What Does Your Belt Color Say About You?

Has the idea of using color to express your individuality ever crossed your mind? Though it has existed for ages, we tend to choose colors subconsciously. Little do you know, your belt color can tell a lot more about you than you think? So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive in.

1. REDs

Red is such an intense color. Now its vibrancy and radiance are meant for bold and outgoing people. You know, the kind of people who we like to refer as daring? As a wearer of red belts, you’re confident, spontaneous, inspiring and addicting. People are drawn to you by your immense confidence.

You attract attention everywhere you go. And the men’ red belt is exactly what you need to make a fashion statement. It is perfect for both casual and nightwear outfits. Combine a red belt with a white long-sleeve shirt and light yellow shorts for a summer look. You can also wear it with a plaid shirt and blue jeans for a more casual look.


Spontaneous – that’s what you are. Yellow is the brightest color in the color wheel and yellow represents joy, summer, positivity, and energy. As a wearer of yellow belts, you’re bright, cheerful, and curious.

You enjoy learning new things and you never cease to amaze people. You’re the life of the party. People enjoy your companion because you’re a fun person who knows how to live life. Some old folks may call you whacky but they are just jealous of your personality.

Feel free to wear your yellow belt with a graphic tee, shorts, and a green bomber jacket. Because why not?


Simple with a modern twist. You like simplicity with a bit of a modern touch. A navy belt is an excellent choice. Not too bold, not too intense, at the same time, not too casual, not too conservative. As a wearer of navy belts, you’re hardworking, trustworthy and calm. Harmony and peace are what control your life.

Just like the calming ocean, you’re sensitive and deep. People come to you for your advice and knowledge. As a co-worker, you never let your boss down. As a friend, you’re always there when your friends need you the most. As a lover, you’re caring and understanding.

For a more casual look, wear a navy belt with a Hawaiian shirt and ripped jeans. For a more formal look, wear it with a button-up oxford shirt and it will certainly make you look more dashing.


Purple is the combination of the color blue and red. That can be said, you have the trait of both colors. You’re compassionate but mysterious. To the world, you come off as artistic and unique. Sometimes, strangers find it hard to understand you because of your peculiar way of seeing the world. However, those who are close to you find these traits endearing and adorable.

You take everything very seriously. That’s why it takes you more time to do your work because you’re such a perfectionist. You care about every single detail and you never miss a spot. To you, perfection is everything.

The next time you go out, how about adding a purple belt to an all-black outfit? It will definitely elevate your outfit and make your look more interesting. Or you can wear it with a camel denim jacket and blue destroyed jeans for a dressy look.


Vintage. Casual. Versatile. Those are 3 words which perfectly sum up a wearer of brown belts. You’re a simple man and you have no favor for extravagance. You prefer classic to modern, simplicity to complication and usefulness to trendiness.

People admire you because of your loyal and modest personality. You don’t need to show off to the world and you’re comfortable with your own skin. That can be said, you make a great friend and a loyal partner. You’re a bit of an introverted. But that’s alright, that’s why everyone adores you.

Spice thing up with a pale pink suit jacket, navy chinos, brown leather tassel loafers and a brown belt. This look is classy and formal, perfect for your 3rd date.


Lying between black and white, gray is the color that says futuristic. Rather than drowning yourself in the past, you look forward to the future. It’s not that you’re emotionless. In fact, you’re very passionate. Though practical you may seem, you love to embrace elegance and beauty.

A gray belt is a perfect choice for embracing the possibilities that tomorrow brings. Go for a work-approved look with a beige coat, white chinos, a mint long-sleeve shirt and a gray belt. And, don’t hesitate to match your shoes with your gray belt. For a smart casual look, wear your gray belt with a matching color cotton blazer and tassel loafers. To make your look more fashionable, combine with a red chinos and a red tie.


Although black is not a stand out color, it is definitely not boring. And in contrast to popular belief, you’re nowhere near conservative nor pessimistic. That’s just an old way of thinking. As a lover of black belts, you’re incredibly charming and romantic. You have good manners and you know how to treat your partner well. You’re the definition of a true gentleman.

Your friends and your family love you because of your mesmerizing personality and your sophisticated sense of style that will never go out of fashion. To you, a black belt is everything you need in a man’s wardrobe. It can go with a formal look, a night out look, a casual look, or even a work-approved look.

For a casual look, mix your black belt with a dark blue suit jacket and beige pants. Feel free to add a white and navy vertical striped tie and a polka dot pocket square. For a formal look, wear your black belt with a black suit, a white oxford shirt, and a watch.


Lovers of white belts tend to be naïve and stubborn. You have a positive outlook on life but you know what’s practical. You love to meet and surround yourself with new people, at the same time, you like to play it safe and keep everything to yourself.

You don’t like to open up about yourself too much. You are more of an independent type. To some people, your personality may come off as unfriendly and rude. But don’t be discouraged, keep doing you.

A white belt is everything you need to reflect your complicated personality. For a night out look, choose a white belt with large buckle. For a casual look, wear your white belt with a beige suit and a white t-shirt. And feel comfortable to add a black Ray-Ban to your outfit. For a more formal look, wear it with a light gray suit and a striped shirt.

So, what do you think? Do you like my interpretation? Well, I hope that you find this article interesting. And like always, stay tuned my readers!

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