1965, the Omega was fashionable watch brand. After Omega Seamaster Chronograph joined with members of NASA in space, Omega was the most sought during this period. However, because of the explosion of electronic watches, Omega lost its position. It was not until later, the Omega has amazingly returned.


11. Longines

Famous for its simple and classic design, Longines watches are supposed for the gentleman or gentle lady. But besides that, there are some designs of Longines with youthfulness, modernity and many outstanding features.


Born in 1832 in Saint-Imier, Switzerland, Longines chose the hourglass image as a symbol for their brand. Presence in Asian countries quite early, Longines is known for the precision, tradition and aesthetics.

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