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Also known as the bob hat or derby, the hat is a felt hat created in 1849. The hat has a rounded crown designed for the purpose of protecting the hair and the head of the wearer. The derby bowler hat is durable and comfortable. It is common among the working class in America and Europe in the 19th century. Later on, it had also become a trend for the middle and upper classes.

This hat has been famously used by actors such as Charlie Chaplin, John Steed. There is also a chain of restaurants features this hat as they construct the building in a round shape.

Derby hats are considered as something from the past. However, many people are still interested in using them as a part of their accessories. It’s not easy to find and to buy a derby hat with reasonable price this day. For that reason, we introduce you to a list of some cool derby bowler hats.

01. Scala Classico Men’s Wool Felt Bowler Hat


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Made from 100% wool, this derby hat is designed to not only do what it does best – protecting your hair but also to make you look good. By pressing the top of the crown, the hat looks more appropriate for today’s fashion while remaining the classy sense of the old days.

The Bowler hats should be stiff and comfortable. That’s exactly how you would feel when putting this hat on. It can be your everyday hat. Even in formal occasions when you need to dress up, this hat can still serve you well. Sturdy, warm, stylish are the best words to describe this bowler hat.

The price of this hat is quite high compared to other types of hat but that’s how bowlers are: expensive and classy.

02. Scala Men’s Wool Felt Derby Hat


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Come in 5 different colors: black, chocolate, charcoal, grey, this wool felt hat will keep you warm and nice. The hat also features a textured-grosgrain band with a red feather. It helps to look great and stand out in parties. The hat is generally nice and is well made.

It’s not some $400 hat in the Sherlock Holmes films but it will give you that kind of sense with just $40. You’ll receive compliments when wearing this hat. The inner sweat band will take care of all that heat when you’re partying yourself out.

Make sure that you buy a hat that fits you. Try the hat on before buying it. The hat can be too tight for some people even though it seems to fit.

03. Belfry Tammany Men’s 100 Percent Wool Felt Derby Bowler Hat in Black or Gray


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If you’re searching for the exact traditional model of bowler hats, this is the one for you. With you basic colors: grey and black, this hat is a tribute to the iconic bowler hat in the 1800s. The crown is round and is 4-inch tall. The hat band with a side bow and a feather makes the hat unique and stylish.

The hat is constructed carefully. It is made from 100% wool felt which keeps you warm in the cold days and dry in the sunny days. It is designed for comfortable wear. It keeps your hair in shape and at the same time, you won’t be aware that you’re wearing this hat after just a few minutes. The interior liner will help you wick away moisture while keeping your head cool. This is a good hat compared to the price you have to pay for it.

This hat needs to be washed by hand. Also, it can lose its shape if you accidentally press it or sit on it.

04. Men’s 100% Wool Felt Derby Bowler with 2 Removable Feather Fedora Hats


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There are not many hats that give you the look of an easy-going man while still remains your good-tempered personality. This hat is able to give you that look. Made of 100% soft wool felt. Packing is a lot more convenient when you can just fold this hat in your luggage without worrying that it will lose its shape. There are two removable feathers included in the package so don’t be sad when you lose one.

The hat is comfortable to wear. It has relatively low price compared to most bowler hats nowadays. The sweat band will turn down the heat when you’re partying and keep your head cool. And the hatband, needless to say, will make you look handsome with or without the feather.

Be mindful that just like other hats, this hat needs to be washed by hands. So don’t toss it in the washing machine. Also, remember to take off the feather when you wash the hat. When attach it to the hat, make sure that you slip it in tightly. You can slide a small folded piece of paper inside so that it will be tighter and the feather won’t fall out.

05. Quality Black Derby Hat


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A one-sized traditional black derby hat, this hat is cheap but is protective. It won’t guarantee that you will look nice but you will look neat. Your head will be protected from the rain and sun when you’re walking, driving, fishing, hiking. A simple hat with no extra decoration made of Permafelt.

This is the exact piece of Charlie Chaplin costume that you’re searching for. The hat is constructed sturdy so it is quite durable compared to the price you pay for it. It’s not a high-profile hat but it takes good care of its role as a hat. It’s an excellent costume bowler with a great price.

