Best Gambler Hats For Men [ Updated 2019 ]


There are many words used to describe about the mens gambler hat, such as confidence, and adventure. This design of hat left me a deep impression right at the first time I saw.

This hat will not match all people, but if it fits you perfectly, then your look will be enhanced significantly and you can turn over a new level for fashion. Gambler hat is a western style with ample brims and distinctive crown.

Now, on the market, thousand hats are released every year, but it is quite difficult to find out the best ones.

Here are 15 best men’s gambler hats you should take a look

1. Dorfman Pacific Co. Men’s Rush Gambler


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The first should have gambler hat is surely the Dorfman pacific gambler hat. I opted the natural color for myself. This hat attracted me at the first sight. It seems to add more personality for the wearers. The Dorfman hat was constructed from 100 percent of rush straw, which is thick and durable to work well in the hot sun. In addition, using good material makes the hat complete its missions well and maintain the comfort forever.

The dimensions of both brims and crown are ideal to protect our face and eyes off from the sun. When you wear this hat, you will always feel cool and comfortable. The straw has many holes to provide the best air circulation system to be used in summer days. You do not need to worry about sweating, if you take the best use of this hat.

The Dorfman hat is an ideal choice for outdoor outfits. You can wear it for fishing, sunbathing, gardening or even hiking. It is very easy to maintain this hat because it can be reshaped easily. However, to have the best experience with this hat, you had better to get it from a reliable source.

2. Stetson Gambler Seagrass Outdoorsman Hat


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Another cool choice is the Stetson gambler hat made from 100 percent of seagrass straw. Actually, I did not know what the seagrass straw is and how it works. However, after using this hat for many times, I am sure that this is a good material, which is durable, comfortable and cool.

This stetson gambler hat came with a leather band for decoration. The color for the band is different from the color of both brim and crown to make the difference. This Stetson hat is a good choice for hot weather. It will be a wonderful protection for your face from the sunlight. Besides, it keeps you breathable and cool against the hot weather. However, it will not recommend this for the rainy days. You will get wet, if you wear it.

I saw many choices on the website with different sizes, so to get the best one, it is better for you to measure your hat to decide which size is the best fit. This hat is a classic style of the gambler hats. In addition, the harsh weather can’t affect its shape.

3. Western Faux Felt Gambler Cowboy Hat


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For those who want to have an eye catching appearance, the Western gambler cowboy hat is always the first choice. This hat is available with two colors, including black, and brown. Both of them look beautiful, but mine is black because I want the masculinity and mystery. This color makes me look unpredictable.

The crown of this hat is quite high and the brim is wide to make the wearers feel more comfortable and airy. Besides, 3 extra holes on the crown are designed for being breathable and avoid sweating much when wearing it. A band is added as the highlight and looks more fashionable.

This western gambler hat is a good choice for many occasions, such as parties, wedding, costume, or festivals. Men will look more luxurious, elegant and handsome with this hat. It will help you back to the old time, but not out of date. This Western hat is lightweight and durable, so you can take the best use of it for a very long time.

4. Scala Men’s Panama Gambler Hat


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Straw is always one of the most favorite material for the gambler hat. And the Scala hat is 100 percent made from this kind of material. This hat is multifunctional. If you need a hat for fashion purpose or just a sun hat, the Scala men’s panama gamber hat is right for you. It is suitable for all ranges of age.

I had chances to look at this hat closely and tried it. I found a real and comfortable feeling of 100 percent panama straw. That great feeling made me fall in love with this hat. It is classic style and up to date with the latest fashion trend. It will be never old fashioned.

In terms of quality, it is obvious that this hat is high quality. It will protect your eyes from the sunlight all the time you wear with the medium brim. And your hairstyle can be remained without changes. To get the best one, you should know your head size and order the right one to make sure that you can enjoy how good and comfortable this panama gambler hat is.

5. Classic Straw Flat Top Gambler Sun Hat w/ Vegan Leather and Chin Strap

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Another hat made from straw material is the sun & fun hat. It impressed me much by the familiar material. I saw the straw everywhere in my hometown, but I never thought that it can be used to make such a beautiful hat like this. This hat looks cool and brings a wonderful feeling for the wearers. If you intend to have a beach trip, do not hesitate to take it right away.

There are two colors available, including brown trim and black trim. I picked the brown trim one. This leather gambler hat with the flat crown is ideal for sunny days. The woven straw material will make ways for the air to flow and make you feel cooler under the hot weather.

The brim is wide enough to keep our face, neck and ears away the harmful UV rays. In addition, this hat consists of a vegan leather band trim, which is used for a stylish look. Besides, it also has a fabric elastic sweatband. These features contribute to make a perfect hat for summer days.

