Best Wallet Inserts You Should Try in 2019

A wallet insert is a personal thing that is very crucial for all men. Not only it is used to keep your identification card, driving license, cards or cash, but also it will show who you are as a person – neat, or messy.

Now, it’s no longer the age of bulky wallets, but wallet inserts instead. These wallets are much more convenient than the old ones. Furthermore, they look more good looking, easy to use and carry more things. To meet the need of men in all over the world, there remains a huge number of different wallets insert types on the market. Today, I will introduce to you some best wallet inserts that I’ve ever used.

1. Napal Swiss Men’s and Women Slim RFID Credit business Card Holder Wallet + Extra Inserts

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To start, I will recommend you an awesome wallet, which comes from Napal Swiss. This wallet has gained the popularity to become one of the most favorite ones in recent years. When buying this, you will get extra inserts. This card holder wallet is made from 100 percent of the top grained genuine leather, which is soft, slim and thin, so it’s comfortable to sit on.

The Napa Swiss consists of three main colors, including black, brown and camo green. This wallet has a very slim design, which is much thinner than your old wallet. Although it’s thin, it enables to hold up to more than 24 business cards and credit cards. Its dimensions are 4 inches x 5 inches.

Besides, the design of this wallet is quite interesting with the RFID blocking to stop remote scanning of cards as well as protect the private information. Due to the small dimensions, you can put this wallet wherever you want. Normally, I put it into my back pocket. The Napal Swiss wallet is very easy to take out no matter from any pocket or women handbag.

2. SET of 2 – 6 Page Plastic Wallet Insert for Bifold Billfold or Trifolds Top Load

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If you have a lot of cards that you want to bring with you all the time, a billfold wallet insert is a good selection. At the first sight, this wallet is very impressive with its design. It looks different from normal wallets. The material made it is plastic. You may think that plastic wallet is not as durable as other materials, but in my viewpoint, they are the same, if you use carefully.

In terms of holding capacity, you can put as many cards as you want. However, if you hold many cards, then your wallet will be thicker and thicker. You may feel uncomfortable, when putting a thick wallet into your back wallet. Therefore, you should be sure where you want to put your wallet into, before deciding the number of the cards you carry.

These plastic wallets come with a set of 2 to 6-page plastic wallet inserts, so you can feel free to take the use of them. I do not have many cards, so I think this wallet is right for me. With the regard of the style, this wallet looks more unique than the others. Because it is quite clear, so you can take the right type of card easily.

3. Plastic Wallet Insert 6-page SET OF 2 Picture Holder Made in USA by Alpine Swiss

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There is no need to carry a big wallet to keep all the necessities with the appearance of the wallet insert. Although it can’t replace for a normal wallet, but it can help you hold more things. In addition to this, the wallet inserts have the ability of keeping all things neat and well – organized.

Similar to the above wallet inserts, this is also made from plastic. More specially, it is available with 6 pages to insert cards or whatever, and 2 picture holders. With the support of this wallet insert, you can feel free to fill all your things without worry about the lack of the compartment. Importantly, these inserts are side load and top load, so you can put in and take out everything with an ease.

These inserts measured about 3 5/8 inches x 2 ¾ inches. These dimensions are reasonable to put in all kinds of wallet. They fit perfectly for both trifold and billfolds. This wallet insert is made from high quality plastic; therefore, they will not fall apart quickly. It features durable, comfortable and convenient.

4. 10 Page 20 Card Plastic Wallet Insert for Bifold Business Credit Card Holds

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If you are looking for a wallet card insert that enables to hold up to 20 cards, this insert is a good choice for you. It is a perfect billfold wallet insert. With the compact design, these inserts have gained the popularity in all over the world. The same as any inserts, they are made from high quality plastic for durability and convenience.

If you want to buy a wallet, but you are afraid that it does not have enough space for holding your cards and bills, plastic wallet inserts will be the best solution. They have compact design to meet all your requirements. The dimensions of this wallet are 3.74 x 2.75 inches. With these ideal dimensions, these inserts enable to fit all kinds of wallet.

In terms of design, these inserts are awesome. They are nice looking and easy to use. Because of its materials, you can see the type of cards easily without taking it out. Furthermore, these inserts not only help you keep most frequently used cards, but also own your favorite wallet.

5. One Hipster Wallet Insert

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One Hipster wallet insert will bring you a new style. From outside, this insert looks like a notebook with the coverage. Its material is also different from the above inserts. It is not made of the plastic as normal, but vinyl instead. I felt smooth when touching it. Compared to the other inserts in this list, its durability is the same. I took the use of the One hipster wallet insert for years, they still work well.

