Best Outback Hats For Men [ Updated 2019 ]


The outback hat is similar to the cowboy hat, but cowboy is a kind of American hats, while the outback hat is its counterpart. Similar to the cowboy hat, the outback hat has the curving upward brim, but its crown is different.

For many years, the outback hat has spread to many countries in all over the world and gained the popularity to become one of the most favorite men accessories.

Here, I will share with you top coolest men’s outback hats.

1. Outback Trading Australian Oilskin Hat


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Each year, a huge number of the outback hats has increased quickly to meet the needs. When talking about this type, the first one that we must mention immediately is the oilskin hat. This hat was come out with three color choices, including brown, black and field tan. Mine is a brown one. I got a wonderful experience with this hat and it totally exceeded my expectation. That’s cool!

When looking at this hat on the website, I thought that it was made from leather material; however, its material is cotton. I used to not like this material much because I thought it’s not cool as leather material. In fact, I was wrong. Each kind of materials will bring you a different feeling that’s hard to compare. Cotton material is good at absorbing to keep your hair dry all the time and not get wet when you wear it on hot days.

Although this hat is made of 100 percent cotton, it is waterproof. You can wear it to protect your hairstyle from the rain. Besides, this material is always an ideal choice for comfortable feeling because it is breathable. It is designed for snow, rain and sun.

2. Leather Down Under HAT Aussie Bush Cowboy Style Classic Western Outback

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I’m a kind of person who love to collect as many items as possible and I never stop doing that. I bought many hats because I saw the difference and speciality in each of them. This aussie outback hat is no exception. It was made from my favorite material that is leather. This material provides a luxurious look for every man. Besides, it is durable and shiny.

I bought a new one and there was no uncomfortable smelling at the first time wearing. Furthermore, its shape looks great and easy to mix. There are two color choices as brown and black. Black and brown are two safe choices because they will never be old fashioned. If you like the mystery, you can pick the black. Personally, I want to look more active, so I decided to choose the brown.

This hat consists of three holes on the crown to make it more breathable when wearing under the hot weather. Besides, it enables to keep us comfortable for all day. The brim measured 3 inches that is enough to cover your face and neck to protect yourself from the negative effects of the weather.

3. SCALA Classico Men’s Crushable Felt Outback Hat Wide Brim 100% Wool Felt UV Protection

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Scala is the next brand name that I want to introduce to you here. Their product met my requirements perfectly for quality, style and comfort. The Scala hat has more color choices than the two above. It consists of 6 different colors. I bought a black one. I want to change sometimes.

This hat is made from 100 percent of wool felt. This material is very popular because of its comfortable feeling. Its dimensions are 0.7 in height, and 14 inches in width. These dimensions are practical and suitable for all people. This felt outback hat is a good choice for outdoor activities.

In terms of the style, I’m sure that you will be completely satisfied with it. This Scala one has a sophisticated style to make men look more masculine and elegant. You can mix this hat with many items to look more outstanding and different. However, if you opt for this hat, you need a little bit caring. Do hand wash instead of washing machine because by this way, your hat will be protected and used for longer.

4. Barmah Hats Canvas Drover Hat – Item 1057


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The next one is a hat of the Barmah brand. This brand is famous for fashionable designs. This time, I owned one and I felt so happy. This Barmah hat is available with 5 different colors, including brown, beige, black, cream and khaki. I chose a brown one as usual.

This Barmah is made from cotton, which is breathable, stretchy and soft. You will never feel uncomfortable when you wear this hat. Furthermore, it came with a free sizing kit. It means that you can adjust the size to fit your head perfectly. In addition, because this hat was made from the soft material, your hairstyle will be kept perfectly without looking messy when you take off your hat.

It has a wide brim, and mesh sides, so you will always feel cool. This hat is perfect for the summer. The wide brim can protect your face and neck from the sunlight, while the mesh help cool down. Besides, it also is water resistant to prevent your head from the rain. And of course, there is much rain in this season.

5. Gelante 100% Cotton Stone-Washed Safari Booney Sun Hats

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Not the coolest one, but this hat still has its own beauty and leaves a deep impression for the weather. This hat was come out with a large number of different colors. This brand provided you many choices, from the light to dark colors.

The same as the above hat, this Gelante hat is also made from 100 percent of cotton, which is not only soft, but also durable. With such a large visor, the Gelante will bring you a better shade to fight against the hot summer days. In addition, it can protect us from UV sunlight. Many people think that men do not need to wear anything to protect the sunlight because a brown skin can make them look more masculine. However, it is not true, men skin also needs to be protected.

The Gelante hat has a drawstring, which is adjustable, so it is easy to fit anyone with any sizes. Especially, on windy days, it will never fall off your head. This hat follows the versatile style with a different look.

6. Barmah Hats Foldaway Bronco Leather Hat – Item 1060

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This is another Barmah hat, which consists of 6 color choices as black, brown, driftwood, olive, rustic, and rustic flag. For this version of Barmah, I chose the black one. This mysterious color combined with an eye catching design creates the perfection. It looks simple with the full black color, 2 holes for cooling and a headband. There is nothing for decoration, but I still felt the speciality.

