Best Hoodies for Men to Rock This Fall Winter

Hoodies are one of the essentials in any winter wardrobe and I know that many people have been waiting for this article so far. I also do want to write it since the winter last year and now, I can.

If you have been following my blog so far, chances are that you know fall/winter is my favorite season because there will be a lot of styles as well as cool items to add-in our outfits. One of them is hoodie and it’s also my favorite clearance.

Well, speaking of hoodie, there are many well-known brands that you should not miss. Some of them are the fast fashion, like H&M and The North Face; the few mid-tier brands like Pacsun, Champion, Urban Outfitters, Under Armour and True Religion. If your budget is on the table, I highly recommend Gucci and Off-White.

Particularly, such solid statement piece like hoodie that you will have to use it in every winter, let’s invest on a high-quality from the mid-tier and up to save more money in a long-term.

However, I understand that the demand of finding for a cheap hoodie for men is really high, which is why in this article, aside from mentioning to the mid-tier and high-end products, I’m going to recommend to you some must-try affordable hoodies to rock this winter without breaking your bank.

1. Nasa National Space Administration Logo White Men Women Unisex Hooded Sweatshirt Hoodie

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First off, it’s a most expecting design that I guess it will never go out of style – the Nasa men’s hoodie from NisabellaLTD.

It comes in many basic color options like black, grey, navy and white with full size chart. Plus, its price range is very affordable to suitable for the budget of students and boys to stay cool this winter.

Compared to its price, I feel the quality of this hoodie is good, very soft adn comfortable, even the most sensitive skin. Plus, it comes in a nice feeling touch.

Also, the quality of the NASA logo on the frontside is reasonable. It’s a typical silk-screen to be washed well in half dozen washes and dryer cycles. Take note that the logo might bring a feeling of a giant sticker, which is perfect for those who are looking for a simple hoodie with just one design on the chest part as an emphasis.

Besides, its pockets are great with tight seams and moderate warmth to keep my hands comfortable when going out in cold weather.

2. Mens Fuzzy Sherpa Pullover Hoodie Sweatshirts Long Sleeve Sport Front Pocket Fall Outwear Winner Hooded

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I’ve told you before that Sherpa pullover hoodie is going on a trend this Fall/Winter, which is one of the reasons why I highly recommend it in this collection.

This fuzzy men’s hoodie from Runcati is super warm with high-quality fleece fuzzy material to deliver the best comfort and softness to your skin. I love the feeling when putting this fluffy hoodie on, it brings me a cuddling-likely feeling, which is warm and satisfying.

I know that there’re some people reject hunting animals for furry clothes so that you can rest assured to try this one because it’s made out of faux fur. But don’t get me wrong, its quality is assured and really skin-friendly.

There are two kangaroo pockets with a long drawstring hooded to deliver a cool aesthetic vibe, which is perfect if you want to try sportwear.

Due to its chunky fabric and a bit fluffy silhouette, this piece is a great casual item in your closet. You can style it with jeans or casual pants like khaki. Four colorways to choose from: black, pink, grey and brown.

With affordable price, it won’t hurt the banks of high school boys, or college students like the mid-tier. You can rock this cool pullover hoodies for men in many occasions, like attending a party, hanging out, date meeting, daily use or for outdoor activities. Plus, its quality and design are really good as well.

3. Nike Hoodies for Men, Therma Camo Training Pull Over Hoodie

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Can’t deny that Nike Hoodie for men is really heavy in logo, but it strikes back with simple, basic and classic design to be a solid piece – a staple in your wardrobe.

I myself particularly fall for its 3-panel scuba hood with a drawcord. This hood design isn’t like other products that bring me either too much or too less coverage. With this Nike, it’s adjustable to fit your head-size the most to stay cool and stay warm.

Another great bonus is its raglan sleeves with moderate width to support you to move your arms more easily and comfortably.

Alongside with that, there is a dropped back hem for extra coverage and a Kangaroo pocket to both provide some more storage space for your regular stuff like smartphone and wallet and keep your hands warmer in such chill day.

Take note that this design just comes in two different sizes: large and extra-large so, I highly recommend it for tall and big guys only.

4. Carhartt Men’s Signature Sleeve Logo Midweight Hooded Sweatshirt K288

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Carhartt is a mid-tier brand specialized in streetwear fashion that I really fall in love because alongside with its sensitivity to latest fashion trends, their products always satisfy me in quality, design and price.

As you can see, its design is similar to Nike’s, which is rather heavy on logo. Aside from a small brand logo sewn on the frontside, there’s a super big one along the left sleeve. But I personally find that thanks to these added details, the hoodie itself doesn’t look boring and kind of too simple at all.