Furthermore, its dimensions are reasonable, 4 ¾ x 3 ¾ inches. You can put these inserts into any wallet, you want. Besides, it is a good idea to keep it in your pocket only without a wallet. It will be a safe place to hold your credit cards, cash, business cards or Ids.

The One hipster insert consists of 6 pages. These pages have the ability of holding about 24 credit cards or pictures. You can hold more, but it will make your wallet look thicker. It is not easy to find out this high-quality wallet insert on the market.

6. Wallet Inserts Set of 2 Accordian Style Card Picture Holder Rare

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A new suggestion for you is the wallet inserts sets of 2 accordant style card picture holders. This is a high-quality product, but it’s rare to find out. When you purchase this set, you will get two inserts. Each of them enables to keep about 7 cards.

I often take the advantages of these wallet inserts as the wallet. For a very long time, I did not use any wallet because it is too large for me. I need a smaller one, then my friend recommended these items. When using them, I can carry not only cash or cards, but also pictures. I often carry some pictures of my parents and siblings.

These wallet inserts are the smallest one that I have ever used. They are 3.5/8 x 2.5/8 inches. They have a cool design, to be different from other inserts. You can put your cards from one side to make it easy to take out when you need. They have an excellent quality and withstand constant handling.

7. Bullz Heavy Duty Vinyl 6 Pages Insert for Bifold or Trifolds Wallet (Set of 2 )

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Before buying the Bullz heavy duty insert, I had a trifold wallet. But my wallet just has a few spaces to carry my credit cards, and money. However, whenever I go out with my friends, I need a bigger wallet that can bring more things like driver licenses, ID, credit cards and some other small personal papers. I really like my wallet, so I did not want to buy another to replace for it. I chose to use wallet inserts instead.

The Bullz heavy duty wallet inserts are totally different from others. Their quality is better and better throughout each version released into the market. They look like a book, and they have 6 pages for storage. You can keep more cards in each page.

This Bullz wallet insert is made of the heavy-duty vinyl material, which offers durability, comfortability, and convenience. It measured 2 – 5/8 x 3 – 5/8 inches. These dimensions fit both your trifold or bifold wallets properly. This set will include two inters.

8. SET of 2 – 6 Page Plastic Wallet Insert for Bifold Billfold SIDE LOAD

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The next set is for billfold wallets. It is available in 2 wallet inserts, which consist of 6 plastic pages for each. You may be surprised with its quality. They are really excellent!

These inserts can create more spaces for you to hold your cards or pictures. They are exactly what I’m looking for. If you have a traditional size wallet, you may need this one. Having 2 inserts means that I do not need to shop all over again. They are great to hold your extra credit cards or pictures.

The dimensions of these plastic credit card holders are 3.3/4 x 2. 5/8 inches. These dimensions are ideal for billfold wallet. In addition to this, these inserts are side load, so you can reserve and show your items more easily.

9. SET OF 2 Wallet Inserts Replacement 6 Page Card Holder for Bifold or Trifolds Wallet

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Another heavy duty and more flexible wallet insert are a set of 2 wallet inserts from Deezomo. The install tab is heavy duty. Besides, the install tab is smaller than the sleeves, so it will fit in a wide range of wallets.

This set is made by the heavy material to be more flexible and durable. It fit perfectly for both credit cards and driver’s license. I often use these inserts not only for holding credit cards in my wallet, but also my back pocket. It consists of 6-page credit card size inserts.

It measures 3 5/8 x 2 ¾ inches that are best for bifold and trifold wallets. Their 6 pages allow us to spread all our items out. Furthermore, they are a little bit bigger, so there are no more forcing cards in or out of the page. They are made from high quality materials, they will not split easily. This is a right option for the job.

10. Set of 2 – Replacement Insert for Bifold or Trifolds Wallet – Card or Picture Insert

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The last set in this list is from Picaco brand. Although this is a new brand, I found them useful and durable. This set has 6-page replacement inserts for wallets. This item is lightweight and very thin.

Its measurements are 3 5/8 x 2 ¾ inches. With these dimensions, these inserts can be in harmony well with all types of wallets. You can feel free to choose your favorite wallet type without worrying about the storage. These inserts will help you solve everything.

It is made of the vinyl and its quality is ensured by the brand. If you are unsatisfied with its performance, you can send it back and get all your money. However, I believe that these inserts will make you happy.

In short, wallet is a very important accessory for all people with the regardless of genders. However, not all kinds of wallets on the market can meet your strict requirements. Sometimes, you like its style, but it does not have enough space for you to save all your personal papers. That is the reason why you need to choose the best wallet inserts.

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