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The signature magician hat, top hats are also known at cylinder hat, pot hat, silk hat or beaver hat. Top hats are usually tall, flat crowned with a curvy broad brim. It’s most popular in the 18th to 20th century. Top hats for men are now more like a ceremonial item is worn in special occasions such as state funerals, some officials, a themed party, shows.

Back in those days, top hats are associated with upper class people. It has been used as a symbol of capitalism for politicians. It’s also a traditional part of Uncle Sam’s outfit – a symbol of the U.S.

These days, a top hat for men is commonly made of wool felt, soft wool felt. Some of the expensive models are made from fur, grey felt or leather. The “semi-bell crown” is the most common crown shape nowadays for top hat. Traditional full bell crowns’ and ‘stovepipe’ are rarer to find.

Due to the fact that these hat are old and vintage, it’s not easy to find them on the market. There are not many models that can be used as an everyday hat. People tend to wear this hat only on special occasions or a themed party/ play. Here, we introduce you to some cool top hat that you can really put them on your head, not just some low-quality hat for one time wear in a school’s play.

01. Cov-ver Hats, Australian Wool Steam-Punk Top Hat


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A very cool “chocolate factory” top hat. This is a great themed top hat that can be used in parties, plays, dress up. It’s a hat of quality and style. Made from 100% Australian wool, this hat features a satin lining with clockworks and chains. This item is great when worn with steampunk items like steampunk glasses, cane, waistcoat vest.

The hat is well-made. You can see that the manufacturer really puts their effort into creating the hat itself. The decorations are sturdy and are well made also. The hat is so comfortable to wear and it’s also very light in weight. It’s a good looking hat and a comfortable hat. You wouldn’t want to take it off once it’s on your head.

02. Belfry John Bull Theater-Quality Men’s Wool Felt Top Hat in Gray or Black


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The hat has a theater quality with 100% wool felt and a smooth leather sweatband. It’s a hat for serious collectors of formal wear. This features the exact traditional style of a top hat. The brim is wide and curvy which will do well in shading your face against the sun. The hat is built for comfort and protection. No only a decorative hat, this hat will protect your head and keep it warm in the cold snowy days.

The built-in leather sweatband will help the hat to stay in shape. It’s durable and will last for years after years. You can either choose the classic black color or the unique gray. This is not a costume hat, it’s a hat designed to be worn in most formal events.

This hat is traditional and it does well in staying traditional. Modern and eye-catching features can’t be found. So, if you want to stay classy and humble just the way it is, this is a hat for you.

03. Scala Men’s Wool Felt Top Hat


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Made from 100% other fibers, this magician hat has a tall 7-inched brim with a genuine leather sweatband. The hat is great for parades, costumes and dress ups. You will be surprised to find this hat carefully packed in the box after being delivered.

It’s not a cheaply made hat, it’s a hat of quality and look. The fabric is black but it’s shiny which will attract attention to you. If you’re dressing up for a Halloween party, you should definitely take this one. It’s of high quality, durable and sturdy.

If you intend to use this hat, make sure that you have enough space for it. It’s quite big compared to other top hat and it’s not crush able. You have to either let it stay on your head or put it somewhere that you won’t accidentally sit on it.

04. Black Top Hat, Lined Wool Felt


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A cool top hat of look and quality, this hat is designed for the mysterious magical look. It’s made of 100% Australian wool felt which will keep you warm and cozy when it’s cold outside. This hat has a Christie’s Style with satin lining. This hat is an unmissable part of your steam-punk costume.

You will be impressed with the construction and appearance of the hat. The interior of the hat can be a bit empty but it’s decorative outside with a red feather. The headband is made from genuine leather which adds more value and warmth on the look to the hat. You’re really getting a lot for the price that you have to pay for a top hat. This is a hat of a Victorian style. It’s more than just a costume hat.

There is little to complain about this hat if you don’t want to say there’s nothing. Well, again, this hat might be too big for some people as it only comes in one size. Make sure that you fit before buying. Top hats are not easy to be adjusted to your head.