If you’re searching for a hat that will makes you look nice. Then this may not be the right hat for you. In addition, since the hat only comes in once size, make sure that you fit before buying it.

06. Belfry Deuce 100% Wool Felt Stingy Brim Men’s Derby Bowler Hat in 2 Colors


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This is a timeless piece of accessory for any men. Featuring the traditional Derby Bowler look, this hat has a 1.5 inch rolled brim with a 4 inch crown. The feather around the hat band adds extra to the luxurious and classy look.

This hat is made in the U.S with the finest materials including 100% wool felt and a genuine leather sweatband. It’s designed for all-day comfort. The interior band helps you to stay warm in the cold days and keep you cool when it’s too hot. Your sweat will be dried in several hours. There are multiple sizes with two colors for you to choose from. This hat will channel your inner Charlie spirit.

It’s recommended to buy such hat directly from the store instead of buying them online. In the store, you can easily try the sizes and observe the hat closely before buying. Also, the packing when buying the hat online may be damaged during transportation.

07. Stacy Adams Men’s Wool Derby Hat


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A derby hat with a Gambler brim, this hat comes in three different colors of black, brown and ivory. While remaining the humble look of a derby with the crown and the feather, it will add a glimpse of playfulness due to the rolled Gambler hats brim. The sweatband is made of genuine leather with golden stripes. The hat is made of 100% wool felt.

There is no doubt that this hat will be expensive because of the things it offers. It’s definitely not a once-a-year costume. This will assemble hat will fit nicely on you in formal occasions like parties, conference, parades, ceremonies. The high quality will satisfy you.

This hat needs to be washed by hands so be careful with it. In addition, you might lose the feather on the hat if you shake it too hard. Avoid holding the hat on your hand in a crowded place since someone and bump into you and make the hat loses its shape.

08. Kangaroo Black Derby Hat


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A cheap, classic black derby hat. It only comes in one size for both children and adult. This is a hat for school plays, dress ups, parties and everyday wear. This hat fits well with a Red bow-tie and a Tuxedo. This hat can be worn by both men and women.

This hat offers you the classic 19th century look. It features a signature round crown with narrow brim. It’s a fine costume piece. It’s cheap, sturdy, flimsy. It’s a fine hat overall.

You can’t expect this hat to be made too carefully. It’s a costume hat. It will sit on your head but won’t make you look extra-good and won’t protect your head very well.

09. elope Gentleman Bowler Hat


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A comfortable-to-wear hat with reasonable price. This Elope hat is made out of 100% polyester. The elastic band inside allows the hat to fit in all head size. Its durable thanks to the material. You can easily squish or fold this hat into your luggage and take it out for later use without worrying that it will lose its shape.

The hatband is patterned dark brown which balances the overall look of the hat. It’s a good costume accessory. It can also be used for daily use. This hat is reasonable for the price you have to pay for it. It’s versatile and it’s simple.

This hat will make you look different but doesn’t guarantee that you will look nice. If you’re willing to spend more on a hat that will give you a better look, search for a hat with different model.

10. Bailey 3816 Men’s Derby Hat


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Made out of 100% wool felt, this is a premium Bowler hat. Perfectly rounded brim with soft felt, this hat offers you both look and comfort. This is a Derby hat for the middle and upper classes. It’s a timeless item that will draw all the attention into you.

This hat comes in three different colors with various sizes. It’s best to be mixed with suits and tie. It can turn a normal man into gentlemen by the look it offers. It’s stiff and is comfortable. It won’t serve you well as an everyday hat but it will definitely make the best out of your parties and formal occasions. It will look great on everyone.

Well, this hat is quite expensive and doesn’t suit very well as an everyday hat. For that reason, make sure that you really need it before buying. You don’t want to buy a one-time item and leave it in some corners.

Despite originally created for capacity and convenience, derby bowler hats are still preferred by many nowadays as an essential vintage piece of accessory. They may not be something that you would wear every day. But, they will make you look good when wearing them. Take your time; select a cool derby bowler hat that fits you.

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