Another good news is its size chart. I have never seen a hoodie that provides its users such this large size chart. It goes even up to 3X-Large to be perfect hoodies for big and tall men.

Made out of half of polyester and another is cotton. They are midweight fabric and the material is super quick to dry out as well as wick moisture away really efficiently. Besides, thanks to the spandex material, this hoodie is stretchable as well to bring you the most comfort.

You can machine wash it as well with less wears and tears. Don’t worry about the prints, they are well-made to survive in your washing machine.

Come up with an adjustable drawstring on hood, like other counterparts in this list, it helps your head get the most suitable coverage to stay cool and fashion all the time.

5. Champion Men’s Zip Up Hoodies

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Though in some articles, I usually complaint for Champion’s heaviness in logo, this one is an unexpected exception. See? There’s just a nice embroidered logo on the chest part and a super small one on the left sleeve out of whole plain hoodies for men.

Like Carhartt, this mid-tier model is made out of 50% polyester and 50% cotton for easy maintenance, quick dry, nice comfort, great breathability and fast moisture wicking. Besides, a drawstring to adjust the top hood staying nicely on your head and a kangaroo pocket.

But, this hoodie has an extra zipper closure on the frontside for easy wearing. You can totally take advantage of this Champion hoodie as a winter coat or jacket due to its reasonable warmth and coverage.

A compliment for the zipper because I used to be fed up with those zip-up hoodies, the zipper of which was so bulky in the middle and usually shrank after being washed.

Though its size chart isn’t as diverse as the Carhartt, Champion still provides the most basic dimensions, from the small to the XXX-large to fit various body shapes. Along with that, many color options to choose from, but I personally love the red hoodie for men because it’s so outstanding to lighten up any winter basic outfits and emphasize your fashion taste.

Make sure to go one size smaller for the best fit, at least if you want to look slimmer.

6. Roaays M Unisex Graphic Hoodies for Men Sweatshirts Funny Creative Pullover Hoodie S-3XL

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If you are looking for an affordable, cool graphic hoodie for men, look no further than this Roaays. Here, you will have dozens of design options to choose from. Along with that, three different sizes: small/medium, large/x-large and xx-large/xxx-large.

Good news is that these items are all unisex to perfect be a couple stuff so that thinking it as a surprising present for your boyfriend/girlfriend or wife/husband in the upcoming holidays isn’t a bad idea at all, don’t you think?

Putting this cool hoodie on, styling with a white trousers/jogger and a pair of simple slip-on/sneakers/boots are enough to hang out this chill season. To cool up, you can wear a fanny pack and a beanie or a bucket hat. Wow!

If you are wondering about the quality of these 3D digital design then feel ease in mind because they are 100% non-fading that you can beat in washing machine like other clothes.

Another great thing is its whole design is no attachments or brand logo. There’s just a drawstring and a large pocket at all.

Due to the manufacturer claim, there are two things you should keep in mind when choosing this Roaays hoodie: Firstly, go a size up for the best fit and secondly, kindly consider carefully their provided size chart to pick up the most suitable size.

7. adidas Hoodies for Men

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Now is an adidas hoodie with well-known triple stripes along the sleeves. As you can see, its design isn’t the loose fit like other counterparts in this field, but way more to skinny fit the body shape, which delivers a nice sporty vibe and energetic image.

Its size chart is quite large from small to xxx-large and the colorways is mostly elegant and dark-tone, except for the Collegiate Royal tone for those who would like to stand out from the crowd to emphasize their fashion taste.

There are more, an adjustable drawstring to keep the hood itself stay neatly in your head and a kangaroo pocket on the frontside for multiple uses.

There’s one thing about this cool hoodie for men that any environmentalist will love – the recycled polyester. Actually, this model is in the adidas sustainable product program to help the world as a better place.

However, it’s not just because of that recycled material that this product line will decrease its quality. I myself consider the texture is really smooth and nice feeling touch. It’s also high-quality as well because after several times of machine wash, this hoodie shows hardly wears and tears.

Never disappointing me, adidas always deliver great quality products to its customers.

8. Champion Hoodies for Men Heritage Fleece Pullover Hoodie

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This Champion hoodie is one of the masterpieces – a great combination between the 90s and the aesthetic vibe – that you should not miss.

Feature a super sophisticated vintage style graphics on the frontside, and (again and of course,) a small elegant embroidered C patch brand logo on its sleeve, this Champion is arguably a statement piece that should stay in any streetstyle wardrobe.

I don’t know about you, but I’m hooked to the interesting contrast of its “Aesthetic” printing and the vintage style of this hoodie. So, mine is an anchor slate for the idea of going out, shopping, walking and chilling – the occasions that I still want me to look nice, but not too outstanding.

