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If you’re familiar with the concept of a western cowboy, you may know what the components that make up that image are. Western wear delivers a unique style that can be seen in the 19th century in West America.

Till these days, thoes styles are still kept and used in many movies and TV shows. They are generally informal with a t-shirt, blue jeans, leather belt, cowboy boots. And most importantly, the style can never be fulfilled without a cowboy hat or some cool outback hats.

What are outback hats?

These outback hats have a pinch front crown and wide brims so that they can shade your eyes and your face. In such sunny weather like west America, a wide brim is the minimum requirement for am outback hat. The crowns of the hat sometimes include eyelets and mesh for extra ventilation. Sweating is an everyday problem in such places and people don’t want to tolerate a hot head. Due to the fact that people in western America sometimes travel by horses under strong winds, chinstraps are another essential part of an outback hat (you may not find a chinstrap in a commercial hat).

These outback hats are a wonderful choice for working outdoor, fishing and hiking. They provide you with protection from the sun, wind and sands. Wools outback hats are great for cold days as they keep your head warm while straw hats help to absorb and vaporize your sweat in the summer.

Since it’s not so easy to find an outback hat for men. Similar to gambler hats, outback hats are usually overpriced for the concept that they offer. They are more like a souvenir and costume hat these days. Here are some choices that we can recommend you:

01. Outback Trading Co Men’s Co. Kodiak Oilskin Hat – 1480 Brown


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Made of 100% cotton which is absorbent and comfortable to wear, this hat is a nice choice for harsh weather and people with oily scalp. Offering extra comfort and protection from the sun and rains, this hat will keep you safe and makes you look nicer.

There are three colors (brown, black, field tan) and various sizes for you to choose from. The chinstrap is well made and polished from genuine leather. Unlike other hats, you won’t feel trapped and irritated while putting the chinstrap on. The material also allows the hat to be waterproof. It can be folded and put into your backpack and later on recover its shape quickly.

This is a hat of look and quality, so it’s understandable that its price will be high also. You should treat it with care and wash it by hands. The chinstrap can be fragile so be careful not to play with it.

02. Scala Men’s Crushable Wool Outback Hat


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A stylish pinch front hat with a crushable crown. This hat is made of wool that will keep you warm in the winter. It’s water repellent and can be folded or squished in your luggage which makes traveling much easier. It has an Aussie style. This hat is a perfect companion for your safari trips and traveling.

If you’re still desperate trying to find a compact, stylish and protective hat, this hat can satisfy all three of that demands. The hatband works very well in attracting attention from people. The interior sweatband allows you to turn down the heat in the hot days while keeping you away from the cold winds in the winter.

You are required to measure yourself if you plan to buy the hat online. This hat is not good at adjusting itself to fit in your head. So don’t buy an oversized hat or a hat that is too small for you.

03. Dorfman-Pacific Weathered Cotton Outback Hat with Chin Cord


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This cotton hat works really well against the harsh weather. This cool outback hat features a contoured crown. There are some ventilating holes on the sides of the hat which will keep your head cool to prevent it from sweating. The headband is made of leather which adds extra value to the hat. The brim can be shaped easily so that it will fully wrap around your head. The chinstrap helps the hat to sit nicely on your head even when the winds are at their strongest.

You may not like it at the first sight. But, over time, you will develop your love for the comfortable feeling that you get when wearing it. It won’t assure that you will look nice. It’s may not be the best hat you can find. But it will surely protect you from the weather. The crushable material makes the hat durable and last long.

This is a hat for protection and durability. Don’t expect too much in the look that I would give you. If you’re looking for a costume hat or a stylish hat, you may want to search for another hat.

04. Indiana Jones Men’s All Seasons Outback


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This hat comes in various sizes to fit in anybody. It does look really good. Unlike other hats, this hat provides you a solemn sense of maturity that other outback hats don’t seem to offer. The only black color adds more to that sense. Compared to the values that the hat can bring you, it is quite reasonably priced.

This hat is something that you want to put on your head on the lightly rainy days when you don’t want to use an umbrella. It will adjust to your head ant fit perfectly so that the cold air won’t be able to slip into your scalp. The hat suggests that you are a person with hip mystique. The hat is also sturdy and keeps it shape well.

Well, you if want to look young, strong and playful, this that can’t really offer you that kind of sense. It’s more of a protective and humble hat.

05. Woolrich Men’s Crushed Felt Outback Hat


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Woolrich has been famous for making hat with high quality and reasonable price. This Wool rich felt hat is an example of that. Made from 100% other fibers with a leather sweatband, the hat provides you a calm sense of comfort and much confidence when putting it on. It’s water repellent to help you keep your head high in the rainy days. The wool felt adds extra to the warmth and comfort that it offers. The hat allows you to travel with convenience as you can fold it easily without worrying that it would lose its shape.