6. Twister Men’s Crushable Gambler Hat


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In case you are looking for a crushable gamber hat to wear for the parties, summer camp, festivals, costumes or street style, there are many choices of this hat with different sizes and colors for you to choose from. This hat is made from 100 percent of wool to help you have a perfect look.

It is not easy to find out the best hat for men. Although we do not have so many requirements for the hat, it needs to meet several strict requirements. No one wants to have a girly look, so the color can’t be too colorful. Besides, its style should be on trend. Additionally, the chosen hat should be multifunctional. And I believe that this twister hat can meet all these needs.

This felt gambler hat came with a wide brim for covering our face, ears and neck to have a cool feeling. Its closure is adjustable to best fit anyone. Due to its wool material, this hat can back to its original shape easily. You can keep it anywhere you want without being worried about its shape.

7. Conner Hats Men’s Quincy Wool Gambler Hat

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The conner hats are released many designs of the gambler hats. This collection brought new designs which keep up with the trend to provide the best feeling for their customers. This conner hat is no exception. It came with two different colors, including putty and black. I had many black hats before, so this time, I opted for the putty color because it is strange and different from what I had.

The brim is 3 inches, while the crown height is 4.25 inches. These dimensions combined the perfect materials make a great contribution to provide the best comfort for the wearers. Although its material is wool, you will not feel hot or sweat much because of its high crown. Besides, the harmful sun rays can’t affect you badly due to the wide brim.

The inside part of this hat is made from 100 percent of cotton. This material is well known for good absorption. I often wear this hat all day, but I do not feel uncomfortable or wet. The leather band is added for decorating purpose. My hat has a black leather band mixed with putty color of the hat.

8. Tommy Bahama Men’s Palm Fiber Gambler Hat


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The next weather resistant gambler hat is a Tommy bahama one, which is made from 100 percent of palm fiber. It came with two options as taupe and black. Mine is the taupe one due to its speciality and unity. Although I did not see this information on the details, it is crushable and compact. I checked this feature when I went traveling last year. I fold, then put it in my luggage and there was no problem.

This hat has numerous small holes, which are used for flowing the air inside to help you feel cooler. You will never feel hot when you wear this hat. Furthermore, it is fashionable for lots of events. Besides, it adds more fashion to your outfits for street style. Men will look more eye catching as well as trendy.

To be honest, this hat can’t add any warmth for you in the cold days, but it will be the best solution for hot and sunny days to get ready for your beach trip. With such a good quality and affordable price like this, the Tommy hat is worth to invest. It looks fashionable with the band.

9. Western Paso Fino San Jose Gambler Hat, Straw White, Made in Mexico

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The western paso Fino san Jose gambler hat is what I have been looking for. This hat came with a wonderful outlook and fitted me perfectly, although I did not check its size chart before. The plus point of this hat is surely its white color. The luxury and purity of the white color blended with the mystery of black band created a perfect design for men.

I got tons of compliments when I wore this hat. I used it for numerous events and found that if you are good at mixing accessories, this hat will help you a lot on the way to become more stylish. In terms of the comfort, I highly appreciate it. when wearing on sunny days, I did not feel hot or wet. Besides, it can protect a little bit for light rain, but not much.

This item is a perfect choice for men to attend formal parties, events, festivals and weddings. It will enhance your appearance to help you look more handsome as well as luxurious. This hat comes with different sizes to fit all people at all ranges of age.

10. Overland Sheepskin Co Quincy Crushable Wool Waterproof Gambler Hat


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For a very long time, Overland sheepskin co quincy hat never disappears from the top best gambler hat list. It still gains the popularity to become one of the most favorite hats for men. This hat has a classical style, but a different look to make you more outstanding.

This hat goes perfectly with trousers, and shirts. Besides, wearing this hat and coat is also a good idea. The black color of the hat can mix with white color of your shirt to create the best hamorny. This western style hat has a timeless design to keep up date with any ages. The crown height is 4 inches, and the rolled brim is 3 inches. These dimensions are good for protecting your faces and neck from the sunlight and keeping you comfortable.

This Overland hat features both crushable and waterproof. When buying this hat, I did not know exactly how it can last. I have been wearing this hat for over 1 year, and now, it still looks good. Because this hat is crushable, so you can feel free to put it in your luggage or even a bag. This black gambler hat is made from wool, which is water resistant to protect you from the rain. It has a cotton sweatband inside, and a leather hatband outside.

