How To Know If A Girl Likes You Or Not

It’s no surprise that girls are harder to read than guys, especially when it comes to figuring out if they’re interested in you, from body language cues to what she does during conversations. Girls might be trying to leave you hints about their feelings. In this article today, we will be discussing about how to know a girl likes you. Don’t miss out!

Signs a girl likes you

Her friends know about you

This is one of the first signs that a girl likes you!

If she brings you around her friends and they already all know about you, it means she’s talking about you. Many girls have a new love interest, they brag about them and dish details to whoever is within earshot.

Chances are these girls have read all your text and even responded to them for her. This’s even a better sign that they are bringing you around their friends because you’re going to have to win them over if you want the relationship to progress.

Or, guys, you need to be a really befriend the friends because they are really the gatekeepers. And if you hear from her friends that I’ve heard a lot about you, then you know that you are the topic of conversations. So, keep that in mind!

Body languages

Compared to guys, women have a lot more body language clues when they like someone. If you are in a group setting, she will find a way to sit or stand close to you to make you notice her.

If she is sitting next to you with her legs crossed and one of them is pointed at you, it means she likes you. Pay attention to her posture!

Girls also tend to tilt their head slightly when they are talking to someone they’re interested in. She may also lick or touch her lips a lot and play with her hair more when she’s around someone she’s attracted to. Because according to psychologists, playing with hair is actually an example of “preening”, which is another way of saying that she’s trying to look good for you.

Another gentle sign is mirroring?

What makes it such a powerful giveaway is that 99% of the time, it’s a completely involuntary sign of real interest that she just can’t help but do. People subconsciously mirror each other as a way of showing familiarity and trust.

So, if you spot her subtly copying your body language or movements, it could be an early sign that she feels comfortable with you and wants you to feel the same.

Notice if she gets nervous around you

If you kind of have to be around a girl more than a couple of times, you start noticing her behavior to see if she gets nervous around you.

Remember in middle school, when you could always tell to people who liked each other just by the way they acted. That familiar awkwardness that so many of us wish to never look back on.

If it was two people who had no attraction to each other, the awkwardness signs weren’t really there unless they were both just awkward people in general which is basically describing my entire middle school experience.

But, really, if she gets nervous around you, it’s probably a sign of attraction and she doesn’t want to mess up a future with you.

If she doesn’t care about a future with you, she probably won’t be nervous.

Asks advice

Whether it’s friendly advice or how to solve a math problem. If a girl likes you, you will suddenly become the go-to person for everything.

Why? Hm…, ask yourself this, are you going to keep a conversation going with someone you really don’t want to talk to? NO!

Girls may use asking you for advice as an excuse to get close to you. Or, they will keep asking you a lot of question to just know how they think, what their thoughts are on specific things, etc.

Thus, if you find yourself always giving advice to a girl, don’t get annoyed, she just wants your attention and gets interested in what you say, or simply, just like to keep the conversation with you as long as possible.

Good chances are if you save a damsel in distress, you will be rewarded in the end.

Dressed to impress

If a girl knows she is going to run into someone, she has a crush on, she is going to dress to impress. It’s true that most of the time, girls dress to impress other guys, but when it comes to having a crush on someone, they turn it up a notch!

Girls know the way to attract someone is to first be attractive. If you see them often, like at work, and notice they start dressing up more, it means they have a crush on someone they work with.

If you’re interested, be sure to compliment them on their style and looks.

Physical touch

If a girl can’t keep her hands off you, this is a great sign to show she finds you attractive from bumping into you in the hallway, or a slight touch of your arm when you are talking, she is trying to show you that she is interest.

When a girl isn’t attracted to someone, she will make sure to stay as far away as possible from them. So, if she is comfortable with you, and is touching you often, or wants to be physically close to you, those are signs she is falling for you.

She shows you her neck

As you know by now, when a woman is really flirting, her instinct may take over. And one of the clearest signs that a woman might be into you is for her present (and trust you with) one of the most vulnerable parts of her body: her neck.