This hat will keep your head nice and warm in the snowy and rainy days. It can fit you well. The unique crown shape makes the hat distinctive from other hats.

This may not be the hat for hot and sunny days. There’s no space and vents for air circulation. Also, the hat only comes in dark colors which don’t add anything if you want to look young and playful.

06. Pendleton Men’s Outback Hat


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Portable and packable, this crushable outback hat is resilient to damages and weather changes. It’s crafted out of 100% pure virgin wool. It has been treated with scotchgard for water. It’s stainless and stain-resistant. The hat has a wide brim that will shade your eyes and your face on sunny, snowy and rainy days.

It’s a hat built for comfort, protection and durability. It’s good for snowy days and rainy days thanks to the stain-resistant material. The material allows the cleaning job to be simpler and quickly. This hat will keep you warm in the cold days and cool in the hot days. It not crushable but it doesn’t lose its shape easily.

Despite all the great thing about the hat’s quality. I can say that it won’t make you stand out in a crowd of people. It’s nice but it’s not the best in looks and styles. It’s a hat of quality and comfort.

07. Sterkowski Cattle Leather Classic Western Cowboy Outback Hat


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A unique hat with a wide brim and stiffened leather crown. This hat gives you a playful, outgoing look thanks to the rolled brim. Similar to a gambler hat, this outback hat will attract attention from people by creating a sense of playfulness in you.

Sterkowski is always proud of their hand-made products. They are crafted with precision and quality. The hat may be a little too big at first but it will shrink and fit you nicely. The quality of the leather adds up to the value that the hat offers. You will easily get compliments on the quality of the hat and how each stitches are handled.

This hat should be treated with care. Don’t fold it, bend it or toss it in the washing machine if you don’t want to ruin your hat. Be gentle and follow the instructions on how to keep it.

08. Scala Panama Men’s Scala Panama Outback Hat


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With three bright colors: putty, natural and tobacco, this hat creates a sense of easy going while remaining the western sense. This hat is perfect for excursions, trips and traveling as it’s made from 100% panama straw. The material allows the hat to be light and compact while still being able to protect your head. There are a lot of space for air circulation so you won’t have to worry about sweating and leaving smell on the hat.

The hat is well-reinforced inside of the crown which makes it durable compared to other straw hats. It shall fit your head nicely and comfortably.

You should never directly clean this hat with water as it’s fragile. Use a damp cloth and wipe it.

09. Minnetonka Men’s Leather Outback Hat – 9619


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Made of genuine leather, this hat will make you look like a movie start getting out of a limousine in a black suit. Although it’s not designed for the purpose of protection, it’s a great custom hat featuring decorative studs and medallions.

The hat has been reviewed to fit the wearer’s head just fine. It’s a great birthday gift for your friends and family. It’s a fine piece of apparel. The leather will create a sense of extravagance when you put the hat on.

The hatband is not detachable so you should only clean your hat with a piece of damp cloth. Also, you don’t want to lose any medallions on the top of the hat or else it will look pretty annoying.

10. Henschel Men’s Outback Crushable Full Grain Distressed Leather Hat


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Manufactured in the US, this hat is a classic outback cowboy hat made out of full grain leather. It has a low crown so that it can fit your hat more snuggly. The genuine leather makes the hat unique and fancy while being classy. It’s crushable and is very durable. No more worrying about your look in harsh weathers because this hat will take care of both.

The leather allows the hat to be very light so you may forget that you’re wearing it after a while. It’s a beautiful hat with a perfect shape. It’s great for cold and rainy days.

The leather leaves no space for air circulation so you will get hot in the sunny days. Avoid wearing this hat in such weather.

11. Outback Trading Co Men’s Co. Oilskin Kodiak With Mesh Hat – 1472Tan


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A waterproof hat made of 100% oilskin waterproof cotton. The crown is well-designed so that it’s not too big. The modern look that this hat is able to offer is rarely seen in outback hats. With a ventilated mesh crown, you will look nice in the hat in the hot and sunny days. It will cease the process of sweating while keeping your head in cool.

This hat is ideal for both formal and informal occasions when you spend your day outdoor fishing, hiking or partying. The chinstrap will do well in holding the hat in place when it’s windy. In addition, the hat doesn’t have to really fit your head thanks to the chinstrap for holding it in place.

Remember to be gentle with the hat since it’s already perfectly shaped. You don’t want to press it too hard or deform the crown. Clean it gently with a piece of damp cloth. Don’t wear this hat on a rainy day as the mesh crown won’t keep you dry.

Whether you’re buying an outdoor hat for looks or for protection, remember that these hats were originally created for protection. It means that they’re not hats that will make you look stylish compared to other hats. There are still many kinds of hats that enhance how you look. Men’s outback hat is a great accessory but it’s not something that you must have. Once you’re committed to the cowboy look, other accessories like boots, bandana are required to complete the piece.

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