Top Best Greek Fisherman Hats You Should Buy [ Updated 2019 ]

For many years, Greek fisherman hats have become a very important accessory for everyone. Many people are looking for the best greek fisherman hat; however, finding the best one is not an easy task due to the variety of this kind of hat on the market.

Here, I will recommend you some best greek fisherman hats that you can refer to have a good choice for yourself.

I. There are 12 Best Greek Fisherman Hats in 2019 :

1. Aegean Authentic Greek Fisherman’s Cap


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My first choice is a black fisherman hat coming from the Aegean brand. This brand is doing well with giving new designs to meet the requirements of their customers. It is hard to say this is the best hat on the market up to now, but it is one of those. I did not remember exactly about my feeling when I first got it, but later, after a few times using, I was completely satisfied.

This cap is made from 75 percent of wool and 25 percent of nylon. These materials are well combined with the exact proportion to take the best use of the advantages of each material. For example, the wool material will make the cap become softer for touching and wearing, while the nylon material helps to keep our cap dry all the time. This cap came with a leather headband, which is used for decorating, I guess.

I feel extremely comfortable when I wear it. I recommend this for my friends and all of them love it much. I chose the black color, but with its fashionable design, my cap does not look old or out of date. It helps me a lot to leave a good impression for the others as a strong man.

2. Dorfman Pacific Aegean Wool Blend Fisherman’s Cap

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The next fisherman cap has more color for choosing, but I prefer the black. In terms of the design and quality, I believe that this cap can meet all your requirements. I got a lot of compliments when I wear it.

This is an Aegean fisherman hat, which is sold by the size. To get the best fit one, you had better refer the size chart before making a payment to make your that the cap will fit you perfectly. The Dorfman pacific aegean fisherman cap is made from the wool blend. This material provides a soft feeling for the weather.

To stop you from being wet when you sweat, there is a faux leather sweatband. This band is very important in keeping this cap always on your head. Besides, it helps to shape your cap. Without this, your cap will look awful. The desing of this hat is quite new and fashionable. You can wear it when going out as a fashion accessory.

3. THE HAT DEPOT Unisex Cotton Yachting Style Sailing Greek Fisherman Cap hat

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It will be a big mistake, if we miss the hat depot. This is a unisex hat, which is suitable for both men and women. It has small sizes, so you can buy it for your children. I always take the best uses of this hat for many outdoor activities and I also wear it when I play sports. This hat is quite multifunctional.

There are five different colors, including black, navy, white, khaki, and blue jean. I opted for the black again. Some of my friends said that I had a lot of black caps and that could make me look boring. However, I believe that black is one of the best color choices because it will be never old fashioned. Besides, this color can go on well with any other items.

The vintage greek fisherman hat is made from 100 percent of cotton to bring you a soft feeling when you wear. But, sometimes, you may feel a bit hot. The absorption system works very well to stop you from the wet head. It features matching satin lining, twisted rope detail and metal tone button. It is a good choice for all kinds of outdoor activities in both summer and spring.

4. Epoch Men’s Summer Cotton Greek Fisherman Sailor Fiddler Driver Hat Flat Cap

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The next choice is surely one from the Epoch brand. This fisherman cap looks fun with the mixture of 2 different colors. I chose the khaki one, so its top is khai, but its sweatband and the bill are dark brown. This blend makes each part look more outstanding and stop a boring look.

The Epoch cap is made from 100 percent of cotton. This material is famous for the softness. It can absorb the sweat well, so you can wear it even in the hot days withou the wet feeling. This cap has only one size, but elastic to fit the medium size. If your head needs to wear a big size, this hat is not right for you.

You can take the best use of this fisherman cap in many occasions, such as sunny days, everyday wear, sailing, or outdoor picnics. Besides, it is a good idea to wear it when you go out both day and night. If you mix it with other accessories skillfully, it is a perfect item for parties. You also can wear it for outdoor activities, such as horse riding, or fishing.

5. Sandy Ting Unisex Genuine Leather Greek Fisherman Sailor Fiddler Driver Hat Flat Cap

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If you like the greek fisherman hat, you should not ignore this Sandy ting cap. This cap has two colors, including black and brown. Normally, I often choose black because I love its beauty. But, this time, I changed and decided to choose the brown color. This color does not look old, but young and active.

This hat is made from 100 percent of the cowhide leather with the cotton sweatband. Its line is cotton blended. The band is adjustable, so you can adjust whenever you need to avoid being too loose or tight. This cap has a fashionable design to help you have a good look.