However, you can go for the color you like. This Champion Heritage Fleece Hoodie provides a wide range of colorways to go to. But take note that its front design will be a bit different from color to color.

I feel that this model is more about function with nice comfort, soft feeling touch and great breathability. It’s understandable to know that it’s made out only 28% polyester and the rest is cotton for upending softness.

However, it still ensures to be machine wash friendly and easy in maintenance. If you want it to be more vintage look, let’s wash it as more as possible.

9. Under Armour Hoodies for Men

View here

Under Armour is another good brand to take into your consideration when looking for best hoodie for men.

And I highly recommend this for those who are living in a country with tropical climate or at least, the winter weather in your living place isn’t at that freaking cold.

It’s because this Under Armour is made out of 100% premium polyester that is much thinner and more lightweight than the cotton or the blends between cotton and polyester. Its strength is wicking moisture super efficiently and drying out so fast.

Plus, you can feel ease in mind to machine wash it to get more free time on hands. Due to its high-quality material and right because it’s from Under Armour, I’m quite sure that you will get shock when touching this hoodie for the very first time – it’s superbly smooth, soft and gives a truly addicting feeling touch. Plus, it’s stretchable as well.

The texture, in my opinion, is more about pinstriped or corduroy which is cool and unique. But I think it’s designed more for the campus rather than out on the trail.

Though thin and lightweight, this unique hoodies for men still assures to bring you moderate warmth, which partly due to the soft inner layer and its large cozy front pouch.

10. Mexican Baja Hoodie Hippie Surf Poncho Sweater Sweatshirt Pullover Jerga

View here

Hoodie & Hippie – a great combination, don’t you think?

If you want to make a plot twist or refresh your daily outlook, try on this 60’s hot-trend hippie hoodie – sure to be the most unique and distinctive item in your closet to rock this fall/winter to style in many occasions like parties, from beach wear to mountains.

Also, it’s a great choice for environmentalists due to its 100% recycled material made in Mexico. The fabric is exactly a blend amongst cotton, acrylic and polyester so that its texture is truly on point and second to none. However, that doesn’t disturb the functionality of this hoodie.

Other than its super warmth and comfort, the Mexican hoodie delivers easy maintenance as well that can machine wash without fears of wears and tears. Designed to be a fit loose item, you should go one size bigger.

11. The North Face Men’s Surgent Pullover Half Dome Hoodie

View here

The North Face is another brand whose hoodie designs are really worth trying. For example, this Men’s Surgent Pullover. Because featured as a standard fit, it brings a unique, cool aesthetic vibe.

I personally like its drawstring featuring some unique contrasting-colored crosses. And one thing that I have to tell you is The North Face’s products are quite heavy in logo, like Nike, adidas and champion.

But for such well-known brand, this screen-printed logo graphic is like a distinctive and brand-identity-likely detail. Out of that, the whole hoodie is very simple and plain. Besides, its color chart is quite various with some garish color tones like the Power Green & Asphalt Grey for you to make a statement of your fashion taste.

Another great benefit of buying clothes from reputative brands is their guarantee and warrantee for the original owner against defects in workmanship and material for lifetime of them.

And one thing that can nobody deny is all products from The North Face is truly great in quality, like this hoodie, it’s super soft and skin-friendly so that even you wear and play some winter outdoor sports, it performs perfectly.

12. Hanes Men’s Pullover EcoSmart Fleece Hooded Sweatshirt

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Hanes can be listed as a fast fashion brand but their products are acceptable in quality, colorway and design. A typical example for what I’ve just said is this pullover fleece hoodie. Though made out of only half of cotton and another is polyester, it still delivers a soft and comfortable feeling touch.

Moreover, I think this material blend is great to bring us lightness and great ability in wicking moisture to play outdoor sports in winter. But don’t get me wrong! The hoodie still gives us a moderate weight (around 8 ounces) with reasonable thickness to ensure it will make you warm. One more good news is you can machine wash it to save more free time.

Compared to its price, this hooded sweatshirt truly bangs for your buck. It’s super durable with double-needle armholes and neck. This hoodie is also a great choice for those who don’t like to go for heavy logo ones.

Last benefit you will receive from Hanes’ hoodies is their color options and size chart. They are super various, especially the colorways – there are so many shades to go to.

13. Legendary Whitetails Men’s Camo Outfitter Hoodie

View here

I’m super in love with this Legendary Whitetails’ hoodie because of its military, camo accent, wild and masculine outlook, plus, its impressive colorway options and wide size chart. This model is a life-save for those tall and big guys because the hoodie does provide from x-large to 5x-large size while other counterparts in this field usually come up with 3x-large as maximum.