05. Ferrecci Classic Wool Elegant English Mad Hatter Lined Top Hat – MANY COLORS


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A wonderful hat just on the look. This hat gives you the mysterious and Victorian look. It comes in four different colors of purple, white, grey and beige. Purple seems to be the best colors since it gives you that kind of mysterious look. This hat will definitely attract a lot of attention to you.

This hat is made of 100% wool felt. It’s also reinforced by full lined satin interior. The crown is quite high (7 inches) which makes it a costume hat. This hat is absolutely distinctive. It offers you a classy, elegant look. A time less item which can fits in any type of formal outfit.

The only problem about this hat is the size of it. Although there are many sizes, you are recommended to buy the hat directly from the store instead of buying it online. You need to see if it really goes well with you.

06. 100% Wool Felt Top Hats Vitorian Style Made Hatter 6″ Tall Gentlemen Magic Hats


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Made out of 100% pure wool felt, this hat can be worn in both formal and informal occasions. The detachable feather allows you to change the theme of the hat. Weather it’s just for everyday wear or for parties, one little move and you can make the difference. The hat is well-design and is so balanced. The price is reasonable compared to the quality of the hat.

I’ve seen this hat in a Jack the Ripper set for Halloween. It worked really well. The hat offers you a Victorian look. It can be too big for an everyday hat but if you want to attract attention, it’s fine to put this hat on.

It’s a nice hat but if you’re looking for something that will keep your head warm and is durable, you might want to choose another hat. This hat can lose its shape if you fold, twist or press it too hard.

07. 100% Wool Felt Top Hats Vitorian Style Made Hatter 7″ Tall Gentlemen Magic Hats


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If you’re looking for a Halloween outfit with Baron Samedi theme, this hat is essential to complete that look. This is not a cheap, poorly made hat, it’s a great costume hat that will sit in your cabin for months waiting to be used again the next year. For normal wool hat, this hat is well-made.

The construction of this hat is superior compared to normal top hat. It has wide crown and tall brim which fits well for your costume. The sweatband makes the hat looks less monotone. The brim is evenly rolled on the side.

The hat might not be very good standing on its own. Therefore, you may want to spend extra money on other parts of the outfit.

08. Men’s Top Hat Wool Felt Hat – Brown


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A great wool hat for adults. This is a top hat for informal occasions but it still works well when you want to dress up. It’s great to have this hat on your head and a cane on your hand when coming out of a car. The elastic tie on the crown allows the hat to fit in many sizes.

It’s a top hat for men who have a great sense of fashion. The brim makes you look noble since it’s naturally turned upward. This hat is good for occasions like weddings, dancing, parties and even church.

It may not work every well as a costume hat since there is no decorations or feather on the hat. It’s too short and small for a costume hat anyway.

09. Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Hat, Disney


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The Mad Hatter (played by Jonny Depp) may have left a mark on your mind about top hat. The hat is uniquely themed and decorated to fit in the movie. You don’t to have to worry about spending hundreds on that hat if you love the look. Now, you can have one for just over 20 dollars.

The hat features the notorious 10/6 label. This hat will definitely make you stand out and bring you a lot of compliment. You may even have less time to wear this hat than others cause they might be borrowing it all the time. This hat is perfect for parties, Halloween and dresses up. It’s a great hat for those who want to have a costume but are too lazy to dress up.

As a costume hat, you won’t have a lot of opportunities to wear this hat. Also, you need to store this hat in a good condition. The fabric can lose it color easily if you toss the hat in a washing machine.

10. Elope the Mad Hatter, Green Hat


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Another Mad Hatter hat but this time, it’s for children. Made from Polyester, this hat is light in weight and will sit nicely on your child’s hat. It’s a great gift to surprise your kid with this hat. This classic green velour hat features an antique buckle and a red hatband.

This hat features an interior zipper so that you can stuff this hat to stand up straight. It also includes a secret pocket too keep hidden message and valuable things. Let yourself to flow to the world of magic and imagination.

As mentioned, this hat is for children or adults with small heads only. So it’s a shame that you won’t be able to put this on if you are oversize for it.

Top hats are hats of symbols and meanings. There is rarely a hat that can leave a deep mark of impression in the eyes of the beholders like top hats. Although these hats are rarely used nowadays for protective purpose, many are still exploiting the fashion aspect of these hat. Good luck finding one cool top hat for yourself.

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