Because this cap is made from the leather, so it is waterproof. You can feel free to wear it to anywhere you want without being worried about the weather condition. This cap will protect your head from the rain or sun. You will have wonderful trips with this cap. Moreover, wearing this leather fisherman hat is extremely comfortable. I often wear it all day when I’m out with my friends.

6. Epoch hats Men’s Greek Fisherman Sailor Fiddler Winter Wool Driver Hat Flat Cap

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The next one is another Epoch hat. Epoch hat is always on my favorite list due to its simple design and attractive look. This hat is available with four different colors, including black, charcoal, brown or navy. Mine is black because that’s my favorite color.

I did not get much attention to this hat before because I had so many options for the caps. But, one day I looked at it and realized how eye catching it is, so I decided to try it once. Surprisingly, this hat fitted me perfectly and I felt extremely comfortable. That’s the reason why I recommend this for you.

It is made from 100 percent of wool. Although it is not ideal for wearing in the summer, but it’s a good choice for other seasons, such as winter, fall and spring. It enables to keep your head warm a little bit against the cold of the winter, but it is not much. This hat is available with many sizes, so men, women or teens can wear it.

7. Brixton Men’s Ashland Greek Fisherman Hat

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My next choice is another from the Brixton brand. Although this kind of fisherman cap has a lot of color choices, I choose the red one. You may think that the red color is not suitable for a man like me because it may make us look girly; however, it’s wrong.

The red color just makes us look more active and younger. It does not look girly at all. This cap is made from a perfect blend between polyester and wool. It took the best uses of the benefits of each material to bring the best experiences for the wearers. An extra point for this cap is its head band. This band is not adjustable as the others, it makes the hat look better.

This cap is partly made from the polyester, so of course, it is anti wrinkle. You can wear it as long as you want without any wrinkle on your hat. The wool material provides you a soft feeling when you wear on your hat. You will not feel uncomfortable when you wear it for a long time or the whole day.

8. Sterkowski “Maciejówka Model 3” Fisherman Style Fiddler Cap

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The Sterkowski has two color options, including navy blue and black. I opted for the black color. Navy blue is not always my first choice. I want to have something new. I bought this hat not because of its quality, but its design.

This cap is made from 100 percent of the wool crown. Its material is high quality that can bring you a good feeling. Besides, your skin will not be irritated or itchy when you put this cap on. Besides, its sweatband is made from the natural leather. This is a smart idea because it can prevent our hat from being wet due to sweating.

There are two brass buttons that you can find over the leather sweatband. All parts of this cap are black. It’s simple, but awesome. When buying this cap, it is better for you to measure your head’s dimensions to fit yours properly. You can refer the size and order.

9. Aegean Authentic Greek Fisherman’s Cap – Cotton


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Another cap that you should not miss is the aegean greek fisherman hat. I often give my priority to this hat because it looks simple, but trendy. I was really interested in this cap. This one comes with a black color.

In terms of the material, it is well made from my favorite material, which is cotton. I often choose this kind of material for hat because I will not feel hot even when I wear it on sunny days; however, it also has a drawback that you can’t wear on rainy days because your hat will get wet. But, it’s ok because I have some to change.

The most awesome thing is its headband made from leather. This part is stretchy to fit my head and does not leave any redness when wearing. Besides, it will be not musty. The size chart is available on all websites. You can refer to it before buying to make that it goes well on your head.

10. SK Hat shop Men’s Greek Fisherman Sailor Fiddler Winter Wool Driver Hat Flat Cap

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The next hat is one from the SK hat shop. The SK never disappoints me. I think this cap is quite neutral to be suitable for everyone with the regardless of the genders and even the ages. I bought this one to serve all my family members and considered it as our family uniform for outdoor activities. It’s really cool.

This cap is made from 65 percent of the acrylic, and 35 percent of wool. I’m not good at recognizing types of material, but I saw that this hat has a good quality. Nothing happens, but a very comfortable feeling. It has two yellow buttons, which are used for decoration purpose.

This best greek fisherman hat looks very simple, it is completely black. It is one of my top choices for all kinds of weather conditions, such as rainy, sunny, cloudy and so on. I often use this item as a fashion accessory to mix and match with other items to look more professional. It helps me change my appearance a lot.

11. Authentic Greek Fisherman’s Cap – Wool


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This is another Aegean cap. This greek fisherman cap is great in quality and feeling. First, I will share with you how I felt when I wore it. It has to say that everything is wonderful. I felt soft and comfortable. When I touched this hat, it is a smooth feeling. The color is the same, black.