So, if she begins to emphasize her neck by pulling her hair to one side or tilting her head, she doesn’t want you to be a Dracula, but it’s a great sign that she might want you a little closer

Eye contact

Girls are a little different than guys when it comes to making eye contact with someone they like. Guys are more likely to stare at girls, where girls are more likely to make eye contact and quickly break it.

But, if a girl is doing this over and over, it may mean she is interested. You won’t get the sultry sexy eye stare that are in movies, it will be more like what you experienced in high school. She will glance at you and see you look her way, then, quickly look away and smile or blush.

But don’t be fooled, she digs you!

Another sign with eye contact is that she always looks at you first when she laughs. If a girl is interested in you, they will more likely look at you or just a slight glance first if both of you are in a group setting.

The basic reason for this is that she’s genuinely interested in your reaction and wants to see if you thought it was funny, too. On the other words, she wants to make an evaluation of you and it’s still making subconscious judgment, what you think is funny or how you two functions together as a pair.

She may look at a different person each time something is funny but if she sways towards you, she’s 100% interested.

However, be careful watching for her reactions for she might be curious if you are looking at her, too and things get awkward quick

You’re hilarious

Do you feel like you are a star of a show, or a comedian when she is around? If she laughs at every stupid joke, or every silly story you say, she is really into you.

When girls like someone, they suddenly become very interested and invested in everything they say. So, when you say a bad joke, or an uninteresting story, she will completely be engaged, and think you are hilarious or entertaining.

Keep it up, because having a sense of humor is something all women are interested in when it comes to choosing a partner.

She comes into your personal space

If she’s coming from across the room to you, pay attention to where she stops. If it’s within 4 feet, she’s officially entered your personal field and that usually means one thing: she probably wants to talk to you.

Is she within 2 feet now?

She’s moving closer to what’s known as the “intimate zone”. And if she’s there, you’re probably doing a pretty good job of making her interested.

She has your back

Girls have a great way of defending the people they care about. So, you can be sure if someone is bad mouthing you or picking on you, she will have your back.

Girls have the need to protect people, so, if she likes you, you will fall under her protection umbrella. The same is true when it comes to brainstorming or a new project, she will agree with any ideas you present.

It may be confusing, but she is just trying to be subtle that she likes you by talking your side without it being a dead giveaway.

She’s available

When a girl likes someone, she will do everything in her power to be available to see them.

Now, there are times when they can be too available but that just really means she likes you. If you find a girl always too busy or cancelling plans without trying to figure out a better date, you should give up.

Yes, people get busy, and things happen, but if she likes you, she will make sure she gets to see you. If you haven’t heard from a girl for a while, chances are she is over you, or she just isn’t interested. And, it’s time to move on!

By your side

If you are in a crowded place, and you seem to keep bumping into her, it’s a good chance that it isn’t a coincidence. When girls like someone, they want to be close to them. If you have just met them, and they stay by your side after, you buy them a drink, it means they are interested.

You should keep talking to her if there is a connection.

When a girl takes the time to be close to you, it means you have done a good job of stealing her attention. And now, you have the job of keeping it! So, don’t blow it!

Remember that:

The more she likes you,

The more time she will want to spend around you


Last but not least, the golden sign that she likes you is she’s going to ask THIS QUESTION:

So…What are we?

And when she asks what we are, she wants to be your girlfriend. That golden question means “are we dating?”, “are we gonna date?” or “am I wasting my time?”

So guys, if you like her, if she asks you this question and if you’re ready for relationship, say that you want to be her boyfriend. Let’s do it! Take that step because I promise you, if you give ABS answer, like “oh, I don’t really know” or “I just kind of want to be friends right now”, you will ever talk to her again.

But yeah, just be straight up! I mean let’s get realistic here!

As if you are going to be like “Oh, I just want to keep doing this, hanging out and see it goes or where it takes me”, that girl will get annoyed. What I’m trying to tell you here is try to be honest with your feeling and choose the best words to say (but still honest). Something like “I’m sorry, I’m not ready for that yet” will be much better than a blank answer.

