Best derby bowler hats for men

Transforming into a classic gentleman isn’t a hard task at all. However, how to stylishly become that classic gentleman to impress your opposite or nail up your vibe seems to be another story.

It’s not only putting on a suit, a pair of trouser, wearing a pair of dress shoes or loafers but you have to mix and match suitable accessories. Don’t misunderstand that men’s classic fashion accessories is poor. It’s quite diverse with stick, eyewear, hat and even wallets.

In this article, I will dive more deeply into one of the most famous hat types for a classic gentleman – derby bowler hats.

This is one of the best items to create a new style, which is the combination between classic and modern style to provide you a more fashionable look.

Don’t miss out! Here are some men’s derby hats that I found really awesome recently.

1. Black Blended Wool Derby Hat

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Long gone were the day that I was so into my grandfather’s hat. He, at that time, loved wearing this item a lot, not only something that could protect his head over sunlight, wind or dust, but also a cool item to style with. And, I have been loving it up to now.

Growing up, I started spending more time on finding out the best derby hat for me and finally, it’s this Black blended wool derby hat.

I know that might some people think this model doesn’t have any outstanding or emphasis feature to deserve staying in this collection. I used to have the same thought as well.

Truth to say, at the first sight, it doesn’t be special enough to attract me. Only until I accidentally touched it, its freaking softness had changed my mind. Unlike other counterparts in the same range, its material doesn’t rough to cause itchiness or redness even if you wear it a whole day. That impresses me a lot! As its name define, this hat is made of wool that is completely machine washable, keeping shape pretty well and breathable.

With the traditional style, it is a wonderful suggestion for theatrical performances or musicals. Besides, if you are in need for a hat to wear in your wedding or prom, it is a perfect option. This derby hat is suitable for black and white concept. It looks formal, so you can wear it to take part in any occasions you want.

2. Belfry Bowler Derby 100% Pure Wool Theater Quality Hat in Black, Blue, Grey.

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If you prefer to go vintage, let’s try the original of “vintage” derby bowler hats by picking this 1800s-look-alike traditional model. Despite of its classic and a little bit ancient feeling, the hat is super unique and cool to surely be an interesting item which adds soul significantly to your outfit.

There is a sweatband which is used to hold your hat without falling out when you move. Additionally, it is decorated with a matching hat band with a side bow. It is added to highlight the beauty of the hat to keep up with the latest fashion trend. And, a removable feature is to make it trendier.

I highly recommend this hat for both winter and fall. The Belfry bowler derby hat is made from high quality material to provide us a comfortable wear. It is constructed from wool to keep wearers warm and dry in the cold weather. But, if you like, you can wear it in the summer. The interior liner can keep you away from the moistures and your head is always cool in the high heat.

This derby hat comes in either black or gray. These colors are easy to mix with your outfits. It can be worn to join in all events. The Belfry derby hat features comfortability, durability, and fashion.

3. Scala men’s wool felt derby hat

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Back to the days when I firstly stepped into derby bowler hat’s world, I was always looking for the similar model as Jude Law’s hat in Sherlock Holmes films.

And, the Scala men’s wool felt derby hat is quite similar. It is an awesome idea to collect the similar fashion items as the celebrities.

At first, I just buy this hat because it is the same as his. After several times wearing, I like it more. The design of this hat is quite simple, but unique. There is a hatband with a removable feather used to decorate. Without this band, it looks quite plain.

The Scala men’s wool felt derby hat is made from 100 percent of wool, which is not only comfortable but also durable. It is a good choice for attending formal parties or events. We can take the advantage of this hat for all seasons in the whole year.

4. Kangaroo Black Hat

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The next derby hat that I’m interested in is Kangaroo Black Hat. I had many derby hats with the traditional styles, but I need something new, so I decided to choose the Kangaroo Black Hat.

It convinced me by its appearance. This hat is not as high as the traditional derby ones. The Kangaroo Black Hat is more outstanding with the round and low top. Its highlight is also the hat band and the feather.

This classic Black derby hat has only one size that enables to fit both adults and children. Now, it has become one of the most favorite hats on the market because of its multifunction. This Kangaroo hat is suitable for school plays, dress up, costumes and everyday wear.

5. Stacy Adams Men’s Wool Derby hat

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This is the only white hat I have, but it looks very fashionable. The style of this hat is similar to the traditional bowler hats. The Stacy Adams men’s wool derby hat has a genuine leather sweat band with the gold stripe and Stacy Adams print.

