What To Wear This Summer (Everyday Looks)

What is that sound that I heard? If it isn’t summer then I don’t know what is. That’s right gentlemen, summer is coming near. After seeing this year Spring/Summer look from Paris, Milan, Seoul, and Tokyo FSW, I’m very excited for summer to come.

That can be said, have you prepared anything for this summer? If you haven’t, then why don’t you spend the next 5 minutes reading my article? Maybe you’ll have better choices of your everyday looks this summer.


Forget your plain boring one color shirts, how about slogan and printed t-shirts? They are bold; they are out there; they are unique; and they are fashionable. Fashion designers this year went wild with their imaginations. And to be frank, this year, slogan T-shirts have become something of a staple amongst fashion designers. From Marc Jacobs, Giorgio Armani, Valentino to 8seconds, Vetements, Topman. And even amongst fashionistas and fashion followers.

And don’t be thinking that you have to pay top prices for to get one. Like I mentioned earlier, there are many brands that produce them so you’ll be able to find just the perfect slogan t-shirts for you. And if that is not inviting enough for you to seal the deal, I hope that its versatility can make you change your mind. Much like your normal t-shirts, slogan t-shirts are also extremely easy to style.

Feel free to wear a slogan tee with shorts, jeans or even your sweatpants. I told you, they go with everything. And also don’t hesitate to tuck it to your trousers then team with your trainers.


Your beloved item that will never go out of fashion. That’s right I’m talking about tee ink white stripe tees. Classy yet very modern, perfect for your everyday casual summer looks. Now, you may get tired of slogan tees, plain tees after a while but striped tees? Not really. They are the ultimate go-to item that every man should have in his summer wardrobe.

They are easy to mix and match. And they look good in everybody and skin type. Did I mention that they are also comfortable? So what are you waiting for? Go to the nearest fashion shops and buy yourself a striped shirt. And feel free to style it with a pair of white sneakers or your favorite pair of sunglasses.


Throughout the last few seasons, wide leg trousers have become popular amongst fashionistas. It is quite easy to explain, considering how they look good on every body shape. And not to mention, with their relaxed fits and smart looks, they embrace the looks of modern dandy men. Nothing says sophisticated and comfortable than a pair of wide leg pants.

They are a brilliant choice for both summer and spring. So watch out, I sense a trend is coming. With their ability to elevate your normal outfit to something more high fashion. These pants sure will make your casual summer outfits look more interesting. All you have to do is to wear them with any kind of shirts. And you are ready to go. Go for a pair in beige, or, choose green or maroon to add colors to your wardrobe.


How can I forget about these masterpieces? If you are going to talk about everyday summer clothing, you have to mention slip-on. They are the easy-to-wear and very versatile, overall, a must-have item for summer of 2017. Trust me, slip-on are everything you’ll need to complete your summer outfits.

They are light; they look visually stunning and more. They are made so brilliantly that your feet will feel comfortable while wearing. They look good with any look. Feel free to style your slip-on with your old pair of jeans, tank-tops, jumpsuits or even shorts. Like I had mentioned before, they are very easy to wear. And I did mention that they are also very affordable?

My best fashion advice is not to go for white slip-on as they may catch dirt easier than others. In these summer days, I know you’ll take part in many outdoor activities so, a good pair walking shoes that is breathable, comfortable and nice look is the best choice.


Unless you have been living under a rock then you should know about the latest trend in the fashion industry, clear frame glasses. Don’t they look plain cool? Their transparent frame is the reason why they make such a great choice for this season. You can literally style them with anything without feeling like you add too many accessories to your look.

Made specifically for people who have a keen eye for style, surely transparent glasses will not let you down. They are the missing piece to pull your looks together. Might as well consider this bad-boy your new go-to this summer because I see you’ll be wearing them a lot. So, the next time you go out, why don’t you put these glasses on? They sure will make you look more interesting. And don’t forget to clean the glasses carefully and frequently because you know, white is easier to catch dirt than other colors.

So how was it? Do you like my choice of clothing? Well, I hope that after reading my article, you’ll know what you want to wear this summer. The next few days, I’ll be writing some more articles on summer looks so tune in for more fashion advice. Like always, see you next time my readers!

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