Right at the first time of wearing, I fell in love with this hat. It brought me a very comfortable feeling. Its material is cattle leather for durability, and fashion. Due to the leather material, this hat looks more fashionable and luxurious. Besides, it enables to resist both water and sunlight.

I found that leather material is really awesome because we have hundred ways to renew it easily. For this hat, to make it have a new look after a long time using, all what you have to do is to take the advantages of the waxed finish or vintage oil. In addition, this leather outback hat came with a hat bag, which is super convenient. You can put there, if you do not want to wear and hold in your hand easily.

7. Barmah Hats Squashy Bronco Leather Hat

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I felt like I collected so many Barmah hats, but to be honest, I could not ignore their design whenever I came across their stores. Each design has a lot of breakthroughs that differs from the old design. It was upgraded to meet the requirements of their customers.

I ever thought that it is impossible to find out a good quality hat with a reasonable price, but now I found this. This hat is also made from cattle leather. The selected the material met all strict requirements to make a hat, which is not smelly or scratched. You can take the best use of this hat for a very long time.

Similarly, this brand also gave me a kit that I found useful. In this kit, I can find out all thing for replacement or maintenance my hat to last it longer. This hat is a good idea for travelling. Apart from protective function, it is easy to keep in your travel bag. It is also water and sunlight resistant.

8. Barmah Hats Drover Oil Skin Hat – Item 1050

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I can’t ignore any Barmah hats, and this time I bought a drover oilskin hat. This hat is amazing and attractive. It is easy to match with my outfit to look more fashionable and a little bit old. I often buy this hat for my friends and family members. All of them loved it much and gave a lot of complements.

Mine is a brown hat. I’m quite into brown color because it looks active and young. Furthermore, it can get on well with all clothes I had. The Barmah brand always provides a sizing kit for their customers to make sure that they can fit their hat properly.

This hat is multifunctional, so you can use it on many occasions. In terms of fashion, the Barmah hat can be matched with jeans, and boots. This mixture will make us have an elegant look. Besides, you can take the best uses of this hat for all seasons. This hat is extremely flexible, and its shape can be remained well. But, do not forget to order a larger size to feel more comfortable.

9. BC Hats Bac Pac Traveller Oily Australian Leather

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I never thought about the BC hats because I like hats with a band for adjusting. However, after wearing for a few times, I really love the way this hat feels and looks. This hat is designed to fit everybody. Its style looks good and trendy.

The BC hat has two colors, including black and brown. I opted for the black color. When looking at this hat on the website, I thought it is pretty wide, so I decided to pick the smaller size. Fortunately, it fits me perfectly and comfortably. I’m never interested in tall crown and wide brim hats because it does not look good on me. However, this hat is different. Its brims are not too wide, and the hat is not too high.

This headwear is made from 100 percent of leather, which is smooth at front side. Its color can be remained for long and there is no problem when you wear. It is waterproof and sunlight resistant to protect you from UV. The style of this hat is stylish and suitable for all ranges of ages.

10. Broken Hill – Deadwood Trading • Australian Outback Cowboy Hat

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If you want to have a new style and new look, you should pay for this Broken hill hat. This is an Australian outback cowboy hat, which is suitable for parties, music festivals, beach, or even costume. I do not know exactly how many colors they have, but I chose a brown one for myself. This Broken hill hat is made from the faux leather with a classic style.

The thing that I was most interested in this hat is its material. It is shiny and smooth when we touch. Furthermore, when wearing this hat, I felt extremely comfortable with a fashionable look. In addition, this hat seems to last for long. With a solid and sturdy crown and brim, the Broken hill hat is a good choice for everyone.

One thing that I hope to be changed is a band. I think this hat will need a band that can be removed easily, so if you want, you can take it out. To be honest, we often use the hat for many different purposes, not only for fashion. Therefore, a band will be more convenient for us to wear. If there is a band, then we do not need to worry about the size and it can be worn on windy days.

11. Outback Trading Co Men’s Co. Broken Hill Crushable Australian Wool Hat


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The next option is a Broken hill crushable Australian Wool hat. It is available with two basic colors, including black and brown. To have a safe choice, of course, I chose the brown one. I found it easy to match with my clothes. It was constructed from wool, and it is water resistant.

This outback hat can meet all requirements for a hat. It can protect you from the sun and the rain as well. Furthermore, it also can serve your fashion purpose. Besides, its material is durable and comfortable to wear. You can take the best use of this hat to create many different styles to renew yourself everyday.

Additionally, this hat comes with a chin strap, which is used for security. And it is adjustable to fit perfectly. I highly recommend this hat for outdoor activities, such as hiking, riding, camping, picnic, parties, and so on. One more thing I want to suggest you is to order the larger size to feel more comfortable, but not too large.

12. Wallaroo Hat Company Men’s Outback Fedora – UPF 50+


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We usually spend much time outside without anything to protect our head or hair. If we do that again and again, it is not really. That’s why hats were made to serve us. Among many choices, Fedora hat is also a good option. It came with ideal dimensions as 3 inch brim and 23 ¼ inch crown. There are two sizes for us to choose. You can opt for the same size of the crown as mine or higher with 23 inches.