This Aegean is made from 85 percent of wool and 15 percent of nylon. I read the details of this hat very carefully before buying. I discovered the advantages of this blend. This mixture makes the hat become more useful. It is a good choice for many cases and weathers.

With the regardless of the genders, this cap is suitable for everyone. I got many compliments when wearing it to join in my friend’s party. It is no doubt that this hat has a basic design that you can find in any fisherman cap, but it is special because of its simplicity. The black color is easy to mix with other accessories.

12. Broner Hats Men’s Greek Fisherman Cotton Twill Hat

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The last hat that I want to introduce to you is one from the Broner hats. This hat will make you look handsome and masculine. Choosing a hat for fashion purpose like me is not easy because you need to consider carefully about the color because sometimes, it will not be worn again when it’s hard to mix. But, the black color is always a safe option.

This hat is made from cotton, so it is comfortable to wear and soft to touch. The same as any cap, it is wholly black and highlighted with two gold tone side buttons. Besides, there is a twisted rope detail to avoid a boring look.

Black is a great choice to show your masculinity. The black color mixed with a simple design made this hat become one of the most favorite hats on the market up to now. Many people left good reviews about this hat. With such an affordable price, I think this hat is worthy to buy. It will be your best friend for any days, formal or casual occasions, hot or cold weather.

II. Buying Guide

If you want to buy a good greek fisherman cap, there are many things that you need to consider before as followings:

1. Material

The first thing, of course, is material. We can’t buy immediately without considering the material used for making that cap. There are many kinds of materials that you can find for hat, such as polyester, cotton, wool, nylon or fabric. You should know exactly what you need to decide what to buy. Each material will serve different purposes. For example, if you need the soft and comfortable feeling, you should opt for the cotton, or you want it to be waterproof, you can choose the nylon. Especially, nowadays, the technology has developed, so the brands often mix different materials to bring the best experiences for the wearers.

2. Size & fit

The next things are surely size and fit. You will not want to wear a tight or loose hat. If you wear a tight hat, your head will be red and you may feel hurt. It is difficult for you to wear in a long time. Besides, you can’t wear a loose hat because it is easy to fall off your head. That’s the reason why I consider the size is one of the most important criteria when choosing. A pretty convenient point is that every brand often post their size chart on the website, so all we need to do is to measure our head size and refer the size chart to buy the perfect one. Besides, you can get the reference online from their staffs. Personally, I like one size larger to have the best comfort.

3. Easy to use

Another thing that we should not ignore is easy to use. No one wants to waste time to just wear a hat. Therefore, it is very important to make a choice of any easy use hat. I think this factor is not very important because every cap in this list has a headband which is made from stretchy material, so you just need to put it on your head. That’s it! Besides, some hats may have closure for easy wear.

4. Construction

There are a lot of things to consider when you buy a hat. But, construction is also important to take a look at. If you want to use it for a long time, of course, you need to care about its construction. You should pick a cap, which is durable to serve you longer.

5. Design

The last thing is the design of the cap. You will find many designs for the cap, but not all of them are good for you. It is obvious that the design is the most important thing that forces you to make a decision whether you buy it or not. Firstly, you should care about the shape to imagine how you will look on it and how to mix it with other items. Secondly, the color of the hat is also important. You can choose your favorite colors, or base on your preference to choose. I often have safe choices, such as black or neutral colors to make sure that I never look so colorful.

III. How to Wear a Greek Fisherman’s Cap

A frequent question that I often get is how to wear a greek fisherman’s cap. I think this question is super easy to deal with. You can wear it in any way you want. If you want to have a casual wear, you can wear layers with a T shirt inside, a flannel over your T – shirt, sneakers, and jeans. This outfit will make you look more active and stylish.

Besides, you can pair this hat with shorts. This will be a perfect choice for the summer day. You can make a choice of any color shorts and mix with the fisherman cap to look more fashionable.

If you like, you can wear it with button down shirts and jeans. This outfit is awesome for any man to look more active and elegant. Aside with jeans, khakis or pants are great for a good-looking appearance. Aside with my suggestions, there are many other ways to wear. Actually, I think everybody can mix by themselves because each way will have its own special things.

IV. Conclusion

When buying a hat, I considered much and I had a check list as I listed above to make sure that the bought hat can meet all my requirements. Recently, I felt like I could not go out without a fisherman cap. It helps me look better and feel more confident when I go out. Here are the best greek fisherman hats that I found. You can refer to my list for more selections.

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