I always try to find out a hat, which has a good quality and is made of non-crushable wool derby hat and fortunately, this hat meets my need. All the materials are top not quality with the snug stitching. The Stacy Adams men’s wool derby hat suits all occasions and events, especially the formal ones.

The only issue that I wish that the manufacturer can fix is the size. It is pretty small, although I measured my head carefully before buying. If possible, you should get the larger size to make sure that it fits your head properly. Overall, I’m impressed this hat because of its color, its design and materials. I would have no problem to buy another Stacy Adams brand hat.

6. Black derby hat – exquisite 19th century black derby hat – fits kids and adults.

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If you invest in this hat, you will not disappoint. From the look, it is impressive, for sure. I searched it on the website, and saw a lot of good reviews on it. When touching it, I had a very comfortable feel due to the high-quality material. It’s very comfortable, when I wore it for all day with a trendy style. Although it has a classic style, it does not look bulky or old fashioned.

This hat can make a great contribution to help you become a gentleman and look more attractive towards other people. It’s a perfect item to bring you back to 19th century style with a pirate or sea captain costume. Besides, the Black Derby Hat – Exquisite derby hat can be used in Reenactment, theater, Halloween, school plays and school projects.

I have no complaints for this hat, but it fits nicely for adults, instead of small kids. If you intend to buy this hat for your kids, you should be careful when choosing the size. However, if your kid has a big head, it’s okay.

7. Ferrecci premium lined wool clockwork orange style classic English derby hat

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Another hat comes from Ferrecci brand. This brand is famous for trendy and high-quality product. The Ferrecci premium lined wool clockwork orange style classic English derby hat is one of the most outstanding examples.

It is completely made from wool. The design of this hat is neutral that can help you create your own style. There are a grosgrain ribbon and removable feather accent. These things are added to make it look more fashionable.

Due to the high-quality materials, you will not feel hot or cold when wearing this hat. It can be used for all kinds of weather conditions. The Ferrecci hat is great for formal wear and casual wear. Besides, it is a good idea for plays or costume.

8. NJ Novelty Black Derby Hat, 5” tall felt bowler hat dress up costume accessory + white band

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The next hat is from a strange brand name, but its quality and style are wonderful. You may feel surprised when looking at this one. The normal derby hats are often made from wool; however, this hat is totally different. It is made of polyester, instead.

This NJ novelty black derby hat is highlighted with a shiny black ribbon and a white band for additional looks. If you are a hat lover, you should not ignore it. With this hat, you do not need to worry about the size. Although it has only one size, it can fit most adults, teens and older children.

It is undeniable that this hat catches up with the fashion trend. It is the combination between the classic and modern style to bring us a new feel. the NJ novelty black derby hat is great for a costume party, Halloween, Kentucky or any occasion you want. It also is a suggested accessory to your Mr. Potato head, Charlie Chaplin and marry Poppins costume.

9. Elope Derby bowler hat

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The Elope derby bowler hat has become the bestselling product of this brand. It consists of a package, including moustache, glasses and hat. However, if you do not want to buy all, you can buy only a hat and except glasses and moustache. But, these items look really fun when going together.

The same as the above hats, this elope derby bowler hat is made from 100 percent of polyester. The most special thing of this hat belongs to the ribbon band and the elastic adjuster. The ribbon band is used to make the hat more fashionable, while the elastic adjuster is for adjusting to fit your head. If the size of your head is from 57 to 61 centimeters, this hat can fit you properly.

One more thing that I want to remind you when you buy this head is the color. I bought one, and its color looks more awesome than its picture on the website. This hat is suitable for all gentlemen or who need to prepare for plays.

10. Red Derby Clown hat – adult Std.

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The last hat is the red derby clown hat. At first, I intended to buy a derby cap. However, there is no suitable derby cap for me. Then, I decided to find a hat and this hat impressed me by its look. I always feel happy whenever I wear this hat because it is a kind of clown hats.

It is very colorful. The main color of this hat is red and it was decorated with small different color dots such as blue, red, black, and so on. The band of this hat looks like a rainbow.

Although this clown hat has only one size, it can fit both teens and adults. You can buy this hat to get ready for Halloween and clown costumes. Also, you can mix this hat with other costume accessories to become more stylish and outstanding.

Men’s derby hats are always vital. You may need it for your costume festivals or daily use. These hats are suitable for both formal and informal events. If you are fed up with normal cap and hat, you can consider these hats. They will change your style and make you look more fashionable.

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