How to Tell if a SHY GIRL Likes You

She lurks

One of the first things a shy girl might do to make you wonder if she’s into you is to maintain a steady, play-it-safe presence near the perimeter where a more outgoing girl might take it easy by coming right up to you and saying Hi, shy girls tend to stay at an ambiguous, incredibly neutral distance that’s not too close, not too far.

Besides, they don’t do much to help you know that she’s actually interested.

She eavesdrops

Another interesting tactic used by shy girls to get a guy’s attention is to go all in on eavesdrops on your conversation. Where a more-adjusted girl might acknowledge overhearing something funny or interesting, a shy girl might just smile or quietly laugh to herself.

She has got a dominant digital persona

Otherwise known as keyboard flirting: when a girl tends to talk a lot only or by text, but not as much face-to-face, she probably likes you. She only can relax enough to flirt when she’s behind the screen.

Truth be told, a strong digital persona that’s inconsistent with her quiet demeanor is textboard social anxiety and a classic sign that you have got the attention of a shy girl.

You cool down her social circle

Have you ever had a group of girls go a little quiet as soon as you came around?

If that sounds like you, you might be in high school. But, you also might be dealing with a shy girl who was just talking about you with her friends.

Inconsistent verbal and body language

One of the defining, signature traits of shy girls is body language that doesn’t always match up to what they are saying. In fact, her body language might be so at odds with the words coming out of her mouth that you’re not sure you can get a read on her at all.

So, if it seems like she sounds interested, but her body is saying she’s uncomfortable, that might be because she doesn’t want to commit to flirtatious body language that guys look for.


PDA stands for public displays of affection. Shy girls tend to do it all that well. Because most guys tend to need some degree of physical touch to know when a girl likes them, shy girls who don’t engage physically, can be especially confusing to flirt with.

Muted flirting

When you put it all together, shy girls don’t just flirt like the rest. That means that a lot of the time, you’re probably going to be dealing with some muted flirting.

So, what’s that mean exactly?

Well, muted flirting is actually a lot like normal flirting, except where normal flirting tends to actually make it pretty obvious a girl likes you, muted flirting has a 50/50 chance of going the way a shy girl sees it in her head and a 50/50 chance of leaving guys wondering what’s wrong with her.

Truth be told, it’s hard to nail down exactly what it is. But if it seems like a girl wants to flirt, but also kind of doesn’t, it’s probably because she is shy and flirting doesn’t come that naturally.

She gets wing-girled

Because a shy girl won’t always come out and do it herself, her friends might have to come with the assist and gauge your interest for her.

Thus, if it seems like you have all of a sudden got a girl’s friends testing the waters, that’s one of the most common signs that Little Miss Shy Girl’s got a crush on you.

Indirect opportunities to hang out

As shy girls don’t always want to put themselves out there, if they want to hang out, they might go about making it happen in some less-than-obvious ways.

Maybe she asks you to help her with something or she offers to help you. Or, maybe she just tries to end up where you will be without making it clear that she wants to see you.

However, she does it! if she suggests doing stuff but doesn’t ever just want to hang out, that’s shy girl flirting 101.

She always breaks eye-contact first

Where a confident, extroverted girl will acknowledge your gaze with authority, a shy girl tends to worry more about making things weird when she makes eye contact. It’s because she’s got to look but get embarrassed when she gets caught.

A girl who’s shy almost always break eye contact before you do.

BONUS: Tip to remember when flirting with shy girls

I know what you’re thinking! There must be a lot of shy girls out there. While it’s true that shy girls are all over the place, you don’t want to make the mistake of confusing shyness with normal disinterest.

So, how do we avoid the confusion?

Unfortunately, it’s still bound to happen from time to time, but, there’s on thing that should make it pretty clear a girl isn’t just being shy, and that’s a complete avoidance of eye contact.

Where even a shy girl would look up, if a girl has no interest in you, or any other guys in that moment, she’s probably not going to really acknowledge anybody.

And now, I like to end this article saying that remember that execution is everything. You can lay in bed at night wondering if they like you back for hours. But, unless you actually go out and do something, you will never get to where you want to be.

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