Also, don’t forget to take a look at their size chart to ensure you’re picking the right one for your body shape. Due to my experience, let’s go for your size or one size up for shrinking purpose.

If you feel that the material blend of 1:1 cotton and polyester isn’t as soft as your expectation, this 70% : 30% blend which is more about cotton will satisfy you.

The material itself is high quality, soft, breathable and durable. Moreover, the neck area of this hoodie is ripped for additional comfort.

One thing that I really love about this Legendary Whitetails’ Hoodie in particular saying and other products of them in generally is the elegant logo added on it. Not too big like the Champion or the North Face, it’s a small logo on the hoodie’s neck.

With the masculine and unique camo on the sleeves, one thing that hunters should bear in mind is to check your local state regulations for blaze orange blaze orange required for big game hunting because each state will have certain square inches of orange blaze law.

14. RAISEVERN Unisex 3D Printed Pullover Long Sleeve Fleece Hooded Sweatshirts with Pockets

View here

I think with such affordable price, these unique 3D Printed Pullover Hoodies are great for boys, schoolboys or college boys. But first off, remember to pick 1 to 2 size up for the best fit because they are unisex designs.

Compared to its price range, the quality of this hoodie is quite good with comfortable and soft hand-feel. it’s perfect to rock in casual use like daily wear, sports or you can wear it in any outdoor journey and travels. But, remember to wear extra clothes if your local winter weather is colder and chiller than the standard because its material just comes up with moderate thickness and warmth.

About the 3D printed pattern of this hoodie, it’s made out of advanced 3D printed technology to ensure good durability and to serve you for years. Due to its outstanding and colorful design, this item is perfect to style with simple pieces, like a plain winter coat, a dark-tone pair of trousers and some suitable accessories.

15. Hollister Stylish Hoodies for Men

View here

Hollister hoodies consist of many hoodies for men with designs, some of which are really heavy in logo while the rest is quite simple and elegant. I personally like this dual-colored design for its uniqueness but not too outstanding to make me become a spotlight in a crowd.

Made out of 40% polyester and 60% cotton, its softness is reasonable. On the other side, its moisture wicking ability and lightness are two great benefits. They also dry quickly as well.

Take note that while other hoodies usually feature a loose fit silhouette, this Hollister comes in muscle fit so if you own a nice body shape, why not show it off a little bit? Truth to say, I don’t have much trust on those products made in China because their quality isn’t guaranteed sometimes, however, this is truly an exception.

You should try it!

But because they are Asian-made hoodies, don’t forget to go one or two sizes up for the best fit. From that point, I don’t highly recommend this model for big and tall guys. You might be stuck in it even have gone for the x-large.

16. RVCA Men’s Reflection Box Pullover Fleece Hooded Sweatshirt

View here

RVCA is a worth-trying mid-range brand if your budget isn’t much tight. Why? Firstly, it’s a reputable company that already have a place in streetstyle fashion so that what you can get from their products isn’t just quality, but also the brand class and warranty.

Speaking of this hoodie, its material blend rate is 80% cotton and 20% polyester for extra softness in feeling touch. Besides, it still ensures the best breathability, durability and lightness. Plus, it dries out quickly and can be machine washed to give more free time on your hands.

I particularly love its ribbed waistband and sleeve cuffs for extra comfort. Putting it on, you will not only get a warm, cozy hoodie to keep you survive such cold days, but also a unique, cool and elegant piece to rock this winter.

If you are wondering about the quality of the frontside print, it’s the screen print to ensure the highest durability to serve you for years.

Choose from three different colors: black, grey and new navy. They are quite easy to style as casual use or on some special occasions like parties, hanging out or travels.


View here

Speaking of Bape, this is a brand that has been sticking to my life since I was a college student. Their shark pattern hoodies were super trendy and hot at that time.

And now, it’s this camo full-zip hoodie featuring super cool and outstanding outlook. Moreover, this is an ONLINE EXCLUSIVE model that right after seeing it, I had to own one. And because Bape is so famous in streetstyle fashion spectrum, and as their product designs are so exclusive, they don’t usually come up with too heavy logo. As you can see it in this hoodie, there’s nearly no brand logo but just a tiny one on a sleeve.

Speaking of Bape hoodie’s quality, there’s nothing to complain or discuss. It’s super, super soft and comfortable. Of course, it’s incomparable with other mid-tier or fast fashion hoodies. Bape is like a statue in streetstyle fashion that if you can afford it, don’t miss any opportunity to own one.

