Best Belts for Big and Tall Men in 2019

The belt is one of the most important accessories for men, which can make them look more elegant and masculine. Their outfits will be not perfect without a belt. Therefore, when choosing a belt, men need to be smart in their selection to choose the best fit one.

At this time, there are a lot of different belts on the market; however, not all of them can meet our strict requirements. To have a perfect choice, there are many things we need to consider. Here, I will recommend some best belts for big and tall men.

1. Levi’s Men’s Reversible Casual Jean Belt

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I always highly appreciate the Levi’s products because of the performance, and style, plus durability. At the first sight, it is easy for us to see that the Levi’s belt is obviously awesome in design. It comes with around 14 different color choices to fit your preferences. I think that you can choose any color you want because it enables to fit all outfits. I had a brown one, and I often mixed it with all styles, but it still looks good. If possible, you can buy more than one to change.

In terms of material, this belt is made of the blend between leather and polyurethane, but leather material occupies more to make sure of the durability and luxury. The most impressive thing about this item is its style. You just need to buy one, but you can own 2 different belts. This Levi’s belt belongs to versatile type. You will offer two style options. They are perfect for khakis and jeans.

This belt is available with a rotative buckle, which makes you reverse from one side to another more easily. All you have to do is to pull apart the buckle at the hinge while rotating it and put it back in place to use your belt one way and another. I found it interesting and useful. There are three kinds of sizes for you to choose, including regular, big and tall sizes. It can fit perfectly the sizes from 30 to 54 inches. It is better to purchase for a size 2 inches larger than your normal waist size to make sure that it fits you well. For example, my waist measured 34 inches, I bought the belt size 36 inches. The belt strap is 1 ¼ inches wide and there are 5 holes for every 1 inch.

2. Dickies Men’s Two Row Stitch Belt

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It is not easy for people to look for big and tall size belt because for normally, belts often come with normal sizes. However, with this belt, you can stop worrying about your size. It can fit all sizes properly. This belt is from Dickies brand, which is quite new for some people. Although it is not really a famous brand, their products are good quality. I can take the Dickies belt as an example.

I bought this belt two years ago and I was very impressed with its performance. It always works and looks good. I got tons of compliments from other people when wearing it. This belt is different from the one above because it is completely made of leather. Therefore, in terms of durability, this belt is the best. To ensure for the durability, it also has a double row stitching to avoid tearing.

The Dickies belt is available in four different colors, including black, tan, brown and black matte. These colors are good choices for all outfits. The strap width is 1 ½ inch. For proper sizing, I recommend that you should order belt 2 full sizes larger than the waist size.

3. Dickies Men’s Double Prong Belt


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Another Dickies belt in this list is the double prong belt. It comes with five color choices, including black, brown, brown logo, black logo and full black. These colors are very stylish and catch up with the latest fashion trend. You will never look so old – fashioned with this belt.

The material is also genuine leather. It will not have the strange smell. This belt is quite soft and it will not leave the red on your skin. You will always feel comfortable, even you wear it for the whole day. Although it’s soft, it is very stretchable and durable. You can take the use of this belt for a very long time without changing.

This prong belt features double prong buckle and logo – engraved keeper in antiqued finish. These things make it look more outstanding for countless belt models on the market. The width of the strap is reasonable to create your own style with 1 3/8 inches. To offer a proper fit, you had better choose full size larger than your normal waist size.

4. Dockers Men’s Braided Belt


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If you are a fashionable man, you may love this Dockers braided belt, which is known as a classic and durable leather belt. With the regard of the quality, of course, this belt is made from the highest quality and finest leather material to make it last for a long time as you expect. Besides, it is added 20 percent of polyester to provide you a soft and comfortable touch.

With this Dockers belt, you do not need to think about your waist size because it consists of holes around the strap. It means that the holes are located every ¼ inch and it owns over 50 belt holes to fit you perfectly. This belt is the most adjustable fit option for everyone. In addition, you can make some space for that extra piece of cake without feeling tight easily.

There are 7 color choices, including tan glazed, black glazed, black woven, tan lace, black lace, black and full black. The regular and big and tall sizes are available. It fits size from 30 to 58 inches. For the best fit, you should buy 2 inches large your waist sizes. This casual belt can be easily paired with jeans, casual pants, and khakis.