11. SCALA Men’s Raffia Gambler Hat


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Another scala in this hat that I want to recommend to you is the Scala men’s raffia gambler hat. This hat has natural color and looks fun. It is made from 100 percent of both raffia and palm fibers. This blend works well together to create the coolness for the wearers and protect them from the blazing heat. The additional feature of this hat is the web band with golf ornament.

This Scala raffia gambler hat is always the first choice of almost all athletes and golfers because it supports them much for outdoor activities. The cooling functions of this hat contribute to help them have the best performance and keep them always dry when they do some workouts, leisure or adventure. Besides, it helps them feel cool and comfortable.

The same as the scala hat above, this one also has a wide brim, which measured 3 ¼ inches to block the harmful UV rays away from your head and neck. It is tested to protect the wearers from UPF 50+. This hat is golf in style and easy to find the right one for yourself with the provided size chart.

12. Maz Crushable Wool Felt Gambler Cowboy Hat with Buckle Band – Black

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If you are looking for a luxurious hat, this Maz will help you. This maz hat is made from 100 percent of the premium wool. I bet that it can meet all your needs for a special hat like this. The first thing that all we want is a perfect shape. Of course, this hat did! It has rolled brim to look more fashionable mixed with black color.

The crown of this hat is high enough to keep you always feel comfortable and no sweating when you wear on summer days. In addition, this hat is waterproof. It will be a perfect companion for us to go traveling, attend weddings, parties, or any events without worrying about the sunlight or the rain.

Besides, a necessary feature is crushable. Although this is not the most important thing, being crushable is important to save the hat longer. It is easy for us to store this hat because it is crushable. We can fold it, and put it anywhere without being worried about its shape. This excellent quality hat has an inner cushioned headband to provide the extra comfort.

13. Men’s Palm Braid Gambler Hat

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As I mentioned above, straw material is a good quality material that many people love. The straw is familiar to anyone and this material has a tendency to provide the best comfort for the wearers. Although this hat is not waterproof to wear under the rain as the leather or wool hats, I am still satisfied with it due to its perfect design and comfortable feeling.

This hat has DK natural color and made from straw. It is easy to fit anyone with the inner elastic sweatband. Furthermore, this sweatband is super useful. Apart from decorating function, this sweatband can keep the wearers safe when they wear it on windy days.

This Braid gambler hat is 3.5 inches deep for the crown and 3.5 inches wide for the brim. These dimensions make it become an ideal choice for hot summer days. It is a good option for beach, outdoor activities, and so on. With such an affordable price, this hat is a should have one.

14. Palmoro The Original Golf Gambler Moreno Palm Straw Sun Hat

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Palmoro has a long history and all their products have a good quality and an eye catching design that is the reason why so many people love their products up to now. I’m not exceptional. I like the Palmoro gambler hats. This palm straw hat is designed to serve all people with all activities. I guess this is a hand made product.

This Palmoro hat can overcome the toughest tests to become the best one. It enables to provide the UPF 50+ protection. Furthermore, its style is of the Mexican cowboy form; therefore, it looks both classical and modern. It can work for every casual activities. But, I will not recommend this hat for too formal events.

The brim is 3 ½ inches and this hat features both 2 large crown vents and a woven lining. It can help you avoid the sunlight and feel more comfortable to enjoy your outdoor activity. It provides the consistant and smooth feel for wearing. Moreover, it is durable and its shape was locked to use for longer.

15. Straw Gambler Bolero Cowboy Hat, Wide Brim Sun Cap w Chin Strap, Gorras Planas Mujer

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The last one is a straw hat from the hatquarters brand. This hat is made from 100 percent of the paper straw. It features sun hat, wide brim and an adjustable chin strap. The adjustable chin strap makes this hat become more convenient. You can wear it for any kinds of weather with being afraid of losing it due to the wind. The chin strap is used for extra hold.

The brim dimension is 4.5 inches, and the strap is up to 15 inches. With such a wide brim, the harmful sun rays will never bother you anymore. This hat has various sizes to fit everybody, so you do not need to worry about your head size. In addition, the traditional flat top with a round center crown makes this hat look more outstanding and cooler.

This hat can keep its shape forever, so you can fold it to bring with you when you go traveling. This hat is durable and high quality. You can wear it for a very long time without changing. Besides, its material is breathable to keep the wearers feel cool. However, it is not an ideal choice for winter or other seasons with much rain.


Here are top best mens gambler hat that I want to introduce to you. Each of them has different unique features and special designs. The common points of all these hats are fashionable, durable, and comfortable.

I do hope that my list can help you have more choices to consider when you intend to buy a gambler hat. I believe that you will not disappoint when you pick one of these hats.

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