Best Beaded Belts Review (Updated 2018)

There are many types of belts that you can find on the market. Whether you like a formal belt or a casual belt, you will surely find the best one for you. If you are looking for a casual but fashionable and trendy belt, you should take a look at beaded belts. These belts are unique and can certainly help you to enhance yours style. Take a look at some of the most high-quality beaded belts that you can find on the market.

Here is the list of the best beaded belts that you can find on the market in 2018:

1. Nocona Men’s Blue Diamond-Bead Belt

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One of the best materials that you can look for in a belt is leather. And if high-quality material is your top priority, you can consider this one. It is made of 100 % of leather. It features basket-weave texture with beaded inlay, silver-tone buckle with intricate Western tooling.

When you take a feel at this belt for the first time, you will see how thick and sturdy this beaded belt is, thanks to the high-quality leather material. The second thing you notice is the great craftsmanship. For me, this is the thing that ensures the durability of a belt as well as its expensive look. This belt will not disappoint you with the high quality stitching lines and fine details on the belt. Last but not least, if you are looking for beaded western belts for your Western belt buckle and your Western-inspired style, you will love the look and the intricate details of this belt.

This belt doesn’t come with any pre-made holes. I have some small problems to get the prong through the belt to secure it. Still, you can easily adjust the belt to the size that fits you the most.

As I mentioned before, this belt is suitable for anyone who likes a high-quality beaded belt. And if you want to buy a belt that you can use for a long time, you can also consider this one. I have been using this belt for over a year intensively and never see a sign of time on it.

2. Nocona Men’s Old School Blue Bead

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Here comes another great belt from Nocona. Like other high quality belts from the company, this belt is made of 100 % of genuine leather. It has the basket-weave texture, bead inlay, and silver buckle with details. The buckle features the triple snap style which is removable.

When I try to wear the belt to see if it fits, I am impressed with how comfortable and flexible the belt is. With the smooth and premium leather material, not only does the belt feel good but it also lasts for a long time as well. In addition, the double stitching lines add more durability for the belt. The last thing I want to compliment this belt is that all of the hardware pieces of this beaded belt are made of high-quality materials. Hence, you can ensure that this belt will look shiny and new for a long time.

While the width of this buckle is about right, in my opinion, the buckle of this belt is a little bit too large, making it annoying for me as it touches my lower abdomen while I sit down.

I try to wear the belt for both casual and formal event and it does look good and enhance my look well in both cases. Also, if you are in the market for a very nice looking western belt this is one of the best. It can also make a very nice beaded bridal belt in a Western-themed wedding.

3. Johnston & Murphy Men’s Lizard Grain Ranger Belt

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In case you don’t want to buy a beaded belt with the beaded details on the belts but on the buckle, you can consider this stylish and high-quality belt from Johnston and Murphy. Like some other high-quality belts on the market, this belt is made of leather with silver tone single-prong buckle. It also features the gold-tone hardware details.

You will surely fall in love with the unique and fashionable design of this belt. It is well-made with intricate details on the buckle, making it look more elegant and expensive. Moreover, it comes with real leather to add more expensiveness and formality to this belt. You can easily slide the buckle throughout the length of the belt to find the best fit. And it does feel soft with enough flexibility for you to feel comfortable wearing the belt all day long.

It does look bright, bold and shiny. But the cognac color of this beaded belt makes it more difficult for me to pair with other pieces of clothes in my wardrobe.

I like this belt mostly because of its unique look. The design of this beaded belt makes it look elegant and classic but at the same time, bold and modern. You can choose this belt to wear with your casual or smart formal style.

4. Kenneth Cole REACTION Men’s Beaded Plaque Buckle Belt

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Beaded belts for dresses, especially wedding dresses, might come in many choices of color. However, no color is better for formal dressy wear for men than black. This beaded belt from Kenneth Cole feature the solid black color with the matte finish. It is made with 50 % of bonded leather and 50 % of polyurethane. It is reversible with beaded plaque buckle. The other side of this belt is white.