5. Men’s Belt, Bulliant Slide Ratchet Belt for Men with Genuine Leather 1 3/8

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Bulliant slide ratchet belt has gained the popularity to become one of the most favorite belts in all over the world with the diversity of the color choices. It has about 17 different colors. The strap is made of the genuine leather with micro fabric solutions to bring you the maximum endurance to wear all day long. The buckle – Zinc with the high-quality decoration resists the scratch. Your belt will always look new without any scratches.

To fit you well, you should select the size carefully. However, if not, you can customize it easily by cutting. The width of the strap is 1 3/8 inch. This bulliant belt came with the idea of size mark on strap and easy swapping design with buckle to allow us an exactly fitting size by taking off the strap or cutting.

Apart from the exact fitting system, this belt has 32 unique sliding positions in the ratchet of the strap to let you a micro adjustment to meet our waist variation. The buckle is well designed to match with the wonderful strap. It can match perfectly with jeans, pants or khakis. Moreover, the edges were sewn to make sure about the long-lasting use. I’m sure that this belt will be a favorite item and an ideal gift for everyone.

6. Beltox Fine Men’s Dress Belt Leather Reversible 1.25″ Wide Rotated Buckle Gift Box

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The next belt is the beltox belt. This belt is incredibly impressive with the reversible style. You just pay one and get two. I think it is the most attractive point of this belt. The Beltox belt is made from 100 percent of leather and its buckle is Nickel free. These materials are high quality to bring you the best experience.

The beltox belt has two sides with two different colors. It has 8 versions for you to choose. Like mine, one side is black and one size is brown. I often change by reversing the belt from the black to brown. To do this, all what I have to do is to rotate the buckle. This belt is soft, smooth and durable. With the sewn edges, we can take the use of this belt for a long time without any problem.

It is 1.25 inches wide, which is suitable for size from 30 to 54-inch waist. However, to offer the best fit, it is better to opt for one size larger than your waist. The buckles of this beltox belt also have different versions, including silver single prong and plaque buckle. There are 6 styles for the buckle and 5 grommets in the belts. It is equitable to fit you well.

7. Columbia Men’s Casual Leather Belt


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Columbia belt is a fashionable and smart leather belt for those who are looking for something classic, but fashionable. If you are too tired of seeking for the right belt, this is a good suggestion for you. Although this belt has a simple look, they are very interesting.

I ordered this belt right after this brand released it. I always give my priority to the belt, which has a unique design, but trendy. And this belt is no exception. It impressed me by the silver tone single prong buckle with logo. I love it a lot because it is different from all belts in my collection.

The Columbia is various in colors, including brows, black, tan, navy, brown lake, dark brown, tan stitch, and black overlay. It is made from 100 percent of leather to give the durability, style and convenience. Its width is 40 mm, but you should order 1 size larger than your pant size for the best fit.

8. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Ribbon Inlay Belt


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Tommy Hilfiger has become one of the most favorite belt brands in all over the world because of their impressive design. When looking for a sharp belt that does not crack and disintegrate, then I found this one. Tomy belt always looks sharp and has many color options. From the outside, this belt has an awesome look. It is highlighted by the logo of the brand.

This belt is available in 5 different colors, including: navy, black, khaki, natural black, and medium navy. The Tommy is made from 80 percent of leather and 20 percent of cotton, which feature smooth, soft, and durable. I got this belt for a year, and wore it daily, it still remains the sharp look with the single prong buckle.

The width of this Tommy belt is 1 3/8 inches. Besides, the Tommy belt is wide enough to adequately fill out belt loops and provide us the support. It works well with both business and casual wear. Although this belt seems to be the most perfect one, you need to pay more attention to the size when buying. You should buy more than 2 sizes larger than your waist to make sure that it can fit you.

9. CTM Men’s Elastic Braided Belt with Covered Buckle (Big & Tall Available)

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CTM belt is completely different from the other belts. It is not made from leather or the blend between leather and other materials. This belt is totally made of the elastic, so there is no doubt for its durability. With this kind of material, you do not need to worry about tearing or scratching.