The Fedora hat was made from fabric for cool feeling, which is stylish, travel friendly and lightweight. Besides, it is protective from the sunlight up to UPF 50+. This hat has a band made from faux suede. Additionally, it has sophisticated and sharp lines.

This item will be an awesome protection for all kinds of outdoor activities. You can wear it for outdoor adventures where you are under the sun all the time. It contributes to reduce the negative effects of the sun rays on your skin. With the support of this hat, you will have chances to enjoy your favorite activities and have so much fun.

13. Bigalli Australian Outback Panama Hat

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I watched a lot of films and saw that most princes wear this hat style. They look so handsome and luxurious. I want to try this once in my life; therefore, I made a decision of buying this Panama hat. To be honest, when buying this, my main purpose is for fun, but after using, this hat is more functional than I thought.

It met my needs for the fashion factor. It is white and makes me look like a real prince. This panama hat is 100 percent toquilla straw with a synthetic crown saver. Its style is a kind of traditional style with low crown and flat brim. Despite of simple design, this hat enables to bring you a vintage and unique look.

The Panama hat is a handmade product, so you can hope for a long time of using. It is quite soft and comfortable for wearing. This hat was made from breathable material to help you feel cool to wear on hot days. However, it is not a perfect choice for rainy days.

14. Stetson Men’s Bozeman Wool Felt Leather Hatband Outdoor Cowboy Hat – Light Brown

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Wide brim hats always attract buyers because of its protective ability. The Stetson features a wide brim to cover your head from the sunlight. This headgear is perfect for cooling to help you feel free to enjoy outdoor adventures. I recommend the light brown for all of you because it looks elegant and stylish.

This headgear is made from 100 percent wool. Due to the high quality wool material, it is of course, soft and durable to offer the comfort as well as function. The surface of this hat is breathable to let our skin breathe for ventilation improvement. Because it is made from wool, it enables to repel the water well. Your hat is always safe from the rain, grease, and perspiration.

The Stetson hat is designed for the durability with a soft interior. It is added a Dri – lex sweatband, which stop oil and sweat from damaging our hat to maintain its shape longer. This stetson outback hat is a perfect combination of practical functionality and trendy design.

15. Dorfman Pacific Men’s Outback Hat with Chin Cord


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The Dorfman hat is always what I am looking for. It can meet all my requirements for a hat. The style of this hat is quite fun, but unique. I have several hats, and among them, this can be said as my favorite one. This hat is made from the blend between polyester and cotton, while cotton material accounts for more than 50 percent and the left proportion is polyester. This blend brought the best features for the wearers, such as the breathability in the heat from the cotton material, and tears, and wrinkle resistance from the polyester material.

This hat will provide the proper protection for anyone who wear it. This hat does not look like something to show your personality only, but it works well to protect you from the UPF 50+ to keep you safe from the ultraviolet rays. It will always give you the shade.

This hat came with an interior brown band and the lining, which is used for absorbing sweat, so you can feel more comfortable to wear on hot days. In addition, it has a smooth surface to keep your skin away from irritation. This hat can be shapeable to fit your needs about the shade. You can bend the brim to reach the maximum comfort you want.

16. Indiana Jones Men’s Wool Felt Water Repellent Outback Fedora with Grosgrain

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This brown hat is made from 100 percent of wool. This hat is definitely a good friend for your traveling trips to wherever you are going to go. It will provide you a luxurious look to help you have a perfect appearance. It looks and feels good!

I found this hat interesting, which features both water repellant and crushable. You can wear this headwear for any weather conditions without any problem. It can work well in all conditions. Besides, it is crushable, so you can fold and put it in your luggage and do not need to worry about its shape. Due to the crushable feature, this hat can remain its good shape for the whole time.

The 3 inch brim is a good thing for protecting your head and neck. Your face will be protected carefully from the harmful sun rays or the rain. You will feel free to enjoy your outdoor activities. And of course, it can help you to change your own style to look more elegant.

17. Henschel Outback Crushable, Canvas with Leather Band


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The last recommendation is the Henschel hat. There are two color options, including black and khaki. Mine is the khaki one. This hat has a unique design and good looking appearance. This Henschel is made from 100 percent of cotton material. The cotton material is one of the best ones, which provides many good features for the wearers.

This cotton material will make you feel cool and dry all the time. If you sweat much on hot and sunny days, this hat is an ideal solution for you. It has 2 ¾ inch brim to cover both your head and neck to protect you from the harmful rays. In addition, it has a leather band, which is 1 inch. This leather band is made from the cotton inside and leather outside to absorb sweat better.

This is a crushable style to fit your everyday use. You can bend its to put in any bag or luggage. This crushable outback hat is quite convenient for traveling or outdoor activities. Besides, it has 3 holes for breathability and cool feeling.


These hats are the best ones that I wore before. There are many factors that make a good hat. When buying a hat, you can make a list of all criteria you need for it and then take into the consideration to decide what hat you should buy. I do believe that these mens outback hats will satisfy you perfectly.

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