18. Icer Brands NFL Men’s Full Zip Hoodie Sweatshirt Raglan Jacket, Team Color

View here

NFL fans, why not show up love and support to your team by picking a cool hoodie for this winter? These NFL men’s full-zip hoodie has been already officially licensed by the National Football League so, just feel ease in mind to try it.

Out of its sporty design as well as its high sport spirit, the hoodie is also designed reasonably to allow you to take part in many outdoor activities or sports in the best comfort and convenience. It’s perfect for exercise, running and hiking. Or, everyday use is totally okay.

This is a multiple-use item to stick to you in many occasions. Besides, there are ribbed waistband and cuffs for additional comfort.

Another good news is it’s machine washable as well. However, remember to wash it with cold water as well as avoid dryer to prevent shrinking. Or, you can go for one size up for that purpose.

Speaking of the team logo and name, unlike other counterparts in this field that are usually screen printed, this comes up with high-quality embroidered patches and applique graphics to ensure the best durability and longevity.

Take note that this model is an athletic/slim fit so, really recommend for those guys who have nice body shape.

19. Hurley Men’s Therma Protect Pullover Fleece Hoodie

View here

Rather different from other hoodies, this Hurley X is made out of 100% high-quality polyester. From that point, it’s superbly lightweight and quickly moisture wicking. However, the fabric texture is still guaranteed to be skin-friendly and comfortable to rock in winter seasons.

Though lightweight and thin, an amazing thing about this Hurley Therma Protect Pullover Hoodie is its ability to control the natural body heat so that it’s able to keep you warm all day, even going to the beach at night.

Plus, longer hem on the backside delivers additional coverage. And their ribbed cuffs are super snug and soft on your skin.

I have to admit that this hoodie has elevated the cold-weather essential to another level.

I personally like the design of zip-up to chin because not only it gives me extra protection from the elements, it looks really cool, don’t you think?

Featured as slim fit silhouette and adjustable hood, this piece provides a great sporty vibe and is perfect for a nice body shape.

20. PUMA Men’s Essential Hoodie Fleece Big Logo Sweatshirt

View here

Maybe, I don’t have to talk much about PUMA because they already a too-popular brand in mid-tier spectrum. A well-known graphic print on almost PUMA products are their brand logo and name. Of course, this design isn’t an exception.

However, it strikes back with a whole plain outlook to the rest and with this black color, it’s perfect to style in many kinds of outfit as well as different occasions like traveling, shopping, going out, daily use, parties and so on.

Made out of 34% polyester and 66% cotton, it’s soft, comfortable, lightweight and durable. Besides, this material combination also delivers a great ability of moisture wicking to keep your dry and breathable all the time, even if you play sports or take part in an outdoor activity that day.

Moreover, it’s machine washable and dried out super-fast. Like other hoodies in this collection, PUMA’s features kangaroo pockets with drawstring in the hood so that you can adjust it to fit your head size.

Speaking of size chart, it’s quite various and good news is you don’t have to go one size up or down like other Asian-made hoodies, just go for your size and get the best fit.

21. Vans Men’s Drop V Full Zip up Hoodie

View here

Last but not least is this Vans Men’s Drop V Full Zip up Hoodie.

This product is launched recently and receive many good responds from customers for its super soft and lightweight cotton blends. It’s exactly 70% cotton mixing with 30% polyester fleece to ensure the best performance during winter season.

With it, you can dress down in daily use, go to school, hanging out, shopping, parties, or taking part in outdoor activities or playing sports. It’s because the fabric itself can wick moisture away quickly and dried out fast. Plus, it’s machine washable to save you more free time.

I personally like its full zip closure for extra protection and also, make the hoodie itself look cooler and more impressive. You can totally style it with many other items, or using it as a winter coat.

Other than that, five colorways to choose from: plum, black, charcoal heather, dark gray and gravel. About the size chart, it delivers from small to xx-large. And, it’s best to go for your size.

Overall, this is a hoodie that bangs for your buck.

Yeah, that’s the end of this article.

I hope you enjoyed reading this collection that I have spent nearly 3 months to round up. Actually, it’s based on my four elements when it comes to choosing the best hoodies for men: warmth, comfort, warranty, and size chart.

I want to ensure with each single design, it can fit different types of body shape, from small, medium to big. Besides, out of its cool design, the hoodies themselves must afford the most basic requirements of a winter-weather essential – warmth and comfort.

That’s why I opt for cotton blends or polyester because these two materials are arguably the best performance with many benefits. Plus, they are durable to serve you for years.

These hoodies are also easy to style as well as mix and match with other items to give you many interesting plot twists.

So, I wish that you can pick out at least one hoodie from this list. Thanks for reading!

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