Furthermore, this belt looks awesome with different colors, including black, brown, navy, gray, khaki, white and forest green. I chose a forest green color because it is so attractive and unique. The D ring buckle is covered in the same color as the belt.

This belt is 1 3/8-inch-wide that can fit all types of pants, or jeans. Moreover, the woven fabric is adjustable to stop you worry about the size of your waist. You adjust the belt by yourself more easily. Besides, it is lightweight to help you feel more comfortable and move flexibly. I felt smooth and sturdy without stitches coming apart so far.

10. Carhartt Men’s Jean Belt

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The Carhartt belt is a great belt with numerous features. I used this belt for almost 3 years and there is no problem. I just changed into another one recently because I lost some weight, so I need a smaller version. And incredibly, this belt even has a better quality than my old one. It’s obvious that the brand always pays more attention to improve the quality of the belt.

This belt is made of 100 percent of leather, which features polished single prong buckle and logo embossed keeper. This belt has two different sizes, including regular, and big and tall size. The Carhartt one is pretty true to the size. Moreover, it is also a little stretchy as you can expect from leather material.

In terms of the color, it has an attractive black color that is shiny and fashionable. It has a metal engraved loop and brass finished buckle. The width of this belt is 1.5 inches. It is full grain, waxed bridle leather, and saddle stitching.

11. Belt for Men, Bulliant Men’s Click Ratchet Belt of Genuine Leather, Trim to Fit

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Another various color choice comes from Bulliant. It has around 40 different colors for you to choose. This is its advantages to compete against the other brands on the market. Because sometimes, I like that belt, but you can’t find out your favorite color, then you give it up. However, the Bulliant belt brings you countless choices to meet all your strict requirements, from light colors to dark colors. Or you can make a collection of different colored belts, if you want.

The width of this belt is 1 3/8 inches, but it can provide you the exact fit by cutting for your needed size. It means that you can customize the belt size. All what you have to do is to remove the belt buckle, and cut the strap at needed size. To avoid being too short, you should buy a bigger size to make sure that it will not be useless.

This belt is made of the genuine leather, which provides the durability. The strap is flexible, and firm, while the buckle is Zinc alloyed with high quality coating for scratch resistance. In addition, this belt is very easy to use. You just need to lift the top face of the buckle to get the belt sliding through and release it to block.

12. Nautica Men’s Feathered Edge with Double-Stitch Casual Leather Belt


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Although Nautica belt is not available in so many color choices as the above belt, it still becomes one of the most favorite belts on the market up to now. This belt is one of the bestselling products of this brand. It comes with four colors, including: cognac, black, navy and brown.

The Nautica belt is made of 100 percent of genuine leather. With the best quality of leather, it can guarantee that this belt can go a long way with any problems. The big and tall, and regular sizes are available. It fits your size from 30 to 56 inches. But, to have the best fit, it is advised to choose 2 inches larger.

This Nautica belt is very smooth to complete your casual outfits. Its double stitched finish will make you look more outstanding and trendier. You will know more look boring and old fashioned. An engraved silver tone harness buckle, the embossed leather tip and ornament logo on the strap improve the elegant design of the belt. It will be perfectly paired with your jeans.

13. LeatherBoss Jeans Big and Tall Belt

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Last but not least, the leatherboss jeans big and tall belt has come out to become one of the trendiest belts in the world. Most people were attracted by its shining beauty and fashionable style. It is highlighted by the high-quality material and unique design.

The Boss belt is made of leather, which makes it look strong and very stylish. It comes with a metallic chrome finish buckle. The leatherboss has four colors, consisting of black, brown, navy blue and tan. These belts are shiny and smooth.

Its width is 1.3/8 inch. This belt is awesome, but I wish it had more color choices. With the regardless of the colors, this belt is a top-quality product. It even looks better than the pictures on the website.

For a fat man like me, it is not easy to find out a belt that can fit bigger waist sizes. However, these belts in this list can fit me properly. Besides, I do not feel uncomfortable when wearing it for all day long. These belts are affordable, stylish, durable and comfortable. They are adequate belts for the fat.

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