This belt is made not with real leather but bonded leather and polyurethane. You might think that it will make the belt low-quality. However, it is totally opposite. This beaded belt is sturdy, solid, and durable. It is also very smooth, flexible and easy to care for. I don’t have to spend much time on cleaning this belt to ensure it looks shiny and clean. The beaded details on the belt are also of high quality materials which are excellent made with small and intricate details. Last but not least, this belt is reversible so you are spending on one to get two belts with this option.

If you are looking for a bold and stylish belt in Western style, this one is not suitable for you.

As I mentioned before, this belt is one of the best options for you if you are looking for a belt to wear with your formal and dressy suit. You can also pair it with your smart casual look to ensure the uniqueness of your look as well.

5. Strait City Trading Co Men’s 1-1/2″ wide stone wash cotton beaded web belt

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Here comes another option of cotton beaded belt for you to choose from. This 1-1/2″ wide stone washed cotton black web belt features the stone-washed cotton webbing. You can choose several materials for the buckle including brass, silver, and nickel. The buckle is removable with the flip-stop design and matching tip.

The first thing that I notice about this belt is that this webbed belt is very soft and flexible thanks to the high-quality cotton material. It makes the belt stretchy. And even if I gain 1-2 pounds every now and then, this beaded belt can still fit me well. All of these features make this beaded belt comfortable for you to wear all day long. Another thing that I like about this he buckle works well as it is very strong, helping to hold the belt in place.

This belt runs a little bit smaller than my usual size. You should order a belt which is 0.5 inches up in size or more to ensure you can have the best fit with this belt.

This beaded belt is suitable for you if you want a simple beaded belt with no extra details, a simple but durable belt that you can use and wear for a long time.

6. Strait City Trading Co Men’s 1-1/2″ wide faded stone wash cotton beaded web belt

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This beaded belt is made with 100 % of blended and rugged cotton. There are several types of buckles for you to choose from including nickel polish buckle, dark pewter buckle, antique silver buckle or gunmetal buckle. The buckle is flip on top with matching tip and beaded edges.

I often worry about how to choose the beaded belts that fit me the most when I shop online. However, you don’t have to worry much with this belt. You can easily cut the length of the belt to the best fit. Moreover, the buckle of this belt is removable, allowing you to change this buckle to other buckles if you want to change the style of the belt. It is very rough and sturdy, suitable for heavy-duty uses. Last but not least, with its simple style and color, you can easily pair this belt with other pieces of clothes in your wardrobe.

For me, this belt looks a little bit simple and is only suitable for casual wear.

This one serves me well for a long time and if you are looking for a simple beaded belt which is sturdy and long lasting, you can consider this option.

7. Mens Genuine Leather Ranger Belt with Southwestern Woven Diamond Pattern Accent

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The beaded belt is made with leather, even in the billet strap. It features the Southwestern pattern which woven nicely. A polished nickel plated buckle is attached to the belt.

Unlike some of the belts on this list, this belt comes with 5 pre-made holes. These holes are very convenient for you to find your best fit and quickly secure the belt. Moreover, it is made of high-quality skills with eye-catching canvas accents along the length of the belt. The double stitched lines add more sturdiness and durability to the belt. The leather strap is also a bonus point of this beaded belt as it is very soft and flexible, making you feel comfortable all the time.

The tab of leather that extends beyond the buckle making it difficult to use and wear, especially if you just use the belt for the first time.

This belt catches my attention when I look for a bright and colorful belt to add to my Western-inspired belt collection. You can also buy this for your casual or party wear. Last but not least, it can be an ideal beaded belt for wedding dress as well.

Here is the list of the best beaded belts for your consideration. You can choose a beaded belt because of its style, its material or its quality. No matter what your criteria are, make sure you buy the one with decent quality and the style that can meet your needs the most. I hope that with the information above, you can quickly scan through the best options available and find the right beaded belts for you.

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